26 New Game Trailers 2019 WEEK 12 - Gameplay, Updates & Releases

Game Trailers 2019 Week 12.

Games List:

00:05 The Heretic ( Unity Engine )
03:38 Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2
05:03 Dead by Daylight Demise of The Faithful DLC
06:59 Chernobylite
07:31 The Walking Dead The Final Season: Episode 4 - Take Us Back
08:28 Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies Ancient Evil
09:52 Sea of Thieves Update
10:39 Oddworld Soulstorm
11:56 Attack on Titan Final Battle
13:38 Generation Zero
14:45 Overwatch Baptiste
16:08 Hitman 2 Hantu Port
16:55 Space Junkies
18:00 Pine
19:22 Deep Rock Galactic Update 23
20:40 Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
21:40 S.W.I.N.E HD Remaster
22:15 Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Update
25:21 Beyond Blue
25:44 Among the Sleep Enhanced Edition
26:55 The Red Lantern
28:11 We The Revolution
29:44 Bloodroots
30:54 My Friend Pedro
32:40 RAD
34:27 Zoo Keeper
  • My Friend

    The heretic is not a game its a demo made with unity

  • TMP

    Forgot one ...FFXIV, Shadowbringers. 2 July 2019

  • Doug Johnson

    Half-Life 3 confirme abandoned.

  • Faizal Sy

    I though it was Trico when I see the thumbnail :'(

  • Jr

    "If Fallout and XCOM had a baby""It would be Mutant Year Zero"*Wow I did not know they would have one eitherClap10/10

  • Julian Honore

    All I have to say is everybody owes Aeon Flux a lot more than they're saying.

  • ForemostCrab7

    omfg, that aim during the Space Junkie trailer, they make Stormstroppers look good!

  • JaTa Awakend

    The first one I thought was prototype3

  • Borbali

    I wonder what's the "we, the revolution" is like, the trailer wasn't exactly candid about its game play.


    and also i want a friend like Pedro

  • DarkRedDust

    Could watch game trailers for hours lol

  • Forsaken Vipoerx

    Why does My Friend Pedro look like it was made by the dude who made Plasma Burst?


    11:50 Best holy shit ever)))

  • matt Kushchi

    The attack on titan game is coming at my birthday what fun XD

  • jacob richards

    Too many hours I'm not going to experience

  • darth jonathan

    have you seen Warmord already? You must add it to the next list!

  • Griffin Shawler

    Dam it I saw the Pegasus in the thumbnail and thought it would be some fantasy stuff, but no it had to be Call of Duty Zombies cause f me I guess.

  • MICKSS350

    Please give us a game that has a good story, purpose, choice and makes us feel like we matter and are invested in the final outcome and most important to me are characters we feel connected to.

  • zero tsang

    bloodroot seems like an entertaining speedrun game

  • mislam13

    My Friend Pedro is a deadpool simulator

  • Xenomorph Queen

    Who came here to see which game will the Pegasus in the thumbnail be?

  • 206Zelda

    6:13Apply directly to the forehead!

  • darthdude

    dead by daylight looks like a ps2 game

  • Generic Protaganist

    The guy in the 1 st trailer makes me think of the protaganist of PROTOTYPE 2


    poor DOGO he was the best of boys but that bear was just too strong

  • Ezequiel Morales

    The heretic you say? * Loads bolter *

  • Walker Riley

    Jesus christ....is there anything coming out this year that ISN'T just DLC, Updates, or remakes of the same old concept?

  • anto lepore

    how is it possible that they have such realistic textures?

  • Mixed Magical

    best games i saw in this video were the ads.

  • Stylez 617

    Sad year for gaming so far..disappointed hope things get better

  • Sagano96

    Oddworld? --- holy shyet :D

  • KiNA Suki

    Pedro seems like a stupidly fun thing :D

  • Jones-Staite

    So the thumbnail of the wknged horse belongs to what game? Thank you

  • DinosoTheHero

    1st trailer was like really a movie

  • Sam Gordon

    The heretic is a graphics demo of the unity engines ability to make characters more human. It isn't a game unfortunately, I spent ages trying to Google it just to be left massively dissapointed

  • Clownsaurs Rex

    a new oddworld! shut up and take my money

  • bfmvr onnie

    i thought the heretic was a movie and not a game?

  • Artur Kashik

    лучше бы я этого не смотрел...

  • Agus Hendra

    2019 game pc looks all horribly and sucks, its like phone game, and i hate fps game, first person shooter is sucks, what in the world if u dodge bullet just dance left and right, no cover, no reaction, no jump , just dance

  • joestar99


  • Oleg Barmaleevich

    Вторая игра про бабу с жопой просто вырви глаз, ходит как в штаны наложила, монстр сзади красивее выглядит

  • Caleb Christensen

    Red Lantern looks like an interesting successor to The Long Dark.

  • Spoofle

    Ben il y'a des bonnes blagues dans le lot oh putain ! :)

  • Jace Holgate

    All of them were lackluster and boring, save for maybe VtM. Most also didn't show any gameplay so ...

  • Theo Doe


  • Louie Bradley

    I think ultimate epic battle sim looks really good but it should add ragdolls

  • Miki Flokster

    Just ignore the PC (Political Correctness) sneaky Juden agenda Games.

  • Darkgun231

    Overwatch finally did it. They blatantly, and with no apparent shame, ripped off Team Fortress 2. I mean, they already did so, but now? Now they have a black guy with a grenade launcher who shoots different kinds of explosives. Holy crap, can they steal the Demoman any harder? It'd be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic.

  • Joseph Mottram

    Super hyped for Generation Zero!

  • Andrey Fedorov

    Автор идиот,первый ролик не геймплейный ,а демонстрация движка unity!!

  • kido fear

    the heretic is not a game you dimwit =)))

  • Vladimír Bártek

    what year is this again? half of these look like straight out of 2006

  • CommissarOhler

    Sligs that can fly and shooting gattling guns. Love the Oddworld games

  • Tom Brown

    Sadly none of these games really appeal to me. Only The Heritic looked half way interesting but it seems like a game that has good graphics but a weak story and weak gameplay mechanics relying on the unity engine to do the heavy lifting and will probably run badly on PC to boot. Then again I could be wrong. Hopefully Cyberpunk 2077 is good. I have lost faith in all other gaming studios. Gaming is starting to go downhill sadly.


    Every game looks crap 💩

  • Roberto Montes de Oca

    Wait, i thought that TWD ended in episode 2 because telltale going bankrupt, what did i miss?

  • Ali Erdinç YİĞİTASLAN

    BO4 story better than infinite warfare and bo3 but for a game still worst game ever

  • moha glade

    I need something new im tored of fallout and assassins creed and gta and far cry and elder scrolls etc

  • Eyeslayer

    so the biggest game on this list was vampire Masquerade 2 the rest are mostly just mediocre at best or horrible. I can't wait till they get over themselves with the bullshit games as a service and start back with telling us a damn good story along with amazing gameplay. or a nice survival game with an unusual twist maybe survives as a vampire first person good graphics with a very unique system to keep things interesting. or even toss in a werewolf that would be different but as of now the majority of games hitting over the last year have been garbage Kingdom Come was about the only truly good release over the last couple of years.

  • Matej

    call of duty blacks ops ancient deamon or what the fk? must be kiddin :D

  • Jacotjesgames

    shit time to be alive... hate to zombie games...

  • danny brady

    Dead by Daylight trailer we see angelina jolie with a fat ass

  • Mr Schmorgus

    Holy fucking duckface on that first one.Annoyed the hell out of me.And then i noticed they had to create a "strong independant woman" with a fat ass in DBD... Really? GTFO.

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