The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 35 Minutes of Gameplay (HD 1080p)

Please watch: "Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - "


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  • Ariana Asbury

    Is this game worth purchasing?

  • KimiiiRaikkonen

    That was extremely well made footage. and commentary!

  • Ericsupreme

    lol console peasant with 15 fps


    Witcher 3 look like something might and magic 2 of java game

  • Sami Alabdili You can hear Iorveth's flute playing in the background

  • Levi949

    I don't know why I keep watching this again when u even finished all DLC of this game lol, suck a masterpeice

  • Encho Pramatarov

    Im not familiar with this game, but it looks very similar to Skyrim. Which one is better?

  • Max Power

    Just bought it, new to the series. Amazing!

  • BowGunner

    I'm glad they decided on covering up Weavess' tits... truly awful sight.

  • War Machine

    I want this game so bad.

  • Next Gen

    "The are not invisibles walls to limit your adventure" what are u talking about man?

  • john xiong

    Is this Xbox one or pc because I see hairworks is on

  • Geralt of Rivia


  • Jeevan Bharadwaj

    "At this point,players are sevelral hours into the game."Took me 40 hours to finish everything before i arrived at Novigrad.

  • Alex Hendley

    Is this game worth it? I played The Witcher 2 and was unimpressed. Is the hype real?

  • Lexi L

    The best ARPG game I've ever played... The stories, the graphics are really fascinating. You won't regret to buy and enjoy it!!! Btw, the music is EXTREMELY GREAT. I would be more impressed if they give an open world as they promised before, but I still appreciate that I can play a wonderful game like this. Now the other game companies will hate CD Projekt RED lol.

  • John Tran

    No invisible walls to block our explorations? lol there are a few and far too many locked doors. ;)

  • Vulas

    Thank you, This video convinced me to buy it on steam sales :D

  • BowGunner

    Geralt's face changed

  • Miloš Hrůza

    The Witcher 3 has ane big problem, its overmonstered.

  • shawn byers

    It's now 2017 and I still haven't played The Witcher 3 yet. I've seen barely any gameplay, just enough to grant me an opinion and I may have to pick it up sometime soon.

  • Jorge Chavez

    Does anyone remember the name of like a 20 minute ad about a guy playing this game and talking about like ISIS and other stuff?

  • slenderman slender

    how big is the entire map of Witcher 3 compared to gta 5?

  • michelp L2

    wow crossbow actually does damage

  • SpLiT

    ta grafika miala duzy potencjal

  • John C

    Looking for a game like that’s like game of thrones meets kingdom hearts. A good yet not too complex RPG game. I’m looking at this game, Skyrim, dragon age inquisition, and dark souls 3. Which one would you guys say is the best?

  • Les Trollers

    Good apresentation made me buy this game !

  • LordRampantHump

    wait.... the mountain top seems to be riddled with herpies? - 10:37

  • David Anwar

    is this the remastered

  • Tenchu Ninja

    Is it just my imagination or is Geralt a medieval Snake Solid?

  • DeenanTheKemon I

    Is This Game Really Difficult? Debating On Buying It But I Cant Even Beat Dying Light lol so. .. Anybody Care To Weigh In Without Being A Douchebag?

  • Darwin Orsler

    if only it wasnt so expensive on xbox

  • Adam Warren

    Ive recently started playing some old game series I missed through the years. So far ive finished off Doom 1 and2 (original), Mass effect (1,2,3) and I'm currently about 8 hours into Witcher one.... I'm not a hater... but Jesus, it's hard work! If it's not the bugs, the running from one end of the village/town to hand in a quest to then have to run across the otehr side of the village, the poorly voice acted scenes, the editing of cut scenes/stories, the LARGE gaping plot holes, the fighting system that doesn't really rely on skill then it's the poor story!... Now saying all that I am still trying to plod through it as I hear 2 and 3 are amazing! Do any of the above change in the second and third installment of the series? I don't really care about graphics as graphics don't really make a game amazing. It's more the gameplay/bugs/ quests/story I want to see improve. Any ideas?

  • Dejavu

    Witcher 3 is the best game ever made.  Thankyou for creating this game.

  • SaviorAssassin1996

    Dragon Age Origins is better than The Witcher in my opinion. :)

  • Jars Kent

    2:34 That never happened, all story choices leads to someone dying.

  • Dahom yasser

    honestly, the game looks better on my PS4

  • endermanac

    This looks like 720p strentched out to 1080.

  • leonardo mendes

    Unfortunately the game did not leave the same as this demo, otherwise it would be better than it already is

  • netanel mullokandov

    "there are no invisible walls" game literally starts fast travel so you dont go beyond bounds

  • Mystery

    Playing with style, that's awesome!

  • M773

    this game has such shitty voice acting :/ gonna play it anyways though.

  • Jaskaran Singh

    Whyz that so laaaaaaaagggggyyyyy

  • Mr.Bow

    I love the style this guys plays it

  • William Chin

    Great content. Keep it coming! Good accent! For this video, are you playing on PC, PS4 or another console?Kindest Regards,William Chin

  • apostolis pidoulas

    My second favorite game, but for some reason they released a patch that benefits only the damned ps4 pro, why is that cd project red?? what about the rest of us who don't have a ps4 pro?? aren't we worthy of your attention?? we are still waiting for all these bugs to be finally fixed, People are complaining about that and your responce is that you are working on cyberpunk?? you created one of the best games ever, Witcher is a MASTERPIECE and you sould focus more on it's comletion.There are many people out there including me who bought the two expansions too,Both of them are AMAZING!! but also full of bugs and the game is crashing the whole time, For example the annoying and everlasting bug with roache's mane and tail, new game's invisible swords,map's gap borders bug in Toussaint which by the way is right at the center of the map,The Grandmaster Feline's armor annoying humming sound. PLEASE DO SOMETHING WE ARE WAITING FOR ALMOST ONE AND A HALF YEAR AND BELIEVE ME WE ARE MANY. Also i want to THANK you for your work it's really IMPRESSIVE!!Εμφάνιση λιγότερωνΑΠΆΝΤΗΣΗ

  • Good Ideas

    Sorry game is too dark, bloody and gory - wont be playing this game at all.

  • john xiong

    Why did they change the horse riding camera? I like the camera far away from the horse like in this video rather than having it up really close

  • Rick Sanchez

    Finished this game when it came out. Finished it again after all the DLC was out. Again when Heart of Stone came out. And again when Blood & Wine came out. And I'm still watching some dude play for 35 minutes. What is wrong with me? #pleasehelp

  • Christian Galesias

    can we finish the game in a week to 10 days?

  • Ahmed Alkhatib

    I'm thinking of buying this game , i know that it's a bit old but i heard it's a great game and the world of it is really big

  • Sideways Nutrition

    Tempted to buy this game...

  • LordRampantHump

    well this frame rate sukz

  • Guardian of the Night

    Skyrim still the best.

  • Austino Reyra


  • Harvey Angeles

    I wish they kept the same jumping animations seen in the demos

  • Yiğit Ali Tepe

    When you watch this 3 years later and ask yourself why Dijkstra would want a Griffin head. Glad they changed it.

  • Nouman Tahir

    am I the only one who find this game rather boring...:( all of my friend admire this so much but I could not find anything thrilling here or is it just this gameplay video...

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