Best 5 Upcoming RPG Games 2018 And Beyond

This is my first list of best 5 upcoming RPG games 2018 and beyond.I hope you'll like this or maybe not but plz leave a comment and subbsribe it means a lot to me.
Enjoy.Stay safe and ty!
►0:08 Vampyr
Release date - Spring 2018 PC PS4 XONE

►5:54 Ashes of Creation
Release date - TBA 2018 PC

►9:27 Anthem
Release date - Fall 2018 PC PS4 XONE

►14:48 Death Stranding
Release date - TBA 2018 PS4

►20:00 Cyberpunk 2077
Release date - TBA PC

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  • Twisted Bard Gaming

    Can't wait for Vampyr and definitely Cyberpunk 2077, in CD Projekt Red we trust =D

  • Maverick Lineage

    9:57 War... War never changes. Damn he is old now...10:32 Power...suit?11:00 [clapping his hands] Whoo! Superhero landing! You know, that's really hard on your knees.

  • Evil Romulus

    High end graphics doesn't make a game good.

  • hellscorpio82

    Im interested i all of them but anthem can flop for all i care just another ea trash

  • Sturmpionier03

    Not touching anything from EA

  • Seventeenmango7

    When you see EA's logo and your game loving soul crumbles once again

  • Blinded

    Cyberpunk comes out when it's ready. That's a good policy CDPR has. It prevents the Mass Effect tragedy where a relatively good game fails to live up to its legacy and (apparently) sinks the whole franchise.

  • Ravonies Ravenshir

    So who was in the thumbnail? or was that click bait?Also Booooo..... get that EA TRASH OUT OF HERE.

  • Wedge Antilles

    Anthem does look great, but let's face it, it's EA, so the story, characters, menus and gameplay are probably going to be dull as shit and filled with microtransactions and lootboxes. EA, it's not in the game.

  • C. Alex

    i got excited for anthem but then i remembered its EA so yeah...doesn't matter how cool it looks from trailers and previews, they will fuck it up somehow.

  • Bagus Saeba

    Vampyre? Still prefer Bloodline Masquerade ... man, what a game.Definitely waiting for Cyberpunk 2077, hopefully there'll a glimpse of Ciri when she jumped onto that world...

  • Coleman

    CP2077 in 2018? Think not :>

  • Joona Ahonen

    I'm waiting for Pillars of Eternity 2 and Wasteland 3.

  • Brock Neilon

    Because of the whole EA shit show going on. I went from Anthem being my most looked forward to game to a game I could care less about.

  • Fleece Johnson

    That banter in Anthem is so fake. Actors who are not actually playing the game.

  • Jim Gag-Vez

    We dont even know what Death Stranding is going to be... Maybe it's not a RPG...

  • Peter Daniels

    Tmw you realize since EA's involved with Anthem, it's gonna have loot boxes...

  • Dreez76

    Why are people looking forward to ANYTHING from EA/Biofail?.Haven't you learned after their repeated screwups, broken promises and lies !?.

  • 10k DedSec_18

    ea ruined mass effect who agrees?

  • ドルミン

    where is thumbnail from?

  • NihilAngelus

    stop spamming cyberpunk 2077. it's feels like it's not even a game!

  • Cody Gomillion

    Is it just me, or do the "players" in the Anthem trailer sound similar to the ones from The Division trailer? I anticipate dissapointment.

  • Kobe Beyan

    Anthem looks amazing sorry Mass Effect Andromeda but you dropped the ball

  • Michael T'zeth

    Wonder how badly fucked Anthem is going to be once it's released. Thanks EA. Cock swaglers.

  • Neoimperialist1

    As soon as I saw the EA and Bioware logo, I was tempted to skip ahead.  Those companies do not exist for me.  You can tell Anthem is gonna be bad because even the demo has that stink about it.  All multi-player, microtransactions and lootboxes.  I won't buy their games anymore.

  • Kevin Rex

    Don’t trust the cinematic. If the cinematics are awesome but the gameplay is shit then it’s a bad game.

  • Jon Manilenio

    Anthem looks cool. Death Stranding looks weird. Cyberpunk could be really good!

  • GoxtA

    some1 care to explain what rpg stands for and seriously these games look insane real like

  • Daegog The Wyrdmake

    1) Vampyr looks worse every time i see it2) Ashes of Creation will be a massive lag fest every large scale PVP fight3) Anthem.. EA loot box bullshit, not even worth considering4) Kojima game, why so many damned tentacles?5) Cyberpumk... Save us Project Red, you are our only hope!

  • Christian McMillin

    Y'all are bashing anthem because it's being designed by EA that's so egotistical just because EA made some bad games in the past that doesn't mean Anthem is going to be bad so y'all take past history and automatically assume that Anthem is going to be a bad game y'all don't know if it's going to be bad or good so why don't y'all get the facts straight first before you open your mouth not to mention Anthem is being backed by BioWare so there is a good chance that it could have a good story so instead of jumping the gun and being a pretentious ass why don't you sit down and wait until it comes out and then give it a fair unbiased opinion before you make rash remarks like that

  • Javelin J

    Awesome vid man, ashes to ashed

  • Corbane X

    EA is a disgrace to the gaming industry, It needs to die, so we can enjoy those games for what they really are.

  • mrArchduke

    Cyberpunk 2077 helll yeah

  • Dtrkshadow

    For ashes of creation it looks amazing but they need to fix the walking animations

  • LichRC

    I really like the title of this channel. It looks very positively promising!

  • iowarose

    Death Standing and Vampyr are two games I'm looking forward to but I wish someone would bring Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines back I loved that game

  • xcoponent

    Thanks for Video! You hit on a couple of things for me, 1. I like the Music for 'Ashes of Creation' so I'll try the Game, and 2. Hideo Kojima, well, somebody said that they had split up, Hideo had left Kojima or something, but I can see here that it's still Hideo Kojima! Easy

  • victor mahonrri soto alvarez

    steam, steam, steam everywhere

  • Lucky Yolo

    Where is the game that had the female in the thumbnail?

  • bAKON

    Vampyr combat looks so bad tho

  • Logan Bilbrey

    Anthem looks cools as hell. Even with all of EA`s bull you can at least see they can make amazing games.

  • ジョネーJonét

    That was really great music at the beginning.

  • Sea BelowMe

    Ashes of creation looks like it could be good, obviously still in early development but it's my pick of the bunch.


    no Kingdom Come : Deliverance? Bannerlord II? Monster Hunter World? Kingdom Hearts 3? this is like a over hyped 12 year old's list. & Death Stranding is not even a RPG...

  • Calibet Zeal

    The only game I’m looking forward to on this list is Cyberpunk 2077 because CD Projekt Red is the only company that has proven trustworthy everything else on this list has a 70% chance of being trash and anthem has a 99% chance of being trash because every other game company treats consumers like cattle and the only thing they care about is the return so they riddle all there games with micro transactions and your average gamer seems to be 2 stupid to realize this the more you spend the more the company with use it to justify treating you like cattle and milking you of all your money prove a point don’t buy anything for certain developers till they learn that they only make money if they create something worth playing

  • andras bor

    anthem looks stupid. just another division bs...

  • Ray Ormaza

    Coming: When It's Ready. Every game studio should hang that up on their studio walls

  • on99man hk

    Cyberpunk 2077 will be released at 2077

  • Braxx

    RPG is a single player game.Ashes of Creation is an MMO and so is Anthem

  • Rain Vergift

    Michelle : Nice, you got a mortar equipped.Paul : Yeah, I got it on the weekend (from the lootboxes).

  • Lim Louis

    Anthem looks gorgeous.

  • edgar sierra

    jesus!! athem look like really great.

  • M 3cinco

    Im back to skyrim, 2018 is gonna be craptastic for RPGs

  • Brian Ogilby

    Bring on Pillars Of Eternity 2, Dragon Age: Retribution and Cyberpunk 2077!! Those are seriously the only RPGs Im looking forward to in the next 4 years since there wont be another Dead Island or Obsidian Fallout or LOTR: War in The North sequel (within that timeframe or ever).

  • Whispering Platypus

    My god... what a music in AOC...

  • PitlNixTreff

    Anthem reminds me on Terr Nova :D

  • Collin Specht

    In the vampyre video, I like how they capitlized Father in the subtitles during the Last Rites. You don't see that anymore and it upsets me

  • Waylork Skudz

    wtf, who's the tiddy girl from the thumbnail?

  • Ago go

    death standing looks like real actors.. im sure thats the guy from valhalah rising .

  • Penni Paints

    I saw tiddies, clicked, didn't get any, disliked

  • Belial1125

    Cyberpunk 2077 named that because it will be 2077 before that game comes out

  • hammer untruth

    after the crap EA pulled i won't EVER preorder another one of its games....i will wait the two weeks before they have to mark them down to sale that trash.

  • Oleg Ptov

    Very bad. Скудняк в общем.

  • Florin Iacob

    naaaaa i dont like these games what t fwwwwwwk


    18:50 Daryl what are you doing here, wrong place.

  • BrainLagLegion

    Cyberpunk 2077 ... In 2018? In your dreams

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