The Witcher 3 on Switch Hands-on – The Most Ambitious Switch Port Ever?

We finally had a try of CD Projekt Red's seminal fantasy RPG, for the first time playable on a handheld. Tom and Rich pick apart what's one of the most daring conversions to Switch so far – the cutbacks are clear, but just how does it play in practise?

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  • xxnike629xx

    Suffice to say, Witcher 3 on the Switch is of course not going to look the best, but for what it offers given the Switch's hardware specs, it is very impressive.

  • Vector3

    I love how confident CDPR are about this, happily showing everyone the most demanding parts of the game straight away. They deserve so much praise for this effort and the results, it looks excellent

  • Cameron Gordon

    EA's "the switch can't run our games" argument is now invalid!

  • Jackdeath3

    This is objectively more impressive than Doom or Wolfenstein.

  • 311kratos

    Gotta respect CD Project Red and Nintendo for this huge surprise. Great achievement.

  • KrœnT

    After playing the whole game 200 hrs on base PS4, seeing this graphic fidelity on a portable device with 15 watts power consumption makes me speechless.

  • hatchimmmmm

    Mother fu** they really did it.

  • I keep screaming but god wont listen

    Meanwhile pokemon sword and shield looks like a hd 3ds game.

  • Hijynx87

    The water still looks excellent, lol.

  • P R

    I’m from the game boy generation. come a long way from Tetris.

  • Alfie Vines

    I am actually shocked at seeing this run

  • wenweru1

    "Do expect drops to kind of the mid twenties" Oh so it's like both the other console versions.

  • Phillip Rokkas

    LOL is he using an out of box PlayStation headphone and mic? My man

  • MasterMarioMX

    Panic Button, A rival has arrived!: Saber Interactive!

  • Adam G

    This looks simply fantastic. Never got my hands on this game before but all DLC included, a day one buy for me.

  • World Warrior FGC

    Already own this on ps4 and pc but i'll be buying this day one just to have it on the go

  • JDKWtv

    All i need is Gwent to run properly on my switch.. LOL

  • malbhet

    Now I'm definitely buying the switch version.

  • Ričardas Mikelionis

    That’s it. I’m buying a switch.

  • S P

    Fact that CD Projekt Red is give the complete GOYT version is respectful. Reason why I keep buying their games from gog and also for my consoles.

  • Uriel G.L.

    Very impressive. One day portable gaming will be very powerful enough.

  • NGClayton

    Good lord the fact that it's on a portable system blows my mind

  • Antti Kokko

    my legs gonna totally die during toilet gaming sessions. Poop.. What a lovely excuse to play some witcher3 :D

  • AC Totemkvlt

    This is so impressive when i buy my Switch i'm buying this game again. CDPR strikes again and i love it, they deserve it.

  • RuSHWiZaRd

    Went from playing final fantasy 4 advanced on the go to Witcher 3?!! I'm happy

  • Thai Win

    And Respawn said they couldn't get Titanfall, a Source engine game, running on Switch.

  • Samus Aran

    I remember people laughing at me whe I told them "If the Switch can run DOOM it can run the Witcher 3" the said "yeah but it will look like shit" and stuff like that... Well, how I love to be right.CDPR: Your move Panic Button.

  • phantommanass

    I thought this was a bullshit rumor for the longest time and then it was finally confirmed and now I'm just unsure about everything in life.

  • FesteringKadaver

    This is a testament to CDPR's ability as developers. Just amazing. I wouldn't play this version myself, but it's great for those who have yet to play it or would like to play it on the go.

  • Perfectly Sliced Egg

    I'm gonna have to correct you there. The Switch OS requires at least 750MB RAM. Meaning developers have access to 3GB for game development. The console originally only had 2GB RAM but Capcom heavily insisted Nintendo to double it to 4GB. Capcom saved the console as these third party games would not run otherwise.

  • Miroslav Vrlík

    looks very good on switch, i play PC version of Witcher 3 will buy for my switch and play again in handheld!

  • L L

    this will probably set an example to every game devs.. won't have an excuse not to have a switch version now.

  • TheLuigi545

    Ok, I shouldn't even be typing this, but I can't hear it anymore and maybe I can give some insight for other people."Why would you want to play the game like this?""This game shouldn't even exist on the Switch.""This looks horrible.""Play it somewhere else, it's cheaper and better."What is wrong with you? If you are even asking these questions, this port is clearly not meant for you. But there will be many other people who will enjoy this one, for many different reasons. What I just cannot grasp is: Why break that joy? Why start an argument, that is just SO pointless, because everyone prefers to play their games in their own way. It is something individual. Why would you want to force something on someone, just because you yourself like it that way? Maybe you just want to improve someones experience, but I want you to consider: Maybe you are just making it worse. I can't hear these discussions anymore, where other people tell me how I am supposed to play my games. If I want to play the Witcher 3 on my Switch, just let me do it.

  • Thomas Rhodes

    My reaction is like if you said you got Crysis running on a Wii.

  • Ver Coda

    Wow! The Switch can look like That?! Despite the obvious sacrifices, I’m Very impressed!

  • AlphaClub2K00

    Holy shit that actually looks a lot better then expected

  • AuuuSpain

    This game with the switch lite is a must buy! Awesome port!

  • SCMabridged

    Looks much better than I expected but I'm surprised nobody's taken to calling this version "The Switcher 3" yet.

  • Cyborg 1612

    Just putting it out there that you guys are doing a great job and I don't see enough appreciation for the digital foundry fam

  • Karl 46

    I'm used to play AAA games at lowest settings because my laptop is only i5 and 4gb ram. Witcher 3 on my Switch will be a miracle for me to play at maximum of 30fps.

  • Justin S

    CD Projekt Red deserves every penny they've made. Truly the most wholesome gaming company in this age.

  • Sibusiso Ncube

    From now on, switch games have no excuse to run and/look bad

  • Orphan of Kos

    Man what kind of black magic did they use to make this happen?!

  • Mike Dronslu

    CD Projekt Red guys are geniuses. Best studio ever!

  • Max Mustermann

    Am i the only one that is very disappointed that they didnt call it "The Switcher" ?

  • Varo tto

    This is paired with RE 2 on N64 as the most impresive port ever

  • Luke Taylor

    Sure, the Switch may have low horsepower, but now it also has Roachpower! :)

  • red crimson102

    From what i'm seeing the swit h version looks phenomenal. Anything is possible on switch when devs put their hearts and time in it

  • AleksSDF

    People are actually shocked that the switch would run it.That console is really underrated and underestimated

  • Led Cheater

    Ok, this in portable mode is a technological miracle.

  • Faxtron

    I have this game on PC with mods but I will buy this game for my Switch for the effort and good work this company do to port one of the best game of this generation to this console.

  • Gary Chuong

    Geralt looks 10 years younger because of the lower textures.

  • Austin Felton

    Thank you, Saber Interactive. Thank you, CDPR.

  • halofreak1990

    I guess this means Switch owners can hope for a Cyberpunk 2077 port somewhere down the line.

  • ryan close

    Carnt wait for this. Carnt believe it looks/runs this good.

  • Kilanbro

    I understand why people dont want to play the graphical worst version of witcher 3, but for gollys treasure thats running on a Handheld and batteries.if this game would have been on vita people would have shat their pants and hailed it as a gem. mad respect for the dare to put it on switch i hope it sells well.

  • Average Dave

    Technical wizardry at it's best. Well done devs!

  • Adamack Beats

    To me, the most impressive thing is how they managed to minimize pop-in. I thought bad pop-in would have been one of the compromises we would've had to deal with

  • FartyFat

    I hope with this, western rpg developers are now more interested into making games for switch.

  • XStoneBlazeX XSBX

    Porque cojones el de la camiseta roja tiene un auricular de ps4 de los cutres xDD porfa ayuda help xDD

  • GreatSpaceToaster

    Man. I have the PS4 version, but I might double dip. This is pretty impressive, and extra kudos for shelling the additional dough for the 32GB cartridge. This could set a good precedent.

  • Aris Fragkiadakis

    Congrats and respect to everyone that worked to have this amazing, phenomenal port on switch! I am definitely going to buy it day one physical and play it on my switch 😀

  • Radrez

    I am just amazed at the RedEngine 2, running on switch so well considering it was in no way designed for that hardware :)

  • Oleg *Cenzura*

    Switcher: Wild Optimization

  • superchibiwings

    CDPR i give you my support

  • Banana Child

    The Switch is a fascinating console that just keeps on intriguing people.

  • Joe Foft

    While I don't own a Switch it's nice to know that if I want the Switch experience I can just rub a layer of Vaseline on my monitor to get that authentic blurry feel. Honestly though..impressive work from the team tasked with porting this. Crazy it actually worked.

  • glbernini0

    Gamers are so spoiled now! I remember thinking Golden Sun was the best looking game on my Gameboy. Hard to call the Switch a handheld compared to that!

  • Fernando Godinez

    many people who say this game looks like shit and its worthless to have a game donwgraded dont understand how many people don't have the time to sit on a desk or in the couch for many hours and play these wonderful games...I work 12 hours a day and playing this on my break is the greatest convenience of my life and for any gamer.

  • Josue Jared

    The fact that the game is running on a portable console is mindblowing.

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