The Witcher 3 How To Get Ciri's Sword Glitch (PS4)

Tutorial on how to get Ciri's sword for Geralt. This is something I just discovered today.

UPDATE: So I finished the game and this doesn't affect Ciri at all in further missions. She still has her sword and it's cool to see Geralt and her have the same swords when they're in cutscenes together. Ciri's Level 39 sword is weaker compared to other swords you can get when playing on New Game +, however, the +800 Armor piercing perk combined with Geralts' Whirl ability and the Severance enchantment on the sword from the Runewright has proven to be great when it comes to crowd control.

Thanks for watching and enjoy!
  • Marc Alcatraz


  • Alex R

    Assassins Creed: Wild Hunt

  • RagedxSniperz

    Geralt? Ciri! -dandelion

  • AKheon

    That's a nice discovery. Also, of course if Ciri has two Zireaels it's only natural she should share one with Geralt for his troubles.

  • Ryan Boles

    After doing this glitch I still had ciri's story:breakneck speed,I just did it as Garalt and that was finished

  • Geralt of Rivia

    I use this for the 'ciri as empress' ending because ciri gives geralt her sword.

  • Yousii Marty

    So it's a glitch sword

  • Juventin

    hahaha this is so wierd! :)))

  • Random NPC Player

    After the basilisk i turned to geralt and died when got near the Temple isle because the fast travel sign did not appear...

  • Karara

    Shame I can't do this

  • Ethan James

    why would you want ciri's sword?

  • Kai200X

    Your way is more complicated than mine, but still nice to know there are other ways to get her sword.

  • Sonit Paul

    if you are gonna use the debug console commands why go through so much ?? just use the command , additem('Zirael')

  • Alfie Solomons

    the barons door is locked for me 😢😢

  • Max Truong

    Is it still work with 1.51

  • NamelessBacon !

    Or just go to the chameleon and drop it there. Then when she's in skilege she gets it back while you have it too

  • Sanad Mohamed

    What is wrong with you're level

  • Brandon Ninja

    How did you get so much money???

  • Doğa Aydıntan

    How did you get that much money?

  • haru baru

    Oh my god!! You have a lot of money and items. Your level is so high as well compare to mines. The highest I can get with my coins is only around 2000 xD

  • Nathan Hartman

    dude I used the breakneck speed flashback method and it screwed it up because now ciri has no sword and I can't kill anyone, what do I do? this prevents me from finishing the game so please respond to this asap

  • IadiiI

    dat 6 seconds load 7:29


    lot of work and wasted time on something you get if you just play the game like it's ment to be played

  • Red Knight

    1:52 Omg Ciri did not die from the fall damage like Geralt would

  • GoofyYT

    How bout you don't mod and play the game legit might be a little more difficult 😂

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