The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Trainer +24

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Trainer +24
Download Link:
  • GreekFireGaming

    I don't think the current version of the trainer works. It won't activate.

  • Dragon Nest: Zan

    first post...and Thanks again dude for another epic trainer.

  • theaoneone

    f1 key don't work. Always have the windows sound.

  • Tobias jensen

    f1 key don't work. Always have the windows sound.

  • Colloid

    how come this trainer is giving me malware warnings?

  • Alex P

    hey man, it may sound stupid , but when i try to add money with your trainer to the game, it doesn't work. i tried both ''set quantity'' and ''inf money'' but it doesn't work. Could you PLEASE help me?

  • VDJM

    quality trainers! Before any trainer i always look for mrantifuns :)

  • Pwningnewbssince89

    The third thing i installed on my new pc was this trainer, A few days later steam tells me someone from bulgaria tried to log into my steam account. -Using my actual information.My initial responce was "that can't be, i have literally not downloaded anything yet" So i scanned my pc with both anti-virus and a dedicated anti-maleware program. Nothing showed up and the only other thing i have done so far is; using Mrantifuns trainer for the witcher 3 -steam version.Man am i disappointed in you guys, i have used your trainers for years - Actually trusted you, but that is my faulth.

  • MivecEVOxMR

    makes game crash every time

  • Hoàng Bộp Bộp

    super ultra mega low graphic????

  • MivecEVOxMR

    my game crash a lot when teleport any fix?

  • lubomír neuhofer

    Pls help, when I use add xp it gives me xp but no level up. Pls some1 response

  • NastyLinen

    everything works but when I add money it only goes to merchants not to me

  • Bình Hà Quốc

    Why I cannot use add exp

  • Kiryl Kim

    can anyone explain to me what this +24 numbers mean ?

  • Nathaniel Dodgson

    Trainer not seeming to work for V1.22. Pls halp

  • SoXXeM

    Works fine thank you :)

  • assar asad

    where is download link

  • Peppiczek

    of course its not working witch heartstone

  • Shynder1

    I got a problem with the easy crafting, it don't gives me what I crafted

  • Magister Vernum

    I use the easy crafting and it says all the school gear are completed but where are they I can't find them? help please

  • JPT9

    does this work whit 1.08 ?

  • Gaming Central HD

    the link is not working

  • Minh Le

    i just encountered a problem with easy crafting recently, armor and weapon still work. but in alchemy, the items for potion, oils, deconcoction, and bombs, don't show up in inventory afterward. Mutagens and quest items are the only two categories that items showed up after crafting.

  • starrqwas

    Will there be a ver 1.07 update?

  • Xeratios

    So, i've had a few issues with the witcher 3 when using your trainer.. When i run it, i get either a game crash, where it just closes down without me getting prompted or anything.. Or i get a BSOD. It usually happens after half an hour of gameplay.. However, if i don't use the trainer, everything seems to be fine.. What could possibly be the issue you think? I have been using other trainers from your site which do just fine, and i kind of ran out of ideas of what it could be.

  • Big D.

    Does this trainer still work for the latest patch? 1.07?

  • stevensteven91

    numpad 9 and 0 not working

  • ProTecz

    i cant read the text of the 24+, text is black and fades away into the background

  • Corruption Plays

    I'm only using this because i messed up...i continued more focused on the main quest and now that i found ciri and everything (im level 26) i can barely kill any of my bosses and im at the situation that i can do my last save....

  • Alex Games

    just wondering if its a coinacidance or not cus after a while when i used it my WIN defender pops up saying it got virus then i clean my pc and trainer is i download it agin and yet agin win defender says its a virus (a trojan) im using version +24. i will still use it cus it seems defender can stop it in time but plz take a look if this got something to do whit the trainer.

  • Fish Leg

    is it working on 1.05 your new update release for witcher 3? or 1.04

  • ShadowPlay Peti HD

    Please update!Game version v1.04Thanks!

  • sajjad hussain

    My game is updated to 1.04, will it work?

  • Σταύρος Μπαμπέλης

    Some people have problem with the weight..plz find a way!

  • jerdol95

    Sory for my bad english i am french. I am begginer with the trainers. How to use the trainer waypoint teleportation please?


    When I click the download link on the websites it says the webpage is not available ;(((

  • Interpr3ter

    exp cheat not working! nothing happens...

  • Florin-Nicolae Percembli

    why after i use your trainer merchants dont have anything?

  • Derringer

    Inf.Consumables doesnt work for me^^

  • Ihtultu

    Epic game, epic trainer!!! Thx so much mate.

  • Alex P

    i'll try though your new version of the trainer

  • Dawnbreaker

    Have waiting for that :D

  • coltonedwards93

    having a problem with my weight sky rocketing because my Crow Eyes duplicate to 9999999, I believe it only happens after I create itemsidk why it's Crow Eyes specifically because I hadn't messed with any items before hand, only used "Set Weight" when it became a problem (which doesn't fix it)&even when I use "Set Quantity" the "Overburdened" symbol remains until I fast travel (the only solution I've found so far)EDIT: I just looted a corpse&that negated the Overburdened effect, but I still consider this a problem, albeit a relatively minor one

  • Moor than a name

    How do I mouse over from game to trainer without using Ctrl alt del.?

  • xLaur

    Hey guy only Trainers ?

  • winarik

    You should better use Key NumPad, becouse F1-F9 usualy use in the game , and some times it make problems.


    pls hack stronghold crusader 2 v 1.0.21195

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