The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hybrid Build Guide - Swords, Signs, and Alchemy


The Witcher: Wild Hunt is a story-driven, next-generation open world role-playing game set in a visually stunning fantasy universe full of meaningful choices and impactful consequences. In The Witcher you play as the professional monster hunter, Geralt of Rivia, tasked with finding a child of prophecy in a vast open world rich with merchant cities, viking pirate islands, dangerous mountain passes, and forgotten caverns to explore.

Trained from early childhood and mutated to gain superhuman skills, strength and reflexes, witchers are a distrusted counterbalance to the monster-infested world in which they live. Gruesomely destroy foes as a professional monster hunter armed with a range of upgradeable weapons, mutating potions and combat magic. Hunt down a wide range of exotic monsters from savage beasts prowling the mountain passes to cunning supernatural predators lurking in the shadows of densely populated towns. Invest your rewards to upgrade your weaponry and buy custom armour, or spend them away in horse races, card games, fist fighting, and other pleasures the night brings.

Built for endless adventure, the massive open world of The Witcher sets new standards in terms of size, depth and complexity. Traverse a fantastical open world: explore forgotten ruins, caves and shipwrecks, trade with merchants and dwarven smiths in cities, and hunt across the open plains, mountains and seas. Deal with treasonous generals, devious witches and corrupt royalty to provide dark and dangerous services. Make choices that go beyond good & evil, and face their far-reaching consequences.

Take on the most important contract to track down the child of prophecy, a key to save or destroy this world. In times of war, chase down the child of prophecy, a living weapon of power, foretold by ancient elven legends. Struggle against ferocious rulers, spirits of the wilds and even a threat from beyond the veil – all hell-bent on controlling this world. Define your destiny in a world that may not be worth saving.

Built exclusively for next generation hardware, the REDengine 3 renders the world of The Witcher visually nuanced and organic, a real true to life fantasy. Dynamic weather systems and day/night cycles affect how the citizens of the towns and the monsters of the wilds behave. Rich with storyline choices in both main and subplots, this grand open world is influenced by the player unlike ever before.

All console recordings are on Elgato HD60 or using Xsplit on PC.
  • Pawel Kapica

    it's a shame that the starting armor is actually the best looking in this game...

  • Keith Norris

    When you take it seriously the Witcher is an incredibly deep immersive experience. I haven't finished yet. 2-3 hours just looking at the world lol.

  • Elmore Evans

    You managed to make a nice non-op build that keeps the game challenging. Quite a few casuals players tend to gravitate towards full quen, which is just straight up God mode. Glad to see you didn't give into that temptation.Cowboy knows how to make a Goddamn build video.

  • King Crunch77

    Go to crookback bog and to the south there should be a fiend. That's a somewhat good way to farm red mutagen. Just meditate every hours

  • Charles Lee

    Ursine swords have 100% crit damage and 35% ap regeneration (inlcuding runes) add these to your feline armour and the right skill sets and you'll be a monster hunting GOD!

  • Mertcan Çalışkan

    my playstyle against high level enemiesquensquarequen squareswallowsquarequen square

  • Jaden Strong

    "Finished with the walkthrough." WTF?!(Ronda Rousey won.)

  • Tom Foolery

    I just started playing this game......yes i will be using this build. Thank you basedgod

  • Robert Taylor

    the bleed effect from critical strikes sucks, it's locked at 125. but bleed from runes is based off of a % of the enemy HP. What you should do is swap critical strikes for poison blades (which will give 15-25% chance to poison, based on the level of oil, from what i understand), and swap the poison runestones for bleed runestones. then you get high damage poison and high damage bleed. i also like mastercrafted ursine swords for 75% higher crits. also it might be more worthwhile to go deeper into the alchemy tree than the sign tree, in order to get synergy, killing spree, and/or hunter instinct. use resolve with hunter instinct and you keep the crit damage bonus even if you take damage...although i heard hunter instinct is bugged, dunno if thats still true, but killing spree gets you super high crit chance in any fight with more than 2 enemies, and even though some people don't think that's worthwhile (which I don't get), the boost from synergy alone is worth the investment into the 3rd tier. acquired tolerance, poisoned blades, then your choice between the rest to unlock tier 3, though i suggest protective coating, refreshment, and/or heightened tolerance. i was doing combat/signs, but after i started NG+ death march I went combat/alchemy, and for me i think these skills are better because they buff your swords directly.

  • Dark Lord

    Now with patch 1.08 game looks much tough. At lvl 16 I have only 3k gold where FiGhTiNCoWBoY have 34k at lvl 15 :P

  • Grant X

    Such an amazing game. Im guessing cowboy gets the best ending

  • abhishek sharma

    I just love this game and your walkthroughs bro.....I admire your play style and the games you you always always complete your games unlike other you tubers....I do believe you will not be missing on mgs5 long cow boy

  • Joham Colon

    In what order did you put points into these skills? I'm level 20 trying to somewhat follow this build

  • ash fad

    The griffon seem to be weak against projectile weapons attacks like any flying monsters in RPG.

  • Erkt

    This is exactly what i am looking for THX!

  • Jake Wiener

    Thanks for all your time and dedication

  • SpidyBoyyo


  • Robert Davis

    I'd like to see an update version of this to include the next four slots available with B&W

  • Luperdye

    Lol with quen he only put points in the second tier, but he hasn't used it a single time (kept on using normal quen). Kind of a waste then...

  • calmingspeed

    Damn fine kill on the griffon. subbed

  • Jirka Kunst

    Now I really wish everyone making a build video on YT would demonstrate it against this griffin. Awesome build and a great fight at the end. Tip of the hat for you!

  • Larry Davis

    King of synergy builds

  • Prinz von Kirchberg

    No specter oil? I'm disappointed...

  • heydanheyuk

    This is the official death march butter build

  • humbob1113

    Although the sword spec seems alright, alchemy felt almost OP in my oppinion. The bonus from poisons and bombs just wreck everything throughout the game.

  • Some9uy

    Ive been putting off this game for a while. I dont want it to end lol

  • Sergey Martynchik

    very low DPS. Set Cat(and school Cat) + Superior Thunderbolt + Ursine swords + Synergy(alchemy skill) + All red mutagens(but 9 combat skills) = 6000+ DPS Silver sword

  • Kim Jansson

    have you finished the game/story? when?

  • Akymma

    This was a spectacular walkthrough and a spectacular game. Congratulations Cowboy.

  • Timmy Thex

    Tip: Use Ursine swords instead, y'know +75 crit dmg.

  • MsMarmeli

    Great video! I'll definitely try out this build.

  • The Consumerist Theory

    Thank you for a amazing walk through and for showing us how to build such a bad ass character, I wish you the best of luck

  • James DuBeck

    Perfectly timed arrow shot on the griff

  • Lensonable

    You've created an absolute beast, great vid

  • Hemang Chauhan

    No axii? That's strange

  • Michael Spurling

    dude i found you on dark souls 3 walkthrough and absolutely loved it. so damn glad to see you here. i just started witcher 3 no dlc just yet but i can get them anytime. im already doing this build at level 22 only no sign points yet. but i find myself always using them so i decided to go with the hybrid and here you are man giving me a great video once again. Thanks a lot man!

  • Double W

    Medium armor has better stamina regen then light armor when combined with griffin school skill

  • Chris Fisher

    Another awesome walkthrough series! Thanks very much for taking the time to put all these videos online, they were really enjoyable and helpful to watch! :)

  • Jordan Henry

    dang, that's a pretty good video. hit some good points on what I want to start building towards.... keep up the good gaming

  • Ray Seguin

    Try heart of stone expansion

  • juca loco

    Great video!!!What you put in your pocket?

  • FobbyChino

    I fought that Griffin at lvl 26. died 10 times but ended beating him the 11th time

  • Möbius Dick

    Although I'm not going to use your build 100% I got to say it was very informative. Well described; thanks! Before watching I didn't appreciate Acquired Tolerance as I should have.

  • Alpharite

    What would you recommend doing after the Yrden nerf?

  • JodyeSX6

    I dont even have any skill points in the combat tree... I felt like it made Geralt way to OP

  • Violet Itzal

    only at 1:10 and I love it, I'm also doing hybrid with griffin swords and (mostly) feline armor

  • Ryan M.Kenway

    nice video ... I was wondering if I can use this build but by only using the wolf armor and swords . my question is will it be as useful as using what you said ?

  • Fearsome REP

    Great walkthrough Cowboy!

  • aminepsy89

    wait ?! when did u finish the walkthrough ???

  • Lazykixx

    I really want to give you a big thank you for build videos and amazing content just in general. This is my first witcher game, just bought the GOTY edition because I've had a lot of other games that took priority. I might not copy your builds on every detail, but playing the game I had no idea what to do, the explenation was kinda awful. That's what I enjoy about your videos, I understand the game and skills a lot better after hearing you talking about it! So, in 2018, you'll get a very late thank you! xD keep it up!

  • choclate man

    I used full wolf set and full sign. Cant think of a build without any signs

  • metch

    This is 98% the build i did in my playthrough i just finished

  • MrSpeedTrap91

    I finished the main game yesterday and had only that griffin left to take care of. It showed its level as question mark question mark and it simply minced me. now I know a little bit more and will be having another word with it later on tonight. Cheers for the build.

  • Annette Miller

    you could do some of the high level hunts

  • Geralt of Rivia

    I play NG+ Death March and i have done Sword and alchemy and i think its the best

  • Finn Cartwright

    Might just use quen and a bit of axii so i can get refreshment in the alchemy tree?

  • Viktor Van Nauw

    Can this build also work with igni instead of yrden

  • TheProGamer

    i'm looking for a build fit with medium witcher gear, any suggestions on how to maximize the griffin armours' effectiveness

  • Jokeer Competitive Player

    +FiGhTiNCoWBoY can I use this for griffin?

  • Ondřej Hrtoň

    WOW! This build is awesome! Can i use beard armor instead feline armor? Just for look :D

  • Zoomerhub

    My delusion skill will not freeze open ts during casting


    why don't people like using strong attacks?

  • EAG* BLooDY617

    what runes do you recommend for the griffin blades?

  • Winston Hou

    Watched all your Walkthroughs Cowboy. What a great game, and player too lol. I can see that we went on entirely different paths. You have way more attack power than me and way higher Toxticity level but I had higher sign intencity (mine was like 160) but ironically, what does sign intensity even mean, faster stamina regen? More damage?

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