God Of War 4 Gameplay Trailer Walkthrough PS4 2017 (E3 2016)

God Of War 4 Gameplay Trailer (E3 2016)

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  • Kampfhund

    Kratos-style parenting, might be worth a try.

  • Akhmad Fadli

    who's the mother? he has banged so many chicks

  • Aazaroth



    Microsoft:sorrysony: do not be sorry be better

  • A Wild Deer

    why he got to kill me?

  • Remy

    this game is twice the challenge. dealing with enemies and a kid with ass burgers is not gonna be easy.

  • Marcella Ramirez

    Who would dislike this?!? Haha. Really though? This looks absolutely amazing! The graphics, characters, combat, etc. On my top 3 list hope it comes out soon!

  • Saint Tigra

    dragon flies over~ no reason to be scared kratos is on MY side

  • Balimore 20

    And what did Odin do that pissed of Kratos ?


    damn so we've killed all of Greek mythology and now were switching it to Norse not a bad idea

  • TooRandomEnvi

    i want this on pc sooo much even tho this is the game that is going to sell the systems

  • Rizer X

    God of Bore, now with even more context sensitive quick time events during basic combat... seriously just make a movie next time, I can't be bothered with this shite.

  • Zato Ichi

    Kratos is Skyrimming it up with his adopted son that tried to summon the Dark Brotherhood while looking for Alduin.

  • Cj Clippa

    GOW5 Kratos vs Jesus Christ

  • Au Jun

    Next time in God of war 5 Kratos Vs Hindu God.

  • Evan Tambolang

    Since when Kratos had children again?

  • Mc Craydox

    I think there is a feature about anger look at 2:20 at the left upper corner you can see when he is angry and when he calms down!!!

  • Yosvany Vasquez

    like sí hablas Español!

  • Mr M.A

    Raising a kid while fighting demons... Kratos the real MVP

  • Yes Sir!

    That kid neeeds some spanking.

  • Tor Santos

    This new God of War is all about Norse Mythology. And i can't wait Kratos kill Odin, Loki and Thor.


    que chulo seria tener una ps4

  • Sora :3 Blank

    pause at 6:47 and look at the top left screen u will see something :D

  • MaximumFive

    There are no words too describe the awesomeness of this game, and the joy i'm feeling right now.

  • Catast

    what is next ? Egypt mythology?

  • DETROIT Kari B

    Kratos vs Thor who you think who will win in combat

  • AdrianFox2000

    This is..........The Last of War.

  • Apoorv Wadhwa

    next time on god of war 13 kratos vs beerus the god of destruction

  • Noobzlikeu

    Kratos with a beard. Actually looks really good on him.

  • Black Jackz

    Shut up and take my money!Dont even have any😂

  • Kevin Cepele

    I want a god of war old version Not this

  • RavenBoy99

    Skyrim: Really Pissed of and gonna kill everything edition

  • Sarah Gregory

    they shouldn't of changed Kratos voice.

  • Steve Ray



    q alguien me diga ESTE ES EL GOD OF WAR 4 o solo es la versión para consolas de nueva generación

  • Andrew Zavala

    prediction: his son is taken so then kratos gets angry again and opens a can of whoop ass on the gods

  • Huzaifa Khan

    This channel I like the most on "YOUTUBE"

  • Anima TuBe


  • james benson

    looks more like Goldberg now

  • Steven Z

    Oh man that's sick !

  • Kishi P

    2:23 you can clearly see that he is trying to control his anger.....he's...he's trying to change lol

  • Elder Kenji

    I'm not great at reading Elder Futhark runes but i think they were a bit wrong in places. Like the Camp that they discovered after the fight with the giant.

  • The Smoking Ghost

    They need a good ass explain to god of war 3 ending because the world was almost destroyed and every Greek god in it except for one

  • Anthony Lee

    I think odin will be the final boss

  • Kraetos John

    Kratos shows up in your room, throws you a bow, and says "Feed us", what do you do?

  • Mohamed LEGENDS

    Kratos killed Hades, Ares, Poseidon, Heares, Herakl, Zeus, Kronos and Jaya. He can not kill this monster One hit.

  • Travion Hilliard

    5:31 when you just keep poking kratos on his head run

  • Jonathan Oliveira

    uito bom fera mais achei nada ve com god of war

  • Flat Tyler

    God of War 5: The Flying Spaghetti Monster

  • Umut Ali Akten

    Run Out of Greek Gods? No Problem! Go kill Norse Gods!

  • Orlando Longo

    theres like a ghost or someone with a coat at 3:35 on the right exit of the cave, in between the middle pillar and the tree. it ran away at 3:46, its like a norse g-man

  • Prince Lloyd Essel

    I liked him better with the blades of chaos and the youthful rage look

  • Prince Blake

    Kid misses a target the size of a school bus at 10ftIncompetent is an understatement

  • The Professional

    Is it just me or does kratos sounds more of a badass lol

  • Leroy Jennings

    Oh look another game that looks like any other game out there....What happened to diversity in gaming? Everybody seems to be headed in one direction, the gravy train so to speak. This will turn a lot of GOW fans away, but will win some new comers. Not sure how to feel about it.

  • Celestino Loya

    Looks like Kratos is on the wrong side of the wall. GOT joke.

  • Abdullah said

    Ok I need to know what does that berserker say to kratos at 4:11 ... And another thing .. Why kratos has a horn .. And what is the meaning of "feed us" ..

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