Just Cause 3 - 11 Minutes of New Gameplay | E3 2015 (AMAZING!)

Better Quality Video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1q1hO7njRY
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  • Michele Vogliardi

    I like how they had fun making this game.

  • joe blogs

    they should have a dlc were you use the grapple to swing from buildings killing giant titan people with disposable swords

  • WarlordRising

    Just Cause is all about defying reality. I wouldn't have my games any other way.

  • Mad Pyer


  • KZANG3

    Michael bay will be proud

  • BeastUpp

    Batman Arkham knight meets uhh.. uncharted?

  • Nines&AKs

    Why is this game so underrated!???

  • Prince m3m4

    RAISE YOUR HAND if you really want to play this game. But you do not have the money to buy the graphics card.

  • clamato juice

    I gasmed so hard at the bridges

  • 2pacalypsePast

    This and the Arkham knight, suddenly this gen has a pulse

  • dark

    just cause 3 or far cry primal it's a hard descision xD

  • Alex S

    this game would have been amazing multiplayer

  • Purushangam Gaming

    One of the best games of 2015 10/10 explosions

  • Skuukzky

    this game looks like a game supervise by Michael Bay

  • JerbearTheCarebear

    I hope they keep this series of game running because so far i have not found a single game that could satisfy my destructive needs more than this game...also they have grappling hooks.

  • zapidante

    6:46 Capsule Corporation confirmed.

  • Alvaro Hernandez

    Warning. Don't buy. Unstable game. Corrupt save data.

  • Davey Storey

    So does this game actually have missions? Or is it just about destroying stuff...

  • paras shrestha

    I have a dream, one day i will play this game. Very nice video keep it up guys.. :)

  • erdvilla

    Will this time if you destroy comms bases, or military bases, will affect the way enemies respond to chaos on the nearby region?Because the only annoyance in JC2 was the hyper active enemy spawn with 3 choppers spawning near you over and over and over unless you landed.It would be great if by destroying comms bases nearby settlements couldn't no longer ask for back up as the would be no radio comms.

  • iiDrakol

    OH MY GOD! this game is a ( Batman - Saints Row IV - Dying Light - Minecraft ). whaaaAAAaaat ..??? Just Cause Is Moving On Like Saints Row, Some One Gotta Stop The Man Who Gives The Ideas To The Studio, WHHhhhaaaAAAaaahhtt ?!

  • Green Floyd

    To bad it's unplayable.

  • Dolan Duck

    Just cause 3 > gta 5

  • Pedro L. de Carvalho

    What's the point of this game, exactly? Just running around and exploding shit?

  • RunE

    lol farcry and just cause have like the same story

  • Alex Knight

    Just Cause 3 will make people forget about Just Cause 1 & 2 lol!

  • Suzanne Gomez

    Seems a bit simple just going around destroying stuff. Fun for 30 minuets.

  • nQQbiX

    just bought gtx 980 and i7 4930k . . . after watching this i guess time for upgrade soon xd

  • louis thompson

    Wtf is wrong with the audio

  • maRomar0

    4:23 Instanty goes and pre-orders game*

  • Christian Paz

    This game reminds me of Mercenaries 2


    its looks so good but its to much like arcade type

  • Scrub Wrecker

    8:41 re-used JC2 sound effect when the guy gets run over?

  • Riley Henderson

    JC2 was my fav game ever made... not anymore!!!

  • Tank Dempsey

    Rico you need a girlfriend

  • Barney Quinn

    I hope they dont downgrade the graphics like in other games that have been released.

  • Dante 001

    Totally a Unrealistic Open World Game! If one person hv that kind of SuperHero Grapple Hooke than U better conquer the entire Universe! no Military arms or Super weapons r needed.........And all the time causing mindless chaotic destruction is a madman duty not 4 a hero! Every vehicle or Building seems like Toy,Hv no weight or mass.........What a Childish Game!

  • Xavier Lomeli

    6:23 Motorcyclist:  Watch me wheelie!6:25 Motorcyclist:  Well, darn.

  • OleSAO

    My only concern is that it might be too easy. From this presentation that is. Maybe the guy playing is a legend, but it will be awesome anyway :D Can't wait!

  • Michael Bartrum

    What are those options that come up? Are they in the game or just for the sake of the demo?

  • StopAskingMeToChangeMyName

    Come to think of it. Did the Arkham games inspire the grappe/parachute (BatCape) form of traversal, or did Just Cause pass on the idea to Rocksteady, as whoever came up with the original concept/idea deserves a medal, as it's simply one of the most enjoyable and natural forms of travel I've ever experienced.

  • Viktah Vaughn

    Looks more like Batman than GTA

  • victor fedalto

    gta+batman= just cause

  • itsBinq


  • De Wet Barnard

    I wish you could have like a house in games like these with a nice underground garage that opens every time you drive near it. With a secret vault where you can store all your guns and ammo. that opens when you give a thumb scan or password every time :D

  • HalfaBakedPotato

    This is ripped footage from ign that you stole and cut the audio out of

  • jesse M

    this game could have been made by mr torgue xD

  • DeftieGamer

    All I have to say is... Explosions.

  • Zen O'Fobe

    Fallout and then this! WOW, this is gonna be the best christmas ever!

  • prygler

    the physics is a bit too unrealistic...

  • Calvinandsnobs

    lol at what point does rico stop being a freedom fighter and becomes a terrorist?

  • Hajduk

    i hope its less than 4gb of ram and less than 30 gb memory, can't wait for it

  • Paistin Lasta

    This game series is SO unrealisticAnd that's why i love it

  • Hyped Dino

    Total freedom, but his game has no soul.... It's just feels dead and boring...

  • ImmaGhost

    this looks like it'll get boring really fast

  • x Broskee

    It seems like they can never really prefect the cars in this game. That sports car looked like a hot wheels toy, very wide and thin.

  • Filip Buskovic

    Why trying to get rid of the country leader when you can take Ferrari and drive it for free?

  • neo187rah

    is this a ps2 exclusive !

  • Vic 2.0

    20,961 Just Cause fans who know what's up.1,852 GTA fanboys shaking in their boots ;)

  • Odji Ramirez

    Pas mal du tout pour un jeu de dernière génération. Ce Just Cause 3 semble très prometteur. S'il sort sur PS360, je suis preneur :-P. Il peut aisément se ranger aux côtés de gros jeux gamer ou se frotter à des mastodontes comme GTA 5, Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4 ou encore Assassin's Creed, sans problème. Ce jeu a du potentiel, c'est indéniable. Son côté arcade lui confère une identité propre à la série et lui permet de se démarquer de la franchise phare de Take2 2K des Houser. On se croirait dans Out Run 2 à bord de la Lamborghini et cela donne du cachet et c'est bien ce qu'il manquait dans les précédents opus. Davantage de piments et encore plus d'adrénaline. JC3 est a des années lumières de Saint Row 4 et loin devant Watch Dog si le jeu poursuit sur cette lignée et reste fidèle aux présentations de gameplay, alors le pari est largement remporté.

  • Water Droplet

    im just suggesting.I heard the guy said the patrol station will respawn itself unharmed again after destorying it if Rico is far enough. Its cool. But, I would be more satisfied if the patrol station will be left destroyed(plus smoke coming out) and will not respawn itself back to normal or unharmedI think the game would be better if the game is build in with two options, one would be destructible environment going back to normal and the other, would be left destroyed until the game ends(which likely is not going to).Again, Im just suggesting and sorry for my bad english.

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