TOP 21 New WAR Games 2018 & 2019 - PC, PS4, XBOXONE

These are 21 War Games upcoming 2018 & 2019 .

Games List:

00:05 303 Squadron Battle of Britain
01:15 Air Missions HIND
02:22 Victory at Sea Pacific
03:06 UBoat
04:42 Skull & Bones
06:33 Within Whispers The Fall
07:28 11-11 Memories Retold
08:39 Blunt Force
09:20 Enlisted
10:59 War of Rights
12:28 Tannenberg
13:50 Steel Division 2
14:48 Iron Harvest
16:21 Age of Empires 4
17:44 Total War Three Kingdoms
19:19 Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord
21:06 Mordhau
23:01 Post Scriptum
24:00 Insurgency Sandstorm
25:40 Battlefield V
26:58 World War 3
  • Michał B

    Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord in 2019 that's a funny joke.

  • unpricedhydra

    Skull and bones made me think of a black flag remastered

  • innerkiller89

    Isn't Tannenberg made by the same people who made Verdun because if so then the game will probably come out on xbox

  • Dumbass Derp

    Insurgency sandstorm, post scriptum and ww3 are my favourites in this list.

  • The wall

    303 is a polish squadron, and they rocked those skies!


    This is not 4 the mobile players order now

  • Borgatiger Games

    303 Squadron and WW3 just WOW!

  • BECKETT1994

    Battlefield V looked way too over the top.... then a woman shows up... and of course she has a limb missing -.- wtf? Both of these occurrences are completely false. She wouldn't even be a spy with a false arm...

  • But When

    Bannerlord 2 gonna be on consoles too.

  • DeepPoseidon

    Okay... let's be honest there is no way you could fire an MG-42 like that.

  • thurqs

    banner lord don't think its going to release any time soon but i really hope so

  • woresh GamePlus

    Air Mission: Hind looks like a mobile game wtf

  • Stalinize 513

    I wish games like enlisted and war of rights would be on Xbox they would make good profits and it would definitely be a game changer in terms of gameplay

  • Merhunes Dagon

    M&B 2 and Post Scriptum

  • Yongjie Jiang

    Whenever comes to be a woman character in a game,which makes the game becomes the show.I give it up without hesitation.

  • DanDMan

    This was very helpful.thank you for making this video. Just wish I could aford these games.

  • Max Power

    Wow, Uboat looks seriously exciting! Said no one ever.

  • Bullet Tacos

    Skull an bones 😍😍 looking like it will probably outdo black flag!!

  • samuel bejarano

    thanks for the video, and i think i will buy WW3 and 303 Squadron Battle of Britain and not that Trash BFV

  • Brian Python

    BF5 will be the end of the Battlefield games.

  • Lucas & Logan

    The first one was like you have to build the plane :D

  • Roadrunner Productions

    War of Rights looks pretty damn good, the community as well.


    10:00 See Dice? Soldiers wear gloves!

  • William Cui

    put a couple of 'em in VR, and heck, you've got an awesome game!

  • littlemouse

    the last one seems promising.

  • Imperialnut 31

    Man why are the good war games on pc

  • MrElliptific

    Very nice line up. I see 3-4 games I will probably buy... I am so much going to skip BFV.

  • Gabriel C

    skull & bones is basically ac black flag

  • M_Ch0138

    Mount and Blade 2018/2019??U sure is not 2050?😂

  • Goalden Inturnet

    A new Age of Empires? wtf. Looks great though

  • starbucks2101

    Didnt know assasins creed black flag got remastered



  • K1 Fighter-88

    we need a new MW2 game for PS4.

  • Arty Malishev

    Great video! Nice job!

  • Grandpa Juul

    Ariel combat, YES HONA

  • Shawn Knox

    Skull and bones, you mean assassin's Creed black flag minus the assassin's? Lol

  • Say Hello Harvey

    "A Hind D?! Colonel, what's a Russian gun ship doing here?"

  • CrAzYFiXcO

    World war 3 is what Battlefield V should have been anyone agree?

  • mark peracullo

    04:42 world of warships : the prequel

  • faisalhaider007

    World war III clear winner :)

  • primaXnocte -

    Skull and Bones looked like a modern version of Sid Meier's Pirates tbh.

  • WhiteRhino27200

    The game Squad is missing.

  • FreeZ Sky

    00= warthunder .. 0 différences

  • Peepo

    Hah putting bannerlord in to the list my grandchilds will play that game.

  • Charlie Terrazas

    We need more god dam Vietnam war games with fortunate son intensifies

  • Nyland Mapper

    13:20 Tannenberg is Hungarian : "Tartsátok magatok srácok"


    so why do these look like they are 2008 instead of 2018 xD

  • Nic Williams

    clickbait it's from the PC

  • Vjjgg Bghhf

    Why is Skull & bones not a game

  • theselecta

    M&B Bannerlord...TBA since 1956 :/

  • Clifftonic Studios

    nothing beats brothers in arms hells highway for realism, even still.

  • HT John

    Bannerlord realease in 2018 or 2019? ha funny

  • Jürgen LOL

    5:40 isnt that a copy of Black Flag ?

  • GodBlessYou2008

    women showing up in the war = the end of the world

  • wilheim wilheim

    is anything here for free cuz im broke

  • Caleb

    Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 were my favorites of the series. Battlefield has become an over the top, run and gun shooter instead of focusing on patience and teamwork.

  • Embecmom

    LOL realistic flight .... zooms to outside view with targeting hud on hurricane......yup...

  • Marko Jokicic

    This is best 28 spent minutes in my life

  • Trent Rockhold

    Need more Vietnam games tbh


    01:56. did he shout *BLYAAAT*?

  • Tomas Benavides

    Leave battlefield 5 out and the list is complete

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