The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

CD Projekt Red's huge sequel is here. Does Geralt go out with a bang? Watch IGN's full review and find out.
  • Stefan Denchev

    Out of all the games this year, this game had the most Polish.I'll see myself out.

  • Mako

    10/10. Best game ever.

  • Adax !

    50 hours in and I'm still on level 10. I am enjoying this masterpiece very slowly. Enjoying exploring:)

  • Majiz

    Witcher 3 - 9.3MGSVTPP - 10Yet Witcher 3 wins GOTYI just don't get it

  • jackmarston927

    I can't really trust this guy when he says the main story isn't that good because he said the same thing about Dragon Age Inquisition and I thought it had an awesome main story.

  • Sasha Millar

    To me this deserves 10/10. Better than most if not all, open world games.

  • Jeffrey mejia


  • John Ford

    That piece of garbage Gone Home got a higher score than this game...

  • Martin Brien

    Just finished this game today after owning it for almost a year! Deserved all of the awards it got, a phenomenal experience!

  • The Evil Bassist

    Every side quests in this game is a joy to do. I strongly disagree with this review. But thein again, I'd probably give it 15/10

  • Jonas Kolstad

    This is the best game ever, 10/10!

  • Ravus

    Angryjoe everyone knows you go to Joe lol the only guy that gives good reviews these days

  • Corvo Attano

    It's not 10/10 just for 'story padding'? Wtf is wrong with this people

  • Zana Sarmamy

    Witcher 3 and skyrim = masterpices

  • Radial9Gaming

    Bad story? Is this guy for real? It's one of the best and well thought stories in an RPG ever

  • Muhammed Saad

    I know I am late to play this game now, I've been a player for more than 18 years now, this is the best thing ever that came in my path, it puts other studios in real shame, real real real REAL shame, I don't know how EA, Ubisoft and other companies see this game add just say - let's keep our way - I am trusting CPPR more and more now, and IGN, come on, any game to have 8.5 somehow must come close to this game or give it 10 already.

  • André Lucas

    The Witcher 3's story is bad - IGNMeanwhile, MGSV is a masterpiece 10/10 - IGNRetire already.

  • hypermetalsonic

    No review in progress??? What planet am I on...

  • Celebi734

    This game is a 10/10 in my book.

  • Gannoh

    You're telling me this game got .1 more that Black Ops 3? That's embarrassing.

  • LJ Ellz

    One of the greatest video games I have ever played. 10/10 master piece.

  • BreXiaN 1331

    lol its 12/10 how dare you

  • KillMe123

    this game really doesnt fetch quests, it actually has story in the side quests.

  • Matt S.

    I'm still coming for you for giving this game 9.3 IGN.

  • T3rryyy__

    Didn't win 200 awards for being bad

  • The Kaiser

    Easily one of the single greatest games I have ever played

  • Nik

    IGN: "Witcher 3: 9.3, Undertale: 10.0"Don't get me wrong, i like both, but cmon.

  • Est Deleon

    worst review ever the story is sublime

  • kiebukei

    the witcher 3 is by far the best Rpg ive ever played, this game raises the bar in every respect a pure master piece. if you haven't played it and you love Rpg type games you will love this. it like playing the through your favorite fantasy novel that you just cant put down 10/10

  • Frank Castle

    This is one of the best rpg's I've ever played in my opinion because it's so different from others like how the combat system is so realistic and how you dodge fighting multiple enemies at a time. The combat systems really why I love this game so much as an rpg comparing it to games like skyrim, oblivion, dragons dogma and any other rpg sword fighting games that I've played. I've already beat the game like 5 times trying out different story lines so if anyone's thinking of buying it I really recommend

  • Dutch3sGang

    Not made by Infinity Ward/treyarch 9.3 #IGN

  • Senor Studly

    Coming back over a year later and I still don't understand this reviewers complaints. Also, I love how when he talks about fetch quests at 2:54, he show the one fetch quest in the entire game and the quest itself was intended to be a joke.

  • Mr.Chrisypoo

    9.3? Here take this 🔪, u know what to do

  • omer moinuddin

    The Witcher 3: 9.3/10Metal Gear Solid 5: 10/10REALLY IGN, WTF!?

  • Amogh Mantha

    Witcher 3 9.2 MGSV 10 ???????????????????? Dislike unsub

  • Ray 27

    they would give it a 10 if it had a dumb bikini lady and a pettable wallhack dog and if geralt lost an eye

  • Kyle Swecker

    I love how the goat quest went completely over this reviewer's head. That quest was a stroke of genius. Simple, humorless IGN gamers...

  • Victor Kovalev

    The only game for a while to deserve 10 out of 10 with NO DOUBT!Absolutely legendary story and dialogues...Well "to much talking" says Ign...9.3 but we'll give MGS 10 out of 10 because they have guns I guess...

  • shane white

    Modern warfare 2 - 9.5The witcher 3 - 9.3 I'm done

  • iPodiMaster

    People claim that this is the best RPG ever made. Is it true?

  • Lagstabbing Scrublord

    Witcher 3 lower than Fallout 4 and Skyrim.Well, IGN can be retardef if they want.

  • Jarod Zimmermann

    Attention everyone! Dont worry about the story, IGN clearly knows nothing about the witcher. Every other review praised the games emotional story, infact IGN is the only review site I have seen which did not like the story.

  • Stephen J

    who launches off the line in 6th gear?Anyway I just got this a few days ago for $30.00 from steam and I'm completely hooked!

  • Sir Potato

    Witcher 3 = 9.3Undercrap = 10Classic IGN...

  • Kraetos John

    Bad story?????? WHAT IN THE NAME OF WHO EVER THE HELL YOU PRAY TO ARE YOU ON?? easily one of the most interesting, engaging, tear dropping, heart stopping stories ever. What I dont get, is how did this get a 9.3, and MGSV, who is in my opinion an an all around inferior game, got a 10. WHAT THE HELL ARE IGN EMPS SMOKING?

  • AnarchyOfDucks

    Compared to how you rated other games this shouldn't be getting a 9.3

  • Zarya the Pokemon Trainer

    This game deserves a 10/10 MASTERPIECE or at least 9.5/10.Very few games capture such emotion as this game right here has.

  • The Nibbatron 6000

    Lol the blood and wine ad came up

  • T3rryyy__

    The best ps4 game I played so far

  • Muhammad Hamza Mahmood

    This game desvers 10/10. bad review IGN, it is game of the year

  • TheCivildecay

    so fallout 4 got a better review than witcher3? have you seen the lip syncing or facial animations of fallout 4?

  • 刘春峰

    for me it's 100/10 or 1000/10. it's much better than I could ever expect from any game

  • Aleksa Tomic

    I am going to ignore IGN.They just underrate to many games.So bye.

  • Krystal Morrow

    One of the best games ever . Still playing 2019 !

  • NitroSHIFT

    WTF ign!!! This game deserves atleast 9.9, no, not even 9.9, this game should get 10/10!!!!!!

  • george jenkins

    best game iv ever played, this guys a nob talking bollocks

  • LilBadDoggyDog

    Sorry IGN but WITCHER 3 IS THE BEST ACTION RPG GAME EVER MADE ! 10/10 is not enough ! ;]

  • waseem M

    Very bad ratingThis game must get 10/10

  • Desiree Kabwe

    Ultimately what makes Witcher 3 the best game I've ever played is obviously the obvious things like story, voice acting, quests but it's the combat for me when you're fighting enemies in the crookback bog swamp and steel for humans plays I GET THE CHILLS EVERYTIME!

  • pro gamer

    It should be called the game of the eraIT HAS 800+AWARDS GODDAMIT!!!!!!!!!

  • nope noway

    It's a 10/10. You guys are nitpicking . Bad IGN . Shoo

  • Art wuss

    "Fallout 4" 9.5, "Witcher 3" 9.3 rly ? -.- .

  • Potatoboy

    You gave metal gear solid a 10 and not the witcher 3! What is wrong with you ign

  • Hard Hearted

    The best game till date.... PERIOD

  • Ingrown Chromosome

    Bad story?! Screw this

  • King O.C.T

    this game is a 10/10 and it gets an extra 100000 points cause all the DLC is free like it should be

  • brennantg7

    Best game ever made, ever. Deserved 10/10

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