GTA 5 - EVERY Natural Disaster EVER!! (Tsunami, Zombies, Meteor Shower, Earthquake & More)

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  • Famous Ramus22

    This is the most ad infested video I've ever watched before

  • very sophisticated

    why is he acting surprised, he spawned in everything LMAO

  • Sham Klop

    This is how many times he said oh my days /

  • That Fat Bunny Gamer

    tsunami is coming Him: I HAVE TO GET TO THE GROUND

  • Leeshane Plays

    You are more suiting for Minecraft than GTA.

  • Aarya v1

    Soo much overacting...

  • Joelah Jeev Joel

    How to make this video better?Mute the sound

  • savanna veth-schwab

    If somebody was to slap him everytime he said oh my days HE'D be purple and black and probobly still say .with no energy ..oh my days

  • Brandon Braden

    Take a drinkveverytime he says o my days

  • Nick Hipsh

    Human: God can you please make this doomsday not happen God: no, I don't think I will

  • Aaron Gleason

    The best part of this video at 17:30

  • Talha Sheikh

    (Nuclear alarm sounds)Nought: Is that my alarm clock???....... :D

  • Evan gaming1234

    Oh do meteor storms tsunamis and ZOMBIES are natural

  • ayden coogan

    I thought the alarm was mine because that is what is sounds like every day before school.

  • MarioTIME

    How to make a GTA 5 video: KEEP REPEATING OH MY DAYS

  • michelle

    „something‘s pushing my boat“hmm, the waves? 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️

  • T Dheeraj Reddy

    This building is a part of gta 5 mission of fbi

  • Jacob128 GD

    City Alarm Goes OffNought: Is that coming from my apartment?Me: BOI DO U THINK

  • Justin Gonzalez

    I have glitched in the FIB building and that place your office is at is the FIB building


    Zombies are naturally occurring events

  • EDog Plays

    Ya a earthquake definitely hit los santos the rest of the city’s fine

  • Dominic Fill

    I don't know what everyone is hatin just let him do his thing, if he wants to do this let him

  • Cecile Alfonso

    "The vehicle is almost wrecked." ITS NOT EVEN WRECKED.

  • Nawal Kavi

    "THE GROUND IS SHAKING, THE GROUND IS SHAKING"Keeps running down the stairs

  • Plnkeyz

    Go throw your channel in the trash can

  • Jarisa Tiaua

    This dude thinks its real wow😂😂

  • Abigail Flood

    Definetly didn't spawn everything in to help. Totally coincidental 😂😂


    Anyone see the cars just driving at the bottom of the ocean?

  • Chris Cold

    How do you got the office

  • Will the streamer

    Your "roleplays" are not convincing at all exept for like 2 y/o

  • Akash Kuraganti

    News : omg a tsunami is going to hit los SantosNought: no problemo let's hide behind a broken wardrobe

  • Michelle Saunders

    This is ONE OF UR BEST VID

  • My Leg

    Theres alittle video in your ad

  • gabriella joyce

    the fact that hes showing his cam ruins everything, if its just his voice it would be less cringey

  • Jaymark Laguisma

    are you kidding me?! wth.. diss is might be unreal hahah!! Lmao

  • AƖєx Oѕtєyamαηη

    Climate change be like

  • Boy In The Hood

    "Don't go to the highest point in a tsunami" BOI

  • Malachi Mckee

    Cringed so hard watching this


    It’s not possible to stay underwater for that long I MEAN LIKE *

  • Fearless Feral

    Gets hit by multiple meteors and survives... LOGIC

  • Aj Johnson

    Lol that sound is not an alarm, it's a civil defense siren, or a nuclear alarm... If that's what u call an alarm then boy.... No one shall ever oversleep thru it 😂😂

  • S͟K͟I͟T͟T͟L͟E͟R͟S͟ hehe

    "Oh my days" somebody start counting 😂😂🤣

  • You Tube

    When u think u live in a video game 😂

  • Olatunde Fadahunsi

    Wtf is "all my days" hahahaha

  • Halo_ODST

    I know this is a mod but how in all that is holy HOW DID YOU SURVIVE FLOORS UPON FLOORS CRASHING DOWN ON YOU IN THE BEGINNING!

  • David Tito-Zuokumor

    using a helicopter when there is a meteor showSmart

  • Majestic Pickle


  • zigster 101

    You said every disaster happens but valcanos and more I am forgetting didn’t happen

  • Jacob Cervantes

    "Oh my dazeeeee" lmao oh hell nahhhhh

  • Aiden Inga

    Why is he making GTA kid friendly.

  • GRIMALDI 420

    You did not show the jump down the elavator shaft

  • Mateus Pereira

    Zombies are a natural disaster???????

  • Hendrix and Mercy

    “This car is about to be destroyed” that cars looks perfectly fine lol

  • Khayli Elizabeth

    You should do one without any narrating. Just a thought. You're over reacting is MAD annoying. Videos good. Just dont talk a lot.

  • Will Henry

    Count how many times he said “oh my days”

  • Fast Pony

    Streets already submergedNaughty: we need to get to the ground

  • LegacyENCE

    High FPS Gameplay....Not

  • max k

    Cool mods, but him acting like it’s an unplanned story is irritating

  • chinostroza84

    Every natural disaster narrated by Stewie Griffin

  • Mia E.G

    Bro next time u rp, take away your irl recording and have just the gameplay screen with the voiceover

  • Sham Klop

    You just automatically knew they were zombies

  • Amarose Rosy

    In your face Newton. I’m talking about the speed of meteor

  • Yahir Gutierrez

    Someone pls give this guy an oscar overacting

  • Daniel Vincent

    You were a good YouTuber

  • Ayoub Alarabi

    8:53 pushin the last leg before bustin a nut

  • Fajri Anugrah

    Don't you feel thirsty dude?

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