The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Walkthrough Gameplay Part 9 - Family Matters (PS4 Xbox One)

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Walkthrough Gameplay Part 9 includes a Review and Mission 7 of this Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Walkthrough in 1080p HD for PS4, Xbox One and PC. This Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, all Story Missions, Weapons, Enemies, Bosses, New Gameplay and the Ending of the Single Player.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an action role-playing video game set in an open world environment, developed by Polish video game developer CD Projekt RED and released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt concludes the story of the witcher Geralt of Rivia, the series' protagonist, whose story to date has been covered in the previous versions. Continuing from The Witcher 2, the ones who sought to use Geralt are now gone. Geralt seeks to embark on a new and personal mission, whilst the world order itself is coming to a change. Geralt's new mission comes in dark times as the mysterious and otherworldly army known as the Wild Hunt invades the Northern Kingdoms, leaving only blood soaked earth and fiery ruin in its wake; and it seems the Witcher is the key to stopping their cataclysmic rampage.

  • PandaTheory

    "I'd say we are halfway done with the story" Good one Brad... Good one! :P You're looking at at least 50 more hours..!

  • hi

    Its funny how he thinks he's half way through the game XD

  • You Mad Bro?

    If you want to complete this LONG ass game, you better start uploading like 3-4 video's a day and make them atleast 20min's long! I am not demanding this or being ungrateful, just giving feedback! This game is Long! And if you do not want to be uploading this 2-3 months down the road, then I would suggest what I said above ↑↑↑↑ None the less great video dude.

  • Tyler Scott

    "I want to say we're almost halfway done with this game.."ded

  • Thanos

    Lol ciri is kinda hot...

  • mongrel winter

    did anyone hear that fart at 7:00

  • BananaPie

    silly Brad thinking he's half way through the game. You are probably only 5% done. ive been playing for 15 hours and im still not half done

  • Theplaya404

    Not even 10% done with this game, main story is at something like 50 hours long

  • Azhrei2000

    omg this is Witcher 3 not a CoD game...... make longer videos!!

  • S F H

    You're like 10% or 15% in the main story, need to upload longer videos and more frequently.

  • Edgar Gomez

    Wow you actually put out a video today👏 it's a miracle and it's longer then 15 minutes WOW

  • Alexander Zarathustra

    "I think we're almost halfway done with the story."That's funny.

  • Zuckerhut

    Hey Brad, this is possibly the last video I'll watch of this series because I'm planning on getting the game myself! Still love you though!

  • adgulaymo

    Oh my, the man in the red reminds me of Robert Baratheon(?)... That's his name yeah? Haha!!

  • Adil Quamar

    please look at the minimap, please.when you called the horse, you didn't see it coming towards u through the minimapand u walked all the way insteadcome on, if its the last thing u do, please look at the minimap

  • Sean Slater

    "I'm making my videos a bit longer"~2min longer than usualfacepalmJust to let you know Brad, the quality of a video defines whether a person can or cannot view on HTML5, no more full buffer required (that was Flash)So if you upload a 45 min video, i'd bet you wouldn't see many "Help i cant watch" comments.PLZ MAKE IT LONGER

  • Damien Green

    Half way done through the game? you only made eight parts.

  • Crimson Fudge

    I do agree, you could make these longer . I don't mind side missions as well.

  • kenneth lam

    No Brad, you're not halfway done with the game!!! I love your videos but for this game you gotta make them longer. Like an hour long each

  • Xilivian4560

    "Halfway through the story by this point." Bruuuh. Brad himself said himself the shortest speedrun is 25 hours. I definitely imagine Brad's going to do plenty of side quests and messing around, so i'd guess 30+ hours at least. This is undoubtely going to be his longest playthrough so far if he doesn't quit halfway like L.A NOIRE. >_>

  • キリング・Hyper trap

    this series would be bigger than skyrim...if you keep making short videos like this

  • Lamonte Baker

    Bro, stop skipping things. Quit being scared to fight a battle and fight a GD battle! Your going to advance the story line too far without leveling up and screw yourself. Also, your missing a lot of the game by not collecting things that you don't explore because your scared of dying. Get it together Brad, love watching you and your games but get good bro. No one wants to watch someone play a game who is just ok at it.

  • Hope Ocean

    "I want to say we're almost halfway done with this game..." No, Brad, you're not even close.

  • Yoha Ravi

    *whistles**Horse comes*Pat:YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • A-ZProductions102

    Is wolfenstien over now? I don't know. I don't watch this series.

  • sammy jenkins

    Am I the only one who wants these videos 40mins.+?

  • Qu3mao

    lol dude that game just doing main story is about 55 hours long with side quests and explorations you are looking at over 100 hours of game.

  • TheGrace020

    Sexy Video keep pushing the story <3

  • Octa 420

    The graphics for this game are 300% more awesome on ps4. Like if you agree

  • skyhulk95

    Bro how do you go from one game to the next you didn't even finish wolfenstein but you say you still got it at being a great YouTuber no you don't you are losing your touch my god how times do people have to tell that slow down don't rush your games you act like there is a lot coming out you have time before the next damn game

  • Yost

    "This might be a long video." "I want to say we are almost halfway done with this game." R.I.P.

  • Negoita Madalin

    is it just me or the little girl seems suspicious...just watched until the end of the video..."this might be a long video" are you serious brad?for you it might be long but its mutherfking short as hell for the rest of us

  • Xazur

    When I played this part, I swear the girl was the King of Wolve's daughter and she was leading Ciri into a trap.

  • PKing90

    6:59 that was the most unexpected sound to hear, doubt Brad heard it..

  • Biggy Miggy

    Brad: "Wheres the horse, oh there he is, Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa!" XD

  • Collin Pace

    Dude! Look at ur minimap! The horse is right behind you! LOL!

  • Monzor

    HAHAHAHA you almost made me fall off my chair, Roach came from the other side and you decided to run away from him! Poor horsey!

  • lazysnake

    11:40 the horse came behind him and he just ran lol

  • ErickwithCk Tv

    He doesn't pay any attention to the game

  • zach

    just finished the main storyline and i was extremely dissapointed with the ending

  • Real Human Bean

    "I'm gonna say that were almost half way done with this game"hahaha good one

  • Ezekiel Carsella

    Stopped watching your bids for this game since Chris Smoove is faster and ahead of you.

  • TheGrace020

    Brad More Episodes are Longer videos or this will be a 100 part series

  • Matthew Belamont

    serious question XBOX ONE or ps4

  • 3DGEM3

    Why does this game take place during a hurricane?

  • Codswallop :v

    Brad before the baron opens the jammed door did u fart I replayed and heated it XD lol

  • william graham

    So how long we gonna wait for the Wolfenstien?

  • Marion Paige

    I began to laugh when he said halfway done with the game. Brad, you are not even halfway done with the beginning.

  • Jimi Khochaba

    Mack more viedos of wolfinstien ok

  • Bloo 1452

    "I think were almost halfway through this game!" Oh Brad if only you knew.

  • Rich Squid 94

    What happened to wolfenstein old blood

  • hild654

    i like hows Ciri is eating with bloody gloves lol

  • Kolin Martz

    What happened to the old blood?

  • Jakub Jílek

    Another good video, just ask more questions when talking to someone, and everytime try to be polite, these two definitely works! GJ Brad

  • William W

    has brad announced the giveaway winners yet

  • ToxicMachine1

    :0 I just faced u in destiny and u destroyed my team

  • Caelen Giles

    Lol maybe u could go bak in finish la Noire

  • Joshua Jimenez

    What happened to wolfenstein.

  • Michael Dougherty

    I'm playing with brad on Xbox

  • Shaun McClean

    This is really my favourite game now!

  • gonen tamam

    is there a multiplayer/co-op on this game?

  • jimmy nobile

    >be me>watching witcher 3>advert for witcher 3 pops up while im watching witcher 3>mfw

  • The Secret Factory

    First time i saw you on YouTube, was with dead space 2 walkthrough. Been watching you since.

  • ultimaetsolder


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