The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Level Cap 100 (Worlds first PS4) /Legendary Grandmaster Gear/All Mutations

Firsr PS4 character to max level 100.

THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT!/en-gb/tid=CUSA01440_00
  • Tom Courtney

    At level 16 I probably shouldn't have watched part of this.

  • Benjamin Gillam

    Pro tip- Invest in alchemy tree till you can get synergy on the third row. It will increase those 40% boosts to 60% boosts. You can turn your +120% attack to +180%.

  • Daveth 1

    perfect I heard they raise the level.cap to 100 now you have so many possibilities of playing with witcher either magic base or sword play master or bomb expert or crossbow or all who know so many skills and combinations play style will be different for everyone especially with mutagen boost tweaking certain skill can unlock greater moves stronger spells and swords moves god like character for sure

  • neeham angelo yuvienco gaynor

    lvl1 my vitality is 100k+ AHAHAHAHAH

  • Peťo Vinárčik

    Hm, its fun, that my Aerondight from normal game does +- same damage than grandmaster legendary silver sword shown by you. I am at 75 lvl. Of course no bonuses to signs ets., but crazy 100% chance for critical with 10 charges. OP for bosses. I am curious how NG+ Aerondight will be :)

  • ChristAlmighty

    I have two questions. 1 how did you get witcher gear to scale to 94. I can't get mine past 70. 2 how did you get legendary grandmaster gear, I can only get legendary or grandmaster, not both

  • yousif hassan

    How do I get the grandmaster legendary armor as I have the grandmaster one already?

  • scott hesterly

    How in 12 hours are you level 100

  • Nigel Cajayon

    can you send me the save data files?

  • tms 130

    Im level 100 as well can i start up a new game plus

  • Wojciech Kulej

    When I want to start NG+ again after completing both DLCs and main story I see note "The game is not finished yet". I got 83 level. Thanks for your help.

  • Devanshu Roy

    My grandmaster legendary wolven shows level 81 requirements...How?What was it for u when u ctafted??

  • calum769

    Oober cool lol holy crap, all mutations unlocked lvl 94 witcher gear jeez. Im 52 after just finishing everything in main game & dlc's, any tips on what carries over & stuff i know gear does & importantly gwent cards dont but do you have to put everything in stash or inventory or do both carry over? Also did you re-obtain all the gwent cards & get aerondight in ngplus? Ta.

  • Hemant Dhamija

    Guys, is there no way to reach level 100 WITHOUT NG+?

  • Mini_Kikou Mini_Kikou

    and if you have a social network to talk about the price if you sell it of course.

  • Jalil Jelks

    have you tried starting ng+ after getting to 100? all monsters will be be 100+ in level, not sure if there will be a fix for it

  • DeenanTheKemon I

    So nasty. I will never have enough time to achieve these levels but damn does it look badass, steel sword does 800 damage pfff...No big deal

  • SteakSauceBoss

    When I start NG plus on my third round at around level 80, will my carry over armors, like for instance, my Legendary Grandmaster Ursine Armor, be weak against enemies from the beginning of the game? Will I need to collect all the diagrams again for it to be strong against high level enemies or no? THANKS MAN!

  • Mini_Kikou Mini_Kikou

    hello i just had to see your video i will know if you sold your witcher account if you wanted to know more pass me a social network to talk about the price etc ...

  • isfa1x 007

    How did you collect so much money? Is there any mod or something for it?

  • Kit Carson

    A new Cheat.........for sure. I have played the Witcher several times and can just barely make the required level 34 to wear the mastercrafted gear for the last mission in the game.....a lot of grinding just to get that level.........And there is no new game you would need to gain a lot of levels in NG to make 100..........So I just put it down to some kind of cheat. Cheers!

  • Dylan Soski

    At 0:36 in the bottom right it says you only have 12 hours lol

  • galland kevin

    can you send me the save data files? please

  • TheRealGerbels

    at what lvl should i start ng+ to ensure i reach level 100?

  • Ralph David Soriano

    how do you level to 100?

  • Hemant Dhamija

    Level 61 without NG+ here

  • MR Reaper4444

    lol I'm lvl 87 within 30 hours of game play with DLC, I hope you guys know you can start a new game at lvl 34 with goodies game gives you to start off with if you have Blood and Wine

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