Witcher 3 Level 53 Chort - highest lvl monster?

I thought that the lvl 48 Archgriffin was the highest level monster in the Witcher 3, but it seems this lvl 53 Chort is the highest level monster, that has been found so far.

I was able to fight this Chort, after using the cow hide exploit and fighting the lvl 27 Chort. While experimenting with bombs it turned out that, if this Chort survives a burn from the Dragons Dream bomb, he will turn into a lvl 53 Chort.

The lvl 53 Chort is easy to kill with an sign build. A mage build will kill this chort with Igni. An Alchemy build or Combat Sword build is way more difficult.
  • Travis Jones

    I just killed a level 78 arch griffin on one of the skellige isles islands

  • Derrick Bonsell

    I don't know how high their levels can get but I think there are some Witch Hunters that scale to remain above you in level. I think they're on the island in Novigrad.

  • Ms7272

    "maybe it's a glitch" I also find myself saying that alot in this game...

  • Wedge Antilles

    It's not a glitch, it's left in on purpose so that players don't cheat their way to easy XP by killing cows and meditate again and again and again. So CD Projekt Red is saying "fine, you wanna do the same thing over and over again. Fight this Chort over and over and over again" Brilliant way of punishing cheaters.

  • PyroInTheFace21

    Just tried this on PS4, after killing the cows, level 64 chort showed up, but after he died the cows and the chort would no longer respawn, even after meditating a whole day and fast traveling away from the area

  • pandaland1

    I stopped listening at 0:53

  • WhatsMyGame

    Just use Igni Fire Stream on him right when hes rushing in as long as you don't kill him with that he will turn into 53 level Chort. You don't need the Superior Dragon's Dream bomb. He basically Doubles in level

  • Paweł Andonis Gawralidis Dobrzański herbu Leliwa.

    Easter egg inside of easter egg...

  • උໄඹގގiቱi౯d ՖѪ

    The highest level is 70

  • Aniket Maurya

    How do you carry 9 bombs at once is it some skill?

  • A J

    I've fought a lvl 80 Katakan.

  • Aniket Maurya

    Awesome channel man!The Witcher game series and books are amazing.

  • jorge luis

    I killed a lvl 81 spider with a single arrow hit (thanks to the perk of "instal kill"). I've never been this happy

  • Thot_Wheels

    even if you kill like 6 cows (coin farming)in idk the name of - something-gardens? you 'll get a monster with a huge level,ranging from 50 to 98.

  • Gage sequeira

    it is saying your cheating

  • bez komentarza

    That's all great but I have one question . How much xp you will get for killing it ?

  • Salomon Banda

    There is this lvl 77 golem I don't remember where but when I find it I will tell you guys where

  • Tiago Fialho

    SOMEONE KNOWS ANY COMMAND CONSOLE TO MAKE THAT MONSTER APPEARS ????I tried several names and none of them worked

  • Embers

    Subbed. I haven't found a channel that actually knows about witcher 3 until you. Keep up the good work.

  • Travis Jones

    I just killed a level 78 arch griffin on one of the skellige isles islands

  • Ham Fanci

    waaaaait.. do these chorts just keep re spawning even after killing that level 53 one?

  • Blaine Mito

    youre makening some good vids!! keep it up! love to watch

  • Elvis Paeglis

    I cant get him on the lv 53, i dount know why. I tried it with all fire bombs and fire atack skils, i killed him 100 times and nothing, meiby i habe to build other skils or all igni skils what schould i do? i hawe the lv 36 Witcher.

  • Eunil Lee

    the chort don't seem to respawn for me, maybe its been patched in 1.11? and would my normal damage stat have any effect on bomb damage? I have over 20k damage stat with over %1000 sign intensity, I want to raise his level, but wonder how he gonna survive my bomb damage if my stat damage has effect on my bomb damage. please help.

  • Toni Vladusic

    If he kills you can you fight him again

  • Kharn526

    So they put this in to thwart exploiters from netting easy XP however now they get to gain even more through this method. huh ?

  • namheovang

    I'm at lever 50, and the soider is always higher than the witcher 10 to 12 lv. Now on my screen thet are beast monter at lv 61 =))

  • Peter Fox

    You, sir ... are CRAZY! But in a good way XD

  • Michał Grzeszczak

    Kurde ja bym na hita zabił wszystkch czartów

  • HorrorPlayhouse

    Great vids dude, keep them coming.

  • gilakot

    is this on death march?

  • Mr. Snake

    wait a sec how y can activate this boss? I finished all game quest, but havent meet this kind of animal at all

  • Stefan

    i found a basilisk with Level "??" on the edge of the world. does this just indicate that its way higher than myself?

  • mr jeeseeks

    the developers made this monster so invincible because people were killing and glitching cows for money and expierence

  • Mr. Snake

    thanks i tried but the lvl 53 Chort didnt came out at all. Seams i missed something.

  • Leighton Taylor

    What is the second armor you were wearing?

  • rambo !!!

    How do you use the flamethrower igni I'm new to the game and I have tried the button that does magic and everything

  • Mr Ego

    Is it possible to summon this Chort somehow on the latest patch? :P

  • Mateusz Serafin

    I have a question can i farm exp in this chorts

  • Marks Župerka

    i killed about 60 cows and still nothing, it means that this dont work for me?

  • turin turambar

    Chorts would not plague the world for years after geralts fun diversion with them

  • Fabian Michel

    the witcher 3 is one of the best games ever made, but the fights in this game are only hard to manage on the highest difficulty i think

  • Xtre4mKiLLer

    anyone else love how he says "everybody"?

  • crankenstein20

    What CHORT stand for? I thought is was an acronym for something and wasn't just a random name; it actually is called a Chort for a reason?

  • Ace Von Ike

    So I need help, I beat the whole game on Xbox one DLC and all and am now lvl 53 but everything is grey and green to me and everything gives me shit experience including secondary quests. Is it utterly pointless to continue leveling or is there a way things can be scaled to my level? Also I'll go to bill boards to collect contracts, grab everything and nothing happens as if I never picked anything up.

  • Siddhartha Goswami

    where to find these cows

  • JustShawn

    Your move Projekt Red.

  • jagdeep sidhu

    Thanks for the upload man!i am new to tw3, can someone please tell me why you need to kill higher level monters? is it just to level up or there's other hidden thing as well?

  • BigBoss24mgs

    lvl 103 dragon is the highest i have seen in toussaint

  • Turbo Gamer

    Your voice is strange but cool

  • Pingapang

    level 53 or 100 or 1000 chort? 2 igini shot

  • Aaron young

    um im at 600 hours only visual mods at level 84 and i find stuff above 90 all day on ng+ Deaths march

  • P Pec

    Chort уаххаха! Учите русский, чертовы янки )

  • Alexandre Schneider

    i bet this guy has no woman in his live (except his mother).

  • Geralt Of Rivia

    I just killed a powerful and incredible arch griffin of level unknown... i being lvl +20... then someone tell me that this monster was lvl 70... See my figth with the monster in my channel

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