Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Master Armor Quest - Unlocks Mastercrafted Armor!

This guide shows you all the steps you need to take to acquire the ability to make Mastercrafted armor in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
  • Orlando Monteiro

    on my playthrogh, when the general was about to fire the bolt on me, there was a radom woman standing in front of him who received the bolt for me, lmao so hard on it

  • BioTek

    "ehhhh I'm just here to shoe me horse" I died

  • Scott Johnston

    Skeleeeeeege???? No.... Say it like.. SKELLIGA.. 👍🏻

  • Jaime Fucking Lannister

    I did it at level 32 xD

  • Project Cosplay

    Can I just run in the cave and grab the shit without fighting the troll?

  • pleasedontstalkme

    "He needs armor fit for a Witcher" one of my favorite lines in the game, for some reason.

  • charlie Redman

    how did he pronounce skellige?

  • Chinga3000

    Btw,if you come across a load of mountain goats they have milk that gives you 30 instead of water only 20.

  • Teldryn Sero

    I thought it wood be 'one of a kind' but nope

  • Darkavenger_13

    Im just here to shoe me horsexD

  • Hussin Mohamad

    i didn't know you could do that with igni

  • Brandon Martens

    0:05 Master armerrrrrr

  • Destin Saenz

    how do uou get your ign like that??

  • B eyedubya

    Anybody have trouble with testing the armor? The general misses me with the arrow an just stands there. What the hell??

  • Chinga3000

    The proper nilfgardian armor has two red badges on chest and a brilliant neck-guard which completely covers the stupid gay collar-ruff!

  • Dagriel Dagr

    If you spec in combat and have decent gear you can do this at like lvl 12 lol I have like a 35% crit chance and hit this thing for 400-800 with fast attacks

  • Jundy Mar Sotero

    all that but you cant wear the armor yet

  • onepunchmicky666

    How do you get your stamina to recharge so quickly?

  • Brandon Cox

    How did u spray the fire like that

  • John L

    You must be playing on easy difficulty, you wouldnt even have scratched that troll if you are that low level

  • Obey Shadow

    Think it's somehow patched? I'm level 20 with 3 branches of igni maxed and there's no knock back At all. He just comes at me like nothing's hitting him. Plus I only can do a max of 105 fire damage. I was playing on death march and I lowered it down to easy difficulty and it's the same thing lol. In this video your giving him tons of knock back wtf

  • CJ

    Im lvl 20, already tried three times and failed

  • Thanasis Geronimos

    whats the point if you cant wear the armor until you reach the level of the armor???

  • Marcus Butler

    how do you get into skellige

  • Jordan J Squared

    It's fun to watch him struggle so much when he could use quen to block one hit and shoot his crossbow without aiming

  • Alexis Minchaca

    Accidetaly Got that armor at lvl 7 :v

  • Mandar Mahadik

    HI nice video...i somehow managed to get this armor at level 15..is there any way to use this armor at this level??

  • Dr. Etzor

    Shoots head "Does this look to you like armor that stops bolts?" well, if you shoot unarmored head, i'm pretty sure a chest armor doesn't help.

  • Max is my city

    It's pronounced Skellige, not Skellige...hehe

  • Izzy Lebasi

    Gotta say this was an awesome mission. :D Plus free gear!

  • toppy

    Skeleege lmao. Skell-ii-ga

  • reposX

    Which armour are you currently wearing and where to find it. Will be grateful.

  • Kai Huang

    only way to deflect bolts is to ruinweight your armor.

  • FrostyDog

    How do you get your UI look like that?

  • GunShot

    and just like the master swordsmith's sword... this armor is just normal and just horrible. normal witch Hunter's armor

  • András Horváth

    I haven't played this game yet. Does it have more sense to get trophies than in the second game? I mean it was cool, gave you a few bonuses and all, but I don't remember if it gave me that much of anything. Only a few points to something. I mean can I sell it to, ,I dunno, a collector? Or how does it work? I remember in the early 35 minutes gameplay, Geralt brought the griffin's head to Dijkstra for example.

  • Rubdul Bah

    12:30, ACID being CAUSTIC Im no full blown chemist, but I dont think thats right. Bases are usually caustic, Acids are usually corrosive, both are opposites.

  • seanyboy12345

    I'm sure your on easy

  • RyZyTime

    I'm a level 9 trying to do this quest I'll let you know if I succeeded

  • Vidan Tomic

    I was lvl 10 and beat it in 1 try

  • John Wade

    "eh....I'm just here to shoe me horse."

  • Derek Precourt

    The enhanced griffin gear is level 18 so how are you using it at level 16?

  • Edgars Edgars

    im lvl 11 and stuck with that griffin- i took half his life but problem is im shitty upgraded and cannot do a lot damage to it but he kills me with one hit. P.S. i just ran multiple times into that trolls cave straight to the chest and pressed x (ps4) repeatedly and tried it few times and finally succeded to steal those items without killing troll lol

  • TjPhaze

    what difficulty is this cause im pretty sure you cant be lvl 16 doing a lvl 26 mission on death march

  • Yacobino

    I am a big either noob and I have been wondering for a while, how do you use the igni like that? Do I have to press a certain button or do I have to wait for something to charge up?

  • Ömer Faruk Akyüz

    wtf my best sword damage cost 80-100 but how ?!?!?!

  • DsyrVII

    Im level 11 and i beated him

  • R.I.P. in Ravioli

    this is easiest or second easiest difficulty... so yeah... on second hardest that scrape from the griffin that took half his hp would insta-kill me at lvl 19 with griffin enhanced set (armor and weapons), it would be either instakill or not killing me but leaving a scrap of health. o, did i mention that that thing deals bleed.. so either way on harder difficulties "u'r focket matey"

  • Stealth Assassin

    man im poor on armor !! im lvl 8 and my armor is 107 damn 4 hits by one drowner and im dead

  • Jonas Lövkvist

    hey what is that fire magic you use?? how do i get it?

  • TexanCowboy 191

    Got ta admit u got a new subscriber and its me thanks for the bid it helped a lot

  • The Beast

    I lost the mission for no reason the mission was to fight and i was fighting the enemy and then it says quest failed and i didn't even die only 1 enemy was left

  • Olle Stenberg

    Could you make a video of your setup like where you put your skill points

  • Eto Demerzel

    How do I get into Crow's Perch? Both entrances are closed.

  • D s

    and i can't wear it...okay,cool

  • bajaja 007

    How to use that flame?

  • Little Abe

    Yah somethings not rite about that griffin fight dude

  • Isaiahawsomeone

    What's the name of this armor set

  • Elaijha Jarick

    How can we upgrade witcher gear to master level ? The bonus? 3 pieces ? Anybody ?

  • Sabir Bhatia

    Where can I get the swords you have

  • Andy Rumfitt

    How do u make your igni like that. Mines always just a big burst of fire?

  • Michael Belott

    you no what geralt is thinking when she says let me help u get out of that he's prolly thinking u can help me get out of anything u want lol

  • Tristan jacob Zara

    Cant even defeat that griffin and im lvl 19 i died like 15x already, imma come back for you just gonna grind myself lvling up until 50 and im gonna beat you using punches only

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