WOLFENSTEIN 2 Trailer (E3 2017)

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WOLFENSTEIN 2 Trailer (E3 2017)
© 2017 - Bethesda

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  • XerxesTheUndead

    Who else wants to have a panzerhund as a pet dog? 😂

  • Ivory Mantis

    Some poor white guy explaining for the 100th time he isn't a Nazi. It's like modern day life.

  • MrElcabo18

    3:04 OH SHIT hillary clinton is on a video game!!

  • KMW

    Antifa probably beats off to this

  • LieutenantAlaki

    Really says something about the world's current political state that some of the comments are taking issue with there being a video game about killing Nazis, the go-to villain cred for unambiguously evil folks for something like fourscore years now. Like, this isn't even the first game in the series, y'all. Why weren't you raising a fit then?

  • MalevolentDivinity

    For some reason I really enjoy the absurdity that is the random cartoon of a Nazi superhero destroying an animated evil looking Statue of Liberty.I could see that actually being a thing if the Nazis won.

  • Christian Pervert

    This game looks so linear that scientists will use it to calibrate their instruments.

  • Jake Colley

    Because mass murder is ok if your doing it to nazis.

  • Memesis

    Now we finally get to fight Hitlary Clinton

  • Operator BG

    8:16 did that guy just took Acid

  • David Deaton

    how many damn times is bj going wake up from coma hahahaha.

  • Reggie Cornwalls

    So is nobody going to talk about that last clip?

  • raditya respati

    i felt a fallout vibes here

  • Coltin Smith

    All these people whining about their political beliefs and how they wish they could play as nazis, I'm just ready to kill some nazi goons lol

  • Aiden Jong

    burning Nazi's awesome.

  • eviltreemonster

    Thank God we won in WW2. Life under a Nazi dominated world would be absolutely hellish.

  • daim hall

    Is this Antifa the game?

  • Trafal G Law

    this is how antifa sees themselves

  • Alisson Fernando

    im just bored of these games I'm forced to play as the bad guys.so just pass this one

  • Depressed Artjpeg

    If Hillary Clinton won the election.

  • Samuel Spacey

    Is any game safe from the SJW (Social Justice Warrior) disease :(

  • Youtube Garbage

    Nazis are cunts, but I'm having more and more trouble beliving the Americans are the good guys in ANY situation.

  • alex

    i want to see more Liesel

  • Hudjimin

    i want a game where i can play as a nazi, or as a clansman, and where i get points for creativity in killing minorities. And maybe a bonus round where it was like cod zombies, but with antifa instead of zombies. Please bathesda

  • Lavalambtron

    Is this a metaphor for what's really happening today? (in the minds of liberals)


    I just can't wait to play the new fallo... I mean Wolfenstein!

  • libb3n

    I spotted hillary clinton in this..... she had a weird red armpatch though.

  • Oscar Cordero

    Panzerhund or Doomslayer?Who would win?

  • kalleklops klopsmann

    When will producers realize that the initial success of Wolfenstein (RTCW) was due to it's dense and mysterious atmosphere. It doesn't take tons of special fx, film sequences and what not. This looks like a bloated, cluttered, pointless piece of nothing. The more the better ? Nope.

  • A channel *

    Get to kill bad guys and listen to relaxing music. It's fallout all over again. SO MUCH HYPE

  • Meme Chromodome

    But those strawberry milkshakes

  • VladDikPie

    Half-Life 2 Dog VS WOLFENSTEIN DOG :)

  • Gemma

    Why is it that people who want to protect their country are "Nazi's"?? I don't have anything to do with the National Socialist party but because I don't want to hand my country over to Muslims I'd be a Nazi LOL..

  • Jeff Maylor

    Oh God please, Communists are the threat, not "nazis".

  • gumeon

    this mechanical hand from that other dude must be awesome for playing "the stranger" with himself XD

  • i Elohim

    Oh Trump supporters I guess lol

  • Stephen Flesch

    I can't go to a single comment section on a Wolfenstein video without every other comment overflowing with salt, special snowflakes, or crazy Nazi supporting beliefs. Hats off to those who try to speak up about this. Just relax people, it's a game. The point of which is to HAVE FUN. Just play the game and have fun, and if you don't like it, don't play it. Simple as that. It's not a place for political debates.

  • Tobi 1131

    Wow the graphics are so amazing I almost thought those were real people on the tv

  • Hugh Betcha

    Anti German propaganda disguised as video game?

  • Pandemic Gaming

    3:03 looks like Hitlary Clinton

  • Kommandant Milchshake

    Can we please get a game where we play as the good guys yet?

  • goff0103

    More Nazis killing excellent.

  • Vlad 117

    My only complain with this game is how they nerfed the enemies.

  • Paranoid Zombie

    Give the Metro series a try if you love killing nazis. You get to shoot commies too which is a bonus.

  • Tounushi

    calling it now: the communist preacher will backstab BJ when victory is at hand.


    6:37 plot twist random black guy in the back playing the flute is the most important character in the game

  • Nano Beast

    ohhh im so exitit to shoot some Nazis and i Like this game

  • SpaceKraken

    5:50wow that's an easter egg

  • Will w

    Did they call the Nazi's imperialist . You disrespect my pax Britannica

  • Kharos

    Finally a game that takes no BS from SJW and isn't afraid to show historically accurate nazi insignia

  • Plot Armor Goku

    Never heard of this game, but I want to play it all now and become a super fanatic.

  • Aodhan Gallagher

    This is basically the American revolution but the British are nazis

  • Nobody Famous

    This is what the world looks like in the eyes of antifa members

  • Simply Now

    Not near as the original game!

  • Dialectical Monist

    To normal people, it's just a video game. To libtards, it's reality. Nazi's and KKK getting along? Lol.

  • Guilherme Dal molin

    This one of the better things to come out of the conference,*cough *cough paid mods

  • Kevin Gonzalez

    Did the guy at the end just take drugs?

  • ThomeTeque

    Swedes ..so sad they can't deal with the muslims in their country the way they do with nazis in their game.

  • Tiny Yamato

    1:10 Liesel Get the Flammenwerffer

  • Anime NPC

    Welcome back B.J. Blaskowitz

  • ComedyKix

    Should I play the first Wolfenstein before the second??? Or does it really matter?

  • ivan groznyy

    Я бы ее трахнул все равно какой-нибудь нигер это сделает

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