The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST (Unreleased Tracks) - Skellige Battle 1

Decided to upload some tracks from the game that are not on the official OST.

Skellige Isles has many different battle themes. Here is one of them.

This is not the official name of the track. If anyone has a request i'd be glad to help.
  • Mustafa Anssari

    The game's music it straight epic and legendary

  • The Offline Raider

    CD projekt red be like: "Let's make the best combat music in gaming and exclude 1/2 of it from the OST" =(

  • Rezard

    I just don't get why.. this one was not in the ost...

  • Jim Canterak

    This shit pumps me up to the maximum. What sorcery is this.

  • cresswelled

    2nd favourite combat theme after Song of the Sword Dancer. I feel like a mighty Norse warrior going Viking when listening to this masterpiece.

  • Cynical Jack

    Im happy CD Projekt Red used this one in their Gwent game

  • Felisek

    Thet's why I beat evry enemy on Skellige. Just to listen to it once again! <3

  • Noxar

    the first time that I heard I did not like ... now it's become my favorite combat song...

  • TheTotalq

    One of the best song I heard through the entire game and they decided not to put this into OST...

  • Matryoshka Risugarmentidem

    time to dance and kickass at the same time!

  • Alain Michel

    one of the best sound of the game and it's not even on the OST

  • philipp plein

    Getting a strong Viking vibe off this. Strange

  • Grigor Eftimov

    i needz a 10 hr version.. plz :D

  • uberwarlocker

    Must practice polish sword dancing... While cooking dinner.

  • Dwarfy

    I swear. CD Projekt is like starting to become the best in the business. If they keep up the kind of business practices that they do, they will be at the top. Great games, consumer friendly choices, it just makes me so happy that the people who made this and The Witcher are also really genuine and i hope that never changes.

  • Vini PRAION

    One of the best battle themes

  • mero _GR

    best soundtracks in the game

  • Shawnee Anderson

    Sheesh. Looking for this music for months. Had to just watch the pirate ambush to get it. Good find.

  • Noxar

    the first time that I heard I did not like ... now it's become my favorite combat song...

  • philipp plein

    0:03 Whats Instrument is that? Sounds nothing like an instrument ive heard before

  • Recnid

    one of the best tracks. gave me chills the first time in game

  • R

    The King in the North! I mean... The Witcher in the North!

  • MemoryDestiny

    Favourite skellige battle music

  • AdoreYouInAshXI

    Listening at 1.25 speed makes me feel like taking my clothes off and going into battle naked.

  • HmongHeroo

    I will miss hearing this when playing Gwent....made it so intense

  • Olaf The Mighty

    That violin is sick af

  • ProoGenji

    Best battle music ever. sometimes I will pick up a fight just to listen to this music.

  • jaalba

    I wish they make a cd with the complete soundtrack. That would be so awesome.

  • Cat Caturday

    This track should have been in the ost cd

  • Ka

    Where is the 10h version?

  • Jaba Song


  • brendahaus

    i think i'm getting to that point where i know most of the game's soundtrack by heart. and i haven't played it yet

  • Billa Singh

    this is most energetic music in battle with wild hunt,thanks for uploading it.

  • MC RC Design's

    I looked all over youtube and thanks to you i finally found it which is the music i like the most btw all these (unreleased tracks)seems to appear in my game I didn't get it can someone explain?

  • Romek Z Radogoszcza

    Kurwa Polska gra i same komentarze w obcych językach.

  • Carkosa Gaming

    The beginning reminds me of “This is Halloween” from the Nightmare before Christmas.

  • Jevilz

    Trolling Human enemies with Aard be like

  • Hatem Sayhi

    Works more as a paladin's or celtic warrior's theme hands down

  • Amr Samir

    Dear CD Projekt Red,Make an official CD of all unreleased in-game music, and I swear I'd buy it/them for the price of a full game.Sincerely,An addicted Witcher fan

  • steel 304

    I play For Honor while listening to this lol

  • Eddy Sullivan

    From a music standpoint this just sounds like it fits!?!

  • Patton Ramming

    Why wasn't this released with the full game this is an outrage


    this is my pre-workout

  • AdoreYouInAshXI

    What is the instrument that plays at 0:11. It sounds a bit like a jaw harp but I think it looks like a large pipe, like an organ pipe or something, that's held upright? Maybe? I'm not sure but I really want to know what this is.

  • Arkron

    This is great music for fighting at Skellige. Imagine fighting powerful cyclop with this music on.

  • 20HAIB

    Finally they did justice to this epic skellige battle music by releasing it in gwent game ost ...

  • Alfred Stromberger

    The melody starting at 0:05 is exactly the same as Toussaint's main combat theme. I love how consistent the creators are.

  • Billa Singh

    this was in game and mostly played in burnt forest and with fight with wild hunt on ice.

  • Yuval Gal

    Grand those swords, but I prefer me trusty axe!

  • Wopsie

    this tune is actually pretty much identical (aside from order and arrangement) to a dutch folk song called "Jan mijne man zou ruiter wezen". Should you choose to look it up, its not a childrens song as some of the first search results might suggest.

  • Geralt Z Rivi

    no polska gra najlepsza polak potrafi

  • Illusive Man

    Love listening to battle music, you can focus on the music and really appreciate all the different sounds of instruments put together. Then when you next hear it in game it's all the more badass. :3

  • Jerrys Med

    So epic I hope they include all unreleased tracks in the OST in upcoming times. Anyway it does not change the fact that this is an original Witcher 3 music.

  • Nymreol

    Hey man. I have a question. You know the soundtrack we hear just outside Novigrad (Tretogor Gate) at night ? It's just awesome. Can you upload it at some point ?

  • derekmacen22

    they should of used this music for all the battles or majority of them

  • xiiliea

    Thanks, been looking for this for quite some time. Was confused that I couldn't find it in the official soundtracks.

  • Arch Stanton

    Thank you so much for these uploads! This awesome muisc means alot to me :)

  • Seehron

    Thanks for uploading these, any chance you upload the track we hear at the Beggar Kings hideout?

  • AssassinsEldarth

    Hey, where can i get the image you used for this video? i want a t-shirt with it.

  • Thelonewanderer

    Does any other combat tracks come any closer to this?

  • Goals on Screen

    One of my favourite songs of the entire game... simply amazing

  • Jason Campos

    is there a place where i can download these to my pc so i can make a cd?

  • FistInYourFace

    Shield Wall!!! Oh...Sorry.

  • Lemonardo

    Are you going to post a download link for the tracks?

  • Ethan Zachary Gutmann

    I like this more than the gwent version

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