Top 10 BEST Upcoming Games [2018-2019] Cinematic Trailers

10 BEST Upcoming Video Game Cinematic Trailers: Biomutant, Extinction, Beyond Good and Evil 2, The Walking Dead, The Crew 2, The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding. Leave a comments which one of these you like?


TOP 10 AMAZING Upcoming Games of [2019 & 2020] Cinematic Trailers:



0:00 Biomutant

1:26 Extinction

3:14 World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

7:11 Beyond Good and Evil 2

10:43 Skull and Bones

14:05 Overkill's The Walking Dead

16:02 The Crew 2

17:35 The Last of Us 2

22:08 Death Stranding

26:27 Ghost of Tsushima

28:01 Conan Exiles

    TOP 10 AMAZING Upcoming Games of [2019 & 2020] Cinematic Trailers:

  • FeAR

    the second trailer was pretty much assasins creed origins,Attack on titan,and shrek put together

  • Takamichi Takahata

    I know nothing about Wow but man, those trailers are always awesome.

  • J3RRY wayne

    Who agree that Extinction looks like Attack on Titan

  • N7Revenant

    The video should be called "Here's 10 Cinematic trailers to the games that look nothing like that and haven't been released yet, but somehow we can tell they are best for sure. Honest."

  • Clarence Chen

    0:00 Rocket: A Guardians of the Galaxy Story1:24 Attack on Titan: New Mutants3:13 Lord of the Rings: The Alliance and the Horde7:10 Star Wars: Rise of the Planet of Apes10:41 Pirates of the Caribbean 614:03 I Am Legend: Yes I Am16:01 Inception 217:33 The Remake of Tomb Raider22:07 Doctor Strange 2: Anachronism26:26 The Last Samurai 201828:00 The Top 11

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  • Overwatch Limbo

    I would rather say TOP 10 BEST TRAILERS of Upcoming Games!

  • Mode

    Can't wait to play as Kanye West in Overkill's The Walking Dead!

  • Debanjan Roy

    It's like Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of Galaxy 😂😁

  • DGneoseeker1

    THAT was beyond good and evil 2?Wow. Could they have tried any harder to be edgy?

  • Vall Collado

    Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Spin Off looks amazing..

  • Peter Gašperan

    Extinction gave me Giants: Citizen Kabuto flashbacks.. or rather, longing for a sequel...

  • Kawaii Kiwiii

    3rd one the bull - Alistar from League Of Legends XDD

  • Gloking Cj

    Can't wait for these upcoming movies😂😊😊

  • Acroztic Temperrz

    I knew I noticed the guy from death stranding. That’s Mads Mikkelsen

  • Bikergirl120 Rider

    00:43 master shifu (kung fu panda).3:12 attack on titans/assassins creed.

  • KngRetro

    Bang Bang Motherfuckers!

  • Markchill2

    conan exiles come out on the 31 Jan, 2017

  • Je fenix

    Gráficos ma-ra-vi-lho-sos

  • Nano Kimou

    Can i run on my i7 920 6,40ghz overclock?

  • Pravangshu Sekhar

    I thought the raccon on the thumbnail is Rocket from guardins of the galaxy😂

  • fof300f

    Ghost of Tsushima best game 2k18 4 yasuo mains

  • The Factory

    Last Of Us, In My Opinion:1. Ellie Was Hung By The Neck For a Good Amount Of Time, She Should Have Fell Down Dead When That Chick Cut The Ropes Of Her Down.2. She Looke Realy ``Manly`` While She Poses.

  • Slayer X

    I like the soundtracks of these Can someone send me a link or something from beyond evil 2

  • BeatGrounds

    1:34 "Attack on Titan" anyone? 😅😅

  • Yang pernah pukul penjual parang


  • naosei seila u.u

    All games look good ! So stop saying just Last of us or 2077 look cool.They look incredible but the other ones too.All of them Seem amazing !

  • King Master

    HI GAMEOST! Can you make a top 10 games that I'll not stop playing

  • Piroclanidis

    Look ubisoft, i love you, but.... Why boats on our racing game???

  • nenissaK

    LOTR and Pirates of the Caribbean I recognize, the rest is pretty much... out there as well c:Btw, who the hell names anything ever BioMutant? What other kind of mutants are there than Bio ones?

  • EDM Hot

    thank you. I come from Vietnam ♥

  • Thomas Pound

    death stranding is my fav with biomutant close second

  • AlexxaSixx

    everytime when i see the warcraft trailer and the sylvanas banshee scream part i get goosebumps :o it looks so epic

  • HanzdDzky

    I Like Overkill's The Walking Dead Very amazing Graphics

  • frank storm

    Extinction... when castelvania meets attack on titan and shreck..

  • Bear

    2:23 The game appeard,it wasnt what i expected,the menu is weird,if i would rate it,i would say controls 9/10 combat 6/10 mecanics 7/10 story 2/10

  • EthanWolf Haze

    Biomutant took me back to 2003. It look like the game Blinx :D

  • Steven R

    Wth. Where is Metro Exodus, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Days Gone, Death Stranding? You know, all the good ones.

  • Apple Penguin

    There's no chance Beyond Good and Evil is going to come out in 2018

  • MidVey-

    Where Devil May Cry 5?

  • Briomite

    Extinction looks dumb.......Is it me? Or should some of these guys make movies instead of games before they end up being a let down..

  • Dany Berube

    Top 10 games ..... It's just cenematic. Need very more before i can't jugde a game. Every studio can create great scenematic

  • Kc Kreations

    Extinction @ 1:34Basically it's Castlevania's plot and protagonist... complete with whip

  • Moshieal

    -My king , we have her corner.-yep The reply makes me laugh

  • xXocea

    1:28 The season 3 Attack on Titan trailer is looking LIT.

  • Jintan Yadomi

    that paladin looks like brad pitt

  • Brucie Kibbutz

    Looking forward to Beyond Good and Evil the most, but its mostlikely to be delayed until 2019

  • Cristiano Aquino

    Mundo pré diluviano.. parece o livro de Enoque

  • Aleksey Dement'ev

    То чувство, когда нормально так играл только в "ледяной трон", а в ВоВ сыграл буквально часик-другой и затем удалил клиент))) Сильвана милфа такая теперь)) А Альянсом какой-то пацанёнок рулит. Лицо такое постоянно, будто вот-вот заплачет))))) Такой здоровенный, а лицо - как у пацана лет 14-15))))"Остатки из Нас" - почему я не удивлён очередному феминистскому лесбо-реверансу от этой игры? Во мне больше 90 кг веса, качался и долго занимался единоборствами - а у какой-то бабы руки и плечи как у меня. Охренеть просто.А про Конана заставочка не впечатлила. Если так забавляет и смешит заставка - сложно представить, что может быть в самой игре)))

  • ImDontai's Weak Hairline

    Video game idea:•Grand Theft GibbyAn open world Grand Theft Auto inspired game where the main character is Gibby and the story is that Carly, Sam, and Freddy have been kidnapped by a 6 foot talking monkey with a shotgun. Spencer spontaneously combusted into flames while chasing the monkey and is now dead. You (Gibby) are now their only hope. You go around Seattle searching for them and you won't stop until you find them and get them back. Gibby has no guns. He has no explosives. And he's too young to drive so no cars either. But Gibby has powers. He can fly, he has super strength, and when he yells his infamous catchphrase: "GIBBYYY", his shirt disappears and he is in his ultimate god tier form.Sorry for the long comment but this just came to me and I had to write it down.

  • stef_iifym

    Metro Exodus is missing.

  • Clyde Lee

    @2:22just bc he's green, doesn't mean he get to be piccolo.

  • Reee .

    Bio mutant is for Xbox? FU— YEAH BOI

  • TuffKid Gaming

    First One Is Rocket + Guru SHiifu

  • Shiv Thakur

    beyond good and evil 2 is based on hindu mythology wow

  • Manuel Encalada

    La guerra de mundos Antagónicos e imprevisibles.accion,suspenso i misterio..WIN WIN AMiN

  • Justin

    Anything with upisoft on it is an immediate turn off for me honestly. Not about to buy a game so I can wait for another 100$ of DLC

  • Baal Lukor

    Where are "Lorelai" and "Asylum"?

  • Dinha Souza

    Qual o nome deste primeiro jogo??

  • Gblg Black

    6:58-7:03... Husband and wife look at each other passionately... :))

  • Thunder Scorpions

    1:28that day humanity rememberd the fear of their rule the humiliation of begin trapped in birdcageI GONNA KILK EVERY LAST OF THEM (EREN JAEGER) EREN DON'T DO IT (MIKASA ACKERMAN) WAIT MIKASA (ARMIN ALRIET)

  • daniely nunes da silva

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  • Tapch MC

    Wow!!! Hugeeee progress since Riva TNT II

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