Dark Souls 3 : How to become a Helicopter

By using the Homeward Hold glitch you can spin the Splitleaf Greatsword even after you run out of stamina. This guide shows you how to get this setup the earliest & fewest boss possible.

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Homeward Holding
Busty Patches : https://youtu.be/L9rbbRJpIX0
PeachyMike : https://youtu.be/CCpY90nO27w

Thanks to Limit Breakers for the cool intro!

Shoutout to the hard working bois at Glitchcord who found and perfected this glitch
Glitchcord : https://discord.gg/d5jun53

All Musics Used : https://youtu.be/4WgDqGrcblA?list=PLfndWzNAXra3zRO8Oj6BT_8qs46JtJonp
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