Lords of the Fallen Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - First Warden

Lords of the Fallen Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Exclusive first look preview at Lord of the Fallen Gameplay. The Preview build offer about 2 hours of content. Would you like to see more?
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Lords of the Fallen is a fantasy action RPG set in a harsh world where humanity has defeated its God. When his army starts to re-emerge from its demonic realm, led by the formidable Lords, humanity turns to an unlikely defender for help. Lords of the Fallen offers a deep and satisfying melee combat system with weapons, armour and skills influencing speed, power and agility. Every fight is both a challenge and a meaningful victory. Powerful and spectacular magic complete the arsenal. Embark on an epic journey of combat, exploration and discovery to become the world’s salvation… or doom.
  • Unit Lost - Great British Gaming

    Oh lord! What a quality video this is! Good job sir!!!

  • Sergen German

    Naah :) Thank you for the gamepaly great job but... Just 3 type Characters and cant customize them :/

  • Feigsfar

    Game looks cool, but this guy is painfully bad at it, haha.

  • GameRiot

    Thank you for the support this year. Been a crazy year so far - If your excited make sure you share & Like :D

  • camcane1

    Go ahead,comment what you're here for...we all know lmao

  • Liamggbb123

    I saw this game for free on ps4: wanted to see if it was worth the download time.

  • Yabooii

    ps plus ppl definitly came her

  • Xedd MrC

    This game has very nice graphics. Can't wait for it to be cracked XD

  • Dr. Freeman

    Who's here because of the PS+ game?

  • Lannuz

    I remember the time when I started on Dark souls 1. I died and died and died and died. After fighting every enemy battle encounter, with a difficulty very similar to bosses. It's sad to say since playing dark souls the kind of fighting games like these just seems so darn watered down in easy mode. I actually enjoyed the old gaming standard where much of the battles are entrenched in learning the enemy tactics or else you die lots. So far Lords of the Fallen is okay, at best... Simply b/c my standards in gaming difficulty is now bleached with Dark Souls.

  • kikes7

    I just wanna say in a peaceful way that, not every game that has Health, Stamina and Magic and is 3r person is Dark Souls, I don't get why people keeps matching this with DS. It's an old concept and Both, this game, DS or any other game are completely different. DS is good, but just forget about it and try to enjoy the effort that a lot of people put in this game in all levels of development trying to take an old concept and adding something new to the gender. In other words, try to see this game with new eyes.

  • Goby

    Sht, why do we still have target locking systems? 90% of the time they are an annoyance. Just use the free camera system like Bethesda has been using in Elder Scrolls and Fallout 3, much more immersive and requires no additional actions to tell your character "switch to that target now", just use the mouse to look that way and do it yourself...

  • poo man

    I will probably buy this game. I am a huge fan of the dark souls series and this is not quite dark souls and it is close enough. Since I don't have a ps4 and am not going to spend what $400 dollars just so I can play bloodborne on it this is the next best substitute. This game does look easier and if there is a difficulty setting I will probably set it to the highest. I like the style of how it mixes a more set out story with similar game mechanics from dark souls. Darksouls' story was vague with no real characters and I think it would have been a better game with a defined story and characters like this.

  • MysterGhost Gaming

    Everybody who played Dark Souls it's funny to play this game without using a Shield

  • Saddam Hussein

    Its free for ps plus subscribers

  • MasterChef Κυριακού

    lol dark souls but on easy mode and slowmotion mode :D

  • Marc Freese

    This is so frustrating to watch,.. how can you be so bad at that game

  • sbcontt YT

    Poor Man's Bloodborne

  • GForceIntel

    i dont know about this with dragon age around the corner

  • II2eBeL1oUs

    End of the year? End of the month, oct 30.

  • KillerFugu

    Are there any difficulty settings? This game looks good but way too easy :/

  • Callum Daykin

    everyone knows why they're here ...

  • Mufasa

    this will be in free games with gold on march 16 or 17

  • MemoGalaxy

    ps plus free game who come for this

  • stavros Xenias

    i wont say its a dark souls rip off.i like the warhammer style but if it doesnt add something new i dont see why not get blooborne instead of it

  • Gregory Hall

    Why does everyone say this game looks harder than a Soul's game? Correct me if I am wrong, but in a soul's game you one shot almost every enemy that's not a boss, and the only way you died is if you fell off a cliff due to the faulty jumping in the game, or just not paying attention. This game looks no easier than the Soul's series. I am a huge Soul's fan, so I am not dissing the game. In my opinion Demon Souls/Dark Souls were too easy. A game worthy of the title of difficult is The Witcher on hard difficulty. 

  • QuadGamer

    I'm a quadriplegic so I welcome the slower combat, it's more tactical than just slash & bash! Great game and great graphics for $50.

  • MediaManPower

    5:52 A rookie gamer will be immediately intimidated by such a tutorial. Flooding the player with information and needless comments and descriptions, overcomplicating simple button functions ... I praise the Souls games for 'getting it' and giving extremely short and to the point tutorials at the beginning of the games. The developers of Fallen do the amazing. They underestimate the IQ of the player (since they feel they must explicitly explain basic button functions) and at the same time, apply the knowledge to the gamer as if it's rocket science.It's unreal.Thank God they give you the option to give tips the finger and ignore them.

  • Mistercappp

    This game looks pretty dope for our psplus game (;

  • America

    Yup so many things wrong with the boss fight. If he were a real opponent he would obviously change his tactics to deal with the way you engage him... obviously, but this is a videogame and you're limited on your actions so he should be too. Then there is his final form where he spins around swinging gracefully, sure it looks pretty especially with the red tracer from the sword but you never give your back to your enemy thats just foolish and I'd expect better from a most likely seasoned veteran since he is named the first warden and not cannon fodder #276. And again I have even more judgement to lay on his swordplay, he shouldn't wind up so much it is comical how far he brings his sword back or his shield and to be honest with those big hunks of metal they'd really throw him around wrenching bone sockets, tendons, muscles or whatever in and out of place constantly tiring him and just generally making him easy prey for anyone with a decent stance, strong arm, and good head on their shoulders. Honestly the hollowed warriors in the Undead Burg in DS1 would present more of a challenge than this guy although DS1 swordplay isnt the best either. But nevertheless in my opinion I like the voice acting and the graphics are gorgeous so far. But it seems more like Diablo than DS which is actually fine by me I'd love to play diablo at this camera angle and with these graphics.

  • Jack psycho

    Well Sony gave us a good game..But will it keep it up?

  • Hertz

    Who is else from PS+ ?

  • Xorital

    I laughed my ass off when you got shield bashed then cut to after you died being all ''welp, I failed that''

  • Sir Dragon

    oh my god what wuss you are. just doge and slash doge and slash. Hahahaha

  • Tadiwa Mushamba

    I'm yh biggest fan and I'm from Zimbabwe

  • EazyNiner


  • Ash Cosmo

    Looks so boringINB4 FANBOYS WAHHHHHHHH

  • Phil B

    I am sure by now you figured out that you didnt meat the strength requirement for that sword thats why it had lower stats...similar to DS. Great vid and great game, having a lot of fun with it also. 

  • DopeMusicPlaylists24/7

    I had to watch a playerthrough of this game cuz I got amazed by the name and the picture of this game, I liked the trailer too.Well this game looks nice, Dark Souls series is obviously better but still it's a game any action RPG fan would like to play, you did good in this video but sometimes you are slow when it comes to defeating a single enemy, I wonder what you gonna do to 3-5 enemies at once lol good job tho thanks for uploading.

  • Twizp

    You need to dodge more, it is more efficient than blocking 2 or 3 hits that leaves you without staminaThanks for uploading the video though, nice game!

  • rikardo_plays

    just bought thia game for 3 bucks lol idk why

  • Miles_Metal... 8-Bit Metal, Video Game and Film Covers

    What spec is the PC? It's all well and good telling us that you can run it at 60 FPS, 1080p on the 'very high' setting but that's sorta meaningless if we don't know the hardware you're running it with.

  • Shmiite

    Somehow this reminds me of Dark Souls

  • willy su

    more like dark souls lite version , since the mobs cant 3 - 4 hit kill

  • Preston Garvey

    is there no difficulty settings on this incase you wanted to play on a harder setting?

  • Gixxer983

    Looks too easy and repetitive gameplay.

  • Milan Babic

    Reminds me a little bit of Darksiders,except of a character of course :)

  • God

    Is this like dark souls but easier? If that's the case then maybe i'll like it...

  • andrejoss475

    that looked like the slowest easiest to hit boss i have ever seen in a video game, tell me how did he manage to kill you

  • benibırakam!

    i donnı why but i love you man

  • Christopher B

    dangit it's a harder dark souls!!

  • ThePassword333333

    who else is here because of the 1.5 € deal on g2a for PC?#PCMASTERRACE

  • Andrew Signorino

    Hi can someone reply to this?Dark souls fan here, i just got my ps4 and beat bloodborne so now Im wondering if this is a good buy? Im not concerned about difficulty or the story line but is it a nice feel? The thing I liked most about the souls series is the actual gameplay, it was unique with a warm mmorpg feel, will this be as satisfying?

  • zero poise

    Dark Souls: Casul Edition

  • Cezar Schwartz

    is there a PS4 version?

  • TechiezGaming

    is this a dark souls clone?

  • RedHairdo

    So, basically an easy-mode Souls rip-off?

  • Shaun Blyth

    looks allot like dark souls.

  • Cheeki Breeki iv damke

    my go to game when dark souls dies

  • Steamwork Dolly

    Can you choose your gender?

  • Kᴀᴡᴀɪɪ Fɪᴠᴇ-O

    Imagine if Dark Souls an Darksiders had a baby, and that baby instantly died from a mixture of cancer, aids, MS, and the bullet that I put in its skull.

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