The Witcher 3:Blood & Wine ending with Triss ;)

Really love how Geralt ended with Triss!
you can get this ending by ending with triss in main game
there are 3 others ending with yennefer,dandelion and Ciri! (really miss her)
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  • Bruno

    women.... they show up only after you get rich and don't have anymore "business" to deal with lol.

  • Ian Johns

    Am I the only one who misses Vesemir? He was the best :'(

  • minatoXkuchina

    wow these yen shippers really have a lot of hate in them to come on a triss ending and then bitch about it. or are just too young to understand that there are people with different tastes. but yeah shippers in general are very cancerous, just enjoy the game and let other people enjoy it too

  • The Wolffark

    she is in Yen's spot, move your booty from that spot.

  • Namea

    So... in the comments. There are video where you can easily find Yen and Geralt's ending, don't be an ass and just go find those videos sheesh!

  • Darth Endrel

    Eh in my opinion Yennefer's ending was better. More suited towards a happily ever after. Only thing that's missing is Ciri running into her while she's on the Path, or making a stop as the new Empress at the palace or embassy.

  • Kee Leicthle

    I always liked Triss. Always preferred her over Yen. Yen always seemed kinda mean and controlling and strict. Triss always seemed more fun and nice but still tough. Plus she conjures fire! My favorite magic element!

  • Kieran Guest

    Actually, I would love Zoltan to move in.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I'm resolving this whole "Yen or Triss" debate right now, from a neutral standpoint (I have never read any of the books and I have only played the most recent game).Yes, I do feel that Triss is much friendlier, kinder, and more... Gentle, in many ways. I adored that about her. And yes, Yen can be abrasive and controlling and kind of a bitch. So, when it comes to who treats him bettwr and has an overall bettwr attitude, it would be Triss. BUT... After having olayed through it twice and receiving both endings... I prefer stsying with Yen. Here's why...What stood out to me the most was where their priorities were at the end of the game. Triss couldn't leave the political side of things. That was her life, and she only VISITS Geralt at the end and talks about Geralt JOINING HER and how she "Wanted to enjoy everything before having to go back". In lther words, her career was more important to her than anything. At least that's how I took it.Yen, as cunty as she was at times, says flat out that she has chosen Geralt over everything else. That she has given up politics, everything, just to be with him. She decides to move in, right then and there. Whereas Triss was literally just visiting while on vacay from work and seemed to still be to enthralled in the politics. Yen specifically said that she had given up that life for Geralt and that she couldn't be happier about it. In addition, Yen was the one who said "I missed you so much" whereas Triss surprisingly didn't say that. Plus, Yen struck me as more of a mother figure to Ciri whereas Triss seemed more like a big sister. Clearly, the game wants you to chose Yen; which is why her ending is a little bit better. And, after having played through it twice and experiencing both of their personalities and endings, I do slightly prefer the way things end with Yen over the way they end with Triss. Yen gives it all up for Geralt, and Triss does not. That is what stood out to me the most.

  • レオンLeon

    I'm actually more satisfied with this one instead of Yen's one. Thanks for uploading. ^_^A simple girl who knows who and what she wants living a calm life with a nice job is the best thing, to me at least. I'd go home to her anytime with no problems ;)(Here comes the book fans debating at me because of my own personal choices >.>)

  • Naufal D'Bei

    Yen's ending is better in my opinion..

  • Bruce Wayne

    Finally someone does that ending!

  • Nyku

    I really don't care if Geralt is supposed to be with Yen, I like Triss a lot better. So there!

  • Maslow'sHierarchyofBees

    Gods I love that woman.

  • FallenStar

    Yennefer settles with you there forever and ever. Despite what people may say about her, that she's bossy and "bitchy" and not so "cute" and super "caring as Triss", there's no denying that she loves Geralt a lot and she would stay with him forever, just with him, no matter the place. I was quite glad that she came to him, and when I opened the door and saw the unicorn, I died laughing. Triss is great nevertheless but for my Geralt, Yenna is his perfect match.

  • Gwynbleidd

    Triss is nice but Yen and Geralt are OTP. They even specifically talk about their chemistry.

  • ZzVinniezZ

    3:22 that teleporting Chicken

  • Snake_whisperer

    and she will be laying her ass on that sun bed all day long u cant interact with her?

  • alexandrej99

    Come on guys ! The Witcher is a RPG ! We don't care about the books (And yes, I read it). In the game YOU are the character. YOU make the decisions ! Picking Triss or Yen is just a matter of choice. If you prefer cute and romantic girls, you'll take Triss. If you prefer beautiful and a resilient one, you'll take Yen ! In real life, my type of girl is pretty much like Triss so I picked it in my first game (and I picked Yen for my second). And it's how you should play the game ;)

  • Pandi Panda

    I'm surprised. Ending with Yen is more "lovely" and beautiful.

  • Eyasluna

    this must be the best ending for Geralt!!

  • 121finalfantasy

    I know in the books Yenefer is supposed to be Geralts true love but every time I see that head of fire that is Triss Merigold I fall in love all over again. So even after 4 complete runs Triss will always be my romance choice.

  • TheCrimsonFuckr

    Jesus christ i hate her

  • richard4321nice

    Man you know whats really disappointed after you get to live with either Yen or Triss you cant fuking bang them. they are always sitting on that fuking couch outside. Like wtf Even though I got my waifu yen with me forever and that fuking stuffed unicorn in the corner we cant have are usual riding unicorn sex fetish.

  • Commander Sheperd

    Geralts ending with triss is appealing more also because my geralt looks forward to exploring kovir meeting new people as wel as the occasional witcher contract.

  • Johnny Sasaki

    - ''In all seriousness, though... I did see a few scraps of our future, but... I'd rather not tell you exactly what.''- ''Why not?''- ''Because you said you've grown to like pleasant surprises.''Witcher 4 confirmed, right... right? ehhhh... ; (

  • Hunter2011Killr

    I don't get people who choose Triss over Yen. When Geralt and Ciri came back after they killed Imilerth,Yen didn't bother with what ifs and encouraged him for helping Ciri. Unlike Tirss. This alone makes Yen > Triss.Besides Yen's ending is fitting for the book fans.

  • Marigold

    ugh can't stand her! Yen's ending was so much more meaningful... This one just feels like its missing something and there is literally no chemistry between Triss and Geralt.

  • Yow Chee Choy

    yen is more matching with gerath. triss just not right for gerath. just for romance, not partner.

  • WeeDemBoys

    yea triss love him so much.. hmm she only let him die in Rivia

  • Mike theREALMAN

    triss is just more sexy and attractive then yennefer

  • DevilGames

    Triss > YenLove both tho ;)

  • aero64cz

    Ciri & Triss = best :)

  • Jimmy Lander

    With all due respect, I really don't see or feel any connection between Triss and Geralt. The conversations are somewhat straightforward and Triss seems to be constantly trying to seduce Geralt even while talking, instead of showing understanding and compassion (or anything suggesting towards she loving him truly). That being said I still think it's really cool CDPR actually gives the player this choice, despite the fact that according to the books Geralt is supposed to be with Yennefer. (no hate, pls don't get triggered) EDIT: Make sure to also check the outcome where Yennefer moves in and compare them. I don't disrespect your choice of Triss, I would just like to make some points! :3

  • miliah rage

    lol Triss jus floating in the air at the end....

  • kobzster06

    I picked Triss over Yenefer in the main quest, so it was nice to see this surprise at the end of Blood and Wine.Minor nitpick but I wish they had fleshed out the ending with her a little more.

  • BattleMage

    Triss all the way, Yen only makes sense if Geralt has battered woman syndrome.

  • EmeraldEyeProductions

    Gossamer, I just wanted a cutscene where you actually see Geralt and Triss settle down and live normal lives, and not just talk about it being in the future. This seemed like a perfect place to have it, especially because this is the last we'll ever see Geralt. It would've made for an awesome ending. Also would've been nice to actually be able to interact with her after "leaving her for a moment."

  • Raitama Prasetyo

    i have the ending with yen and it seems like that its always glitchy the way they're laying down on the sofa

  • John Joestar

    3:21 that chicken is magic.

  • Jay Lazarus

    She floating at the end because she's horny lol

  • TheRobotT1000

    got dandelion due to not carrying over my save from the main game

  • hassam Kkkk

    Yen ending is better,, there is just to much history , adventures , sacrifices and love between them ,, and it's better than the ciri ending because ciri is a new fresh witcher why the hell does she take a break so soon she should be going out there exploring the world ,,that's what she wanted so she should not be coming to geralt at least not now + yen just fought with geralt for as long as they remember it would make sense if these too just relax and take a really long break

  • Bryan Lee

    That levitation spell at the end was impressive.

  • WeeDemBoys

    the worst ending kappa.. cuz triss

  • The gamesZ

    Thanks, I've been waiting for this :d

  • BlueDreamKush23

    Most people who read the books will obviously ship yen and geralt. And most people who didn't read books ship triss and geralt. I am one of those people.Gotta blame the game developers though for creating that foundation with triss since yen was never in the picture in the perspective of someone who hasn't read the books. Although now I know about yen and geralts past relationship, I still like prefer geralt and triss.

  • Hans Meier

    i have an ending with ciri, i really like ciri xD

  • M Alc

    Glad I didn't choose to be with Triss because being with her means you have to leave Toussaint. And I kinda want Geralt to settle there

  • Triangularclips

    I got this ending, I was wondering why no one put on youtube for so long

  • Big gay Al

    Looks like I need to replay blood and wine to get a good ending this time lol

  • thelewis1997

    Geralts face when Triss told him Zoltan moves in😂😂😂

  • bert lyte

    This is to romantic for Geralts coldness

  • TubbsTheCat

    I like yennefer better. Triss feels too young even though I know she's super old.

  • LionofDawn

    This is THE best ending for Geralt in my opinion. Triss is sweet, peaceful, and caringYen is a rough ride, passionate and she is the type of woman that knows how to get inside your head.Both has their pros and cons, but honestly i'd rather choose Triss, because she is more my type physically and personality wise. And Yen often seems like a condescending wannabe queen with her attitude towards Geralt. I'd imagine with her he would have to settle and accept her less.... charming sides. But regardless of what others think or even if i preffered Yen, i recall Geralt himself saying something along the lines of how with Yen there was always one argument after another, but with Triss he finally felt some harmony and peace. But if you chose to be with Yen, you hear him saying something like: "guess we needed a while to grapple with it" Which sounds to me like another way of saying that he needed time to settle with what he had. But he also later said it's where he felt like he was supposed to be, which is a bit inconsistent with what he said before....So i guess it is just as debatable as whether or not Geralt would choose to settle down and hang up his Swords for good or keep being a Witcher after everything is done.

  • xXSilentAgent47Xx

    So the house she bought for them is useless after all.I'm always wondering what happened to Alvin, thought that kid would still be with Geralt & Triss after the choices in TW1.

  • Szkali

    I love Triss, I was so happy when I saw her

  • Pointman

    Yen or Triss??Nope. Gwent.

  • Impulze

    There was a your-you're spelling error in the subtitles.LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE!!

  • The Jingo

    Dandelion is the best actually

  • Mr. RPG

    Triss is better then Yenefer in my opinion but it feels like the game kind of forces me to choose Yen

  • 3choBlast3r

    Unlike Yenn, Triss doesn't even settle with Geralt in the vineyard lol Triss is a #sidechick...

  • Gold139

    lul at least sex her once geraltIT'S BEEN 2 EXPANSION PACKS.the dev is really lazy eh :x

  • Rasuke11

    Yennifer cheats on Gerald in the books, there's nothing to talk about

  • S.J. Villarina

    Fking fk, Thank you! been waiting for this.

  • Aron Johansson

    Did Triss die for Geralt in The Rivia riot? No? Then i rest My case

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