The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 35 Minutes of Gameplay (HD 1080p)

Please watch: "Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - "


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  • Dylan Palmer

    The Witcher ; A Folk TaleThe Wither 2 ; A Political DramaThe Witcher 3 ; A Fantasy Epic

  • FarSeerAT

    I love this guy's voice. He makes it feel like I'm not watching a gameplay video, but rather a documentary on some exotic tribe or something.

  • Aarsh Roy

    I have learned more English from playing games than from School

  • Charles41

    I wish i could just delete my memoried of this game to play it again as for the first time..

  • kmanc

    I think the biggest problem with many games nowadays is that they simply lack Polish

  • Maji Bad

    The Witcher 3 best game ever played in my fuc-king life

  • Caesar

    It's funny how the graphics actually look better than the demo now.

  • William K

    CD Projekt Red is such a good company.


    this game's graphics and missions are better than GTA 5

  • Andrei Nosatîi

    already 2 years were gone...and now everyone are dreaming of the Witcher 4.

  • Radial9Gaming

    That music gives me a boner

  • juriics

    I wish I could delete parts of my memory and play this game over again. This is truly the best game I've ever played.

  • Mieczysław Kowalski

    Best game of the century

  • PsycoreDarkpsy

    Incredible game one of the best of all time .Thanks for this Amazing Masterpiece CDRP

  • Daniel

    I gotta say after oblivion capturing my childhood in immersion and fallout new vegas carrying the tradition I never thought they would be beat until I played this beast. The dev team is the future of RPG gaming

  • JokerBaba

    Maybe i am late but i am going to buy this game ;)

  • mainleinad

    That little creature looks exactly like Maisie Williams 100%

  • MDX mdx

    Poland is proud of this game !!!!

  • Natsu Tsuna

    got this for $25 this black friday. kind of a steal :D :D

  • Djordje Ivanov

    Returning to this after finishing both the main game/side quests and both of the expansions... Post-game depression at its' best! ;-;

  • freec4nd1es

    That's really nice of CDprojekt RED that rest of the world can inhale A LOT of Slavic culture, atmosphere and legends in this masterpiece. Thank you CD!

  • Sketchyyy

    Might buy this game Looks coolEdit: I bought itEdit 2: I absolutely love the game thus far

  • sebi_says

    Who is here because of the Cyberpunk gameplay?

  • Stuart Boocock

    Does anyone else want to play Burn the Witch?

  • IIemzyII

    The graphics are certainly superior in the final version. The lighting looks like shit here.

  • FreelanceXD

    The hair physics and textures got slightly worse, but the lighting, frame rate, and post processing all got WAY better. The biggest hit though was that really nice swamp water and that Igni looked way better too.

  • WalterLiddy

    Seems more like just watching a movie with bits in between where you have to walk from place to place to see the next bit. Might be more compelling if the combat elements looked more difficult, but here you see this huge buildup to the evil in the woods and he kills it with 3 hits. Just looks like a chore you have to complete to get to see the next bit of film.

  • SpectreApex

    No hate on consoles, but it impresses me how the quality kept up for the PC. Watch_dogs did a massive downgrade to compensate on consoles but this, hands down. Well done CD Project Red!

  • Adii S

    why are the running animation so good in this demo, in the retail version he walks like a robot, atleast they could keep that.

  • Luka Mirkovic

    should i get this game?

  • Soul of Cinder

    why replaced the horseback riders and the actually moving ships on the final game?? i felt really weird being the only horseback rider on the entire city of Novigrad...


    So much better than Black Flag assassin creed where it give so much hope and promises yet unfulfilled.Witcher 3 is a truly open world game and its not a sandbox game. Though My biggest complain and it constantly annoy me is the horse gameplay, far worst unlike in shadow of colossus and the 2nd closest legend of zelda wildfire.

  • Mr Barney

    When this comes out all i can say is R.I.P social life

  • Alec_Suitup N7

    I want this guy narrating every CD Project game to come

  • FunkLi

    Жаль что из-за консольщиков такой графен вырезали. Боже аж слезы идут т_т.

  • CucumberGaming

    I bought Skyrim special edition on my ps4 a week ago, because I skipped it last generation. Today I bought the goty edition of Witcher 3. Looks like I know what Im going to be playing for the next few months.

  • Jordan Scarrott

    Who else here to watch footage of a game they can't run xD

  • Aditi Dhar

    The witcher wild hunt is the best game

  • AC.4ce

    Wtf that swamp looks 100x times better here, darker with far more ambient...but i think the cut scenes have improved from this

  • Elizabeth Morley

    One game I used to love was fable 2. I'm also thinking of getting PS4 was told that this game is great if one likes fable! :)

  • ckhong

    I imagine that TES6 with this quality.

  • Jeevan Bharadwaj

    "At this point,players are sevelral hours into the game."Took me 40 hours to finish everything before i arrived at Novigrad.

  • Emil Richard

    what. i've never slayed a Griffin to get information from Dijkstra. I had to help him with something with the sewers. as far as i recall

  • Ove Sundberg

    There are no invisible walls but as soon as you get to the end of the map, the game forces you to fast travel away.

  • angelfire1987

    A younger version of the main character is how I imagine Rhaegar Targaryen to be.

  • Bleepingbobby

    "Let's play 'burn the witch'. -Yeeaaaah!"

  • thundercamel69

    WOW!!!!!this game looks epic!i can’t wait for it to come out!

  • Sabari Giri Nath

    Should i Buy this Game or Skyrim Remastered???(Ps:I have never played Skyrim)

  • 010110101101

    This reminds me of ~ Legacy of Kain~

  • Albino Bob

    I'm extremely fascinated by this game. Everything I've seen is just amazing. Unreal.Too bad I've never played any Witcher games before... should I play the past titles for me to understand the lore and the story, or should I just get this one straight and leave the others?

  • David Silva

    Fizeram A Mesma Coisa Com CIBERPUNK 2077 BOA

  • Kato X

    Excellent vid, many thanks for sharing :)

  • Harvey Angeles

    I wish they kept the same jumping animations seen in the demos

  • Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας

    Now, if the game had more body-types and more different faces for both men and women, more voice actors, imaginary sex scenes, more impressive swordplay, i would describe it as perfect!

  • MaxBlaze

    I wish I could delete all my memory from this game and play it again. Its so good!!!

  • d0mstE

    2:17 hit a like if you know what is in that street 😂🙄

  • salevar

    То чувство, когда разработчики не обманули

  • Ruler

    I miss this game so much

  • GrandPrince

    Full respect for Slavic mythology, which this game is actually presenting in a great way.

  • Boston Towny4life

    2 things that piss me off about this game.1. They had to downgrade the PC version because of the CONSOLES. Why? What does the PC version have ANYTHING to do with the consoles? Why couldn't the PC version come with what they originally showed? PC games have graphics options, Anti aliasing, Textures, Fooliage, Low, Medium, High and Ultra. So why couldn't they give us what they originally promised by setting it to ultra? Was it so the console losers do not feel left out or something? So the console losers don't think "oh man that's not fair, I wish I had a pc"? Why should the graphics be "fair" across all platforms when PC gamers spend thousands of dollars for our rigs and equipment? You should get what you pay for. If you want to game cheap, you get a cheap looking game. If it wasn't for the PC community THE WITCHER WOULD NOT EVEN HAVE THE POPULARITY TO HAVE 3 GAMES! The Witcher was originally a PC game, it was the PC gamers that were the original fans and we were teh ones who MADE The Witcher, even when the Witcher 2 came out for 360 none of those console losers paid it any mind. 95 percent of console gamers have not even heard of the term Witcher before sometime in 2014 when they were first showing off The Witcher 3 trailers, so it is pretty fucked up how badly we got boned by CDPR all because they did not want to hurt the console peasants feelings.2. The map. Don't get me wrong, I love the maps, the two main ones (Novigrad-Velen, Skellige) are massive and beautiful BUT I could have sworn that CDPR made it seem like EVERYTHING was going to be all ONE BIG map with absolutely no loading screens whatsoever. I remember old trailer gameplay when CDPR was showing off gameplay they would point to any mountain in the distance and say " you can go there you can go there, you can go as far as the eye can see" which is just bullshit. I understand that merging all the maps into one would have been nearly impossible for the consoles and IDK if CDPR was only saying that before they knew the power of the current gen consoles but again, this is the same case as the Graphics downgrade, stop saying things you do not mean.

  • Barcelona FC

    Should i still buy this?

  • Ivan Rys

    I've been playing for ages, like three decades, and The Witcher3 is the best I've seen, for me anyway

  • Misongie

    lol at all the PC elitists trying to figure out if their PC can run this, so much for master race...

  • H&M Entertainment

    Looks quite different from the final product. I really like the different lamps and curtains and lighting in the buildings of this demo but sadly there is none of that in final product. Still a great game tho

  • Diveydutt Sharma

    I will still preffer road rash graphics

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