Assassin's Creed: Odyssey vs The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt | Direct Comparison

A direct visual comparison of Assassin's Creed Odyssey to The Witcher 3.

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  • Mazen Srari

    Thumbs up if you still play The Witcher 3 in 2019

  • DovahCaaT

    Of all haircuts you could have given Geralt...

  • J S

    "The skin in Odyssey looks a lot more natural"... Well on the Witcher you're looking at a pale mutant Soo....

  • Miki

    Almost 4 year old game holding its own against late 2018 AAA game. Crazy.

  • Geralt of Rivia

    The witcher 3 is definitely betterSmaller budget, smaller team but they had one thing ubisoft never will haveLove

  • Nima N.

    I wish I could delete my memory just to play witcher 3 once again

  • David K

    Witcher 3 is legendary game

  • Isavirs

    I am a fan of AC (although I prefer the games before and including black flag) but the Witcher 3 was made with love and care to making a really good game while AC odyssey is made because Ubisoft knows AC means money. The Witcher 3 came out four years ago and it is still better than many newer games in every way possible.

  • YetiTHC

    "The best game in the world" - Witcher 3 Wild hunt:)


    The Witcher 3 best RPG of the world

  • Saahil 08

    Witcher 3 is a true Masterpiece best RPG of all time!!!!!

  • Siddharth Mitra

    Love CDPR :) .... waiting for Cyberpunk 2077

  • Internet Dinosaur

    The witcher 3 was released on 2015, but still looks amazing.

  • FlyWithMe

    I mean... the witcher 3 is older than AC but still can compete. talking about quality stuff right here.

  • prakhar pant

    Assassin's creed franchise is a prime example of style over substance, when you look at the gameplay you feel like playing it but when you start playing it, you realize how empty the world is and how meaningless most of the quests and story missions are. While witcher 3 is truly an enjoyable experience, the attention to detail is amazing and it alone has got more substance than the whole assassin's creed franchise.

  • Rob Day

    One of the areas that The Witcher 3 wins hands down is how immersive and story driven it is, I actually cared about the characters, in ACO I couldn't care less and found it so cheap and comical when Alexiosis cried or cared deeply about a character he/she knew for about 5 minutes

  • Mr X

    Here is one difference The Witcher is better

  • Garry Superales

    Still playing witcher 3 today. Going on a trip to Toussaint.

  • Umur

    Witcher 3 is beyond just graphics and details. It is the greatest creation so far if you consider everything they included.

  • Monkey V

    Doing my man Geralt dirty in the thumbnail smh

  • Milkyway91

    6:45 is propably a reference to "Gladiator"

  • D4V1D

    Witcher 3 will never be the same. The first time playing the game, the emotions. Wish i could feel the same again D:

  • Takashi Yukimura

    Witcher 3 still holding up years later!

  • Matics

    Love both games to death but I prefer AC Origins over them both.

  • Pablo Marquez

    Well, if u have in mind witcher 3 has almost 4 years and less than the half budget... There is only one answer, Ubisoft sucks

  • Miguel Chavarin

    AC Odyssey is a great game... But being the same style as The Witcher 3, great is not nearly enough.

  • Sockona's Corp.

    The fact is : Nobody will remmeber Odyssey...While nobody will forget The Witcher 3

  • Bambi Bear

    The Witcher 3 is, to this day, still my favorite game ever made. I've finished it so many times and it's such a good ending to an amazing trilogy!

  • Chels

    Still playing The Witcher 3. That masterpieace is going to be in my heart forever.

  • Salman Malek

    When did the witcher came out?Aaand when did the witcher Assassin creed came out ? Want to compare witcher compare it to unity

  • Finrod

    Witcher is still king of open world games

  • Beta kid

    When it comes to detail in the story nothing tops The Witcher 3

  • The Toxic Noob

    Care for a round of GWENT

  • Matt latt

    Personally I think the water in Witcher 3 looks better

  • Just Watch

    I just finished Witcher 3 and it's expansions. I can say even Blood 'n Wine DLC alone is better than ACO LMAO.

  • Sohail Ansari

    Geralt's hairstyle in the facial comaprison is an abomination. Should have used the long default haircut.

  • Marc Capobianco

    Played the Witcher when it came out just picked up odyssey the other day and so far they’re both a Blast to play!

  • Richard Newton

    Going to sounds weird. But I love decent water graphics in games. Oddessy water/ sea graphics are simply stunning. Wave effects and the fish/ sharks/ whales are the best I've seen.

  • gutspillage

    Witcher 3 = story and narrative masterpieceOdyssey = eye candy with inconsistent funny and dramaThat being said Alexios is the sexiest protagonist since Commander Shepard.

  • DeepRuc

    6:50 The hand is a reference to the movie "Gladiator"

  • Gringo the Viking

    The water/waves in odyssey looks so damn beautiful and real

  • Grimjaw Nr6

    Witcher 3 looks better for me.

  • Mateusz Zarychta

    Witcher 3 is the best rpg game

  • Rizky Antoni

    I thought anyone noticed the Gladiator movie reference in 6:51

  • Ryan Kerper

    There's a lot of Witcher fanboys here

  • FlyingBiscuit

    I get better fps playing Witcher 3 on ultra than AC Odyssey on low.

  • James Johnson Jr

    I actually bought games today excited to play Witcher hunt 3 never played it before

  • •A L E X •

    The Witcher 3, hands down.

  • Soundwave Superior

    Most important difference: One has good writing and the other doesn't.

  • crimson_Scum

    It's not even a competition 😂

  • Fortnite Gaming

    Both games are amazing imo had a lot of fun playing both.

  • Damian Belzowski

    Proves how good the Witcher 3 is if people are still comparing it to new games in 2019

  • Paul F

    You should add Blood and Wine to the comparison. CDPR added some nice visual enhancements in that expansion.


    But alexias cant even match the legend and might of geralt

  • Frankie Bones

    The Witcher 3 is my Favorite (non multiplayer) game of all time. Period!

  • BigHelmi Helmi

    I have bought both at the same time and really I can say that assassin Creed Odyssey is a good game but the witcher 3 is a masterpiece

  • tomato thomas

    The thumbnail looks like geralt has Mohawk

  • Ultra Dragon Ball

    Better graphics: Assassin's Creed OdysseyBetter game: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • Chris Carter

    Completely different games? C'mon. Ubisoft definitely borrowed a lot of their ideas from CDPR.

  • old school gamer

    No comparison witcher 3 all day.

  • Rudolfs Daugulis

    Witcher 3 made with love. AC odyssey made for fast profit

  • Vincecouk

    Agreed the skin looks better / more detailed on Geralt to me. The textures are best.

  • Main Stream Gaming

    Witcher 3 is better, it’s the most beautiful game I’ve ever played.

  • JellyandJam

    Odyssey is amazing, truly amazing👏Loved every second. Beautiful world, massive and open, great characters, it’s awesome. But Witcher 3 is the best rpg of all time so.......No contest😂 Witcher 3 for the win

  • Spacial

    What isn't mentioned is, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey has a season pass so to keep playing you have to keep paying.Thanks. I wasn't born yesterday.

  • BlackU 03

    In my opinio "Witcher: Wild Hund" looks almost better than "AC: Odessy"

  • Brooks Jordan

    This has nothing to do with gameplay and only audio and visual elements..

  • MrBoombast64

    I never played AC:Odyssey but the TW3:WH is a very good one, gamr that is.

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