Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Master Armor Quest - Unlocks Mastercrafted Armor!

This guide shows you all the steps you need to take to acquire the ability to make Mastercrafted armor in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
  • Orlando Monteiro

    on my playthrogh, when the general was about to fire the bolt on me, there was a radom woman standing in front of him who received the bolt for me, lmao so hard on it

  • BioTek

    "ehhhh I'm just here to shoe me horse" I died

  • Scott Johnston

    Skeleeeeeege???? No.... Say it like.. SKELLIGA.. 👍🏻

  • Jaime Fucking Lannister

    I did it at level 32 xD

  • pleasedontstalkme

    "He needs armor fit for a Witcher" one of my favorite lines in the game, for some reason.

  • charlie Redman

    how did he pronounce skellige?

  • Hussin Mohamad

    i didn't know you could do that with igni

  • Destin Saenz

    how do uou get your ign like that??

  • B eyedubya

    Anybody have trouble with testing the armor? The general misses me with the arrow an just stands there. What the hell??

  • Darkavenger_13

    Im just here to shoe me horsexD

  • iamnuff1992

    Got to the test, the poor sap in the crappy armour got shot in the fucking face. Don't think armour can help against that. My bolt completely missed me.Didn't realize it wasn't intended until the cutscene afterwards. i was pretty amazed that headshot guy lived.

  • Chinga3000

    Btw,if you come across a load of mountain goats they have milk that gives you 30 instead of water only 20.

  • Chinga3000

    The proper nilfgardian armor has two red badges on chest and a brilliant neck-guard which completely covers the stupid gay collar-ruff!

  • onepunchmicky666

    How do you get your stamina to recharge so quickly?

  • Brandon Martens

    0:05 Master armerrrrrr

  • Brandon Cox

    How did u spray the fire like that

  • Teldryn Sero

    I thought it wood be 'one of a kind' but nope

  • Obey Shadow

    Think it's somehow patched? I'm level 20 with 3 branches of igni maxed and there's no knock back At all. He just comes at me like nothing's hitting him. Plus I only can do a max of 105 fire damage. I was playing on death march and I lowered it down to easy difficulty and it's the same thing lol. In this video your giving him tons of knock back wtf

  • Cracklin319

    Im lvl 20, already tried three times and failed

  • Marcus Butler

    how do you get into skellige

  • Vo Huynh Quang Nguyen

    Thumbs up you want to have a... private session with the master craftwoman.

  • Mandar Mahadik

    HI nice video...i somehow managed to get this armor at level 15..is there any way to use this armor at this level??

  • Jundy Mar Sotero

    all that but you cant wear the armor yet

  • Dagriel Dagr

    If you spec in combat and have decent gear you can do this at like lvl 12 lol I have like a 35% crit chance and hit this thing for 400-800 with fast attacks

  • Alexis Minchaca

    Accidetaly Got that armor at lvl 7 :v

  • Edgars Edgars

    im lvl 11 and stuck with that griffin- i took half his life but problem is im shitty upgraded and cannot do a lot damage to it but he kills me with one hit. P.S. i just ran multiple times into that trolls cave straight to the chest and pressed x (ps4) repeatedly and tried it few times and finally succeded to steal those items without killing troll lol

  • Dreamer Deceiver

    You're really bad at playing this game.

  • Eto Demerzel

    How do I get into Crow's Perch? Both entrances are closed.

  • Jonas Piraten

    hey what is that fire magic you use?? how do i get it?

  • Derek Precourt

    The enhanced griffin gear is level 18 so how are you using it at level 16?

  • Andy Issac

    I lost the mission for no reason the mission was to fight and i was fighting the enemy and then it says quest failed and i didn't even die only 1 enemy was left

  • GunShot

    and just like the master swordsmith's sword... this armor is just normal and just horrible. normal witch Hunter's armor

  • Tmanqz

    SO you weren't leveled up enough to show off this fancy custom made armor...BUMMER.

  • Tmanqz

    Great armor.. the arrow went right threw me. Magical armor.

  • Ömer Faruk Akyüz

    wtf my best sword damage cost 80-100 but how ?!?!?!

  • toppy

    Skeleege lmao. Skell-ii-ga

  • Boe Reh

    How do you get the fire films??

  • Elaijha Jarick

    How can we upgrade witcher gear to master level ? The bonus? 3 pieces ? Anybody ?

  • John Wade

    "eh....I'm just here to shoe me horse."

  • Thanasis Geronimos

    whats the point if you cant wear the armor until you reach the level of the armor???

  • TheLegand27

    I have it its pretty bad

  • Izzy Lebasi

    Gotta say this was an awesome mission. :D Plus free gear!

  • Michael Belott

    you no what geralt is thinking when she says let me help u get out of that he's prolly thinking u can help me get out of anything u want lol

  • Clifton Moore

    How can I make my firer to be Constant like in the video

  • Modern Clips

    donate button for playing witcher, lol capitalists

  • Kai Huang

    only way to deflect bolts is to ruinweight your armor.

  • Rubdul Bah

    12:30, ACID being CAUSTIC Im no full blown chemist, but I dont think thats right. Bases are usually caustic, Acids are usually corrosive, both are opposites.

  • FrostyDog

    How do you get your UI look like that?

  • Olle Stenberg

    Could you make a video of your setup like where you put your skill points

  • Dakota Wynn

    Can you get armor similar to the test?

  • Isaiahawsomeone

    What's the name of this armor set

  • Sake Bobombs

    What difficulty is this?

  • Yacobino

    I am a big either noob and I have been wondering for a while, how do you use the igni like that? Do I have to press a certain button or do I have to wait for something to charge up?

  • Ugandan Knuckles

    It's pronounced Skellige, not Skellige...hehe

  • Jordan J Squared

    It's fun to watch him struggle so much when he could use quen to block one hit and shoot his crossbow without aiming

  • BJ Wilson

    started my first witcher 3 broadcast today check out more videos to come

  • D s

    and i can't wear it...okay,cool

  • Boxer xt

    that armor you cant wear it?i love it omg

  • Sabir Bhatia

    Where can I get the swords you have

  • Sn3aky_Doggo

    I think it's patched as fuck there is no way to beat him at lv 17 I did the same thing you did but there is no knock back nothing one hit kills me with everything and dodging his attacks sometimes won't help his attacks always hit me

  • Stealth Assassin

    man im poor on armor !! im lvl 8 and my armor is 107 damn 4 hits by one drowner and im dead

  • DsyrVII

    Im level 11 and i beated him

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