Outlast 2 - Part 1 - SO HYPED FOR THIS

ヅlets play of outlast 2 its gonna be a full playthrough bbyヅ
Check out the game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/414700/
ALL EPISODES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ5_jumTeT4&list=PLYH8WvNV1YEmstwKMAnNSXSsFlV-HJzax&index=3

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  • antonio39777

    He turned on subtitles then didn't apply changes

  • Zukich

    9:11 Lil Peep is that you

  • Sam

    Headphones: yesFull volume: yesFull screen: yesDarkroom: yesReady: hell now

  • Melissa Ferreira

    "jump scares" to help you out bc no one helped me out!12:2015:2418:23

  • Blossoming Buddha

    Got scared by my phone telling me its dying. Now hiding in the comments section. Hello fellow scaredy cats.

  • GameRiderTom

    BATTERIES! when the mornings gone and you cant go onholy memories.

  • BillyTheWraith

    Scares7:56 dead dude10:56 hand11:19 some guy12:21 crows15:23 ugly oaf (pretty scary)17:10 witch17:23 reeee18:21 planks18:31 wag1Most of them there i think if anyone wants them

  • Christa Cooper

    "Think like a grass run like a grass be like a grass "

  • Jia You

    "I'm fine, we are fine, I have never been this fine in my whole entire life". honestly same here too

  • Taylor Ellis

    3:52 Pilot: We're going down!Me: (Soul voice) WE'RE GOIN' DOWN, DOWN IN AN EARLIER ROUND, AND SUGAR WE'RE GOIN' DOWN SWINGIN'!

  • Ana Bianca

    I love when you talk throughout the video not like some people who just look at the screen and just scream

  • ariana's cloo

    So Does no one list the jumpscares

  • Becca Discombe

    21:10 question is, is it a God church?

  • Owen Hope

    around like 17:15 i felt so much adrenalin just from hearing it and knowing she was coming even tho im not playing it 😂😂😂

  • Marina Creel

    it went from "IMMA BED "to "IMMA GRASS"

  • Bleach

    5 likes and I spill myself.

  • Kitrina Adams

    Dang I really missed Outlast. It was the first thing I ever watched Pewds play!! I fell in love with Pewds over Outlast >3< I'm so excited to see the rest of this gameplay, but so far I like the first game better

  • Rochdi Hammoudi

    You are the best youtuber in the world

  • mariam :3


  • Samara Follows

    In Resident Evil 7, you go looking for your wife Mia but get horribly hurt. In Outlast 2, you go looking for your wife Lynn & end up dying (possibly. Not 100% sure).Hmmm.... 😂

  • Brooke isTrash

    I watched marks series of this first then Jack's I am just now getting to yours luv u 😂😂

  • Ryne Hart


  • dunkelsans gaming

    play bendy and the ink machine please. 😁

  • Infamouskilla 90

    I was watching this video the day it came out, and I thought I heard screaming. I assumed it was in the game. Turns out it was my mother being beaten by her boyfriend. I ran away with my brother that day and we live with our grandparents now. Nama jeff.

  • Angelo Pereira

    -Turns on subtitle because he is a "professional youtuber" he said.-Didnt save changes and ended up with no subtitles.

  • Anabella Morong

    the jumPscares are the times he screams BATTERIES

  • Judah Johnson

    17:11 " hey how ya doing" lmfaoooo

  • Annie Liang

    Jumpscares:12:2015:2317:06 (not really a jumpscare but still sp00ky)18:21

  • xCestLaVie1

    in-game audio is way too quiet compared to your voice and there's no subtitles...

  • Amir Veda

    I totally forget don't wear any headphones/headset while watching pewds play horror game now my ears bleeding

  • Jangskie Cutie

    My crush said that pewdiepie isn't good at making people laugh..Never talked to him ever again.😴

  • Black and Black

    17:12 "Hey how you doin" 😂

  • Dang it

    And he didn't came back for the bicycle...

  • Nostalgic

    201k likes & just 1k dislikes !!!! I really think you should do more gaming videos like this <3

  • Navahishamiltontrash

    I remember when my brother was still showing me the previews for the first outlast.

  • Hidden Face

    6:28 first death already?!!

  • Savage Boiii

    What type of game is this. Zombie apocalypse or what. Please if u know tell me.

  • Brandon B

    falls from helicopter, livesfalls from slight cliff, dies


    Нихрена не понимаю, но все равно смотрю xD

  • Fed 8

    My last name is Davis, but my mom's last name is Lagemann so my last name can also be Lagemann.

  • Zakii BZ

    Hhhh "my name is Jeff" Channing Tatum from 22 jump street

  • Daniel

    No one outlasts me in bed.Just kidding, most people do last more than 4 seconds.


    i cant believe jesus is jessica now

  • Ivik Petersen

    Mand PewDiePie! you are Awesome when you play tthis game!

  • Kyra Wang

    I cant be the only one that thinks of AHS season 6 Roanoke while watching this

  • sk hariesh

    This is the old pewdiepie saying "I wait for really good games to play" and now he hasn't found any good game at all!!! 😢

  • Hey Hey

    Oh my god those subtitles are just-- they're great, I love subtitles man, the in game ones ya know? they're just MMM the best

  • SmashKing02


  • DmdRandom Vids / Vlogs

    It was all fun and games utill 9:12

  • Kevin Villordon

    Whats your graphics card

  • Aaron Beyer

    Felix: "Let me add subtitles, I always forget" clicks cancel

  • Cannibal Konnor

    Pewds: haven't been this fine in my life! Me: peeeewds don't get your hopes up! 😂

  • Lauren Horner-Wylie

    pewds deserves everything he's received, i love you bro x

  • Universal Hot Dog

    tHiS is A reallY gOOd game!!!

  • Asbestos

    We should do something about Scare Pewdiepie 2 I feel really bad....

  • PizzaBeats

    8:01Can you just stop copying Logan.

  • Slime Queen

    8:02 pewds was like Logan Paul

  • Darby Ashmask

    you know the pewds game plays are back when he starts swearing in Swedish

  • Mr deadpool

    "God damn it,its the god fart again"

  • sugar bear

    PROFFESIONAL GAMER HERE 😂 he turns on subtitles and doesnt save 😂😂😂😂😂

  • D3vil hoo

    Swarm the island with 40+ Gorilla veteran Squad and 24 more soldiers being drafted in from the water armed with heavily equipped gear Singing in terms of having no Fear/ Chanting, knowing we are facing ourselves against a cult of such nature, We let them know we're coming, then back the 24 infantry troopers with 24 more infantry troops from each side. Send two Mech Inft. TROOPS 10 feet high then Gorillas come in, Equipped with Flamethrowers and such. We crack down on them.. after a Vigorous Santic worshiping village unleashes it's possession and demonics on us, the Secret Humanized Military kills them all, thus leading to some of our soldiers being killed in the process. Dispose of all cruelty after slaying some fucked up Psycho Ring Leader Demonic Worshippers. 100+ People with Equips would fuck them all.

  • AmSleepy

    that sliding is like in Unturned 4

  • Ringo Sensei

    I really do prefer Pewds' playthroughs especially when he plays horror games. His constant talking about ridiculous things makes me feel "safe". 😂

  • Volt Jack

    Amazing moreeeeeeereeee outttttttttt lasttttttt

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