The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - PS4/XB1/PC - A night to remember (English trailer)

Feast your eyes on a gripping portrayal what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is all about and step into the shoes of professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in this gorgeous launch cinematic.

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  • HolyMolyOllyPolly

    "I'll come back for you one day. You realize that, right?" Geralt of Rivia


    So geralt did come back for her

  • Jacob Faltin

    Monster: A bruxaPotion Used: Black BloodA cinematic trailer that includes actual gameplay elements. How lovely.

  • Son of the twelfth legion

    Put aside how well the animatoin is done. The song is amazing, and the fight as well. But what gets to me the most is seing the tear the vampire sheads when she realize she is dying. Even such creatures have feelings and want to live. We see her as something evil, but she is just a creature like any other. She was a predator, on top of the food chain for a long time and now it's over. This perfectly sums up the cruel world of the witcher. It rains on the just and the unjust alike.


    First I was like "nipple?" Then I was like "dam this is a good trailer" and I totally forgot about the nipple. My point is, any video that overshadows a good nip slip should get a thumb up lol.

  • Reginald Amedee

    "I'll come back for you..."And so Geralt did.

  • MrEirey

    "I'll come back for you one day. You realise that, right?"

  • Cafelogis

    This game and it's expansions, worth every freaking penny.

  • Mikhail Okun

    project red has done a better job than blizzard in making trailers this time!

  • Ecap

    How many of you came back to see if that was orianna?

  • LordVader1094

    I like how this was secretly a trailer for the Blood and Wine expansion.

  • Abu Musa

    That lullaby is shivereing... when you understand that it's a lullaby that monsters sing to their children to scare them from witchers. The irony makes me shiver.

  • zDuo GamingHD

    Now THIS is how a Witcher movie should look! :)

  • Zakk Young

    When you realize that this is an epilogue

  • Hesket

    Wolves asleep amidst the treesBats all a-swaying in the breezeBut one soul lies anxious, wide awakeFearing all manner of Ghouls, Hags and WraithsFor your dolly, polly sleep has flownDon't dare, let her tremble aloneFor the Witcher, heartless cold, paid in coin of goldHe'll come. He'll go, leave naught behind but heartache alone.Dee dee ohBirds are silent for the nightCows turn in as daylight diesBut one soul lies anxious wide awakeFearing all manners of Ghouls, Hags and WraithsMy dear dolly, polly shut your eyesLie still, lie silent until no criesAs the Witcher, brave and bold, paid in coin of goldHe'll chop and slice, gut and dice you, eat you up wholeEat you up whole

  • frdrck moyz

    Who's rewatching this after the Blood & Wine main theme release? 😋

  • Karan Goswami

    I calculated that a normal human would've died 7 times in this trailer if he wasn't a witcher.Also, a witcher would have died 3 times in this trailer if he wasn't GeraltGeralt would have died one time in this trailer, if he wasn't himself.

  • TyrStark

    You know CD Projekt Red developers are geniuses when you realize they put the very ending in front of you and you didn't even realize.

  • Waqas Mansoor

    this is by far the best game trailer

  • Maximilian

    Okay now this was the first Witcher 3 trailer I ever saw and I was so taken aback by the pure badassery by it that I tried my damnedest to remember every detail from it. When I played through Blood & Wine I was like "Huh this kinda looks like the place in the trailer" and then when I saw Orianna I was like "IT'S F**KING YOU" and later when Geralt said "I'll come back for you one day. You realize that, right?" I was literally Aard'd away by the true genius of the writing in Witcher 3. The way it all comes full circle in the end was truly one of the most magnificent gaming moments of all time for me! :D

  • Suren

    Holy sh!t it almost looked real.

  • Dom deCoco

    CDPR knew what they were doing all along when they made this

  • Kai Yahya.

    this is tutorial video for bruxa boss fight

  • Bernard Ee

    I return a year later to say this: best RPG I've ever played.

  • petyo1010

    I freaked out when i saw her in the dlc!

  • Dennis de Man

    All this time this trailer is about the second dlc! Amazing ❤️

  • Shinegamikira

    shit never realized that the song she sings is a song about being afraid of the witcher coming to slay her

  • Nug King

    Thought it was pretty fantastic how this tied into blood and wine, shame we didn't get to do it as like a epilogue contract, but surely they didn't plan to add this in from the start

  • Bradley Hanson

    This entire time, this was from the Blood and Wine Expansion!!!! I can't believe CDPR has kept this a secret for so long!!! I also thought that was Novigrad in the background, but it was The Palace from Toussaint. I was wondering why this wasn't in the original game... Everything is so clear now.

  • rush8able

    As always, there's everything in this short cinematic: a lullaby sung by a bruxa (probably to her offspring) in which it's told to fear the Witcher, cause he's the one who comes after you (when paid) to hunt you down. So he's kinda the monster for the monster, as well folks sing other songs to their children, teaching them to fear and be aware of the harmful creatures in the world. The bruxa looks like an astonishing beautiful woman, then she turns into the monster she is, with her frightening look. They fight but Geralt has eventually the upper hand, but right before the bruxa dies, she turns back to a human look and we can see a tear falling down from her eyes. She lost, the Witcher (the monster she feared) won and took her life away. Amazing. Not only humans have feelings, monster have them too, also given that everyone can be a monster to someone else. Thank you Mr. Sapkowski and thank you CD Projekt Red, can't wait to play this game.

  • Sunny S

    blood and wine main menu anyone?


    is that Caitlyn Jenner

  • Alonso Moreno montero

    "I'll come back for you..."Plz Orianna, I already killed Dettlaff on Death March, and didn't even Quen... What did you expect?

  • Darksorrow

    So whos here because of the blood and wine quest?

  • Poisonedblade

    If I ever get amnesia, can you guys find me and make sure I play this game again from the beginning?  I would really appreciate it.

  • Marcus Sundbom

    Best trailer and game.If Witcher 3 doesnt get GOTY ill quit gaming…At least until Cyberpunk 2077 arrives!

  • Poisonedblade

    Leave it to Poland to add so much polish to a game.

  • Adam

    Those who say that detlaff acted naively over being hurt by a girlfriend, you do not understand. You should have payed more attention to " the curse of the black sun." That curse in real life, translates to sociopathy or psychopathy. These people are not "psycho," they are often more intelligent than people who are not. Extremely charming, usually very attractive, usually amazing lovers, and completely and utterly devoid of emotion or conscience. They exist for one reason, the emotional destruction of the good people who inhabit the earth. They get a "high." feeding on the sadness and despair of those around them, and indeed try to effect that change. Imagine someone who showed interest in you, married you, made you believe that you were the most wonderful person in the world, then changed and began making you feel sad and distressed, all the while eating this despair energy, and receiving pleasure from your pain. Suddenly they cheat on you, leave you, use you, degrade you, and you find out later that they specifically targeted you for mere amusement, while you , broken, are considering suicide. Detlaff was not justified, but he was also not weak or naive. That curse is real.

  • Saran Sudthangtum

    That moment when you realize that the song is not about scaring people, but monsters ..

  • Peter Hanson

    Now wonder Geralt got his ass kicked in the beginning........He's still wearing the beginner's armor.

  • Dark Vader

    It's irritating the Batman games received more 10/10 scores than the Witcher 3, when the Witcher obviously did everything better.

  • stacuu2222

    betteer watch it again after passing blood and wine with path of the hidden ;)

  • David Nuno

    cdpr you sneaky snakes. lol

  • Selopalago

    Blood and wine main menu animation is right before this fight. You can see her walking around in the barn. Perfect.

  • LivingDeadGhost ikiryu

    can we get her as a boss in the next dlc

  • Chris Abel

    Based on what lore I have read, This creature seems to be a High Vampire - Nosferat.Can turn Invisible, shapeshifting, hardened skin, exceptionally dextrerous, and particularly very monstrous looking in native form.This one seems very familiar with Geralt, the pain of doing this business crosses his face briefly, as he is about to begin the final hunt on her.He weakens her severely via the Black Blood alchemy potion as it seems her abilities seem to drastically drop once getting poison after Geralt's intentional drop of his sword lures her in for the presumably fatal bite. She too late realizes her mistake, her judgment clouded by fear, and takes a crippling strike, then as she desperately crawls away, takes 2 silver bolts to the back. Geralt lets the sunrise finish it's deadly work on this child of the night.To Monsters, a Witcher is the stuff of nightmares to Monsters, with Geralt being most feared of all.At the end, the tear is representative of the fear and realization of death to the once deathless vampire.It seems to be (opinion) the end of an age, The deadly dance of Witchers and Monsters... while a new one of men and empires is ushering in.Witchers and Monsters are not needed nor wanted in this new era of human dominance.Both are endangered species.

  • Christian P.

    Now I know what the location is in this trailer! Its not Novigrad, but the Duchy of Touissant!

  • Ilovemusicnbabes

    Coolest part. This trailer takes places after blood and wine. He actually came back for her like he daif

  • Epinerf

    cd projekt ... just thank you :)

  • Barbora Holubcová

    I keep coming to this every 3 months or so and it always gives me goose bumps like nothing... gota love Sapkowski and CDPR

  • Daniel Daw

    Love how her face goes from entirely stoic to innocent and flirty in like a second @0:53

  • Myrddin Sawyer

    I feel sad watching this trailer...

  • N 'So

    I don't know what kind of creature it is, but isn't it a little strange that it changes back into a 'human' form just before death? Though it is quite poetic in nature, especially in this video, it seems this only adds a bit to the mystery of this creatures type.Normally you would think it's power would fade and reveal it's true self right before and after death. But I really have no idea if that is Witcher lore friendly mechanics or not...Just a thought. :)

  • DrIScream

    Geralt : I'll come back for you one day. You realise that, right?Orianna : Hm, then I shall keep and eye out for you.

  • JustOlli

    geralt is such a badass

  • Tomor Pedreiro

    Still remember the hype. even over the fact the witcher 1 is my favourite one, The witcher 3 is the best game ever in history.

  • Byss Walker

    I'd like to see a full length Witcher CGI movie in the future.

  • Zeugl Cockatrice

    Don't play this game if you want to keep your job

  • Lebonese Einstien


  • ye quan

    perfect guide for blood and wine Bruxa boss fight lol

  • Imran Miya

    Am I the only one who feels bad that she dies?

  • Storvid

    3:00 I like that blast force.

  • Freeformrulz

    this is like the only game that has lived up to the hype

  • Ondřej Chlubna

    When you realease this is the last witcher moment in this world

  • jojo Stardust Crusaders

    Orianna blood and wine

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