Forging a Katana ( Japanese Samurai Sword )

espada samurai (katana)
  • Dawn Stevens

    I'm a blacksmith so I found this as if it was porn...

  • mugensamurai

    "The broad sword relies on brute strength." Clearly these people have not done their history research.

  • Raf Orr

    I am descendant of those bamboos and I don’t appreciate all this violence against my people

  • Judas Iscariot

    "14th Generation sword polisher."He's not the only one.

  • Klim Sluchanko

    For a thousand years this weapon dominated the battlefield in japan. A bow...

  • John Smith

    "For over a thousand years, one weapon has dominated the battlefields of Japan."The spear?

  • Unusual ByDefault

    so much misinformation on european swords :(

  • Kasey M

    The samurai sword was cutting edge technology back then.

  • ricomock2

    Why can't we get documentaries with accurate information? Lol

  • dnbmania

    His skin is really good for a 70 year old. I wonder if it's from being in a sauna all of his life

  • John Nicodemus

    I inherited three of these swords from my Father. He got in Okinawa, after WWII. Two were unremarkable mass produced swords of war time Japan. One is a 15th century master piece. I have since added five others to my collection. The oldest was made between 1390 and 1420, the newest was made between 1750 and 1780, all from noteable smiths. The last one was a little worse for wear, but after it was re-polished it is absolutely beautiful. I kept the mass produced ones as well, because my father left them to me. They have all the traditional appearances, but lack the feeling in hand of the older hand forged blades. Over rated as some suggest,,, perhaps. But a sword that will shave as effortlessly as a fine straight razor is not blade to be scoffed at. In a personal test of there cutting ability, it took little effort and a single stoike to cut a 600 pound pig carcuse in two, cutting through the neck and shoulders. Not something care to have done to me.

  • GeronimoGuy

    Me when I kill the hidden merchant in dark souls for his weapon

  • Riptide85

    These men who work day after day on forging masterpieces of history have my greatest and utmost admiration and respect. Their work is beautiful and deadly that should be well revered.

  • justin davis

    The core has to be very very strong steel for it to work properly and cut effectively so I really enjoy this process of making an absolute real katana

  • Elementrix YT

    A Katana can cut through the Space-Time Continuum

  • Machinegun Preacher

    And by the way Mr. "senior weapons curator," in Europe, blacksmiths never have, and never will make swords. They may learn swordsmithing later, or along side blacksmithing; but swordsmithing is an entirely distinct specialization.

  • Kojicoco

    2:47 what the hell was with that guys face and those sound effects

  • leftyfourguns

    It's so incredible the medieval craftsman had such a masterful grasp of all this complex chemistry before chemistry even existed. I get really pissed off when people say dumb shit like "the pyramids were made by aliens". The crafting of a samurai sword to me is one of the best examples of human ingenuity and is proof we never needed alien technology to create great things. Just the will

  • Jasper Russ

    The man's sweat was STEAMING!!!

  • Phubar Now

    Ii our Machinery Repairman Heat Treatment of Metals "C" school we followed many of the same principles, called Tri-hardening, quenching, withdraw, watch the color line then frequency repeat as required.

  • vanhende

    "the way of the warrior is resolute acceptance of death." Miyamoto Musashi.

  • Mike Williamson

    And at 30 minutes, the history becomes very inaccurate, as does the description of European fighting.

  • impromptucaferacer

    Is humbling to watch a beautiful piece of art born in such humble place like that clay oven. Remarkable craftsmanship.

  • Vril

    "broadswords rely on brute strength"yeah talhoffer would like a word with you bruv

  • Nocturnal RS

    There's smoke coming off this dudes head, new definition of hard work lol...

  • Novu

    Can't have a single dang video about making a sword without a buncha nerds getting mad.

  • Swift_

    Oh my gosh.. a true masterpiece!! I would love to own one , made specifically by Kehari and Gashan ( I’m sure that not the correct spelling of their names, my apologies) Incredible and beautiful works of art🙏🏻🗡

  • KaitoCreator

    What I like about the Japanese is that how some of them like meditating and relaxing. :3

  • thomasplayszelda

    Loved it just wish it showed the making of the handle and the rest of the blade

  • Finley Jarvis

    No one: Recommendations: wanna know how to build a badass sword?

  • PurpleNugget64

    The time and dedication used to make that beautiful sword is astounding. I respect those who continue a old tradition they did very well.

  • Jane Sigabaro

    “Samyuri”.....This is too, “over analytical.” I just want to see it being created.

  • Janloy Quintero

    yesss!! This is exactly what I want to watch for the next hour.

  • WALN Zell

    "Usually only men were trained in these martial arts."Ever heard of Onna Bushi?


    I don't really give a damn about which sword is better or worse. What I appreciate here is the extremely high level of craftmanship and spirituality put into making this. How there are people who will dedicate their lives to this, it makes the product a true piece of art. It's sad how modern society has completely abandoned pursuits such as these. Now all we want is robots and machines to make everything quickly, accurately, and cheaply. We've forgone our own ingenuity in creating art for the sake of ease and efficiency...

  • YeOldeCrusty

    32:53 that's when you know tis documentary is bs

  • dady big

    They now what their duing love this I seend it in the history channel

  • James Daly

    26:48 Best out of context clip in the entire documentary

  • Van Damme

    "The best warrior is the one who can turn circumstances to his advantage to a fight"

  • blue widow

    11:29 master is looking at which bits are good enough to go to the sword maker he picks up a piece of molting steel and tastes it lol

  • Mungo

    32:50 they should then hang the guy that sharpened that broadsword as he did poor job well as find somebody that does not swing that sword as if he was playing baseball :-)33:10 semiautomatic matchlock muskets? That was definitely doom of the professional warriors I believe :-)))))Would be interesting if there was not so much garbage.

  • reyes robledo

    45:50 I felt the honor pride and bushido speak to me .....I love it <3 japan

  • The Plucky Brit

    It's like art, just wow, amazing.

  • Kevin Liu

    Lmfao this "legendary blade" is now used by fat dudes to cut water bottles

  • Shockwave666

    2:11 samurai jack in real life.... After defeating aku....

  • 413k5 P0d60rn1k

    6:44. Razor like sharpnes 😂

  • yen

    I'm "The Breath Of The Sun" user

  • Karmazynowy Drwal

    I came here to experience nonsens and stupidity in comment section ... I was not dissapointed

  • crispy

    27:28 THE MOST important lesson in the whole video, and in life.....Pay attention to the tip

  • taylor wetherford

    what i would give to get to apprentice with one of those smiths for a few years


    My SASI from rotc said he remembered when made in japan labels on items sold in the us meant low quality but now made in japan means high quality at a fair price

  • Jason Cavanaugh

    My girlfriend's a 14th Generation sword-polisher.

  • P K

    Polish wing hussars sword... thank you Japanese only had better PR :)

  • Scott Greene

    That forging process is amazing.

  • Sergeant Rainstorm

    “The broadsword Even with it’s blunter edge”. Damn this really be so biased against European swords

  • Leon Wolfe

    10:52 looks like something cut from Zorah Magdaros.

  • King Atlan of Atlantis

    Yeah I’ll take my Trident or a longsword anyday

  • E P

    41:16 When you prayed to the Gods so hard - "Pls let it not hit me on my beautiful face"

  • Abilash R

    i'm here after watching the movie "Last Samurai"

  • The Big Game Theory

    32:15 absolute lie, medival european swords were just as sharp.

  • Marco Dusi

    It's funny how they voiced over the guy working at the furnace with an accent

  • Aaron Gorton


  • Chilango gamer

    15:18 is that black crust the impurities they're "hammering out"?

  • Fuju

    43 minutes into this I checked the timeframe and realized how long this is

  • Jjlred

    Yeah it’s so perfectly designed that they didn’t even use them in war.

  • Ragon Hill

    damn!!!! that place was so hot you can see steam coming from his face!!!!

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