Infinite money glitch post patch 1.31 please like and subscribe

  • Stubrok

    CDPR's way of saying sorry for the gear set glitch they couldn't fix....I accept their apology :)

  • Life of a Gryphon

    Still works, but does anyone know if it's possible to get merchants to pay the full 900 crowns for it? They give you 300, and to buy back they charge 2000 which makes no sense.I swear the merchants in this game all work at GameStop

  • ItsBillyBoss

    just tried today, can verify as of June 5, 2017 it still works! thanks for the excellent content.

  • Daniele Catona

    Still works 29 August 2018

  • Nateorius Gaming

    I forgot to add guys you gotta save your game after picking up the sword and then load that save and repeat that process just saving once and loading over and over again won't save the sword in your inventory so pick up sword, save, load game, repeat

  • Gabizord


  • RealGrizzle123

    Confirmed still works to this day and I don't see any sign of CDPR patching this.

  • Ojokernegro

    Just tried it myself today, can verify that as of january 31st, 2018 it still works.Thank you uploader

  • Locnaros

    3rd March 2019 and still works.NOW GERALT IS SWIMING IN A RIVER OF GOLD BABY!

  • ttominable

    Hermanito te amo!, eres grande! Sigue así!( bro, i love you! You rock! Keep it going!)

  • Starboy

    7/21/17 still works thanks dude

  • Nateorius Gaming

    Hey guys forget what i said about the letter you dont need it, that was my bad. Just follow the steps and the glitch should still work fine . thanks everyone!

  • Raqu

    reading comments and i think this method still works so i'll try this tomorrowThank you very much :D

  • Hold on there, Slick

    taking the letter don't matter, it still works.great find BTW :)

  • Shilo Joslin

    Still works as of 11/12/17

  • WebHeadGabe117

    Thanks a bunch , legendary rip off manticore armour here I come !

  • swapnil jadhav

    Thanks works as of Jan. 2019

  • Aries

    Still works as of February 28th 2018! On PS4 btw

  • Aaron

    Works on PS4 currently thanks mate

  • swapnil jadhav

    Hattori pays only 440 crowns though

  • Juan Rosales

    Gained a sub keep it up

  • BlacKing

    07/23/2017 still works !

  • Thomas kemp

    Thanks dude, really helped me when buying crafting supplies

  • Not Bad lad

    It still works but there is no letter

  • Amoux Filtiarn

    Nov 12 2017 still works. Funny thing is i never knew this was an exploit. I camr to this area for a quest i never finished. Went up stairs grabbed both LETTER and sword and was over encumbered. Long story short i sold all my shit came back and was confused because i swore i looted the body now i have a steady gold farm lol

  • ceddy Brosevelt

    I'm still early in the game, like level 4. Will it be a while before I can use this glitch?

  • filip hodal

    26.12.2018 thank you. It must have been divine intervention i did not loot this corpse. Said to myself "i have plenty of swords"

  • Leah Fields

    Still working in September.

  • Raja S

    glitch still works (UK)- 2/7/2017

  • Awais Hameed

    Still works as of 13-8-2017. Works quicker on ps4 pro with those loading times.

  • Hazwan Al-bakri

    Still working! 04th july, 2017.

  • MD Nayem Ahmed

    Was anyone able to sell it for more than 522 ? I have tried selling it to the grandmaster but it was nowhere near 900-1,000.Works as of 6/25/17

  • Michael Richter

    I think they fixed it. I tried it today (05.11.2017) on the PC Version without any DLC and there is definitely no skeleton in this tower :/

  • Golden Eagle

    do you have to save and load every time or just the first time... then you just keep reloading?

  • paulumaria tiberi

    Still working 29/08/2018, thx man ! Great master set i'm coming 😎

  • Lucas Rodrigues

    Works like a charm. Thank you!

  • Vospader21

    I long since picked this one up. I can't use it.

  • Gummel

    Skeleton is gone.. no chest on that wall eighter

  • Daniel Uffner

    Still works as of 2/21/2018. Thanks for tne video.

  • JuanitoRainman

    8/3/2017 working perfectly fine on xbox

  • wHo 0H

    Still works, no letter of apology, but still works. Thanks. c:

  • Breion Barnes

    this method still works thanks a bunch 😊


    Thanks man I'll give it a try

  • Do I have to?

    Great video! Straight to the point and helpful! Now I can craft my grandmaster armour easily.

  • Mingle

    If you go away to sell will it still work?

  • Damon Driver

    That's handy and all but really you'd be just as good off playing the game and looting everything to sell it.

  • Christopher Valiant

    Just used this today so i could make my grandmaster armor :) Thanks

  • occasionally punk

    Can confirm on ps4 this still works as of July, 27th, 2018


    06/18/2017 still works

  • Game-Freak

    Still working. Just confirmed. As of today, 8th July 2017

  • coxzin123

    Glitch stills working fine,thx man

  • Solace Creat

    Thank you. The economy in this game is a bit bullshit. I'm at least going to reimburse myself for the like 10,000 gold I had to spend just to remove runes from my sword and armor. [Still Works 2018]

  • محمد القحطاني

    Doest work on PC? i wet to the same place but i couldn't find the skeleton.

  • gimpyone

    The grandmaster guy gives me 510 for each of those swords and the elf guy gives me 396. Grandmaster it is!

  • gökdeniz doğan

    Still works on ps4 thx m8

  • Ivandrago99

    24th June and it still works! Thank you!

  • DarkGrids

    CD project red said they're done with witcher 3 so doubt this will ever be patched

  • B Y

    Good stuff homie much appreciated

  • Kyle Meeks

    this still work on PS4 post 1.50 patch?

  • Here We Go!

    19/08/2017 still works, thank you !!

  • MixTape By Fams

    whoa ....!!! Still works 26/02/2018who is up ...!!?


    Still works 1/20/18 Xbox one,thanks bro!

  • Rey John Tablante


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