Witcher 3 - "Devil Geralt" Alchemy Build vs 500 Nilfgaardians

Baptism by Fire.
Bring it, Duny.

|| Devil Geralt explained. ||
The build is entirely broken and trumps any blue branch based sword-caster; it relies on 3 primary principles, which are the main reason to go green branch in the game:

1. Delayed Recovery - potions do not expire as long as you maintain 70% toxicity. This makes you a god for about 2 hours.

2. Immortality - the primary mechanic of godliness. Superior White Raffard's Decoction, granting 4 seconds damage immunity. Except, due to point 1, lasting for the whole duration and making you quite literally immune to incoming damage.

3. Infinite Whirl & Signs - Accomplished with a mix of adrenaline generation pants, jacket, gloves, and boots, and Superior Blizzard potion. As long as you manage to start up the turbine and get to 3 adrenaline points (which, due to points 1 and 2 is a piece of cake as long as you have enough enemies to throw yourself at), Whirl and Signs will stop consuming stamina, making your offensive power absolute.
  • Stavros Mayakovsky

    you stopped the Nilfgardian invasion all by yourself. well done.

  • palleman

    What I never really understood is that people in the witcher world all know that witchers are superhumanly fast and strong, able to easily cut off several limbs in a split second. Fast enough to deflect crossbow bolts mid-air.Yet, they always just attack witchers like "yea bro this'll be easy".

  • WoodmanFeatherhigh

    Gotta give credit to those nilfgaardians, though. They don't run away even when facing a living flamethrowing blender.

  • Lastaveli Buri

    Thats not devil thats bayblade

  • Thanh Lai

    "Geralt on drugs" is a good name for this build.

  • RICHARD O'shea

    Geralt was later found face down in a bucket of white honey.

  • Sharp Tongue

    And there I was, spamming Quen instead lol.

  • Malcolm Wright

    "He never tired. He was a whirling dervish of spell and steel, and he dispatched his hundredth opponent as easily as he had the first. Not even the threat of most grievous harm seemed to dissuade him, and no wonder, for even his skin refused to yield to the cut of blades and the sting of arrows."

  • Hao Liu

    kids stay out of drugs. dont be like the white wolf, he is high af again...

  • Bongibot

    That day, Geralt realized he didn't need to bring Ciri back to Ehmyr's empire if there was no empire.

  • Ben Phou

    "Hundreds slaughtered by intoxicated Witcher imitating a Beyblade"

  • zniesmaczony

    As you can see, he didn't earn the Butcher of Blaviken title for nothing.

  • 1lapmagic

    All I could ever hear is "Milf Guardians" every time

  • Steven E

    damn Geralt just liberate the whole north

  • Luke Taylor

    I was already amused until the "YO EMHYR DISPOSE THIS" came on and now I am literally obliged to like the video.

  • Isaiah Rilles

    this is like Kill Bill: The Witcher edition.

  • Steven Van

    This is a case in point where being a drug-addict is beneficial to your health!

  • Konrad Knox

    Did my vid go viral or something? I appreciate all comments and feedback. Just wanted to showcase the alchemy pride build. Again, i did not use any hacks or cheats for this.

  • Buyakasha

    All dislikes are from Nilfgardians, don't worry.

  • Existenz

    i think geralt puked after all this spinning :D

  • Golem29

    My problem.with toxicity builds is that while they're the most OP, I don't want to spend a month in the menus making all the stuff and having to be regimented in taking so many potions.The game isn't really that difficult, unless you're on death march or something.

  • excellentes

    Literally one man army, he just ended the war there hahaha

  • Herasel Endar

    Some say he is still whirling to this day...

  • Wesley-Skye Hayes

    I didn't see Geralt drink a 'never get dizzy' potion.

  • Beev

    all those potion timers filling the screen beyond the middle would drive me insane oO

  • jay ch

    can you not walk?or does doing that sword spinning thing parry arrows?

  • Random Dude

    I'm guessing this has been patched since my white rafford decoction expires even at above 70 % toxicity

  • Michael Sanchez

    they should have a huge story impact option of you decide to go out and kill all the nilfgardian soldiers or redanians, i imagine it's hard to do but they should have a story branch for that or something like that.

  • Metin Can Tepe

    A witcher without potions is half-witcher. - Geralt of Rivia

  • Sean Marlisa

    dat moment when u broke the game lololool

  • Sparrowhawk

    Given enough space to maneuver, Geralt from the novels could probably handle 50 soldiers without taking a hit. I've read the novels and I'm trying to remember all the times he fought a human opponent and took a hit. I think maybe 2 or 3...MAYBE. There's an interesting scene during the Nilfgaardian war (the one from the novels) where he and his companions help a regiment of soldiers take back a bridge. There is a large skirmish and he is basically chewing through everyone. Interestingly enough it mentions how there is a brief moment when he almost gets backed up against a barricade and starts to worry because his "footwork" won't help him if that happens. I'm just sad he never fought Bonhart.

  • Du Nicht

    Watching and feeling like WHY YOU NOT REPAIR YOUR SWORD, it pains me :D

  • Varun Awasthi

    This reminds me of the Far Cry 3 Weed Mission.We mashup the place, turn up the base and make some soundboy run.

  • Ail'enduril

    well played sir, well played

  • VORP A being of Light

    That's what I like to do in games - just go in the city or big camp and do a last stand game to kill everyobody. Too bad guards in this game are completely overpowered.

  • O B

    "BURN THEM, BURN THEM ALL" - Mad Witcher

  • Noth De

    Mastery of alchemy has made him an untouchable killing machine.

  • Fire Brand

    When all the potions effects vanished..."Geralt! You destroyed an entire army!""Dude... what... ?

  • Master Vadgers

    someone is a better human beyblade than Garen

  • blay09

    nice godmode dude, turn it off and watch yourself get destroyed, you're playing Witcher wrong. sword+magic all the way, alchemy is for cheaters please delete video thanks

  • Robert Ramazanov


  • Kyle Netherwood

    I realised quite late in the game that green was the way to go

  • EtianEvian

    Who would win:500 highly trained soldiers capable of slaughtering a whole civilizationOrOne spinny boi

  • rickiex

    why call it "devil gerald" its should be called, the helicopter geralt build lol

  • Marcos Aurelio

    Allright who fed Garen?

  • Karolos R

    It does not work, I tried it. Maybe they balanced it

  • Felipe Ricardo

    Came for the "Dispose this" cutscene

  • grace calis


  • BUFF INC - Showcases, Game Trailer und mehr!

    He can kill 500 Knights, but like every Human Geralt need to sleep and then BOOOM he wake up in Half Life .3.

  • Adriano C

    LOL you can call him Gyrolt

  • Elmaso

    Still no idea why Geralt will not restore Temeria himself.

  • Ferdinand Andre

    Geralt's so high he became human blender like in Witcher 1.

  • Ravus

    Damn Geralt... You scary

  • Olbert Octavius

    Something I did not notice so you can be immortal or it is a combination of potions? But if you did it all honestly, it's cool! But as for me it is not Geralt, a cyborg. And for me, the ambiance of the game above all else. But you have turned out great! Have fun without being afraid to die cool, but there is no fear of excitement. And there is no interest in gambling. You're not afraid of anyone, eventually becomes boring.

  • AllAboardTheDankMemeTrain

    Damn and I though my build was good

  • Sindhu Baskoro

    Butcher of Blaviken is back baby! Holy crap this is awesome

  • current_93

    Почему урон не проходит? С читами найс билд

  • Queston Kelley

    God I love this game! Amazing job on your Geralt build. I run a Sign focused build with a touch of Alchemy. The Witcher series is a masterpiece and Cyberpunk 2077 will be as well!

  • Robert Ramazanov

    With great power cones great beard

  • Carl Bernroth

    Damn, you're making me wanna replay this game again, despite me having 150 hours clocked.

  • Jagger Zite

    Upwind me to watch this guys fighting style I get his potions make it so he doesn't need to fight with care but it's absurd watching him just swing his sword towards an enemy until he gets to then

  • allisso

    I can do that too without any of his potions , you just need alternative arad sign and the mutation that makes arad freeze your opponents , he rest of it will be easy , killed a lot of toussaint knights with this :))

  • EvilPeppermintHelix

    Skip to 5:01 for Rastaman VibrationzDo an update for blood and wine! <3

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