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  • loafhero

    Love how the swords look realistic in terms of size and proportions unlike many other RPGs that go for the High Fantasy look.

  • Meta Metallic

    At least the weapons in witcher 3 look realistic. Not oversized hunks of fantasy metal with spikes and flaming demon symbols.....wait that sounds kinda awesome!

  • Cykryst

    I love your showcase videos. No time wasted, straight to the point.

  • Solus Darkcoat

    1:52 Longclaw? Really?

  • Eric Maldo

    how can I get the wild hunt warriors sword master crafted it's the best looking to me

  • NEMESIS1999

    It seems with humans the most importang thing is always armor piercing.

  • PurplePlayer99

    is there any way to make these swords actually this high of a lvl

  • Pan x

    even the swords in this game are well done crafted

  • Inverse Matrix

    So many weird waved/curvy edged swords, but not a single curved sword?

  • Riccardo Oliosi

    Where do I find the Angivare sword lv 41? Could someone help me? Thanks!

  • Zokion DaCHass

    Blade of Tir Tochair is the best sword required lv 46

  • supaspartan770

    Longclaw at 1:48 GoT easter egg?

  • Caleb Smith

    where do you the wild hunt warriors sword mastercrafted?

  • HenrikeeL S

    How find GWESTOG lvl 43? Thanks

  • Montagekleber

    Why has the black unicorn sword such a high dmg ? When i found it it was about 140 dmg-.-

  • xGeoThumbs

    The relic swords look really cool. Am I right in saying that you better pick up these swords when you are a high lvl because it locks the sword's lvl to that of Geralt?

  • Wolf

    I want that wolf sword!

  • nicolastapioles

    sooo silver sword  do more  damage?

  • pieterpost26

    How are they all around lvl 40? I am lvl 36 myself and all those relic swords I find are in de lvl 20's.

  • Axel Feurst

    I find the gemmerian steel sword be so hard to locate.... Cant even find it in console commands..

  • Bubbelina

    Please help, i got the glory of the north level 8 how do u get it in level 40!!!!

  • Asahel

    more like a showcase of steel swords not the best ones, good video though

  • Jordan Petterson

    I found two golden swords that u don't have up on the video that are stronger then any of the ones on the video

  • adam mansour

    anyone know the location of the Faroe blade?

  • gavin anderson

    Meanwhile in Skyrim we got swords made of party poppers and shit!

  • Eric Maldo

    still don't know how to get wild hunt mastercrafted sword there's no guides on it


    Hi!!!! Could you tell me where I can find the sword wolf? please

  • InfernoStriker8

    Princess xenthia’s sword location?

  • Raptor 171

    Any chance for getting eredin's sword

  • LionizedSin

    i have some of these but the damage is no where near this and the level requirement is half of these.... whats the deal? do they respawn or no?

  • Zach Zimmerman

    How did you get such a high level :0 just monsters?

  • Ilay Fachler

    @Tyrannicon please tell me how to download the mod that gives you the sword

  • Eddie Berntsen

    i have a lvl 69 glory of the north blade and its awesome

  • Tiago Fialho


  • douggta6

    where can i find glory of the north sword?

  • SkyWolfShadow

    soundtrack please???!!!!

  • InfernoStriker8

    Where can I find Princess Xenthia's sword? Barber-Surgeion? Thanks!

  • James Fière

    How do you get the mastercrafted wild Hunt sword? Can't find anything online and I really want it tbh because it looks sick

  • Joe Evans

    The Caretakers Spade in Hearts of Stone gives 10% of damage to users health. Haven't found a sword that dose that in Witcher. That's more of a Dungeon Siege type option. As long as you hit and move , health is good.

  • Stuff

    Where do u get the wild warrior sword mastercrafted

  • Colonial Schmekelsburg

    What is the best steel sword?

  • Matthew Stephenson

    where did he get the lvl 40 glory of the north?

  • 2m8y4u

    how do you carry so many swords with you? And is there any way to store my loot anywhere in a treasure box or something? What happens when I just drop things on the ground, will they stay there?

  • mafoš/mafian

    and how to finde a wolf sword ? 1:04


    what about the long spear looking weapon?

  • Fábio Garcez

    There's also a steel sword called "Teigr" that I found pretty good. You can get it at the end of the DLC quest named "Where the Cat and Wolf Play". The sword requires the level 22.

  • Clay White

    As a game of thrones fan there was only one option for me

  • Daniel Britton

    anyone know where wolf drops

  • Fahmi Tajjuddin

    The first sword just like keris blade

  • Hélio Ribeiro

    U just forgot the best one... Iris (steel sword)

  • Ethan Cordle

    Faithful friend not on here?

  • Ygg9raSs1lL

    i have hjalmar steel sword with 200% crit

  • A1GAM3R

    wich ones are mods? i´m playing on the ps4 so i don´t want to waste time searching for swords that dont exist xD

  • Superheroes_Sodding_Handsome

    The Fak u get to 40 lol . Finished game at 36 , pity no NG+

  • Jorge

    5:45 here can I find this?

  • Sword Weaver

    Anyone know where to get the lune, wolf, and angivare....

  • Julez

    Where can I get the sword at 5:46 ??

  • Ouroboros12

    well forgotten vran sword was the best in the witcher 2 and here is mediocre and his design is no near as epic as the one in W2

  • Juan Sotelo

    What if u have these swords but at lower levels

  • Tmanqz

    Its mind blowing the amount swords an armor in this game. I saved every relic sword and chest armor so far, level 26..I must have over 100 relics in my stash box. I cant bring myself to sell or dismantle relics.

  • Axel Feurst

    Where did you get the Wolf sword?? Can't find it anywhere on the internet...

  • Gonçalo Santana

    where you find the wild hunt warriors sword-mastercrafted?

  • Sam

    Can someone please tell me how to get glory of the north

  • I see that you are taking time out of your day to read my completely unnecessarily long username.

    how do i get the glory of the north?

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