Outlast 2 - Part 1 - SO HYPED FOR THIS

ヅlets play of outlast 2 its gonna be a full playthrough bbyヅ
Check out the game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/414700/
ALL EPISODES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ5_jumTeT4&list=PLYH8WvNV1YEmstwKMAnNSXSsFlV-HJzax&index=3

ヅMy Gearヅ
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  • GameRiderTom

    BATTERIES! when the mornings gone and you cant go onholy memories.

  • Melissa Ferreira

    "jump scares" to help you out bc no one helped me out!12:2015:2418:23

  • Jangskie Cutie

    My crush said that pewdiepie isn't good at making people laugh..Never talked to him ever again.😴

  • Jia You

    "I'm fine, we are fine, I have never been this fine in my whole entire life". honestly same here too

  • antonio39777

    He turned on subtitles then didn't apply changes

  • BruhitsCookie

    "Only choices are to run, hide, or die."Yeah, I'd like a big bowl of death, please.

  • Arjit Katoch

    We in India Doesn't even get a locker

  • Trans ADRIAN


  • Ana Bianca

    I love when you talk throughout the video not like some people who just look at the screen and just scream

  • Anabella Morong

    the jumPscares are the times he screams BATTERIES

  • Jdjs Jdis

    Graphics are better than the first one

  • Samara Follows

    In Resident Evil 7, you go looking for your wife Mia but get horribly hurt. In Outlast 2, you go looking for your wife Lynn & end up dying (possibly. Not 100% sure).Hmmm.... 😂

  • sk hariesh

    This is the old pewdiepie saying "I wait for really good games to play" and now he hasn't found any good game at all!!! 😢

  • Ali Marie

    Amnesia: Barrels!!Resident Evil: Box!!Outlast: Batteries!!Lucius: Ball!!Yandere Simulator: Senpai!!

  • Dang it

    And he didn't came back for the bicycle...

  • Annie Liang

    Jumpscares:12:2015:2317:06 (not really a jumpscare but still sp00ky)18:21

  • I like Highways

    Binged watched the outlast (first one) then outlast dlc now I’m onto this! This has taken up loads of my week but am I sad? Nooooooooooooooo

  • Bleach

    5 likes and I spill myself.

  • Mr deadpool

    "God damn it,its the god fart again"

  • Hey Hey

    Oh my god those subtitles are just-- they're great, I love subtitles man, the in game ones ya know? they're just MMM the best

  • Somebody Random

    This video came out the day before my birthday and I LIVE IN ARIZONA 0-0 -I’m movingggggg :p

  • Mitcho_X

    05:00 we don't even have lockers in Italy

  • Hidden Face

    6:28 first death already?!!

  • Kyra Wang

    I cant be the only one that thinks of AHS season 6 Roanoke while watching this

  • GsTSaien

    game starts with your wife asking whos name you were callingthis is true horror

  • DmdRandom Vids / Vlogs

    It was all fun and games utill 9:12

  • Black and Black

    17:12 "Hey how you doin" 😂

  • BadCittieKat12

    you know the pewds game plays are back when he starts swearing in Swedish

  • The Diversion

    What type of game is this. Zombie apocalypse or what. Please if u know tell me.

  • Maria Garcia

    When the first jumpscare came I was expecting it (*window scare*) I wasnt expecting it and i almost karate chopped the crap out of my phone..

  • Stiger Pines

    pew die pies hair changes 1:00 to 7:50 to 8:50

  • JayKayJoel

    "FInd Lynn, nothing matters but Lynn!"Pewdz: Jumps off cliff

  • Clorox Bleach

    all the time there were people in places he didn’t seE

  • Lauren Horner-Wylie

    pewds deserves everything he's received, i love you bro x


    i cant believe jesus is jessica now

  • XimmingWeavile

    Pewds - "Oh I forgot to turn subtitles on" Goes to settingsturns on subtitles"Would you like to save your changes?"CLICKS NOThere were no subtitles the whole video :) love you pewds

  • Cannibal Konnor

    Pewds: haven't been this fine in my life! Me: peeeewds don't get your hopes up! 😂

  • Ze _Jeff

    Anybody else hiding in the comment section? From boredom?

  • Zakii BZ

    Hhhh "my name is Jeff" Channing Tatum from 22 jump street

  • MJ Castillo Vlogs

    Why he always blasphemy the Lord our God? Respect JESUS for he is the Son of the Living God. He loves you that is why he came into this world to save us from the hands of the enemy. God Bless you all! JESUS IS LORD!

  • Lina

    Outlast 1: “I’m a bed. I swear to God I’m a bed.”Outlast 2: “I’m a grass, goddammit, I’m a grass.”😂😂😝😝

  • Sanjaya Clan TV

    17:06 why you not pick that batteries?

  • david laoretti

    my lockers at my school could barley fit my text books, it was a really small locker, smaller than my p.e ones in my other school.and this was in ventura county

  • Yang

    I really do prefer Pewds' playthroughs especially when he plays horror games. His constant talking about ridiculous things makes me feel "safe". 😂


    We dont even have lockers in our school

  • Karly C

    You’re hilarious 😂 I’ve subscribed xx

  • T B X

    6:30 .........ZERO DEATHS!!!!!

  • Izzie

    What we learned from all of these horror games- how to swear in Swedish

  • Aaron Beyer

    Felix: "Let me add subtitles, I always forget" clicks cancel

  • mohd shahrul

    pewdiepie can you livestream

  • Mr. Reaper

    4:02 that scream scared the f*** out of me

  • Angelo Pereira

    -Turns on subtitle because he is a "professional youtuber" he said.-Didnt save changes and ended up with no subtitles.

  • Game Broz

    By the way they made diapers called underscares for this game


    are you gona play We Happy Few

  • Izzy Spitz


  • maria treesa

    Everytime i wanted to play outlast pewdiepie shows me you dont 😂


    Resident evil 7: finding lost girlfriendOutlast 2 :finding lost girlfriend/wifeI'm glad I don't have any girlfriend😂😂

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