The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Complete Edition On Switch Reveal Trailer | E3 2019

Featuring the base game, both story expansions, Hearts of Stone & Blood and Wine, as well as all 16 free DLCs, the Complete Edition offers over 150 hours of story-driven, open-world adventures set in a dark fantasy universe — soon available to be explored both at home and on the go.
  • 01001111 01110111 01100101 01101110 sa

    These mad men actually did it

  • Staiks

    You lose on the graphics what you win in bathroom quality time.

  • ItsLucas

    witcher 3 on a plane boys

  • Jb Léonidas

    You know what this means ?THEY CAN PUT GERALT IN SMASH

  • navlfc

    Wow, if this works good, it's quite a feat in gaming. Switch fans, you are in for some quality time.

  • Fassbender C.C.

    The Switcher 3: Wild Port...(stolen comment)

  • Duane French

    If this run quite well on the switch, other developers have no excuse in bringing over their games to the switch.

  • William Christie

    This is legitimately the one game people joked about never seeing on the switch.... and now its here.

  • Patrick Lange

    This was once an April Fools joke from IGN, but it came true!

  • TheMegaNattoMan

    Well, that answers the digital foundry video.

  • Reggie Tjahjadi

    "A whole world to explore, at home and on the go"Me : and also in the toilet

  • Tsarls A.

    Enjoy this Masterpiece Switch gamers unlike most who played this..... you can actually complete a contract while taking a dump.!! Really good game honestly

  • Samuel McConen

    First they ignore you.Then they laugh at you.Then they fight you.Then you get The Switcher 3.

  • Paul SB

    By Odin's beard 😯 if these madmen pulled it off I'll believe the switch can have any game ported to it with ease and devs are just lazy

  • CamKap

    If this is possible c'mon RockStar give us Grand Theft Auto V

  • lofi 097

    I ain't even mad.. That's impressive

  • aberstruck

    I wouldn't care if this became the next Skyrim, take my money every time

  • Ewan Laidlaw


  • viktor vasilkevic

    doom,wolfenstein, and now the witcherhow that little thing can run that graphics?

  • Rander McNugget

    That moment when the Nintendo Switch has higher fps than your PC.

  • Nguyễn Hải Dương

    I can tell people are gonna have some quality toilet time.

  • Edgar Colon

    They’re using witchcraft to develop games now?

  • Big Boss

    I never thought this would happen but WOW one of my favorite games of all time on switch another reason to buy it!!

  • Nicole Jay

    Just finished second play through . “Hearing the switch announcement “Me:Awww shit here we go again .

  • tr0p3r

    U have played it on 4kNow is time to play it on 480p

  • Hong Long Vo

    Nothing can top this ever, unless they can somehow manage to port Cyberpunk to Switch

  • Matthew Freeman

    I think I would prefer to play the game on PC or console but having the ability to play it anywhere is amazing.

  • John Dlt

    Only if rockstar games cared enough for a Gta v port for switch

  • MacHineJXD

    Woah.. I'm impressed this comes on nintendo even tho im a pc gamer, nice one ;)

  • Double Lightsaber ZAPASOWE

    Fans: We want Mother 3 release in the US!Nintendo: How about this instead?

  • Mr. Otaku200

    No way. I cannot believe this game is on the Switch.

  • BurntIQ

    Well I officially have a reason now to save up for a Nintendo switch.

  • Sarothz Rengar

    Minced the graphics, but still crazy how they managed to get this to work!

  • Captain Yenyen

    the witcher potato edition

  • AlphaOmega925

    Gotta admit that this is pretty damn impressive. I get the feeling it would probably run pretty well in docked mode, but will probably lose some resolution and/or drop some frames in handheld mode. I've noticed that my Switch does that with some of the more graphically intensive games, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

  • Patrick Casto

    Got pretty far in this game on xbox. However a glitch stopped me from completing a quest. Never finished this game. So yea...cant wait to play this on switch

  • Yannis Videogames

    For the Switch users that haven't played this game yet, JUST DO IT!

  • Superior Medic

    *The king of the wild hunt appears-oh shit here we go again.

  • hello bucky

    I don’t even have a Switch and I’m excited lol

  • ShaneMakesMovies

    Really cool news! I only have one question:How in the fuck did they ever howdy-how-what-when-no way-not possible-what black magic is this-ashton punked us-what-what-is this real life?

  • oriaphyn

    540p, low settings, 30 fps. Well I guess it can run. Now port it to iOS!

  • Jack johnson

    Can't wait to play at 480p/ 25fps!

  • ryan brilliant

    Day by day the switch is always make me wants to buy it. Damn

  • Carlos Noriega

    Triple dip for me, thank you.

  • BuioMana


  • El Mantishrimp

    This game is gonna make my switch sound like a jet taking off

  • No Name

    The Witcher 3 is just the beginning! The Third party for Switch is getting better and better!

  • caty 00

    The switch will blow up

  • Zain Mushtaq

    I love how casually they announced it amid other random trailers, almost like it was no big deal

  • Stone Cold Hooligani

    Ah yes now Yennefer and I can use the Unicorn on the go

  • Fordzy

    What is this sorcery? It's now Switcher 3: We are mad programmers. 👍

  • Black Eagle

    Yep it's official.. My next console is the Switch

  • Lucas Kapi

    WOWThe graphism won’t be really good obviously, but it’s not the most important. Really cool !

  • ThePLsoLdier

    cyberpunk on switch in 2021

  • kevin s

    Geralt was added in Monster Hunter World in a dlc and was also a playable character in Soul Calibur VI so who knows they might be willing to add him in Smash Bros.

  • katelyn ast

    tbh this would look great on the switch's screen. :)

  • Odetuber

    Switch sales have increased in all Slavic countries by 200%

  • Tedmeister

    Ah, I've been waiting for the Elric of Melniboné game to appear on the Switch!

  • Paul Caranto

    Next thing you know, Red Dead Redemption 2 will be on the Switch as well.

  • Moises Evangelista

    Sera que vai ter censura? kkkk...gráficos lindos kkkkk

  • Callum TM

    See's the title visible confusion

  • Detour

    If everything is in the cart and runs at a solid 30fps, I will buy it, even though I already own the mighty PC version of this masterpiece. I'm sure it will look good on the Switch's screen.

  • Duta Gemarie


  • Princeofddr Dance Master

    I salute the people who will be brave (or rich) enough to buy the game and see how good it runs on the Switch. So long as it doesn’t look too washed out and can get solid 30 FPS, I’ll buy it for sure.But I’m gonna wait and see first.

  • Calvin X

    Now I can play when I'm driving.

  • Pedro Castro

    The Witcher 3: Pocket Edition

  • Max Zhuravlev

    I can't believe it, the crazy bastards are actually doing it. YESSSSSSS

  • White Panther


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