Dishonored 2 -- Official E3 2015 Announce Trailer

Watch the official announcement trailer for Dishonored 2 from the award-winning Arkane Studios!

Dishonored 2 takes your protagonist -- choose between Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin -- to the coastal city of Karnaca where the choices you make will have significant impact on the world.

Both assassins have their own unique set of powers, weapons, and tools to provide creative and exciting new ways to eliminate targets.
Dishonored 2 will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Spring 2016

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ESRB RATING PENDING: May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.
  • incredax

    Shall we gather for whiskey and cigars tonight?

  • Radical

    Welcome back to the world of skinny people and massive hands.


    I notice that compared to Corvo, Emily's abilities are more organic-looking and demonic. Looking at other people with the mark of the Outsider, they often tend to match the personality of the user, yet also be at odds with their station. Corvo's abilities allow him to stealthily assassinate people and spread plague rats, which are the opposite of his goals. Granny Rags was an attractive noblewoman, yet her abilities are rather filthy and plague-related. Daud is a ruthless and antisocial assassin, yet his abilities are geared towards leadership and cooperation.I like to think that the Outsider (seeing as how is primary motivation is to be entertained) likes to give people abilities at odds with their character to see what they do with it. To that end, I like to think that Emily, who is shown as a fairly righteous person (albeit a bit vicious in the high chaos ending), is given abilities which focus around a theme of monstrous or beastly behavior or actions. What would also be neat is if her "moral choice" thingy was less about killing (as it was and presumably will be for Corvo) and more about giving in to an "inhuman" nature.One major complaint about Dishonored I have heard is that the game gives you cool powers for killing things and then calls you a monster for using them. Personally, I kind of like this in a way, since it makes the player feel the same temptation towards violence that the character feels. Just my two cents.

  • Magic Spammer

    but the real question did the guards from the last game ever gather for whiskey and cigars??

  • noriah swagington

    this game series deserves way more attention

  • Eddie Gooch

    I know this is old, but shall we gather for whiskey and cigars tonight?

  • Christian Lampley

    I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Emily looks awesome.

  • Artofficial

    What will we do with a drunken whaler?

  • Naufan Yunanta

    WOW can't wait until StealthGamerBR play this lol

  • Dean Tran

    I'm going to miss Billy Lush as The Outsider. He was perfect!!!

  • Chrysanthemum

    Take all of my money. Take my comic book collection. Take my car. Take my Club Penguin Account. Take my life. Take my house. Take my friends. Just release this game, and my soul will be at peace.

  • 5manrocks1

    R.I.P. Billy Lush as the Outsider

  • Dio Brandname

    I like the new design of the clockworks in the game, but the ones in the trailer look really creepy. I wish they had both designes

  • Satan is a computer

    Things i'm looking forward for this game:-Tense stealth-Sick gadgets and powers-Great storytelling-My own squad after what happened last night

  • Brookie Smallz

    So is that the little girl from the first one?

  • Cairns Chaos

    I miss Billy Lush's Outsider. Current one is okay, but the first one can't be beaten. Not by a long shot. He should start a narration channel on youtube.

  • Doktor Spock

    Everytime I see that corpse with those tubes on it and the bugs inside, I want to throw up

  • Generic


  • Alan Savić

    Shall we gather for whiskey and cigars tonight?

  • Cosmic Contrarian

    My hype levels are too damn high!

  • Timewalk

    Emily looks awesome!!! So stoked for this game. And thank you for removing the dumb looking big hands. I can't wait for this to come out.

  • Boumkwo

    Kinda sad that Billy Lush isn't returning as the voice of the outsider.

  • Lead

    Release date is on November 11th! Yes!


    Not going to lie, I'm a huge Fallout fan, but this was the thing that hyped me the most about E3.

  • Timothy Kirk

    I like the outsider he's the only one that doesn't Betray you

  • lgzn

    GOD, I MISS BILLY LUSH's Outsider voice. New penguin outsider voice SUCKS

  • AltairStair

    This game is the only reason why I haven't killed myself yet

  • Barley Sixseventwo

    Forget that stupid "Teleport" blink ability! Now we get fucking eldritch shadow-arm grapples! Pure. Awesome.Also awesome is Emily's design. The extra thin appearance and mask along with the powers reminds me of the Undertaker from the Backwater Gospel in all the right ways.

  • AzizQ98

    shall we gather for whiskey and cigars tonight?

  • Branimir Petrov

    November 11 ,guys,it was announced just now.The hype lives!

  • Yuel ;D

    i missed the old outsider voice :(

  • Charlie Kot

    Guys. The hype is REAL.

  • Ha Ha

    Woah, you get to fight Andrew Ryan?

  • MrMeddyman

    Technically you can play this four times Good Corvo, Good Emily, Bad Corvo, Bad Emily. Hopefully each campaign is as long as Dishonored 1 was

  • Ratentaisou

    The hell!!!???? I just realized that in this trailer, The Outsider was voiced by Billy Lush!!!

  • WySoup

    2:06 but she can't stop time in the game...

  • Agenta 1999

    Via looking on the wiki me and a friend have found multiple things about the trailer, about the people in the trailer, and about the gameplay in the trailer. Starting up now1: The City of Karnaca is the capital City of Serkonos, and the birthplace of Corvo Attano2: The people of Serknos are affiliated with the Abbey of the Everyman, in particular the Oracular Order. A High Oracle from Serkonos placed an oracular chapel there before he was murdered by an agent of the Outsider.3: An old serkonan poem titled "Death in the Month of Songs" alludes to a "disease from the East" which kills in a matter of months.4: The island of Serkonos is ruled by Duke Theodanis Abele, who is described as an old benevolent Duke.5: The duke's sons, one named Lupa, and an unknown son, was killed by Billie Lurk in Dunwall6: The white coated soldiers in the trailer are the Grand Guard, whose officers are chosen by the duke. The Grand Guard serves as military and police for the entire island.7: Long before the events of Dishonored, Corvo Attano served as a low ranking officer of the Grand Guard. After serving the Grand Guard for 2 years, he was gifted to the empress as began his service Royal Protector due to his "amazing talents"8: Kirin Jindosh (The man in the trailer who Emily wants to kill apparently), a former student of Anton Sokolov is the Grand Inventor for the Duke of Serknos. He created the Clockwork Soldiers seen in the trailer (the gold mechanic bladed robots)9: The Clockwork Soldiers are a robotic enemy with the appearence of multiple armatures and gears connected to form a humanoid shape, with a single camera eye, and a smiling mouth. They are powered by Whale Oil, while the tank is on their back.10: Dishonored 2 takes place 15 years after the events of Dishonored 1. As such, Emily Kaldwin is 25 years old, Corvo is 54 years old.11: The wierd intestinal hive seen in the trailer is a Bloodfly infestestation.12: Bloodflies are flying parasitic insects found in Karnaca. Native to Serkonos, they build fleshy nests with many holes within LIVING human hosts.13: The blue tendril seen in the trailer is the power Far Reach. A supernatural ability granted to Emily by the Outsider.14: Far reach is a supernatural ability to shoot a long tendril from ones hand to gain access to high and difficult to reach areas. It works similar to a grappling hook and rope, requiring Emily to use a tether to pull herself to a fixed location.15: The power Emily uses at the end to attack Kirin Jindosh is Shadow Walk.16: Shadow Walk is the supernatural ability to run oneself into a dark smoke-like state. While in this state, Emily is till able to intereact with targets. The power can also be upgraded to allow Emily to hide on walls, making it ideal for stealth.Not sure if this is a double post.

  • Percy Durham

    My favourite single player game - please don't mess it up PLEASE!

  • Cornelius Smith

    Whoever Pre-ordered the Collectors edition Say hi!!!

  • James

    This is stealth gameplay as it's best. You can't beat dishonoured.

  • Zac 'Kariah' Sheridan

    I don't mean to sound like the kind of froth-mouthed, bug-eyed psycho that the media claims video games turn people into, but is it just me hoping the automatons are a rare occurrence compared to people? It's just not satisfying to kill a robot compared to a human in games.


    damn emily's sharp jawline tho

  • SexyBaconGod

    I'm just here for the old Outsider...

  • James Carney

    Bethesda: You think you'll get your own sequel after what happend last year?Corvo: Indeed I believe so

  • MelindaHatebreeder

    Is it me or The Outsider looks younger? hahahaha

  • Soul the Pedant

    2 Things I'd like, 1) Make the story longer, my first play through, which I was pretty thorough on (and all stealth/good) went by incredibly quickly, while it was great, it could get longer easily2) Have more dynamic results from your choices, and don't be so simple as play good for easier and bad for harder, and have certain decisions have impacts rather than the overall decisions weighed near the end. Honestly I won't mind and can still enjoy it if they don't do these, but personally I think they'd be improvements.

  • mcryan07

    Well it ain't coming spring 2016 anymore

  • Heatwave619

    2:07 Bullshit, we never had that bending time power! This trailer must've taken place in new game +

  • Daniel R

    General Grievous looks good in this

  • haroldmoonwalker harold

    "It's happened again. Someone has pulled the rug out from under you. An empire at your feet, and you've lost it all. Be honest. Did you really deserve any of it? More important, what would you do to get it back?"Those opening lines make the Outsider sound like a badass. Anyone agree?

  • Eternal Dragon

    I am more excited to see the Outsider again :D

  • Reddo

    the trailer is probably showing the high chaos run jeez the end when Emily becomes some kind of a shadow monster AWESOME

  • Promethean Knight

    Should we gather for whiskey and cigars tonight?

  • Phoenix The Gamer

    I'm gonna chose Emily I had my fun with Corvo

  • k k

    Coming out on Remembrance Day. Well that's easy to remember.

  • Joachim Murat

    Wow, second monarch of this dynasty and they've already lost the throne twice.

  • ariadarabi

    Looks like they evolved from whale oil technology in Dishonored 2.

  • Parto5

    Big news: Corvo Attano will be voiced by Stephen Russel (Garret from Thief) - It's official: Dishonored is 100% true successor to Thief series!

  • wuzeltown

    So sad that they removed the faces from the clockwork soldiers.

  • Ratatoskr X

    beyond this point any trailer is better than call of duty infinite warfare.

  • Cancerous Memes

    corvo is and always will be bae

  • Dylan Palmer

    This was a CGI trailer right?

  • Battlelocks

    I'm excited my copy is getting ready soon. I'm gonna play the heck out of this game.

  • Lubos Grolmus

    Garret will be the voice of Corvo...Come on November

  • Thijs Groen


  • TheCrumpington

    I hope the story's different depending on which character you pick.


    Not even a single screenshot guys, it's been months, this better not end up like Prey 2

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