The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Complete Edition On Switch Reveal Trailer | E3 2019

Featuring the base game, both story expansions, Hearts of Stone & Blood and Wine, as well as all 16 free DLCs, the Complete Edition offers over 150 hours of story-driven, open-world adventures set in a dark fantasy universe — soon available to be explored both at home and on the go.
  • onam mano

    These mad men actually did it

  • ItsLucas

    witcher 3 on a plane boys

  • Staiks

    You lose on the graphics what you win in bathroom quality time.

  • Jb Léonidas

    You know what this means ?THEY CAN PUT GERALT IN SMASH

  • Duane French

    If this run quite well on the switch, other developers have no excuse in bringing over their games to the switch.

  • Fassbender C.C.

    The Switcher 3: Wild Port...(stolen comment)

  • navlfc

    Wow, if this works good, it's quite a feat in gaming. Switch fans, you are in for some quality time.

  • William Christie

    This is legitimately the one game people joked about never seeing on the switch.... and now its here.

  • Patrick Lange

    This was once an April Fools joke from IGN, but it came true!

  • Reggie Tjahjadi

    "A whole world to explore, at home and on the go"Me : and also in the toilet

  • TheMegaNattoMan

    Well, that answers the digital foundry video.

  • Ewan Laidlaw


  • Rander McNugget

    That moment when the Nintendo Switch has higher fps than your PC.

  • Tsarls A.

    Enjoy this Masterpiece Switch gamers unlike most who played this..... you can actually complete a contract while taking a dump.!! Really good game honestly

  • aberstruck

    I wouldn't care if this became the next Skyrim, take my money every time

  • Samuel McConen

    First they ignore you.Then they laugh at you.Then they fight you.Then you get The Switcher 3.

  • Paul SB

    By Odin's beard 😯 if these madmen pulled it off I'll believe the switch can have any game ported to it with ease and devs are just lazy

  • CamKap

    If this is possible c'mon RockStar give us Grand Theft Auto V

  • lofi 097

    I ain't even mad.. That's impressive

  • John Dlt

    Only if rockstar games cared enough for a Gta v port for switch

  • Hong Long Vo

    Nothing can top this ever, unless they can somehow manage to port Cyberpunk to Switch

  • viktor vasilkevic

    doom,wolfenstein, and now the witcherhow that little thing can run that graphics?

  • tr0p3r

    U have played it on 4kNow is time to play it on 480p

  • Matthew Freeman

    I think I would prefer to play the game on PC or console but having the ability to play it anywhere is amazing.

  • MacHineJXD

    Woah.. I'm impressed this comes on nintendo even tho im a pc gamer, nice one ;)

  • BurntIQ

    Well I officially have a reason now to save up for a Nintendo switch.

  • Edgar Colon

    They’re using witchcraft to develop games now?

  • Sarothz Rengar

    Minced the graphics, but still crazy how they managed to get this to work!

  • Not Boss

    I never thought this would happen but WOW one of my favorite games of all time on switch another reason to buy it!!

  • Mr. Otaku200

    No way. I cannot believe this game is on the Switch.

  • ShaneMakesMovies

    Really cool news! I only have one question:How in the fuck did they ever howdy-how-what-when-no way-not possible-what black magic is this-ashton punked us-what-what-is this real life?

  • AntCraft

    Fans: We want Mother 3 release in the US!Nintendo: How about this instead?

  • Nicole Jay

    Just finished second play through . “Hearing the switch announcement “Me:Awww shit here we go again .

  • Carlos Noriega

    Triple dip for me, thank you.

  • ryan brilliant

    Day by day the switch is always make me wants to buy it. Damn

  • Nguyễn Hải Dương

    I can tell people are gonna have some quality toilet time.

  • Yannis Videogames

    For the Switch users that haven't played this game yet, JUST DO IT!

  • Steven Seagul

    Witcher 3: the 480p/20fps Edition.

  • hello bucky

    I don’t even have a Switch and I’m excited lol

  • Jack johnson

    Can't wait to play at 480p/ 25fps!

  • BuioMana


  • AlphaOmega925

    Gotta admit that this is pretty damn impressive. I get the feeling it would probably run pretty well in docked mode, but will probably lose some resolution and/or drop some frames in handheld mode. I've noticed that my Switch does that with some of the more graphically intensive games, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

  • Superior Medic

    *The king of the wild hunt appears-oh shit here we go again.

  • kevin s

    Geralt was added in Monster Hunter World in a dlc and was also a playable character in Soul Calibur VI so who knows they might be willing to add him in Smash Bros.

  • No Name

    The Witcher 3 is just the beginning! The Third party for Switch is getting better and better!

  • El Mantishrimp

    This game is gonna make my switch sound like a jet taking off

  • caty 00

    The switch will blow up

  • Calvin X

    Now I can play when I'm driving.

  • ThePLsoLdier

    cyberpunk on switch in 2021

  • Lucas Kapi

    WOWThe graphism won’t be really good obviously, but it’s not the most important. Really cool !

  • Black Eagle

    Yep it's official.. My next console is the Switch

  • Zain Mushtaq

    I love how casually they announced it amid other random trailers, almost like it was no big deal

  • Stone Cold Hooligani

    Ah yes now Yennefer and I can use the Unicorn on the go

  • Pedro Castro

    The Witcher 3: Pocket Edition

  • Odetuber

    Switch sales have increased in all Slavic countries by 200%

  • Callum TM

    See's the title visible confusion

  • Detour

    If everything is in the cart and runs at a solid 30fps, I will buy it, even though I already own the mighty PC version of this masterpiece. I'm sure it will look good on the Switch's screen.

  • 1984rockabilly

    Graphics quality: all set on minus 100 ^^

  • John Sg

    They begin to know that it would be also profitable if you remake and optimize some old game on switch and make it playable on the go.

  • Joel Miller

    why is it rating pending? obviously it should be the same rating as the original game..

  • Duta Gemarie


  • Artem Ambarcumov

    That crow has less polygons than an apple on PC

  • BFBeast666

    Serious optimization can go a long way.

  • BrinyXD

    I cant wait to watch the unicorn scene on the bus

  • Max Zhuravlev

    I can't believe it, the crazy bastards are actually doing it. YESSSSSSS

  • Tedmeister

    Ah, I've been waiting for the Elric of Melniboné game to appear on the Switch!

  • anthony-y

    Witcher, I was hoping you'd come (to Switch)

  • Moises Evangelista

    Sera que vai ter censura? kkkk...gráficos lindos kkkkk

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