The Witcher 3: MOST OP BUILD IN GAME - Patch 1.3 - The God Build - 140k+ Crits as a Tank!

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The alternative heavy armor sets mentioned in the video are the Toussaint Armor set and the Hen Gaidth set. Both are decent alternatives.

    Ekimmara, Water Hag, Archas, and a 4th decoction of your choice.

  • Shiggy

    Toxicity dropped because dyes no longer count towards acquired tolerance

  • 陈家怀

    I'm playing 1.31 and protective coating doesn't work on human opponent. I can only take two hits max when I mess with guards using same build.

  • travon johnson

    Hey do a Wolven melee/sign hybrid build.( updated version 1.30 ) plz

  • Gamers' Core

    For those experiencing 1 hit quen degradation: make sure the right oil is applied and you have as little load in your inventory as possible. That's what makes the difference.

  • chirag vaswani

    Hey just a suggestion, seeing that you're kind off over leveled for the Toussaint Steel Sword I'd recommend getting the Hen Gaidth Steel sword as it scales to your level and has awesome abilities as well

  • Cemo 202

    Job well done . When I first picked up W3 I didn't understand how the character build worked . Your explanations on hybrid and now this tank build are the best I have seen on YouTube.

  • Corvoz

    Have you maybe thought about making ursine a light armor and going for feline techniques? maybe your crits would be even bigger

  • Andrew Bautista

    this build is too broken. im breezing through deathmarch like walking in the park. 1 hittin everyone, and they're ticklin me.

  • Grady Rothbaum

    Man I miss these days. Witcher 3 videos all over youtube. Lots of fun. Im still playing.

  • Lj Feller

    Thank You Apex of War this is the best hybrid God build i have ever seen. Awesome!

  • Jun Lee Martel

    Tried this build and it’s so OP bro . .Good Job. . What I changed to fit my style tho is that I chose the fast attack skills including wirl instead of the strong ones , put Levity runewright on the armor and chose the cat school techniques

  • Bogdan Busuioc

    just managed to get the requirements for Ursine on NG+ and i played around for about 10 mins with this build.... it is definitely awesome and i am using the ursine weapons :)Thank you !

  • Dirt

    Is this a good build for Death March? Looks insanely powerful. I'm new to the game and I'm playing on Death March for trophy. Does the order I pick the abilities as I level up matter?Thanks.

  • Box0rz

    How does he "auto apply" potions or something at 4:55? When he enters combat, some additional buffs just appear without him going to the inventory or messing with the UI.

  • Adrian Harding

    apex of war how can i improve my AERONDIGHT sword to 1,000 add points damages?

  • David Mako

    Looks like an awesome build. Shame that it does not work when you are at higher level. I started NG+ after both expansions at lvl 54 and am currently lvl 96. My Quen shield goes off after the 2nd hit and than enemies start pushing me around too much to be effective. It's not like your Quen that stays on for 5-6 hits which is enough time for your stamina to regenerate. I guess overleveled 100+ guards hit even harder than all the resistances can tank :(Thanks though for your really great build guides. I ran with a combination of your melee and hybrid builds through NG+ on Death March and was pretty much OP with my lvl 40 Grandmaster Feline set and my lvl 48 swords all the way through Wild Hunt and Hearts of Stone. :D Cheers

  • Graeme S

    Do any of the DLC armor prove any good for this?While I am waiting to grind up to the Grandmaster Ursine

  • Lj Feller

    hope you could do a build whoch also good in signs. combat and signs plus tank. That would be awesome.

  • Ximo Roca

    Hey nice build, Im wondering why arent you using ursine gloves instead of the nilfgaardian guardsman gloves. These are also heavy armour so they dont disrupt bear school and ur not using 6 set ursine either. You would gain an extra 50%critical hit damage. Defensively it would just mean trading 5% elemental resistance (which u cant tank anyways) for 5% bludgeoning.

  • Renegade Gray

    What would you say are the keystone parts of this build? I'm trying to build this as I go. I'm currenly lvl 21, and am trying to prioritize which abilities to build first.

  • Marvelous Sage

    I can't figure out shit in the character section. I think I'm still running the original version of the game.

  • Emilio Salvatore

    hey been following your videos for a while for builds to use on DM and got to say im loving thing i dont personally like is that they make the game too easy after a specific point ( melle build op :| ) so im trying to make a build more focused on fun than min-maxing.since you spent more time than me theorycrafting about builds do you have any suggestions on how to make a piercing cold melle build work ?

  • Alex Ho

    How does the damage increase work for Invigoration enchantment work?I'm asking because I've become really accustomed to the range increase on severance but if the damage increase is really significant I might switch it out. Thanks!

  • Acreasdy

    Why are the gear requirements only at Lvl 70?My enhanced legendary ursine gear already has a requirement of Lvl 78?

  • Dariusz Gurtowski

    I love this build! I know you use TSS because you like it's looks but which steel sword would you consider the best for this build?

  • John Rosales

    I'm doing everything right but my health goes down in a few hits. Pls help I don't wanna waste 50k from grinding just to get this build.

  • Undrtaker11

    How do I go about slowly building towards this build when starting the game?Which skills do I prioritize early?Which gear?

  • Ximo Roca

    There is a better craftable Toussaint steel sword than that one. Its called toissant knight steel sword. its ng stats are:+300 armour piercing100% crit damage 20% crit chance20% quen sign 15% burn chance

  • M S

    I'am at lvl 52, great build against monster but still take big chunk vitality againts guards, though both last line of skill tree not fully filled, but it will works if you change your armor with toussaint knight tournament.

  • Drizzle

    apex, does this build still Works ? Would like to know that. cuz if it works I'll make it! looks really cool dude! what's the best build of patch 1.31?

  • Kristiqn Kivulov

    im level 100 and my light common armor is 500+ and it stats are better around 40 % piercing resistance and etc... i mean is there better armor than grandmaster legendary etc.. crafted

  • Destroyeric

    how can I get my grandmaster armor to be higher than the original lvl 40?

  • Zachariah Neizvestny

    I'm having an issue fighting again human. It seems protective coating isn't working against them but seems fine with anything else

  • Clarke 0917

    Lvl25 what skill build to stay alive.

  • CookeiCutter

    They fixed Hunter Instinct? If i remember correctly last patch it was bugged, and it did not increase the crit dmg.

  • Houwen Lie

    Yo man, I really need help here. I maxed heightened and acquired tolerance both. Im level 35, but for some stupid reasons my maximum toxicity is only around 170. With that I can only use my Ekkimara + thunderbolt, thats all. How am i supposed to use alchemy build with that. Thanks in advance

  • Kainè

    Is hunter instinct still working 1.6


    By the way, how did you inserted 3 slots for aerondight the virtues sword?

  • Tony Chinh

    Hey Apex do you have a written build guide?

  • Ximo Roca

    By the way I have a made a gear variation for this build, with a very marginal loss to resistances and big dps gain. Using ursine chest + nilfgaardinag gloves + manticore pants and boots. The resistance tradeoff is -8% piercing, -1% bludgeon, -3% slashing and -6% monster. this in nothing compared to the +15 toxicity, 75% crit damage, 5% crit chance and +14% elemental resistance you get in exchange. resistances would now be at (grandmaster level):36% piercing (cough deflection )35% bludgeoning52% slashing68% monster45% elementalThe drawback is that ull have to remove deflection and enchant levity or the heavy variant if you want to use cat or bear schools. But honestly id just do that for cat, because if u keep deflection and instead of slotting bear school u slot another red skill, ur just 5% down in attack power in comparison and still have deflection.... with all the extra dps from the manticore toxicity (and more buffs).

  • BdoStrongerz

    Hey.. what level before you start NG+?

  • Ryzer

    How do you get the grandmaster legendary armors, I only have grandmaster

  • Matt Ethridge

    Doesn't do nearly as good as of patch 1.31

  • jonathan

    ng+ lvl 96 it doesn't work for me guards 1 hit my sheild.

  • AFreakingTRex

    If you use three decoctions along with the basilisk decotion which adds 40 toxicity rather than 70 you have just enough toxicity left to use 2 potions

  • John Rosales

    I get hit once by a bandit and my quen shatters?! Did they nerf this build? I'm in patch 1.31

  • Dr Mittens PhD

    funny thing is i actually use this build to fight guards cuz they piss me off too often specialy the ones from novigrad

  • Dika Akbar

    can i use this build with new moon armor instead grandmaster bear armor?

  • theusernameicoodfind

    could you use the ursine steel sword and crossbow to get the 6 piece for extra damage? idk what it means by quen abilities

  • Charles Gabriel

    Hey, great video. was wondering though does this build work if we use wirl instead of ren?

  • DocSardo

    I'm really liking this build, but I have a question about the Ekimmara mutagen needed to craft the Ekimmara decoction. I have killed several ekimmaras during the course of the regular game (Dragonslayer Grotto, Byways quest, etc.) and none have dropped the mutagen. I didn't do the trick at the time of saving beforehand and then reloading if the mutagen didn't drop. Are there any ekimmaras in the expansions that drop the mutagen? If not, I seem to be out of luck with regard to crafting that decoction. Seems like a bad game design if you are forced to cheat and reload.

  • Atlas

    This build works surprisingly well with Wolf armor and heavy glyphword...not as good as bear school, I know, but I was still surprised^^

  • Zefram Atkinson

    What is the max level in this game? Also great video when I can I'll 100% try this build out.

  • zykloppo

    Does it still works in Patch 1.60

  • Hazwan Al-bakri

    hi! i just wondering if you got "god mode" build for level 39+ with viper gear?

  • Byron Banks

    Why quen now for glyphs on armor now instead of wardings? Awesome build.

  • TheChaosilator

    did they change something since this patch because I'm missing those 4 extra ability slots and the big mutagen socket in the middle..... Also you seem to only need 5 points per row where I need to spend 10... wtf

  • ice9_ghost

    How do you start working on this building right after you beat the game for the first time? PSN: bloodrive65 if you wanna message me

  • TheHernaki

    what pocion / extrac use in this video?

  • TheTeddyFPS

    Any idea why my vitality is only 7110? I'm running with same setup

  • nouamane Hini

    love your witcher 3 video please do more. your god build is OP as f@ck and i loved it but it really breaks the gamehaving said that there is a better steel sword then the one your using!please keep updating you build theyre so much fun thanks a lot!

  • Sevil Natas

    I followed everything, but my max toxicity is only 130. How do I change that?

  • alex lunatiko

    where can i get the touissaint steel sword? ots from a diagram?

  • Stank Head

    I wish "metabolism boosts" acted immediately with potions. I have three adrenaline points, but since I'm at 280 out of 293 toxicity I can't even drink the potion that wouldn't raise my toxicity level due to the adrenaline points lol.

  • Sukma Zaki

    better use it with GOG version :3

  • Ashley Cording

    I'm only level 20 was looking to use respec to star this build what should I start by getting?

  • David Estabrooks

    Question why choose the Toussaint Steel Sword over the Toussaint Guardsman Sword? Is the 15% Bleed chance worth giving up the 30% Quen 50 Armor Piercing 25% Crit Hit Damage Bonus?

  • Serafin Valencia

    I can't seem to take much damage and I followed the instructions completely

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