WOLFENSTEIN 2 Trailer (E3 2017)

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WOLFENSTEIN 2 Trailer (E3 2017)
© 2017 - Bethesda

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  • Dabulous

    Wait what why is no one killing these nazis

  • MrElcabo18

    3:04 OH SHIT hillary clinton is on a video game!!

  • The real wolverine!

    Heil... Oh we're at the other side.

  • Simon H

    can't wait to kill some nazis and kkk ☺

  • XerxesTheUndead

    Who else wants to have a panzerhund as a pet dog? 😂

  • Alexander Walker

    i want to see more Liesel

  • Tiny Yamato

    1:10 Liesel Get the Flammenwerffer

  • Aiden Jong

    burning Nazi's awesome.

  • Noahdaceo

    Fallout, and Man in the High Castle feels!

  • i Elohim

    Oh Trump supporters I guess lol

  • Nobody Famous

    This is what the world looks like in the eyes of antifa members

  • King J

    Because mass murder is ok if your doing it to nazis.

  • daim hall

    Is this Antifa the game?

  • Trafal G Law

    this is how antifa sees themselves

  • Lauburu Cross

    KKK, which were started by freemasonic confederate soldiers (now a barely existent group full of FBI agents and informants) wouldn't exist as NatSocs didn't like secret societies like the freemasons.

  • Alisson Fernando

    im just bored of these games I'm forced to play as the bad guys.so just pass this one

  • raditya respati

    i felt a fallout vibes here

  • Hudjimin

    i want a game where i can play as a nazi, or as a clansman, and where i get points for creativity in killing minorities. And maybe a bonus round where it was like cod zombies, but with antifa instead of zombies. Please bathesda

  • kalleklops klopsmann

    When will producers realize that the initial success of Wolfenstein (RTCW) was due to it's dense and mysterious atmosphere. It doesn't take tons of special fx, film sequences and what not. This looks like a bloated, cluttered, pointless piece of nothing. The more the better ? Nope.

  • Thiswillbeyourname acrossallGoogleproduts

    As a German, I feel offended.

  • Eaton Hogg

    Anti German propaganda disguised as video game?

  • Ricardo Gomes


  • gumeon

    this mechanical hand from that other dude must be awesome for playing "the stranger" with himself XD

  • IV0N


  • M Price

    Welcome back B.J. Blaskowitz

  • Christian Pervert

    This game looks so linear that scientists will use it to calibrate their instruments.


    I just can't wait to play the new fallo... I mean Wolfenstein!

  • Guilherme Dal molin

    This one of the better things to come out of the conference,*cough *cough paid mods

  • TheRedBaron6565

    So much for the tolerant left

  • alone votsi


  • Coltin Smith

    All these people whining about their political beliefs and how they wish they could play as nazis, I'm just ready to kill some nazi goons lol

  • Taylor Sharp

    Straight up Antifa propaganda.

  • Lavalambtron

    Is this a metaphor for what's really happening today? (in the minds of liberals)

  • Sparta

    3:36 - Wow. His German is perfect. Even the way he moves and his bad joke is perfect.

  • The legend 27

    Hitler will be proud of you

  • Z0oKK

    Game about killing nazis without swastikas. Perfect :D

  • Will w

    Did they call the Nazi's imperialist . You disrespect my pax Britannica

  • Killing God

    the real fallout 4 i wished for lol

  • Samuel Spacey

    Is any game safe from the SJW (Social Justice Warrior) disease :(

  • Viljo Vaan

    Cant wait to buy this on my Switch :p

  • David

    Verkrusteter Geizkragen

  • Kellyn 87

    Good lord Fergus! What happened to your arm?!

  • Brad Wira

    does anyone know peggy's real name? just wondering

  • Aszmodei


  • Nano Beast

    ohhh im so exitit to shoot some Nazis and i Like this game

  • Youtube Garbage

    Nazis are cunts, but I'm having more and more trouble beliving the Americans are the good guys in ANY situation.

  • Alicia M

    Good cinematics Bad Gameplay. Another bad fps game.

  • David Deaton

    how many damn times is bj going wake up from coma hahahaha.

  • Jeff Maylor

    Oh God please, Communists are the threat, not "nazis".

  • Shroom Wizard

    Who is that girl in the beginning? Anyone has her IG?

  • Its My Weiner Dog

    Wow the graphics are so amazing I almost thought those were real people on the tv

  • The Silencer

    dont know why this feels a bit like Bioshock maybe the music?

  • dontbeshady411

    Do you get to play as the nazis? If not count me out

  • Ricardo Gomes

    Can't the nazis be the good guys for once?

  • Omar Mir

    Notification squad amirite amirite?

  • MalevolentDivinity

    For some reason I really enjoy the absurdity that is the random cartoon of a Nazi superhero destroying an animated evil looking Statue of Liberty.I could see that actually being a thing if the Nazis won.

  • Olteanu Radu

    this looks interesting, but i would feel bad for killing the poor nazis, they should make a game where u are the nazi

  • Sr Fusion

    At 4:13 the Nazi says"*Ooooh feelin' Dank*"LMAO

  • Memesis

    Now we finally get to fight Hitlary Clinton

  • LiMoN4iK129

    вы заметили на 6:13 парень на заднем фоне пахож на франклина из гта 5

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