The Witcher 3: MOST OP BUILD IN GAME - Patch 1.3 - The God Build - 140k+ Crits as a Tank!

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The alternative heavy armor sets mentioned in the video are the Toussaint Armor set and the Hen Gaidth set. Both are decent alternatives.

    Ekimmara, Water Hag, Archas, and a 4th decoction of your choice.

  • Andrew Bautista

    this build is too broken. im breezing through deathmarch like walking in the park. 1 hittin everyone, and they're ticklin me.

  • Cemo 202

    Job well done . When I first picked up W3 I didn't understand how the character build worked . Your explanations on hybrid and now this tank build are the best I have seen on YouTube.

  • zykloppo

    Does it still works in Patch 1.60

  • Gamers' Core

    For those experiencing 1 hit quen degradation: make sure the right oil is applied and you have as little load in your inventory as possible. That's what makes the difference.

  • Shiggy

    Toxicity dropped because dyes no longer count towards acquired tolerance

  • 陈家怀

    I'm playing 1.31 and protective coating doesn't work on human opponent. I can only take two hits max when I mess with guards using same build.

  • Grant Reed

    Why would you wear those glasses... ruins the whole look.

  • travon johnson

    Hey do a Wolven melee/sign hybrid build.( updated version 1.30 ) plz

  • Corvoz

    Have you maybe thought about making ursine a light armor and going for feline techniques? maybe your crits would be even bigger

  • Box0rz

    How does he "auto apply" potions or something at 4:55? When he enters combat, some additional buffs just appear without him going to the inventory or messing with the UI.

  • Dr Mittens PhD

    funny thing is i actually use this build to fight guards cuz they piss me off too often specialy the ones from novigrad

  • Ximo Roca

    Hey nice build, Im wondering why arent you using ursine gloves instead of the nilfgaardian guardsman gloves. These are also heavy armour so they dont disrupt bear school and ur not using 6 set ursine either. You would gain an extra 50%critical hit damage. Defensively it would just mean trading 5% elemental resistance (which u cant tank anyways) for 5% bludgeoning.

  • Lj Feller

    Thank You Apex of War this is the best hybrid God build i have ever seen. Awesome!

  • Colton Rothert

    How do you start working on this building right after you beat the game for the first time? PSN: bloodrive65 if you wanna message me

  • Serafin Valencia

    I can't seem to take much damage and I followed the instructions completely

  • AFreakingTRex

    If you use three decoctions along with the basilisk decotion which adds 40 toxicity rather than 70 you have just enough toxicity left to use 2 potions

  • David Mako

    Looks like an awesome build. Shame that it does not work when you are at higher level. I started NG+ after both expansions at lvl 54 and am currently lvl 96. My Quen shield goes off after the 2nd hit and than enemies start pushing me around too much to be effective. It's not like your Quen that stays on for 5-6 hits which is enough time for your stamina to regenerate. I guess overleveled 100+ guards hit even harder than all the resistances can tank :(Thanks though for your really great build guides. I ran with a combination of your melee and hybrid builds through NG+ on Death March and was pretty much OP with my lvl 40 Grandmaster Feline set and my lvl 48 swords all the way through Wild Hunt and Hearts of Stone. :D Cheers

  • feelingtardy

    sorry, i know the video is "super old" by YT standards. but, i only finished one playthrough and decided to move to other games. at level 34, i think (can't remember) i can match any build, it just comes down to equipment. have any suggestions of which gear to use at my lower level until i can obtain this gear if/when i decide to do NG+? thanks in advance.

  • alex lunatiko

    where can i get the touissaint steel sword? ots from a diagram?

  • FirstCivilization

    You only need Protective coating lvl 5 + arachas decoction for the defense, the ursine set is not required. So, what I did was get grifin school techniques and my chest armor enchanted with balance, this way I can tank as much as you and have a fast enough stamina regen :)Also toussaint knight tourney set is better than ursine, if you don't care about the set bonus.

  • Bogdan Busuioc

    just managed to get the requirements for Ursine on NG+ and i played around for about 10 mins with this build.... it is definitely awesome and i am using the ursine weapons :)Thank you !

  • KONO DIO DA!!!! WRRRYY!!!!

    Question if you played it on new game + can I still play it again from the start with all the dlcs and retain these things you know armor and stuff. I guess you can't keep mutations since it's in blood and wine. Is there a similar build to this without mutation and hearts of stone signs from runsmith or whatever.

  • Mr Poool

    What is the thing that makes you glow yellow everytime you do an attack?

  • Ryzer

    How do you get the grandmaster legendary armors, I only have grandmaster

  • Casey

    How are you getting g to the higher tier abilities without putting the points in

  • Random

    Isnt the Toussaint Knight Steel Sword better then the Toussaint Steel Sword ?

  • CyberFrank

    Anyone know if Hunter's Instinct was ever fixed? Because I added it to my build and I still don't see any difference in my DPS.

  • fire diablo

    how did you have level and 70 witcher gear if its a mod please tell which one and does it work please respond

  • Div303

    Its crap build at level 57 ng+ u can only have 1 decoction on at a time ! this Build doesn`t work in 1.31 don't waste your time folks!

  • Josh cramer

    Does this work for 1.31?

  • DorDieTo

    my grandmaster ursine armor only have 240 armor, yours have 390... how? please..

  • Dave Mackie

    correct- I tried his other builds .BUT- the hit damage -Dropped within in 4 hits and toxicity @ 95 % / It`s like CD Projekt / saw it or said screw it / patched something like let `em grind ' we still working on how to let the Witcher fall 9 feet / without dying too bad .& jumping out of a foot of water...CD Projekt U made a great game /Y screw it up = cyberpunk your Pissing gamers off / Big-time

  • Komijoyo89

    Hey. Was this build nerfed with the 1.31? I can't take on any guards like what was shown in the video. I get like 2 hit. I'm level 100 with the same exact build and like all level 100 gear.

  • Drizzlee

    apex, does this build still Works ? Would like to know that. cuz if it works I'll make it! looks really cool dude! what's the best build of patch 1.31?

  • Joe Vitally

    Is there anyway you could do a noob guide to your build? If you could emphasize more on where you would spec your points at the earlier levels.

  • fubuziom0

    see its old vid but i just back to this game and looking for some cool build. im trying this one on patch 1.31 and guardians kill me one shot now -.- game + and max dificulit.

  • The Golden Glory

    How to get the grandmaster legendary armor?

  • nicosonico94

    Wouldn't a Cat armor with the backstab damage bonus and a focus on light attacks result in higher overall dps, not to mention quicker and easier play style?

  • Ximo Roca

    By the way I have a made a gear variation for this build, with a very marginal loss to resistances and big dps gain. Using ursine chest + nilfgaardinag gloves + manticore pants and boots. The resistance tradeoff is -8% piercing, -1% bludgeon, -3% slashing and -6% monster. this in nothing compared to the +15 toxicity, 75% crit damage, 5% crit chance and +14% elemental resistance you get in exchange. resistances would now be at (grandmaster level):36% piercing (cough deflection )35% bludgeoning52% slashing68% monster45% elementalThe drawback is that ull have to remove deflection and enchant levity or the heavy variant if you want to use cat or bear schools. But honestly id just do that for cat, because if u keep deflection and instead of slotting bear school u slot another red skill, ur just 5% down in attack power in comparison and still have deflection.... with all the extra dps from the manticore toxicity (and more buffs).

  • di Jainaro

    Yo why is my geralt's blood slowly decreased ?

  • Matt Ethridge

    Doesn't do nearly as good as of patch 1.31

  • iliannds

    I'm lvl 47 on my first playthrough on Blood and wine and i want to know if i can use this build starting with the skills spend on the basic skill trees and later after i unlock Euphoria mutagen i can spend skill point on the other 4 also planing to use this build on my ng+ Dm playthroug later on. and what are the decotions you are using?please response..

  • calmingspeed

    Off with their heads....

  • dumb cunt

    ive started playing this game last week. is this still relevant or nay?

  • Bruno del Castillo

    Are potions hard to maintain? Like always having them

  • Mystic Simon

    Why do u lose so less live? i have lvl 40 Gear the same as you and the mutagen quest finished and the same skills as u.... but i lose much more than u by the soldiers...

  • Nikola Milivojevic

    Can i run severance for rend without losing too much?

  • Orteth

    What to invest in the beginning?

  • Phoenix237

    Apex, your build and videos are fantastic!

  • Marcus Korson

    Do you need the DLC to get this build to work?

  • Kuo'tal Khaen eyeh!

    This build is sick lol the op guards got rekt

  • Emilio Salvatore

    hey been following your videos for a while for builds to use on DM and got to say im loving thing i dont personally like is that they make the game too easy after a specific point ( melle build op :| ) so im trying to make a build more focused on fun than min-maxing.since you spent more time than me theorycrafting about builds do you have any suggestions on how to make a piercing cold melle build work ?

  • Gabriel Valle

    What enhanced mutagens are you using?

  • RaginCajun 77346

    I've checked both this video and the prior one but missing a breakdown on potions and decoctions and how to actual fight using potions. I've played once with a combat/sign hybrid build with basic oils but nothing really with potions and no decoctions. So a bit confused on how to incorporate/manage those in combat. Any advice?

  • Dan Chhoth

    Is this build possible at lvl 38?

  • Zachariah Neizvestny

    I'm having an issue fighting again human. It seems protective coating isn't working against them but seems fine with anything else

  • Ildrin11

    5:30 Why is each kill of you an animation? Is it because of the critical hits? Nice build!

  • Houwen Lie

    Yo man, I really need help here. I maxed heightened and acquired tolerance both. Im level 35, but for some stupid reasons my maximum toxicity is only around 170. With that I can only use my Ekkimara + thunderbolt, thats all. How am i supposed to use alchemy build with that. Thanks in advance

  • L-I- H

    by the way I am using the build now and it's absolutely brilliant. apart from things my level just die one shot kinda like oooh K then

  • matthew davis

    Have you done a Manticore build? I'm using Manticore armour with side effect perk which is real fun :) I'm roaming about with about 16 buffs lol

  • David Estabrooks

    Question why choose the Toussaint Steel Sword over the Toussaint Guardsman Sword? Is the 15% Bleed chance worth giving up the 30% Quen 50 Armor Piercing 25% Crit Hit Damage Bonus?

  • theusernameicoodfind

    could you use the ursine steel sword and crossbow to get the 6 piece for extra damage? idk what it means by quen abilities

  • Alexandra McEllen-East

    “141,000 that’s not too bad...” what? 😂

  • Josh H

    Where did you get the tousssaint steel sword with those stats? And why is your sword causing a red glow everytime it hits the guards?

  • Stank Head

    I wish "metabolism boosts" acted immediately with potions. I have three adrenaline points, but since I'm at 280 out of 293 toxicity I can't even drink the potion that wouldn't raise my toxicity level due to the adrenaline points lol.

  • Easy Weezy

    What did you do to keep your stamina up? Every time I use the heavy attack I use up all my stamina and then I have to wait for it to refer to do it again can someone please help me

  • John Rosales

    I get hit once by a bandit and my quen shatters?! Did they nerf this build? I'm in patch 1.31

  • Kirill Isakov

    So what decoctions do you use?Water hag, ekkimara, arachas and what is the last one? Wyvern(succubus) or alghoul?

  • Atlas

    This build works surprisingly well with Wolf armor and heavy glyphword...not as good as bear school, I know, but I was still surprised^^

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