The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 35 Minutes of Gameplay (HD 1080p)

Please watch: "Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - "


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  • FarSeerAT

    I love this guy's voice. He makes it feel like I'm not watching a gameplay video, but rather a documentary on some exotic tribe or something.


    does it seem to anyone that the game in this video lags a bit??????

  • mainleinad

    That little creature looks exactly like Maisie Williams 100%

  • Andrei Nosatîi

    already 2 years were gone...and now everyone are dreaming of the Witcher 4.

  • Yasar

    It's funny how the graphics actually look better than the demo now.

  • Vladimir Petroviћ

    I want to erase my memory of playing this game and start anew. I will start smoking marijuana every day so I can forget as much as I can!

  • Radial9Gaming

    That music gives me a boner


    this game's graphics and missions are better than GTA 5

  • Maji Bad

    The Witcher 3 best game ever played in my fuc-king life

  • freec4nd1es

    That's really nice of CDprojekt RED that rest of the world can inhale A LOT of Slavic culture, atmosphere and legends in this masterpiece. Thank you CD!

  • Stuart Boocock

    Does anyone else want to play Burn the Witch?

  • Charles41

    I wish i could just delete my memoried of this game to play it again as for the first time..

  • Luka Mirkovic

    should i get this game?

  • Soul of Cinder

    why replaced the horseback riders and the actually moving ships on the final game?? i felt really weird being the only horseback rider on the entire city of Novigrad...

  • William G

    CD Projekt Red is such a good company.

  • JokerBaba

    Maybe i am late but i am going to buy this game ;)

  • Natsu Tsuna

    got this for $25 this black friday. kind of a steal :D :D

  • juriics

    I wish I could delete parts of my memory and play this game over again. This is truly the best game I've ever played.

  • Djordje Ivanov

    Returning to this after finishing both the main game/side quests and both of the expansions... Post-game depression at its' best! ;-;

  • angelfire1987

    A younger version of the main character is how I imagine Rhaegar Targaryen to be.

  • SpectreApex

    No hate on consoles, but it impresses me how the quality kept up for the PC. Watch_dogs did a massive downgrade to compensate on consoles but this, hands down. Well done CD Project Red!

  • SH4D0WXR33CONt1

    The hair physics and textures got slightly worse, but the lighting, frame rate, and post processing all got WAY better. The biggest hit though was that really nice swamp water and that Igni looked way better too.

  • MDX mdx

    Poland is proud of this game !!!!

  • ownTer

    ....never heard a " review " that sounds like a walet being filled. But i have now.

  • kmanc

    I think the biggest problem with many games nowadays is that they simply lack Polish

  • Talion Is Insane

    Wth...novigrad seems to look a SHIT LOAD different in my game

  • Datspookyboi

    so should I buy this or metal gear 5?

  • MC Ohayo

    De ez magyar csávó! :O

  • War Machine

    I want this game so bad.

  • BackupMemory

    Damn that turbo lighting mod is really good.

  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead

    Is just me or does the protagonist in this game look like a sort of medievil solid snake?

  • Misongie

    lol at all the PC elitists trying to figure out if their PC can run this, so much for master race...

  • Deniz Metinoğlu T.

    Those accents though...

  • Elizabeth Morley

    One game I used to love was fable 2. I'm also thinking of getting PS4 was told that this game is great if one likes fable! :)

  • Andres Ospina

    The Witcher used to be like this. Then it took a downgrade to the knee

  • Ariana Asbury

    Is this game worth purchasing?

  • Thiago Goulart

    Roda no meu i7 4970k 3.0 ghz 8 gigas de ram Placa de video R9 290x

  • 菊地モア

    Never played the witches series but I am interested in this one by any chance is this familiar to skyrim? Can you buy houses adoption and marriage just out of curiosity ?

  • Tony L

    My does my graphic is so shit compared to this??

  • tomm1592009

    Never played this game but really wanna buy it but I've seen so many mixed comments :/

  • mestido

    Wondering what kind of PC need to run this game on high at 60+fps...

  • The Headless Horseman

    Bow down console peasants !

  • Buick Grand National

    If I never played 1 or 2 will I be lost in 3 or be fine to start at 3??

  • Harrison Tran

    This game is amazing. The downgrade on the graphics doesn't bother me. The one thing I would have liked though is if they had kept the dodging animation. It looks so sick and makes the combat feel a lot faster. Is there any reason why they had to change that?

  • ninetythree

    I think CDRP are happy with the ending of Witcher 3, but the story, world, themes, athmopshere the EVERYTHING is too good to just end here, we MUST have another Witcher game!

  • Elmer Kalashnikov

    I have an intel i256, 17TB corsair judgementdance dance revolution 5 RAM, 5 fatherboards, each with an EMP generator, windows 9, and 12 Nvinigga GTRX 1080,Is it enough to run this game?

  • Sabari Giri Nath

    Should i Buy this Game or Skyrim Remastered???(Ps:I have never played Skyrim)

  • Colin Pearce

    just because of this I'm asking for it, for Christmas

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    This game is amazing i literally cried when i got shitty ending.Probably the best game i've ever played.

  • Aurelian Dream

    Even just in that 35 minute video, you can see the effort that was put into this game, and how deep the lore is.On another note, anyone notice the knot of wood adjacent to the knocker? It's a detailed image of an eye; N.L.

  • Cosme Fulanito

    Holy FUCK I love everything about this game!!!The music, the lore, the battle system... MASTERPIECE!

  • Alex Estevão

    Water was better, hairwork was better, textures, colors... Everything. They downgraded this game so hard

  • Aarsh Roy

    I have learned more English from playing games than from School

  • ckhong

    I imagine that TES6 with this quality.

  • Vinyl Sounds Music

    Freaking graphical downgrade gets me mad

  • Angel M


  • Harold G.

    I have played the Dragon Age series and I'm still thinking of buying this game or not.

  • Shawn Chinn

    What a piece of art this game is. I just started playing and I'm completely consumed! Question, how did he slowdown time when using the arrow?

  • Daniel Christiansen

    I would rather play snake on a nokia mobile, instead of this

  • troll bailarin de breackdance :v

    Español boludoooo vamo los pibes carajo!!!!👑👑

  • Jan Schneider

    It's kind of sad how little people know about the witcher... Let me just say one thing... THIS ISN'T SKYRIM. The Witcher is definitely it's own vein of RPG so as awesome as Skyrim is, please stop comparing it to Skyrim as the two games (apart from the fantasy setting) have nothing in common...

  • VVaiTF0rme

    10 years ago look this atari games very realisticNow : look this garbage game awful grapichs

  • Guhsteh

    Probably the best RPG ever.

  • Austino Reyra


  • MrsRandomMadeMeDoIt

    To anyone wondering. I run this on i5-4670k gtx770 2gb and 8gb ram. Everything on ULTRA and 50-60fps my system is overclocked with good cooling.Just finished the game with 100hrs into it. Great game cant reccomend it enough! One of the best titles i have played. I played it on Death March all the way, i think this is the way to play it, but the combat becomes abit to much spamming dodge and constantly going to the inventory for potions mid fight at this difficulty. I was quite a bit dissapointed by the ending tough.. especially seeing how well most of the game is written.. They really dropped the ball there. I wont spoil anything..

  • Dylan Santa clause

    In my opinion this game looks fucking awesome

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