The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine: Witch of Lynx Crag Boss Fight (4K 60fps)

Boss fight against the Witch of Lynx Crag in The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Expansion DLC on death march difficutly on PC.

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  • Funinightmare

    "Farewell Woodsman, I'm sorry you had to die this way"steals his money XD

  • Jake Branthe

    If this was Witcher 1, Geralt would bang her first before fighting her

  • Auzzie015

    What is with this series and its trusting people? Everyone keeps their word. The Crones, Gaunter o'Dimm. Literally the most evil bastards in this series have the inner need to do what they say. Love the game though.

  • something something

    Can you use the other 2 wishes to bang her ?

  • boro bara

    I'm so disappointing there's no options for you to kill the witch. This witch is a foul and evil one that brought suffering to people, she brought the drought to the land, tried to seduce sir gareth and kill him when he snap out of it and return to her love, she also killed another man's lover. Such a pity Geralt didn't kill her

  • Kartik Ayysola

    Gotta love it. Neither ending to this quest is "good" in the traditional sense.

  • ArcLightShock37

    Nothing quite like saying a few heartfelt words for the departed and then going through their pockets for gold.

  • Crow Bar

    The Witcher 3 has spoiled me, I just assumed that every women in this game want's to take my D lol.

  • Fightin' Seabee

    Can anyone please tell me what the name of the piece of music that is playing when you visit Lynx Crag, it's driving me nuts

  • Dalton K

    Dang, the death of him (through his own dog too) and his dog is sad. Doesn't help that the music is melancholy and Geralt himself sounds down.

  • Pandemonium

    I somehow loved this witch, I chose the "I can lift it myself" so didn't fight her :P

  • Slishes Maloney

    That's a pretty sexy witch. Her voice sounds way older than she looks, though. :P

  • Enter Valhala

    First time I've ever seen someone use a freezing bomb on an enemy on youtube

  • Arusiek90

    Hm...I think I need to go back to the game one day. I'm glad I didn't done much side quests during Blood and Wine dlc, I still have quite alot of interesting things to do in there!

  • Anggara Dwi

    Did your spacebar broken?

  • Muny Reach

    The crow always reminds me of Itachi

  • Vru_ Naglo

    4:17 whats the name of the soundtrack?

  • Evelina

    0:00 whats the name of the soundtrack? tis creepy i love it

  • Spartak Vogog

    can you go and kill this witch or she will not be there ?

  • Hyperperion

    Wathing this vid reminds me 2 things; 1st, how epic Ursine armor looks and 2nd, how full Grandmaster Griffin set is the most powerful equipment in game -period. I fought her yesterday and fight was 2 seconds; a dodge, an Yrden cast (which raises intensity by 100% among other things) immediately followed by a Piercing cold Far reaching Aard (cause you can double cast with 3 parts of the set) and both the panther and her were down, in the blink of an eye!! Was blown away

  • Lex

    Wrong option there, dude. The witch wasn't that bad.

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