Infinite money glitch post patch 1.31 please like and subscribe

  • Life of a Gryphon

    Still works, but does anyone know if it's possible to get merchants to pay the full 900 crowns for it? They give you 300, and to buy back they charge 2000 which makes no sense.I swear the merchants in this game all work at GameStop

  • Stubrok

    CDPR's way of saying sorry for the gear set glitch they couldn't fix....I accept their apology :)

  • Gabizord


  • Daniele Catona

    Still works 29 August 2018

  • ItsBillyBoss

    just tried today, can verify as of June 5, 2017 it still works! thanks for the excellent content.

  • Nateorius Gaming

    I forgot to add guys you gotta save your game after picking up the sword and then load that save and repeat that process just saving once and loading over and over again won't save the sword in your inventory so pick up sword, save, load game, repeat

  • Shilo Joslin

    Still works as of 11/12/17

  • MixTape By Fams

    whoa ....!!! Still works 26/02/2018who is up ...!!?

  • Ojokernegro

    Just tried it myself today, can verify that as of january 31st, 2018 it still works.Thank you uploader

  • RealGrizzle123

    Confirmed still works to this day and I don't see any sign of CDPR patching this.

  • Nateorius Gaming

    Hey guys forget what i said about the letter you dont need it, that was my bad. Just follow the steps and the glitch should still work fine . thanks everyone!

  • swapnil jadhav

    Thanks works as of Jan. 2019

  • Raqu

    reading comments and i think this method still works so i'll try this tomorrowThank you very much :D

  • Awais Hameed

    Still works as of 13-8-2017. Works quicker on ps4 pro with those loading times.

  • Not Bad lad

    It still works but there is no letter

  • Aries

    Still works as of February 28th 2018! On PS4 btw

  • Starboy

    7/21/17 still works thanks dude

  • ttominable

    Hermanito te amo!, eres grande! Sigue así!( bro, i love you! You rock! Keep it going!)

  • Kyotaro kimpachi

    07/23/2017 still works !

  • WebHeadGabe117

    Thanks a bunch , legendary rip off manticore armour here I come !

  • Mingle

    If you go away to sell will it still work?

  • ceddy Brosevelt

    I'm still early in the game, like level 4. Will it be a while before I can use this glitch?

  • Leah Fields

    Still working in September.

  • Aaron

    Works on PS4 currently thanks mate

  • Golden Eagle

    do you have to save and load every time or just the first time... then you just keep reloading?

  • Juan Rosales

    Gained a sub keep it up

  • محمد القحطاني

    Doest work on PC? i wet to the same place but i couldn't find the skeleton.

  • Michael Richter

    I think they fixed it. I tried it today (05.11.2017) on the PC Version without any DLC and there is definitely no skeleton in this tower :/

  • Huntersrow

    cant tell if they patched it recently or if im doing it wrong but whenever i try i dont get a 2nd sword like i got 1 in my inventory i save then load and when i take it again it doesnt show up in my inventory


    Thanks man I'll give it a try


    06/18/2017 still works

  • Christopher Valiant

    Just used this today so i could make my grandmaster armor :) Thanks

  • Thomas kemp

    Thanks dude, really helped me when buying crafting supplies

  • Gummel

    Skeleton is gone.. no chest on that wall eighter

  • TheSauerkraut

    July 24 2017 update : I'm not sure if it was originally like this, but you can't stash unlimited swords directly into your inventory anymore. After you pick up a sword, walk across the room and drop it from your inventory (across the room to make looting the corpse easier), then create a new save and load that one (repeat process). When you are finally done, loot all the item sacks and get your swords, you can loot the sacks at any time during the process and make them into one sack. The method is a bit more time consuming, but over all much faster. You don't need to keep returning to the glitch spot to get swords when you can stack 30 in your inventory in one go.

  • blesshawn

    You do know you are like a year late with this glitch it's already out but thanks anyway

  • Amarendra Tembe

    not working anymore on pc

  • Arnold Honvéd

    yeah its works thanks!

  • Disrespecting Women

    what armor and weapon u wearin?

  • swapnil jadhav

    Hattori pays only 440 crowns though

  • DEADicated Design

    Still works on Xbox one 1.6 07/01/2018 doesnt have the letter but it's not needed.

  • MD Nayem Ahmed

    Was anyone able to sell it for more than 522 ? I have tried selling it to the grandmaster but it was nowhere near 900-1,000.Works as of 6/25/17

  • Molly Medow

    Worked just fine for me! The only thing different for me was that the letter isn't actually there. I'm not sure if there's another mission that triggers that... Still worked regardless.

  • Ivandrago99

    24th June and it still works! Thank you!

  • DarkFusionGames

    Only get like 360 gold per sword, thought it was worth 900


    Good stuff homie much appreciated

  • Nateorius Gaming

    thanks man I appreciate it!

  • Jesse Hof

    Tried this today and for me on PC there is no skeleton at all. Found some other chests in the signal tower that give swords but saving and reloading doesnt respawn them. I don't think you have to complete certain quests, right? I am going through B&W at the moment. Pls help

  • Bulldev S

    glitch still works (UK)- 2/7/2017

  • b.ht_47 Gaming

    which swords are you using?

  • darronkiller1

    this glitch still works just tried it

  • Cody BeenTrill

    Not all heroes wear capes 👍🏼

  • Hazwan Al-bakri

    Still working! 04th july, 2017.

  • Percivle

    Came back after a year to replay on NG+ while I wait for RDR2 to release. Luckily I didn't play myself back in the day! Still works as of 09/23/18.

  • denesns93

    Took the letter,still works for me.

  • Solace Creat

    Thank you. The economy in this game is a bit bullshit. I'm at least going to reimburse myself for the like 10,000 gold I had to spend just to remove runes from my sword and armor. [Still Works 2018]

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