The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST - The Hunt Begins | Skellige Combat Theme (Extended Version)

"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST - The Hunt Begins | Skellige Combat Theme (Extended Version)" no description available.
  • Vincent Linsin

    Finally found you, you little jewel.

  • nem tudom

    Hah, the two leshens that exist in the main game both disliked this. lel

  • SK Bean

    Every fucking times u see weather changed, there is a leshen lurking nearby.Except one time, one time only with Kaer Morhen's Chort.

  • Mr Bagel

    This track reminds me of FarCry 3

  • Cristián Paris

    To kill or not to kill a leshen...

  • HartGoesHARD

    I'm not sure why, but this music makes me think about "A Question of Price". Specifically when Pavetta starts to destroy the castle and Ermion (yes, Mousesack is Ermion) and Geralt try to stop her. I think it may be because I get a sort of "raw power, the force of nature" feeling from this song, which I associate with the power that is contained in the Elder Blood.

  • Pitbull00000

    Zero dislikes, nobody can hate on this epic music

  • Ali Danish

    haha .. same .. I was searching for this theme for days now .. .I haven't played that game but I just love its tracks.. every single one is a piece of brilliance

  • Kaza ddum

    Best vanilla theme with a pic of best monster.

  • Maloparic

    Jason Brody is sneaking around those jungles, chaining stabs in the back on the bandits.

  • Cristobal Meneses

    extending a random fight only for this

  • Jan Raszyński

    Would be great to hear Draig-bon-Dhu singing the "Ballad of the Witcher Gerd" once :-D

  • Damian Worek

    The frkn Leshen, always scaring the shit out of me when I randomly encountered it in the woods.

  • Ephesia E.

    Oh my, I LOVED when this music started when fighting in Skellige. Felt so epic!

  • Exgecko

    One of the best ost I've ever heard. Please I wish this game would've had an endless story.

  • CrystalNinja13

    0:18 - 0:35 - WHY DOESN'T IT LAST LONGER!

  • Vincent

    that one leshen dislike tho...

  • sebastian pallach

    Does anyone know the theme that plays when you investigate the forest in the "In The Heart of The Woods" quest?!?!? I just can't find it!

  • Nadia K

    Reminds me of The Witcher 2.

  • B

    when can we hear this music in game?

  • Keaton.Hawke

    Being a custodian at a school has never felt so satisfying.

  • Tenvian Rabbit

    If you listen to the chanting it's the same from Far Cry 3's level up theme.

  • Recnid

    Reminded me of the For Honor vikings theme.

  • goen5601

    The intro really remind me of "Cutthroat Terror on the High sea". Well it's fitting though cause that is pirate game and Skellige is a land of raider, Viking and Pirate.

  • Danilo Infante

    quando você encontra um nekker e fica apenas desviando dos ataques dele por horas só para ouvir a música tema da batalha.

  • Jonathan Hubbard

    What the Leshen’s true motive was confounded Geralt. That the young children, women and brazen men of the village feared and hated it seemed apparent, but the elders and hardiest hunters revered, even so far as worshipped the creature. Surely, thought Geralt, if the Leshen wished to expand its territory at the expense of all humans in the village, it would have done so. Long ago. No, this Leshen was different than the others he had encountered in the wilds. Harald had spoke of a pact made long ago, of offerings to please the spirit. A trial for the right to exist in its domain. The Leshen had been here first. Was this Leshen the oldest of its kind? Perhaps the oldest being to inhabit this world? Geralt observed a fir, twenty meters tall, at the least. Surely the Leshen was older than this tree. Three crows, two black and one pale as snow perched in its branches. The pale one seemed to meet Geralt’s eye and emitted a call, totally unlike that of a crow. Was it a warning? A challenge? A greeting? Geralt understood. This forest wasn’t the Leshen’s domain or territory, the forest was its garden. The trees it’s children. This Leshen would not die today, nor in a hundred hundred of years. Geralt closed his eyes and lowered his head, in respect and in acceptance of the Leshen’s will. Before he could open them, the sound of baying wolves split the forest’s eerie silence. The Leshen’s terms accepted, the trial had begun. Geralt drew steel rather than silver, and began the dance.

  • A Ghost Without a Past

    "We'll fix you up, don't you fret."

  • Nuck Chorris

    Anyone else shit their pants when they saw their first leshen?... no? Just me ok...

  • GruntMasher117

    “How do you like that silver...”

  • Prince Darkwolf

    i want to download this

  • Adam Nacario

    Ah, the first time I fought a Leshen... soooo epic.

  • Nativa Kentron Walkthroughs

    Always this song start play, I remember the Ancient Lich.

  • Julian Maramis

    goosebumps. damn i love this battle theme

  • Mykosiranks

    Every time I go to the forest...

  • Sigiswulf

    Where can I find the normal version of this?

  • Sterling Ivey

    Why isn’t this on the soundtrack???!?!!???!??!!???!!??!?? Hulk smashhhh

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