The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [Yennefer Of Vengerberg] Tribute

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  • Bean

    I think it's hilarious how people who haven't read the books, the source content of the whole witcher franchise, are only too happy to cut down and curse Yen. She is a far more complicated character than she appears to be and a prickly one at that. I love her for her complexity, her flaws, everything that makes her 'Yen'. No love is ideal, perfect even. Yen and Geralt both have flaws in many ways, and their love is far more complex than the other 'options' in the games. I guess it depends on the player. I myself don't see Triss as a positive relationship for Geralt. Yen hides things, true, but at least she's up front about it when the time is right.

  • Jessica S. Ornelas

    I'd go anywhere with Yen too. <3

  • Droho

    I'd wish Yen was played by Eva Green on Netflix. Am I the only one?

  • Chevalle

    Wonderful tribute to a great character. Yennefer is complex, deeply flawed, and very strong; it is what makes her a wonderful fictional character. I'm glad that this video highlights so many of her great qualities, because so many people in the fandom only focus on her flaws that they miss how warm she can be and how she truly loves Geralt.

  • JuStLiKeToAsT

    really good work! Yen is amazing especially for someone like me who read the books

  • John Doe

    This video was the final push I needed to be convinced Yen was the better choice for Geralt. Thank you.

  • seppo kinuskikastike

    Fuck I love Yen. And this tribute, perfect. Good work!:)

  • JellyBeams

    Yen is such a beautiful and amazing woman, she and Geralt make the best couple ever :')

  • TheCrimsonFuckr

    Yen is the absolute best <3

  • Katinka Szabó

    Loved it. My favorite character isYen, but not this is the only reason is watched it 3 times :)

  • Laniph

    I fucking cried man, this was beautiful.I love the Witcher series, the books are underestimated and the games deserve the hype. CDPR is putting an end to this great adventure that began in 1986, and 30 years later, with Blood & Wine, the world of The Witcher will end forever.

  • Raynatta Daughter

    Team yennefer forever❤😘

  • GiantEgyptianCobra

    Before Witcher 3 I was so into Geralt & Triss, then I started reading the books before I played The Wild Hunt. And from then on.. Damn, I cant get Lady Yennefer out of my head.. I wanna be one of her servants..

  • Ker And Ker

    I don't hate triss. Triss is a fine girl. When Geralt bring ciri back to Kaer Morhan, I realized Yen is the best for Garelt. Her reaction was priceless and adorable when she kisses Garelt.

  • Ramona Flowers

    Beautiful. All the parts, all the cutscenes, all the dialogues... What an amazing work !She really deserves that. PS : I like your wink at Triss at the end ;)

  • Gilthoniel 1173

    amazing tribute :) I like Yen's voice actress Denise Gough...she did really great job!

  • Pandemonium

    Will we get more Yenn tributes like this? I love re-watching this <3 Yenn inspires me to be a stronger woman!

  • Trash Kan

    I played a new game and was going to romance triss, but after i got to skellige i was forced to start over and romance Yen. I can't imagine geralt without yen and ciri as a witcher. this tribute is amazing. your amazing. you've earned my respect and a new subscriber

  • MarshallOfPRoach

    The best Yen tribute I've seen. Great work!

  • Crazy Max

    Awesome Tributes and this one in particularly.I've finished game 1st time and choose Yen. After that I read all books and it was best one and a half month. Now, I'm doing "new game+" and I'll definitely choose her again.

  • FlipyGuyHQ

    Beautiful tribute to yen, well done zirael<3 as always!

  • Neko Kuroki

    In each video i can really feel the love you feel for this universe. YOu defintley earned my subscribtion. You make soooo amazing videos. You could be a filmmaker yourself. Oh man i am speechless XD and i have a few tears in my eyes ^^

  • Hydro Knight

    I Love Yen as much as Geralt does! Damn good work on the vid! Watching Geralt and Yen together really makes me smile. Super into both the books and game. Love how the whole djinn thing played out and how of coarse the Love is still there for them. Again, great job on the vid!!! :)

  • KernalPancakes

    You're incredibly talented. I listened to this through high quality headphones, and I could tell you purposely mixed the clips with the tone of the music. I cried. Mostly because I know this Yen character inside out.

  • Anna Beri

    Even thou you might've seen that many times in game, this tribute makes u wanna play that over and over again. Majestic work!

  • SG Music

    Super, a another great video , nice work:)

  • Jaykinsy

    Great tribute for our sorceress ! Really nice work Larvayne :).It's epic and it fits well with Yennefer.I like how you put together dialogues, sequences, and the music to make your montage intense, emotional and even funny (the end XD).Keep going my friend! :)

  • datydabom

    Team Yen forever and always.

  • dindin88ham1

    love it! absolutely love geralt and yen together! their chemistry is extraordinary! add to that their happy little family moments with ciri .. makes the relationship even more beautiful :)

  • Vygantas Zvirblis

    perfect,just perfect...amazing tribute to incredible character...

  • peter lewis

    Damn now ive watched this I'm gonna have to do play through no4. Great tribute to the best game ever ty

  • mooncupcake

    I just love it whenever Geralt always compliments Yen, such a sweetheart. ❤️

  • Hammad Tanveer

    No words can describe the feelings!

  • Corey taylor

    man... you make me cry , awesome work

  • Stephanie Schuurmans


  • Bleach Asshole

    Amazing! Excellent job OP!

  • Bia Stark


  • SKY LORD015

    Genial, el video esta muy bien. Yennefer me encanta, de mis personajes favoritos :D

  • Abhishek Kumar

    Cinematic compilation is great, however the music feels a little off

  • Chloe Elizabeth Price

    So after 3 moths I'm here again. I can't stop thinking about that game and also can't stop playing it. God damn it! I can't enjoy any other game now... And I'm still in love with this tribute, it's so amazing 🙏 You did a very good job, for our "lovely" and strong sorceress!

  • Gwynflaidd

    Only just found your channel! Would love to see more, fantastic job!!

  • Oluwole Kusimo

    Great job man! watched all your tributes and I gotta say I was quite moved, a worthy tribute to the best RPG of all time! damn why gotta choose between Yen and Triss tho, both great women!

  • Megan Taylor

    By far the best compilation video I've seen. Love it, can watch it over and over! Thank you

  • One Hit Kill

    Awesome work my friend!! A great tribute for a great character!

  • temeriasfirehawke

    oh gods yes, yen. <3

  • nikolas-213

    Nice work with the editing and the song. :)I think we all know Letho deserves a lot of credit. Without him Yen wouldn't be alive.

  • Bagus Saeba

    Music and video clip is just perfectly match! Yennefer is definitely my favorite character in the game, played the game 3 times, always ended up with Yennefer, it's just I don't have the heart to break-up with Yennefer, though it's only a game.Watched this video couple of times already now. Thank you kindly

  • Glennyatta

    damn...this is very well made!!

  • John H

    omg am crying 😭 i finished this game and just left with the dlc. CDPR only can make me cry

  • Ryan Oskam

    Very nice tribute! love the character complexity and her relationship with Gerald and ciri. What's the title of the song you use? absolutely love it keep up the good work!

  • Michael K

    this video is superb, it captures yen perfectly

  • DailYxDosE

    4:20 when was that scene?

  • Ksenia D

    My passion and love forever.

  • White Wolf

    Seen a few of theese now and I have to say they're masterpieces, keep it up

  • Its Me- Jane

    Nice my addiction to geralt and yennefer (yeneralt) is more than drug addiction....TRUE

  • Arató Béla

    Really amazing and fantastic video and tribute, Yen is beautiful :) All players should play TW 3 multiple times, and choosing both Yen and Triss at least once :) TeamTriss for me forever , but absolutely understandable why 50% of people prefer Yen :)

  • Ana Mp

    El mejor homenaje que se le puede hacer a Yennefer! buen trabajo :D

  • Quinn Hale

    I've yet to read the books, tho I loved Yen right from the start in the game... and I have watched this video sooooo many times. Like someone else commented, I'd follow Yen anywhere myself, irl.... sigh

  • Stavros Mayakovsky

    Yennefer seems cruel at times but her eyes betray a heart full of sensibilities. Great Work Larvayne

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