The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 60fps PC Gameplay [1080p] TRUE-HD QUALITY

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New PC gameplay of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt running at 60fps.
Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One & PC
Genre: RPG
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Developer: CD Projekt
Release Date:
US: May 19, 2015
EU: May 19, 2015
  • Lumzide

    This doesn't look like 60fps.

  • JuliuxCabg

    This is not 60fps, this is 30fps learn the difference, and yes i plyaed it at 1080p60fps

  • Zeljan Gracin

    Lol i just watched the video without 60 fps.....ah well....time to fap we go!

  • Geralt OfRivia

    OMFG THAT'S GONNA BE AWSOME!!!!!!   (head explodes)

  • Otávio Módolo

    Not a true 60fps gameplay. The game is running at 30fps. The 60fps video for this was good to mantain quality only...

  • JRLM

    It sucks that they had to dumb the graphics down for the consoles.. now it wont look like the way it was supposed to ...

  • labdG

    Am I the only only one who finds it funny that the bounty hunter is called Djenga Frett? xD

  • chris gamer

    i wish i had the money to buy a pc like yours

  • minimonster007

    Those hoof sounds are awful. It sounds like you're trotting on cobbles 100% of the time.

  • Hogo69

    I miss my gaming pc. Been enjoying this on ps4 but clearly has some frame rate issues on ps4.

  • KitMascevalec

    Nice star wars refference indeed Djengo Frett or something like that :D

  • surfingsuicune

    Good thing it runs at 60 fps on PC, because it looks like shit.

  • Ming Le

    Am I the only one that feels like the animations look stiff

  • TUmaDO

    its fake its xbox one version

  • ShiningStudios14

    I hate his voice.... it feels as thought it has no weight to it

  • ConflictGamingHD

    No walkthrough on Dying Light?

  • Randy Boettcher

    I'm looking at this game play, and I'm wondering why it is going to require higher specs than, say, Shadow of Mordor. It doesn't look much crisper than that, and I was able to play maxed out, 60fps @ 1080p on an i7 4790k with a GTX 970 OC.It's rumoured that this will require a gtx 980 to max the graphics out @ 60fps and 1080p. My big question is WHY?

  • wolflowmusic

    I think the cinematics are running 60fps, there's obvious clipping happening during open world navigation and large clipping during combat, I'd say down to around 30fps, but still a great game. There's huge amounts of physics going on and the processing power is sapping the framerate

  • Seth Milz

    Could a 970 run this maxed 1080? as a smooth 60 fps most likely?

  • Daniel Weber

    Looks lovely and I will surely play the hell out of this game. Not a fan of being able to pause the game in the menu, but I will just make my own restrictions in that department :) Thanks for the upload!

  • Resultive

    I sure hope I could run this game at 60fps 1080p with my GTX 970 at least with ultra textures and just have Anti Aliasing turned down then it should be fine

  • Michael Furr

    Not trolling, but I honestly see no difference in this and my PS4 version, except the frame rate looks choppier here, but that could be because its a youtube video. PCs are definitely better but I laugh when people say its "WAY BETTER!!"Its like people who are wine connoisseurs. They taste differences that none of us taste. Interestingly enough, theyve done studies to show its all bullshit and in their minds. They take seasoned connoisseurs and give them high quality white wine with food coloring and they rave about how good this red wine is. Maybe the difference is there but so minute that the average person cant tell a difference. Thats my 2 cents. Cant PC and Console get along?

  • Tariq Dawn

    what is the best video & audio capture software or device for pc ? I need to maintain the perfect quality

  • NVA

    Anybody else just watch this over and over again because you can't wait for this game

  • Supra Master

    some day in the future,  we are gon´ play games with real person...

  • Terry Barnes

    Oops...My bad :( I was watching it at 480, Not 1080/60fps i take all that back.....:)

  • Marcelino Eduardo

    I do not trust preview footage. neither graphics for final product.

  • Min_ E

    Amazing game indeed... but omg the 30fps ahhh my eyes! They burn!

  • Braxx

    OK i understand now ! The PC version and the Console version have the same graphics the only difference is the TV , you have to buy a very good TV so you can have these graphics on console (Thank god I have a 100 inch TV) , you PC monitor allso plays a big roll in this if you are with some old moniter from 2007 your game will look shitty on PC

  • theManofAction

    I am confused on how this video is getting dislikes. WHY?!

  • Erblin

    Will I be missing out if I just play this game without playing the first two?

  • Vegetal Spagoot

    what kind of PC diid you use to record this? it must be the best computer in the world.

  • Neil Champagne

    you can double the framerate just by turning hair works off.

  • Nic Joe

    This was the best game I've ever played

  • wolflowmusic

    and lol at Djenge Frett the bounty hunter.. all star wars fans get that one

  • BadassWalrus123

    That walking animation LOL

  • TheLastLucario

    at 7:26 , why did that guard call Geralt a nordling?

  • Mau Navarro

    dude why did u run away from that wyvern at 0:57 ... I true witcher never runs away from a monster!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bartek Grabowski

    Best of.Best game ever.CDR i love it <3 i from Poland :3

  • Matias Sobarzo

    looks great on my monitor from 1998

  • Zyad48

    this aint 60 fps, this 30 I can freaking see it

  • Luis Ramalho

    This game it's going to explode my face!

  • Expand Leo

    Nice Star Wars reference there.

  • CS3RIS

    What is your pc specs?

  • Jhonny Sins

    that is not 60 fps, come on!

  • Andruchk D

    lol is that Howard Walowitz.

  • The Next world

    how to play witcher3 on 60fps on intel i5 7200u and 8gb ram

  • Culaio

    Didnt creators say that there wont be gaining experiance from killing monsters and that experiance only will be gained from doing quests, and yet I see geralt gaining experiance from killing monsters in this video ?

  • Knight Shiba

    Oddly enough the music gives me fable 2 feelings

  • Olizzker Lecraz

    Will this game run on my Geforce2 MX 100 and Intel Pentium 4? 

  • Amιiα Oρnεlια

    Is this the voice of Raiden (Metal gear rising) ? :3

  • TheBusDriver

    witcher 3 for atari 2600

  • Mateus Favarin

    waaaa? the horse name is roche?lol

  • Taha Mohamed

    i'll be playing this while i wait for elder scrolls 6

  • Cai

    what a terrible draw distance and generally terribly optimized engine...

  • MajorMotionMatt

    Big step up from The Witcher 1.  I haven't played 2 yet... just 1.  Guess I need to get my tail moving to play 2 and then 3.

  • TheUltraEmerald

    The Polish productions are the best. Who with me?

  • Karan Jani

    whats the music at 2:23? it fucking beautiful and i cant find it's name. anyone?

  • scootbmx01

    WAS going to buy it, not now since they had to dumb the PC version down for the console plebs.... instead we have to play a game that could have been that much better but isn't....unfortunately cd projekt have lost my sale on this

  • nickflig

    Why  is there a selection wheel for choosing your signs? WTF?! Why can't we just press a button for each sign like the other Witcher games, it was a lot smoother and didn't disrupt the flow of gameplay.

  • Walking Panda

    I play on PS4 slim and it doesn’t look different from this but I’m watching this on PS4 slim so maybe that’s why

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