JAY-Z - The Story of O.J.

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Directed by Mark Romanek & JAY-Z

Executive Producer: Elizabeth Newman
Producer: Daniel Midgley
Production Coordinator: Lauren Wesley
Creative Director: Lisha Tan Lead
Character Design: Rustam Hasanov
Art Director: Tim Devlin
Title Design: Ilya Abulkhanov
Design: Nathan McKenna, George Fuentes, Ren Chen, Lisha Tan, Amy Graham
Animation: Justin Demetrician, Jason Kang, Kyle Moore, Mikhail Pakhomov, Tim Devlin, Evan Parsons
3D Modeling: Sasha Vinogradova
2D Lead Artist: John Shirley
Storyboard Artist: Vince Wei
Character Animation by Titmouse
Producer: Ben Kalina
Animation Director: Mike Roush
Production Manager: Brendan O’Connor
Animation: Matt Augustin, Roberto Rosi, Richard Mather, Thom McDonnell, Daran Carlin-Weber, Jonathan Peartree, George Chung, Adam Temple, Brian Pak, Mike McCraw, Dante Buford, Marius Alecse, Connie Chan
Cleanup: Jan Naylor, Yi Song, Carl Aspuria, Anthony Parrotta
Editorial by Arcade Edit
Editor: Paul Martinez
Assistant Editor: Pete Dandrea

Music video by JAY-Z performing The Story of O.J.. (C) 2017 S. Carter Enterprises, LLC. Marketed by Roc Nation & Distributed by Roc Nation/UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Justin Pettit

    My brain is so weird when it comes to how songs get stuck in my head. I was at the grocery store one day in the produce section. I was trying to think of what I wanted to get. I remembered I wanted blueberries. All of a sudden this song popped in my head except it went like this. blueberry, strawberry, rasberry, cranberry, still berry. Lol.

  • Rell Rell

    Please don't die over the neighborhood that's your mama renting. That's deep

  • Kevin Mott

    A rap song about waking up and Realizing you aren’t shit unless you invest your money. True work of art

  • blue-eyed savage artist

    This isn't racist.... It's truth✊

  • Boriiing Lastname

    I’m not black I’m O.JWeird flex but okay

  • FG

    "i'm not black, i'm kanye... okay"

  • Hakam Malla

    The song is underrated and of course, radio stations don't play songs that speak the truth. Wow thanks for all the likes much appreciated

  • Colora Blue!

    In all honesty the animation is amazing.

  • Niki Bronson

    This is honestly a masterpiece

  • Tyrone Taylor

    O J deserved this diss. Watched the documentary on ESPN. Dude is straight garbage.

  • iSoToxic

    "im not black im oj"rolls eyes "ok"undeniably one of the best parts of this song.

  • Mathew Aceves

    Take yo drug money and buy the neighborhood , that's how u rinse it 🔥

  • James Schultz

    Now when I hear the beginning, I always hear, "Easy money.... Gon' be a Surgical Summer!" :)Push!

  • KasirRham

    The Jay-Bo character JayZ created deserves a show. It could be some hard hitting social comentary like the Boondocks but in this old Warner Bros art style.

  • idk

    Credit: Alex EastlandKidz Bop Version:[Chorus]Light buddy, dark buddy, faux buddy, real buddyRich buddy, poor buddy, house buddy, field buddyStill buddy, still buddyI like that second oneLight buddy, dark buddy, faux buddy, real buddyRich buddy, poor buddy, house buddy, field buddyStill buddy, still buddy[Interlude]Orange Juice be like, “I’m not milk, I’m OJ”.....okay[Verse 1]House buddy, be friends with meI'm a field buddy, be friends with meGo play the quarters where the buddies beI'mma be silly where the buddies beI told him, "Please act goofy around the buddiesThat your mama talkin'Take your buddies and buy some M&MsThat's how you be a good buddy"I bought every V8 fruit smoothieWish I could take it back to the storeI coulda bought a place in the sandbox before it even was the sandboxFor like 2 SkittlesThat same place today is worth 25 skittlesGuess how I'm feelin'? Sandy[Chorus]Light buddy, dark buddy, faux buddy, real buddyRich buddy, poor buddy, house buddy, field buddyStill buddy, still buddyLight buddy, dark buddy, faux buddy, real buddyRich buddy, poor buddy, house buddy, field buddyStill buddy, still buddy[Interlude]You wanna know what's more important than throwin' away candy during lunch? BuddiesYou ever wonder why buddies used to own all the property on the playground? This how they did it[Verse 2]More recess my only hopeLivin’ on the monkey bars and with buddiesI bought some Twix for 2 Milky Ways2 days later, those two are worth 5 SnickersFew years later, just the left worth 8 Kit-KatI can't wait to give this candy to my buddiesY'all think I’m your buddy, I'm like, I amBut I'm tryin' to give you a million snickers worth of game for 9 twixI turned that Twix to a Milky Way, Milky Way to an Kit-KatI turned my life into a nice life with buddiesY'all out here playin’ on the playground, huh?Me and my buddies helpin’ the teacher clean up, uhY'all on the slide, taking turns like good childrenThere's an open swing, y’all get out of line and run over, yeah[Chorus]Light buddy, dark buddy, faux buddy, real buddyRich buddy, poor buddy, house buddy, field buddyStill buddy, still buddyLight buddy, dark buddy, faux buddy, real buddyRich buddy, poor buddy, house buddy, field buddyStill buddy, still buddy

  • Weird Entertainment Network

    WHAT I GOT FROM THIS VIDEO: Basically, Don't spend your money on clothing and cars. Rather invest your money in real estate and buy things that grow in value with time. Even if you are a drug dealer, you can launder money by buying properties in the same neighborhood that your momma is renting. on top of this, don't be so focused on your "label" and focus on becoming successful because at the end of the day we are all the same.

  • Jennefer Cameron

    We needed this music video in this generation... 💯

  • Blair Kullaj

    Nobody caught the closing scene? Rich person (Jay-Z) leaving earth on a spaceship, while the earth floods? Watch that be some Simpsons type prediction lol

  • Richard Ocampo

    "Drug dealing aside, Ghost Writing Aside- Let's have a heart to heart about.."- Wait, wrong song

  • The Beanie Lord

    Instrumental of the year???

  • NemRaps

    "Ya'll on the 'gram holdin' money to your earThere's a disconnect, we dont call that money over here"

  • Jeffrey Soares dos reis

    im disgusted by how it must been feeling being transported on that boat

  • armon. 02

    who’s reading comments in 2018?

  • Knoxzaya Plays

    The people who disliked the video probably is racists

  • KumarHD

    I know for a fact ill be coming back to this song in 10 Years. I will come back and find my comment and reply to my self! Love this song so much!!

  • Max-A-Mus

    why that KKK member hitting the default dance at 3:34 ?

  • Logan Johnson

    You could make a history class out of this song...

  • xd Ha_youdiedFabian

    IM NOT BLACK IM OJ......-OJ......OK!....-Jay Z while rolling his eyes

  • Abu Hajazi

    "why Jewish people own all the property in US"How's this man still alive & well?

  • IsaiahChavezCA

    "I'm tryna give you a million dollars worth of game for $9.99."He's dropping life gems all throughout this entire album. Life advise. Financial advise. This isn't a Jay-Z album. This is a Shawn Carter album. One of his best. Grown folk rap.

  • Axe God

    Happy 49th Birthday, Jay!

  • Maat11

    Omg the amount of whites TRIGGERED by this video is funny.

  • Ties Booij

    “Im not black im oj”“Ok”

  • True Anonymous

    This might be racist but I'm looking at the video with a historical standpoint to see how racist people where back in the 30s and 40s

  • Versett i

    Who ever disliked this video then you probably didn't understand what he was saying in the video.

  • Byron J. Walker

    The story of Bill Cosby

  • Daddydollaboi 80

    I'm not black. I'm Sitting Bull. My men (savages in Caucasian Dictionary) killed General Custer and because of that I'm a historic legend. My name still to this day gives even Donald Trump goosebumps

  • Jeremy Sartin

    This is art in it's rarest form.

  • Moss Mulu

    I feel you J for real.Your work here has matured.

  • Keder Cormier

    Fire department: Hello? What's your emergency? Me: Uh yeah it's JayZ again

  • Box Gaming

    I love how WHITE PPL coming on here telling BLCK PPL what the songs about....🤔Eyes roll🙄...Smdh!! Always invading some ish 🗣

  • GirlsMeet KPop

    Songs Like this never get played on the radio because it tells the truth this world is a lie the truth is hidden, 98% of our history is lost. How much you wanna bet 30% was found but not told.

  • Mica Oya

    The 53k that dislike this are deaf

  • Wodchly

    Ah some of you people just don't understand what he's saying. Digging down a hole that leads you to nothing. When what he's saying is right In front of you.

  • aaron berhane

    Why that cartoon character look just like Jay Z tho

  • IBody Randomz

    No Nut November: Mission Failed

  • Dominique S

    This beat and the lyrics...💥

  • Your Momma

    Never heard this song nor seen the video but jay z speaking real facts 💯

  • The Modern Investor

    The realest song in the world

  • trane9191

    Is it wrong that I hear this song loud at home as a white guy? everyone in this world should have the right to do and leave what they want. no matter what skin colorRespect ✊🏼

  • Eddy Bizimana

    Racism is still here and everyday


    3:45 makes me sad because the little white kid in the corner is smiling, showing that less than 200 years ago children were probably being Brought up in a way that probably made discriminate against black people. Also a lot of the imagery in this video reminded how privileged I am not only to be able to live life without fear but to be able to learn about prejudice very easily at a young age.

  • Money Mitchell


  • Bh Zae

    Jay-z a god damned genius

  • God of the Matrix

    Shame that this video has as many dislikes as it has

  • peales icy

    This beat goes super hard holy shit!

  • Seth Jameson

    I'm not black I'm brown 😐

  • TheEggHead

    The story of orange justice

  • Charblastaur

    I like how OJ is the only one that isn’t animated like the stereotype because he’s not black, he’s OJ.

  • Dani N.

    We are all Slaves...Black ,white ,yellow ,brown who cares no diffrence Moore....modern Slavery is the matter...

  • Keyontae Holland

    We need a Watch The Throne 2.

  • leader. vibes

    God. Got chills seeing this. It's so uncomfortable to watch, but also so, so real? Shit. It's incredible music.

  • Nevada Ryan


  • that one kid in school who eats glue

    Jay z really liked Django unchained

  • Platon Lazarenko

    One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, still fish.

  • Mynameisnotjoshua

    3:33 he default dances


    Did Jay Z just teach me how to spend my money wisely?

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