The Witcher 3:Blood & Wine ending with Triss ;)

Really love how Geralt ended with Triss!
you can get this ending by ending with triss in main game
there are 3 others ending with yennefer,dandelion and Ciri! (really miss her)
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Thanks for your watching!
  • Bruno

    women.... they show up only after you get rich and don't have anymore "business" to deal with lol.

  • Ian Johns

    Am I the only one who misses Vesemir? He was the best :'(

  • Kieran Guest

    Actually, I would love Zoltan to move in.

  • Pointman

    Yen or Triss??Nope. Gwent.

  • alexandrej99

    Come on guys ! The Witcher is a RPG ! We don't care about the books (And yes, I read it). In the game YOU are the character. YOU make the decisions ! Picking Triss or Yen is just a matter of choice. If you prefer cute and romantic girls, you'll take Triss. If you prefer beautiful and a resilient one, you'll take Yen ! In real life, my type of girl is pretty much like Triss so I picked it in my first game (and I picked Yen for my second). And it's how you should play the game ;)

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I'm resolving this whole "Yen or Triss" debate right now, from a neutral standpoint (I have never read any of the books and I have only played the most recent game).Yes, I do feel that Triss is much friendlier, kinder, and more... Gentle, in many ways. I adored that about her. And yes, Yen can be abrasive and controlling and kind of a bitch. So, when it comes to who treats him bettwr and has an overall bettwr attitude, it would be Triss. BUT... After having olayed through it twice and receiving both endings... I prefer stsying with Yen. Here's why...What stood out to me the most was where their priorities were at the end of the game. Triss couldn't leave the political side of things. That was her life, and she only VISITS Geralt at the end and talks about Geralt JOINING HER and how she "Wanted to enjoy everything before having to go back". In lther words, her career was more important to her than anything. At least that's how I took it.Yen, as cunty as she was at times, says flat out that she has chosen Geralt over everything else. That she has given up politics, everything, just to be with him. She decides to move in, right then and there. Whereas Triss was literally just visiting while on vacay from work and seemed to still be to enthralled in the politics. Yen specifically said that she had given up that life for Geralt and that she couldn't be happier about it. In addition, Yen was the one who said "I missed you so much" whereas Triss surprisingly didn't say that. Plus, Yen struck me as more of a mother figure to Ciri whereas Triss seemed more like a big sister. Clearly, the game wants you to chose Yen; which is why her ending is a little bit better. And, after having played through it twice and experiencing both of their personalities and endings, I do slightly prefer the way things end with Yen over the way they end with Triss. Yen gives it all up for Geralt, and Triss does not. That is what stood out to me the most.

  • ZzVinniezZ

    3:22 that teleporting Chicken

  • FallenStar

    Yennefer settles with you there forever and ever. Despite what people may say about her, that she's bossy and "bitchy" and not so "cute" and super "caring as Triss", there's no denying that she loves Geralt a lot and she would stay with him forever, just with him, no matter the place. I was quite glad that she came to him, and when I opened the door and saw the unicorn, I died laughing. Triss is great nevertheless but for my Geralt, Yenna is his perfect match.

  • Nyku

    I really don't care if Geralt is supposed to be with Yen, I like Triss a lot better. So there!

  • Eggman

    Gods I love that woman.

  • Bryan Lee

    That levitation spell at the end was impressive.

  • Namea

    So... in the comments. There are video where you can easily find Yen and Geralt's ending, don't be an ass and just go find those videos sheesh!

  • Bruce Wayne

    Finally someone does that ending!

  • Impulze

    There was a your-you're spelling error in the subtitles.LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE!!

  • A friendly spazmoid

    Shani> Yen> Triss > Keira I think triss is better looking but I just love yen, probably her personality

  • Johnny Sasaki

    - ''In all seriousness, though... I did see a few scraps of our future, but... I'd rather not tell you exactly what.''- ''Why not?''- ''Because you said you've grown to like pleasant surprises.''Witcher 4 confirmed, right... right? ehhhh... ; (

  • Darth Endrel

    Eh in my opinion Yennefer's ending was better. More suited towards a happily ever after. Only thing that's missing is Ciri running into her while she's on the Path, or making a stop as the new Empress at the palace or embassy.

  • Kee Leichtle

    I always liked Triss. Always preferred her over Yen. Yen always seemed kinda mean and controlling and strict. Triss always seemed more fun and nice but still tough. Plus she conjures fire! My favorite magic element!

  • kobzster06

    I picked Triss over Yenefer in the main quest, so it was nice to see this surprise at the end of Blood and Wine.Minor nitpick but I wish they had fleshed out the ending with her a little more.

  • BlueDreamKush23

    Most people who read the books will obviously ship yen and geralt. And most people who didn't read books ship triss and geralt. I am one of those people.Gotta blame the game developers though for creating that foundation with triss since yen was never in the picture in the perspective of someone who hasn't read the books. Although now I know about yen and geralts past relationship, I still like prefer geralt and triss.

  • TheRobotT1000

    got dandelion due to not carrying over my save from the main game

  • Raitama Prasetyo

    i have the ending with yen and it seems like that its always glitchy the way they're laying down on the sofa

  • Tywin Lannister

    god, she's sooooooo boring -

  • M Alc

    Glad I didn't choose to be with Triss because being with her means you have to leave Toussaint. And I kinda want Geralt to settle there

  • Commander Sheperd

    Geralts ending with triss is appealing more also because my geralt looks forward to exploring kovir meeting new people as wel as the occasional witcher contract.

  • The Lucifer

    I love Triss! She is not just a Character , she is an emotenial bond beetwin me and the Witcher 3. Even in Witcher 2 I loved her so much!

  • thelewis1997

    Geralts face when Triss told him Zoltan moves in😂😂😂

  • Big gay Al

    Looks like I need to replay blood and wine to get a good ending this time lol

  • Szkali

    I love Triss, I was so happy when I saw her

  • XT

    FINALLY! Thx so much 4 putting this up :)

  • 121finalfantasy

    I know in the books Yenefer is supposed to be Geralts true love but every time I see that head of fire that is Triss Merigold I fall in love all over again. So even after 4 complete runs Triss will always be my romance choice.

  • レオンLeon

    I'm actually more satisfied with this one instead of Yen's one. Thanks for uploading. ^_^A simple girl who knows who and what she wants living a calm life with a nice job is the best thing, to me at least. I'd go home to her anytime with no problems ;)(Here comes the book fans debating at me because of my own personal choices >.>)

  • Aaron9

    Yennifer cheats on Gerald in the books, there's nothing to talk about

  • Dog God

    1:30"came like this""without warning":D

  • tonypotterz

    I know a lot of you love Trissbut book Geralt and main game Geralt's true lover is Yen

  • AdmiralMay22

    to be completely honest why are there yen fan boys and girls crying over that he didn't pick yen, seriously there are other videos with yennefer there, plus in my opinion if you didn't read the books there is no reason for you to pick Yen over triss. Just my opinion.

  • Naufal D'Bei

    Yen's ending is better in my opinion..

  • Triangularclips

    I got this ending, I was wondering why no one put on youtube for so long

  • The gamesZ

    Thanks, I've been waiting for this :d

  • Julius Benter

    Geralt is the man because he dont fap only girls do it for him. So do the "No Fap" and be Geralt.

  • Jbay

    Just a moment....goes out and does 20 witcher contracts.

  • Gonzalo T

    Does it work the dlc alternative look of triss in blood and wine? (In PS4)

  • Jannes_

    At some point I'll do a second playthrough with triss instead of yennefer.

  • James Singleton

    How does one get your outfit? Black knight armour...dope.

  • lolbogdy1

    I would prefer vesemir coming back and staying in my vineyard than any of those 2 i swear =)))

  • dlsinquejr

    Only here because I would never choose triss 😂 this the only way ima see this ending

  • jumbo

    4:10 LOL that excitment in Geralt's voice, I'm pissing myself xd

  • William Lee

    Gotta love that bird in the background!

  • 708914

    Oh well, all the games are non-canon anyway ¯\(ツ)/¯

  • Gwynbleidd

    Triss is nice but Yen and Geralt are OTP. They even specifically talk about their chemistry.

  • xXSilentAgent47Xx

    So the house she bought for them is useless after all.I'm always wondering what happened to Alvin, thought that kid would still be with Geralt & Triss after the choices in TW1.

  • CatchTheBreeze

    such a discount ending)especially when there is no place for Triss in that bookish Toussaint

  • PiroBojd

    thanks i was waiting to see that ending

  • omniXenderman

    i loved triss until she pronounced cicada (si cah dah) as opposed to how its supposed to(sic kay da) the attraction basically just died

  • John Hawkwood

    Triss was my girl since the Witcher 1 so I wanted happy ending with her and got it. Sad thing about it is that there's no gameplay involving Triss in 1st or 2nd expansions. Short and single dialogue in 2nd expansion after like 50 extra hours of gameplay isn't really worth it. Ahh and she won't even move around my house no matter the time of day. Sad .

  • brokenhaloking

    "may you live in interesting times" that saying turns up alot in my life

  • AR L

    I love that "just a moment ~~~"

  • Jimmy Lander

    With all due respect, I really don't see or feel any connection between Triss and Geralt. The conversations are somewhat straightforward and Triss seems to be constantly trying to seduce Geralt even while talking, instead of showing understanding and compassion (or anything suggesting towards she loving him truly). That being said I still think it's really cool CDPR actually gives the player this choice, despite the fact that according to the books Geralt is supposed to be with Yennefer. (no hate, pls don't get triggered) EDIT: Make sure to also check the outcome where Yennefer moves in and compare them. I don't disrespect your choice of Triss, I would just like to make some points! :3

  • BURNZY187

    Any way i can get both of them to stay with me???? ,,, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Hyper Stalk

    How you get this ending I got the ciri witcher ending in the main game

  • Kiljaedenas

    the glitchy vanishing bird is funny :)

  • Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden

    Book canon ending: YenGame canon ending: Triss

  • 52cheshire

    I so love that devs of witcher 3 made a real ending for this awesome series and not some major bs-ending à la Mass effect 3.Such a worthy conclusion to a legend of gaming history!

  • upbeatmantis86

    6:06 .. is that a glitch XD .. or some sorcery?

  • Aniket Maurya

    Just completed the expansion with Ciri's ending both sisters alive. Now what am I supposed to do with my life?

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