The Witcher 3 - "The Fields of Ard Skellige" EXTENDED and REMIXED

Remixed with a No vocal version of the song, rarely found on Youtube.
  • Sarthak Panda

    Just what I was looking for. Best ambient music ever

  • serenity gaming

    im married to this game and its music, need nobody else

  • InfamousTub

    Don't mind the hate; this was excellent. Best soundtrack in the game. You did it a service.

  • Tomas Alomar Jahr

    Amazing! muchas gracias por compartir!

  • Francesco Terlizzi

    Am I just dreaming or this version includes vocals? :p Anyway, always fantastic piece!

  • Terry Merry

    Dude, the vocals are the best part. You RAPED the song bro!

  • serenity gaming

    and lots of respect and love my upload brother, youve done us a divine service, dont listen to the haters

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