Witcher 3 - The BEST Sword in the Game - How To Get Aerondight (1200+ DAMAGE!!!)

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In this Witcher 3 Lore Video, Drew shows you how to get the powerful sword Aerondight, as well as the tale behind the magnificent blade.

Released on the 19th of May, 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an open world, third-person perspective videogame in which players control Geralt of Rivia. The game is based on The Witcher series of fantasy novels written by Polish Author, Andrzej Sapkowski. The main story follows Geralt searching for his missing adopted daughter, named Ciri. She is fleeing from an otherworldly force who are determined to find her and use her powers for themselves. During the game, players will interact with a variety of fleshed out characters, using a variety of tactics to complete side quests, developing their skills as they acquire more experience points. The gear Geralt uses can also be changed by players purchasing new items and using in-game materials to forge from scratch. The main plot has multiple endings, all of which are determined by the player's choices at various points throughout the videogame. The Witcher 3 is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

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  • Matthew Chirino

    Shouldn't there be 2 best swords? One for man, the other for monsters?

  • MidnighWolf

    Strange women laying in ponds distributing swords..?!

  • AmericanIdiot181

    Call yourself worthy cause some tart threw a sword at you

  • Zesty Pancakes

    I found this place my accident while visiting every location in gamestill working on skelligabloody skelliga

  • Mike, from Texas

    You can still get this sword if even you're a horrible, selfish, mean person.I did it on my current playthrough.

  • MoonSpotRoXX

    10:42 Silver doesn't rust. Whether its in water or not, it will not rust; only tarnish.

  • The Handsome Corpse On A Fancy Chair

    No matter how good gear is,I always stick to Witcher gear,Griffin,Wolf,and Manticore being my favorites.But since this beauty was in original Witcher,I make the exception for it.

  • SniperPrincess

    I miss this game so much. I always feel like playing it all over again ☹️

  • Ullanor Von Krieger

    The 5 virtues are reminiscent of the Nine Noble Virtues of Asatru: 1. Courage 2. Truth 3. Honour 4. Fidelity 5. Discipline 6. Hospitality 7. Self Reliance 8. Industriousness 9. Perseverance

  • Just A Gamer

    Good video but I love that Monty Python reference more than anything.

  • jake nikolia

    I like how it was obtained in witcher 1Edit: oh and that you get to smash the lady of the lake

  • jack chester

    Really hope cd project red returns to the Witcher after cyperpunk. Finally a game exists that really can't be faulted. As large as Skyrim with a quarter of the bugs. Combat and mechanics that rivals fromsofts best and lore/story that could suck in even the most cynical. I can't believe it's been 4 years and not one developer has topped it. Not even close. There all trying so hard to crowbar lookboxes and other monitisation schemes into there games to care about there medium... Its sucks. All they had to do was look at the Witcher 3 and tell themselves I'm going to aim to be this brilliant the money will come naturally after that. I bet that the first day sales of cyber punk 2077 will destroy any other games income with ease and half the people buying it will be doing it for the sole reason that it's made by the masters that gave me 100s of hours in one of the best fantasy settings to date. I will loose all faith if they turn to the dark side after there success, fromsofts already has a big Activision label posted right next to there new title... If project looses there mind next I won't know what to do...

  • milford fowler

    Wtf, video is way to long

  • MrYurMomm

    You didn't mention this was for the DLC expansion, god damn it

  • Alma S

    I didnt even realize this was a FudgeMuppet video but as soon as I heard the voice, I was like "Is this a FudgeMuppet video?"

  • Chuck Baker

    True enough. With Aerondight's special attack buff, it easily outclasses every other silver sword. Especially at max level.

  • milford fowler

    Great big fat thumbs down

  • White Wolf

    Not sure if anyone had mentioned it, but...Well you can add Rune Sockets to the sword if you have the Hearts of Stone DLC and you can do a quest for a man of Runecraft from Ofier, He stays to the far east of novigrad, you can pay him 5k Crowns for him to start making lesser runes and glyphs, then u can pay 10k for normal ones, then again pay 15k for Greater Runes, and as for getting the Sockets, you have to pay an amount of money that will increase each socket bought, maximum of 3, if you have Money, DO IT.If you wanna know anything else message me on discord Wh1t3W0lf#4860

  • Anshul Karia

    For me it is not the best silver sword, that has to be Gesheft! Aerondight is great as it scales with Geralt but because it doesn't come with rune slots it is a little bad and upgrading the runewright fully is so expansive!HOWEVER, it becomes the best sword easily at the start of a NG+ as it scales. Very nice to have a scaleable silver sword at the start of the game. Now, I am in my third run through, currently in BaW and I a yet to craft the Toussaint steel blade but it looks outstanding! As soon as I am the right level I am crafting it. In case anyone gives a ** I am rocking grandmaster feline armour (all four pieces), Gesheft (the relic one) and Olgierd's steel sword - Iris.

  • v for Vendetta

    It power is around 580 and I am at level 46

  • Alistair Hardie

    11:35 well I didn't vote for him


    Forget the damn Sword, That Intro gave me goosebumps!

  • Tomasz Skowroński

    so what, Geralt is now the Emperor of Nilfgaard just because some watery tart lobbed a scimitar at him?

  • Mr Blunt24

    May you please make more lore videos about witcher 3 please. Long or short videos, don't matter to me.

  • Chaosmo

    And of course the name of the quest 'there can be only one' is a reference to the film Highlander, which is quite fitting.

  • John Wagg

    Nice 'Holy Grail' Reference!'He must be a king!', 'Why?', ''Cause he hasn't got shit all over him....'

  • Mart

    Man at arms reforged needs to make this Sword.

  • dead account

    can you imagine if I went around calling myself an emperor just because some moistened bink lobbed a scimitar at me... they would put me away!!!

  • Andrew Bowen

    I've gotten that sword many times throughout the game, I didn't know it leveled with you

  • wink wonk

    I think I sold the Aerondight in my first play through LUL

  • mechanicXIII

    Stopped playing about 2 hours ago, I miss it already.

  • joshua ellery

    Adds 10% damage per charge and for 10 charges, every strike is critical.

  • Fuzzy Dunlop

    If some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they'd put me away!

  • Atte Girs

    Can you do a video on the elves and the scoia'tael?

  • Luminite

    I didn't know a video tutorial would be so emotional and wholesome.

  • Md. Islam

    It shows that you have worked really hard for this, appreciate the effort. Keep it up.

  • corey sligar

    i. can't find immersion armor is it xboxBox One Btw Skyrim Your The Best Person ever 🙂

  • Patch.

    I have a tip for leveling aerondight too, if you put the replenishment enchant on aerondight and have high sign intensity I.e from the euphoria mutation or griffin gear you can stack up aerondight on humans/beasts as it will do little to no damage and then use the igni effect from replenishment to do massive damage guaranteeing a level up on aerondight.

  • Alfa Omega

    Just started playing this amazing game in 2018 and Will defo look out for this crazy sword... thanks 👍🏾

  • Mistaa Spaakles

    Aerondight isn't based on Arthurian lore, it is from Arthurian lore. It is the sword of Lancelot.

  • its matt

    The narrator asks why did the silver sword not rust? The SILVER sword?

  • Gabriel Dirie

    When I played this mission I loved it, nice tribute to King Arthur's story, lady of the lake and Excalibur

  • duck

    "wet your boots"starts walking on water

  • possum440

    My friend Dennis told me this once......" Listen, strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords is no basis for a system of government! Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony!"Watery tart....

  • Sylvan Strength

    I will love you forever for that beautiful reference

  • Hardc0reGamer92

    I just absolutely Love the Witcher 3, the story and the Fantastic DLCs...... the Lore, Characters, the attachment of the characters you bond with, everything.I really hope we will get a Witcher 4 someday playing as Geralt (btw yes I have finshed the game and managed to get the best ending) but still I really just wanna see the next chapter with Garalt and Yenefer along with the rest of the characters and I managed to earn Aerondight :).

  • Paulo Mil-Homens

    I got this sword in witcher 1 (after banging lady of the lake), then beat the game with it (the sword used to finnish off Alvin). On Witcher 2 a still had the sword, but it was one of the shitiest silver swords in the game because we had her in the early game.I played W3 in PS4, and then W1 and W2 on PC. If i upload my W2 save files to W3 on PC would i still have aerondight on the beggining?

  • Lord Timothy

    Subbed due to Python reference. 👍

  • Anuraag Thakur

    God this guy is so extra, I love it !

  • RoggsRammel

    I remember the moment, when I stod on the water's surface and the old man descended into the depths.A few seconds of silence and then the slow music of the Lady of the Lake's theme began…..I had such a nostalgic flashback I couldn't stop remembering the original game for a long time afterwards ;)Those were the good old days, when you used to slay #"!/#"! Dagon for a better weapon and a "thank you" from a pretty lady ^_^

  • And then I fired And I missed

    wow I was totally oblivious to the fact that I had to have 5 virtues until the hermit mentioned it but I did all the right choices in the quests anyway.And the hermit was like "alright you're virtuous enough take this sword I gotta go bye" and I stood on the water like wtf?Now that I watched this video I got the full picture.

  • Plastic Children

    I was waiting for the Monty Python reference. Thank you for not disappointing! :D

  • animesa

    Nice monty piton reference ;)

  • RiderofStorms

    I love this weapon, i like that its viable in ng+ unlike alot of weapons i got because it gives you levelled gear when you start ng+

  • Mir S

    Starting witcher 3 for the 4th time wow

  • corey sligar

    Fugmuppet Please Do A Vampire Build No Immersion Armor Mod Plz Im A big fan of you Builds ;)

  • Adrian Villarreal

    When I die I want you to tell my story

  • Marauder131

    I remember coming into this late into my gameplay and came across the fight and everything so confused, this makes more sense ha

  • Stefan Rachev

    Just read the 7th book of the series ''The Lady of the lake"" It will help a lot...

  • charles anderson

    Excellent presentation you show the highest best practice of a skilled narrator which is a kin to those chivalric virtues you seek to help us understand You don't use profanity as some do to illustrate your narration which is so refreshing..absolutely fascinating well researched I have taught Chinese martial arts for over 50 years and you have a gift for understanding the path of a warrior please keep up your excellent work I look forward to watching more

  • Rift Keeper

    The Belhaven Blade is an awesome steel sword . Awesome!

  • Louis Stewart

    Yes! More videos on Toussaint please

  • lance parker

    love the holy grail reference xD

  • fleshlight that cries

    You're doing camel's work!

  • J

    I really wanted iris' scabbard. It always bothered me that it just hanged there with no cover

  • darthdude

    goodness and virtue, lol foreign concepts here in England

  • Bulletproof Beard

    One person couldn't lift the sword.

  • Nikola Petrović

    And now i wan't to install the game again. Finished it 4 times, enough already.

  • Dark Side Doug

    Loved the Monty python reference bro great touch

  • Jorge Nuno da Fonte Ribeiro

    I keep playing this game over and over.Projekt RED must do another one.Waiting on ciberpunk 2077,but please,there has to be another witcher.All of you skyrim fanboys are missing out.witcher is way better than that buggy subpar game.

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