Yep, very easy to do.
  • Delrox

    oh my god is that you Afriend!?

  • erke inne

    nothing comes up when i click next scan

  • 3Stars And A Sun Valentine

    thanks for this video sir

  • Chris Gonzalez

    does this hack still work? just bought the game and all expacs, thanks for the help just looking for a LEVEL HACK

  • Theonlychampion

    you are A Friend of mine! ;)

  • Brasewel Noronha

    Worked perfectly. Thanks!

  • Øverclocked

    thanks a lot took a few tries but it works great. THANKS THANKS THANKS

  • サイコPixel

    Thank you! it helped me a lot^^

  • Martins Danisevics

    doesnt work next buttom

  • alex 4rex

    Hey a friend could you give us a hint on your next rsvideo? :)

  • iamyourpresent

    A FRIEND what ya doin here :o

  • samy sayed

    no work with me i tried to do this way before open video

  • Davin Stott

    can you edit ps4 saves using cheat engine?

  • Righardt // Xeno

    How can I reset it back to normal after I have dont it?

  • Jack Klonaris

    same dose not work how do i fix it

  • ToXicoO5


  • Yacobino

    works. but if I want to stop at a certain level, how do I turn it off?

  • lolbogdy1

    how do i set it back tough? just exit the cheat engine?

  • SGBaby

    It is not working now!!!New update available,so it doesn't work with.And I'm waiting for the new hack after this update.Please find a new way to hack

  • MrGMaN3301

    why do i keep getting two numbers over and over ive killed amillion times i cant get it down to 1 does anyone know

  • Xilo scient

    What's the exact xp for level 70 to avoid the weird numbers also neem more for ability points

  • MediumSalty

    a friend? is that you?

  • MrSilentSlender

    Great Tutorial as always, could you also make a video about money?

  • ReviTech Brasil

    the heck Afriend u doing?

  • Detrek

    what are your pc specs?


    i did everything similar what is told in the video (not the 3-1000) but when i click next scan i showing nothing

  • jeet chetia

    Hey why does it stop after level 70 it is not working after level 70 i stop getting single point it stop at 70 =2000/2000 help me out please

  • mark nine

    Good video only cheat does not work

  • Matias Enriko

    it works thanks my game lags a bit because im only using 4gb ram

  • PogChamp

    Yo PCtrainers! i saw someone that stole your video. i think the channel name is :Fun Hacks i dont really remember but yea.

  • Der fresehe Fuchs

    Wait you play easy mode and hacking -.- noob


    Cheat Engine has a lot of viruses. Can't risk downloading that on my computer.

  • Ramblings Of A Mad Man

    what a friend plays other games :O

  • ivandi edward

    I got problem this game. My curse muse control can't open and moving cheat engine event you play game together .. how to fix that...

  • Malaletniy Pridurak

    ''i just paused my game for no reason'' - u did it because u hacked ur health and it regenerates to 100 lol

  • GamingOST

    boring for that i dont buy games LMAO ... makes 0 sense

  • Matthew Luman-ag

    I have a 4 gb Graphics card why do I Feel That my Witcher 3 is a little laggy?

  • Spliicer The Mad

    Make your rs vids longer :/

  • shadowx089

    I don't want to cheat my level I want to Cheat the Haggle System! I'm tired of asking for 10 more coins and being rejected. I want that max price. At least i'd feel like i'm getting paid something.

  • Josiah David

    you should try and grow this as big as your rs channel double your profits.

  • Xilo scient

    I added 99999 when I was suppose to hit 0 and it maxed out at level 70

  • Excited James Aleks

    thanks for ruining the game for me a friend :c

  • Mcito

    Easy fast level, And easy vac

  • Craig Barlow

    What is the point in playing the game if your instantly level 50 ,answer-because your crap at the game

  • Hugh Murphy

    What about PS4? Real men play on PS4?

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