Our Best Signs Build for Witcher 3 :D

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  • Chris Phillips

    I'm still trying to figure out why the griffin armor... is so motherfuckin' green

  • Ewenson 002

    Make a pure swordsman build!


    Cool vid, but did you forgot to upgrade your items? Greater Veles Runestone gives your sword +5 sign intensity. That means you can add another +30%! With a Greater Glyph of Igni you can add another +30% igni to your armour because that's your main spell.

  • HotaruZoku

    Points for State Alchemist reference.Unless I'm not getting some facet of how it works, I find Pyromanic utterly pointless. Sign intensity jacks up the chance each sign has of appling it's bonus effect on it's own, and looking into the character stat screen (left trigger) I find if I'm putting any kind of focus AT ALL into signs, I hit a 100 percent ignition chance before I'm even to tier 3, let alone 4. I could understand totally if the first and last Igni skills were swapped. CC from a damage dealer is right up the alley of someone dabbling, whereas reducing armor by as much as 3/4 smacks of the kind of thing a master of the art should be able to accomplish. As it stands, by the time I reach it, I have less than no use for it. So what am I missing? Are you saying it's entierly for Scorch becuase Scorch doesn't have any kind of native ignition chance? I could have sword it worked off the standard percentage chance.Well done video. A lot of build vids can bog down into what feels and sounds like an algebra class, but you kept things moving and edited in enough demonstrative game play to keep my attention. /like/sub

  • E Productions

    Master crafted griffin armor with blue paint is my favorite armor set in the game (so far)

  • Kevin Markham

    This guy's channel is great; builds for all my favorite games. Keep up the good work

  • Velcro

    This video has made me start the game all over again! Thanks! I think(May lead to a divorce)God it's such a fucking great game, and this is coming from someone who has been gaming for almost 25 years. Honestly, I never thought a game would come out in recent years that would just completely lure me in. I thought that was all yesteryear stuff - but nope. I'm not sure there will be another game as good as The Witcher 3 in quite some time. When I finished it I felt depressed. That's a sign of a good game; and maybe I also need to get a life

  • Ragnar Lothbrok _

    If you are doing a Combat only build it must be pure hell to find Lesser Red Mutagens... I'm level 21 and I've found just enough to make one Greater Red Mutagen

  • Pukancsek

    I just dont understand why didnt you ivest in axi

  • Kukys CZ

    Hello please can you make build with Ursine armor ? I love your videos !

  • heXan

    instead of using the two swords, unequip them. your combat dps actually increases about 60-70%. It's a much bigger boost than the sign intensity bonus you get from the swords. Then you have your real witcher pure signs build. Only drawback is that you can't instantly kill knocked down enemies, but this works for me.

  • Ekemeister

    AArd damage is really meh. I'd swap it for Quen Intensity.

  • nate clark

    Is this a better build better than the quen fast attack build

  • camelCase

    I'm on my first play through and am just starting to understand the builds. I like how you can reset where you allocated your points though. I had just unlocked the alternate for yrden, it's pretty effective.

  • Plot Twist

    Made a build for Cat School gear:6 swords skills maxed out: the first two skills of lines 1 2 and 32 signs skills: 6 points where you want in signs and maxed out Alternate QuenCat School Techinques3 alchemy skills: poisoned weapons, the one under to give extra defense against oil-types enemies and the skill to increase mutagenes bonusesKilled the level 48 griffin on skellige quite fast while he didn't hurt me much

  • HotaruZoku

    PSYou might consider Synergy from the Alchemist tree. Takes an investment of 33 skill points to reach and max out, but seeing as your already 35, your clearly headed to the level cap, and once you have sufficent skill points it won't be the resource hog it sounds like.You wouldnt even have to take out a single blue mutagen. Which is a bit of a disapoint, really. I'd have prefered if skills had two forms, one if it's in a blank or cross color mutagen slot, and a further evolved one if it DID match the color. Ah well.With Synergy maxed and slotted, rather than +10%, Greater Blue confers +15%, alone and per link, meaning the single +10% you'd give up to slot it would result in the build you used for the video going from +150 intensity to +/215/.Quen could soak an entire single target combo, Igni could out-burn the Sun, Aard could rearrange small mountain ranges, Axii could mind control a Terminator and Yrden would damn near rewind time.

  • EmptyWalletSyndrome

    5 points in melt armor? do you use swords with this build?

  • Ahmed Hassan

    Shouldn't axii be here as you can crowd control and have 2 enemies under you're control

  • Fahri Aslanov

    Please make a tank build :D plz plz plz

  • Shu Kobura, The Naga Lord

    Radovid: I love mage huntingMenge: I love mage huntin'Emhyr: I hate all of you

  • djmbex

    can you damage spectre with igni? and it's difficult to crowd control them because they're usually teleporting and suddenly ends up behind or beside you and attack

  • Dương Nguyễn Quang Dũ

    i am a sign build player and i got + 300 percent sign, at level 41 but why my aard sign dont affect the guard(level 55),is this a bug or the game want so, igni work fine about 1500 damage

  • WardenOfSpace

    Sign build is best, the only thing I did different is I used the sign that let's you take the minds of others upgraded they help you which saved me a few times.

  • Lamb Sauce Gamer

    Wits best for Croud control I'm lvl 5 ?

  • Jameson Koolio

    >using tab to switch signs

  • Vik

    Don't really need the 25% to specific signs Id go for synergy in the alchemy tree as can get as much as 65% bonus to all signs from that It dose however require you to get 25 points in alchemy but if you are looking for an endgame build I'd strongly recommend it. Also using quen discharge is really good for deathmarch as the enemies dash out a huge amount of damage.

  • Kapitän JadeDejavu

    it would be even more powerful , if you use glyphs for your armor

  • Derpin Berk

    I was planning on starting a new game on death march and i was wondering in what order of unlocking the spells would be most effective.

  • Piotr Nowak

    Thumb up, but man, I can't listen how you pronounce "Yrden" ! :D

  • Abhishek Singh

    222% sign intensity.... lol, that's cute

  • lordeath 40

    Your sign intensity is very low compared to the 835 present intensity video

  • Ragnar Lothbrok _

    Please do a Heavy Armor/Combat based build! Im going to start a second playthrough with a build like that.. because I got the sad ending to the game.. and I got really sad for the rest of the night

  • Power button

    he sounds like danger dolan

  • Caleb Imrie

    Aard really is wasted points. You're better off going for that intensity on Quen. Larger shield in return. Aard should be used in it's most basic form, higher chance at knock down, and spare points. Sure the surrounding blast is cool to watch, but it's supremely ineffective against most foes. The stagger on Axxi? I believe is how it's spelt? Is also a good stunner for a quick get away or for single slashes on single targets. Igni is a whole other story, while you need a metric shit ton of intensity for it to damage well, using it on console (at 30fps with the input lag) is highly ineffective with the controller setup. It's clustered and just not a good match with something that requires a little grace like Igni's alternate use.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok _

    I really like the Witcher 3 build videos! Is there going to be a build that uses a lot of alchemy?

  • Viktor Van Nauw

    Won't this build be supper ineffective against wraiths

  • MrBunzy12

    are you able to do a tank build?

  • JohnnyZen

    Alternate Yrden sign also instantly knocks harpies and other fliers out of the air, very useful.

  • GamerJanAFFC

    who play ps4 with this game?

  • purjo y

    I use signs to becuse swords i op



  • blubrrygams

    I think the max level is like 70 ish right? if so you could go alchemy as well get (synergy?) Which when maxed out gives you +50% to mutagen bonuses. this will take 25 skill points, but give this build a +40% more sign intensity for one skill slot.

  • Nocte Sanguine

    How does Pyromanic help? Could you please explain that better, I'm doing a sign build but instead of Aard I use Axii yet even without Pyromanic my burning chance capped at 100% chance soon as I hit 122% sign intensity. So I don't fully understand what the use of it is besides the 2.5 stamina regen.

  • Samphaa7

    Would you say this is a better build than the death march video you did? Im playing through on death march atm, have just got to novigrad, i have all of my feline gear ready to use when I get to rank 14 but cant help think that this build is better suited to it as you can deal massive damage with signs instead of swords and still use the active shield from quen. Whats your opinion dude? Thanks.

  • Jacob Monague

    ive maxed out my axii its mad fun

  • CosmicCultist

    The magic seems disappointing, never played it though.

  • Andrew Markus

    Builds? How can you do "builds" in a game that has no character creation?

  • Jon Doe

    +1 Like for FMA reference.

  • crazysim9

    Is this the strongest build?

  • TheValiantBob

    Whenever I play a fantasy type game, I like to play spellsword characters, guys that mix up magic and swordplay. Could you perhaps make a hybrid build of that next?

  • Andrew Lin

    how do you get your stamina up so quickly?

  • zopiclone199

    Sign build seems rather...pointless. In the amount of time it takes to switch between different spells, a cat school fast attack build would have downed 2 lesser targets.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok _

    The Aard Sweep ability doesn't have to be placed in a slot for it to work so you can use the free slot for something else :D

  • DeathWish

    good build but the playstyle looks VERY booring ;\

  • Brandon Garcia

    Can you do a heavy armor build pls? i really like the bear school armor, but dont know how to get the best damage out of it :(

  • carlwinsloww 21

    Where's the fallout build????

  • Adi Prodi

    Actually i think it's 242% . First draw one of your swords and then open the inventory menu to see. You presented it with the swords sheathed but when using signs in combat one of your swords is drawn so you have the extra 20% from the sword . Please check .

  • Preetam Chandra

    I personally would invest the 5 skill points invested in pyromaniac into yrden or quen because with that kind of sign intensity you would already have a 100% burning chance.It doesn't make sense to go more than that does it?

  • Helmarion The Astute

    Put aquired tolerance in, superior blizzard (must be superior) + Superior Maribor Forest (must be superior) + Tawny Owl (optional but recommended) so then you can spam signs like crazy.

  • Jack Allan

    I luv how a little kid just casually runs on the battle field of 3 witch hunters and a witcher

  • Jon Doe

    I prefer alchemy/sign build. Alchemy can really complement signs.

  • Otto Seitamaa

    i actually disagree with the griffin school, as that's not really useful til around level 11 when you get the griffin set and therefor have your full set of medium armor

  • Jörg Meyhöfer

    You should use all quen signs for bosses that cant be burned and for gargoyles and golems, which are a pain without quen. Pyromany is waisted as mentioned before. This is a cool build then combined with the mutant upgrades on aard.

  • WindUpCandle

    I mean, it kinda looks like you disregarded alchemy which could make you unstoppable as a sign caster

  • Führer Spades

    when I first got tw3 I thought the magic would be like every other game, just there and not useful but boy was I wrong. I went in planning to do a swordsman type build but ended up investing almost entirely into the signs skill tree

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