The Witcher 3 Bloopers | Funny Moments

  • Maister Lacher

    Thats how you earn respect in skellige 3:31

  • WorasLT

    Geralt, The Master Glitcher.

  • SubZer0

    summon the btiches! xD

  • reddeboxxe

    The horse part got me. :DKeep those fantastic videos up Ben <3

  • Renan Eich

    2:06 was the fucking best xD

  • Joel Siciliano

    At 0:12 couldnt help but think of monty python's ministry of silly walks

  • Tnts120

    you never disappoint. And allways make me fall of my chair laughing

  • Enclave General

    I can't wait to see what you can do with Just Cause 3. I personally think your Just Cause 2 videos where some of your best.

  • Kain Bastien

    Roach must be the only horse in existence that can walk on 2 legs.

  • InFlamesor12

    Can't wait for mad max and just cause 3 Bloopers Glitches & Silly Stuff videos Ben :)

  • Starkiller21Nikki

    Thank you so much for this Video BenBuja. I laughed so hard, i really need to get this Game now. xD

  • MadManAz

    I always run into glitches in games. My friends are able to play without much issue but I seem to have a satanic touch. Been watching you for years and you've always been an inspiration for my mischief online. Keep doing it like you do cause it's good.

  • Alex H.

    He not only deserted his duty, but also the laws of physics.

  • Luna Royale

    LOL @ 0:58, 1:02, 2:49, 3:49, and the jump! Thanks for the funny upload. :)

  • Shower Power

    0:07Can't stop laughting XD

  • Petimanus

    OMG! XD I consider myself lucky. I only met with the crate carriers strange walk during the game.

  • Centbair Furiues

    Seems you went on a wild hunt and found some witches.. ;D

  • Jesperado

    "That's how you earn respect in Skellige, Geralt." hahaaahaha

  • Invincible

    That's how you earn respect in Skellige hahaha well done, too bad I don't have any glitches lol

  • Jeremy Morris

    Wow this game was glad I bought my copy only recently after everything was patched.

  • SingingPixels

    Okay, i knew some of the glitches, but jeez, i lost it at the headless Triss XD

  • Genisay

    Horse of a different color perhaps?

  • User5C13nc5

    2:40 We see that Geralt has some skateboarding skillsAnd it seems that Roach can do a handstand (although horses don't technically have hands.....) while running

  • TheUltimatedShow

    Why are your games always broken? haha

  • noregrets92

    Move over Skyrims vertically traversing horses, Witchers horses can do handstands!

  • Bec querel

    Who is saying the horse one is a blooper?Truely amazing that it can do that.

  • Anand Jani

    I am pretty sure this happened on Windows

  • Old-Dorwulf

    LOL Seems he's a mute... "When'd you lose your voice?"

  • Harry

    The walking glitch near the start happens way too often lol

  • contmike

    Finally I saw 2 things that happened to me as well :D This is the first video so far :D


    Hover Horse,the next generation of medieval tranpost

  • Luis Salvatierra

    you must have chosen Triss as your companion... you deserve it

  • csgrambauer

    Lol that horse running on it's two front legs, always gets me laughing the most for some reason. xD

  • RSplayerDarktracy123

    Wouldn't call them bloopers but that was funny

  • Raceraddictted Plays

    Knew I should've gotten the extended warranty on that horse...

  • Fjolltzu

    The new youtube media player look is weird

  • Simone Roberto

    And I thought Arkham Knight had some weird-ass bugs :D

  • dab88

    0:45 that horse, lmao!

  • NRGjuicerandom

    You can break EVERY GAME ?!? ...... Teach me !!!

  • StefanJM

    that one levitating priest

  • Smittyyerbenheimer

    Try shooting at swimming drowners and then they adapt to swim on land. The best glitch I've encountered while playing. They swim until something kills them such as a bear or arachnas

  • johnny blaze

    this is super funny.deserves more views

  • stumanchoo91

    I want to play Medievil tetherball. 3:16

  • Trygoon

    In witcher 3 there are a lots of Boobers as well... if you know what i mean ;)

  • redjarman

    "yep this game looks done, let's release it"

  • Zero the Wanderer

    Not my kinda game to play, but really funny to watch. I love 2:05

  • Jon Henry

    2:21 When you get asked, "So, how's life going for you? "

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