Witcher 3: How to Play Gwent

I've thrown together a very beginner level tutorial on how to play Gwent, the in-game card game in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!

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Gwent is the new in-game deck building card game in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. With over 150 collectable cards, you can explore the world of The Witcher 3 and challenge NPCs to a round or two of Gwent, even betting in-game currency on the outcome.

The basics of Gwent are simple, but they leave a lot of room for complex strategy. At the beginning of ever game of gwent, the game automatically draws ten cards from each players custom deck. For the most part, these ten cards are the only ten cards you'll have for EVERY round of the game.

Your hand will usually consist of combatant cards (close combat, ranged, or siege), weather cards, and in some instances, special cards. A flip of the coin will determine who goes first.

Starting with the first player, the two players will take turns putting cards down on the battlefield. Each combatant card will have a power value assigned to it. Weather cards will effect the power levels of each type of combatant (frost will hurt close combat, fog will hurt ranged, and rain will hurt siege. Clear weather cards remove these status effects.)

Once one of the players chooses to pass (or runs out of cards), the other player will get to place cards until they to decide to pass. After both sides have passed, the side with the higher power value wins the round.

The winner of the game is the first to two round wins. Again, the important factor here is that the initial 10 cards you draw will for the most part be all that you have to play with, so it's vital to NOT play all 10 of your cards in round one, or else you'll be left with nothing to fight round two with.

It essentially turns a game of luck into a tricky game of risk vs. reward. In some cases it will actually be beneficial to surrender a round and let the opponent win, in order to save good cards for your new round.
  • SanderRotje

    If the game had explained it this way, I could have won the first game hahah thanks a lot!

  • Shochreim

    Belive it or not, im level 40 and watching this.... XD

  • freij jensen

    Use the spy cards in the first rounds damit! forces him to pass

  • woody280486

    FINALLY. someone who actually explains how to play this fucking game.Now I understand it, I'll try and play it again.Great video. Thanks heaps.

  • Ivy The Twisted

    Thank you! I've been playing Eitcher 3 for a week now and awoided Gvent like a plague because I had no idea what I was doing first I've played it firs time around.Simple, useful = Perfect :DBest of luck mate.

  • Insatiable Chaos

    Gwent should be a standalone app

  • RaBchEiNmA

    AAA card game in AAA game sweet

  • DonJuansDaddy

    Dude, if you are going to forfeit a round, PLAY THE SPY CARD.  You get two cards and you aren't going to give him points the next round.  If you are going to lose a round, it doesn't matter if he beats you by 1 or 100.  So give him the spy card so you can use the two cards in the next round without giving him points to close a round.There is sometimes I play 3 spy cards and don't put any value cards on the board and lose the round.  But I usually kick ass the next two rounds.

  • Derek Tan

    A few pointers to note: 1. Spy is op, do whatever you can to use your spy cards. When your opponents uses spy, decoy it. When you have a medic and your opponent uses a spy card, save your medic for the spy revive next round. When you know you will lose the round, spam all the spy cards and boost their points, since you are not going to win anyway. When you have weather cards and spy cards, (ie close combat spy + biting frost) use your spy cards and hold the weather card till the very end - when they pass, use your weather card to surprise them. When your opponent has passed and you have way more points than your opponent, if you have spy cards use them as well. 2. In Gwent, every move is important and legitimate. If you are going to lose that round, try to, as much as possible, waste your opponents cards (ie maybe use your leader card or decoy card to help you skip one turn but has minimal effect on your points). Stronger opponents however knows how to avoid your trap. 3. Each faction has their strengths and weaknesses. For example, monster faction is known for spamming same type cards. Thats op as hell but weather cards counter it. Dealing with nifgaardian faction is not as straightforward. You need to outwit them with more cards using medics and spy cards. Generally they have more special cards that are invulnerable to weather cards so you have to use raw power to deal with it (ie having more cards). 4. At critical stages of the game, you have to make assumptions in what card your opponents has. Depending on his faction, you can more or less guess the playstyle (through experience). In addition, there are often signs that your opponents has ran out of cards - using a random cards that does not provide optimal effect. Let's look at a scenario: You are in the second round of the game. Your opponent has won the first round. He has 2-3 cards left and he passes (ie let's you win) this means that at least 1 card is a non power card (weather card, decoy..). By keeping some strong power cards for the last round, you are likely to win the fight. Or if he uses a useless card on you, likely he has ran out of options and is waiting for you to waste your cards (see above point 2)There are a lot of tiny details in Gwent, such as the number of weather cards, the proportion of ranged, combat and siege cards and such. They can all affect how "lucky" your cards are, and keep your deck minimal and strong - so you have higher chances of getting good cards. And redraw, make full use of it, plan how you want to attack your opponent. If you have a torrential rain and many siege cards, redraw your torrential rain. Its unlikely that your opponent has more siege power than you. Like wise if your leader can already summon a weather card, no point keeping the same weather card in your deck, unless you know your opponent is prone to use a certain type for attacking. This comment is insanely long, but I hope it helps anyone trying to defeat the stronger opponents. Have fun

  • carlos cruz

    Wow this video really helped a lot. Good thorough explanation. Not too much, but also not too little. Great job!

  • Thy Raven Wings

    If you are just going to hand him a first round victory anyways, id say play any of your spy cards as early as possible.

  • Alex Funes

    Gwent is easy to understand. But hard to master.

  • The Beast

    This seemed pretty boring at first, but that's because I didn't understand how to play it. Now it seems fun :D

  • fivefingerheist

    MILF Guardians? How do I join them Kappa

  • MrSophisticatedChild

    How to win: use spies and decoys

  • Wouter Veraart

    I’m 65 hours in and still don’t understand Gwent 😅. Still need some practicing!

  • Barny Miggo

    Completed the story and hearts of stone, still didnt know how to play gwent xd

  • Thatguy1705

    I hated gwent at first now I love it

  • Ricardo

    Wow... Thank you... finally a gwent tutorial that makes sense and really explains

  • SinukuR6

    i still have alot of trouble, my opponents always place multiple cards at a time when i can oly place 1 and absolutely destroy me instantly

  • RankerSVP 98

    Top 10 cards in base game( no DLCs):1. Avallac'h (Neutral) - Power: 0 Ability: Spy2. Geralt of Rivia / Cirilla (Neutral) - Power:153. Villentrenmech (Neutral) - Power: 7 Ability: Scorch Close4. Menno Coehoorn (Nilfgaard) - Power: 10 Ability: Heal5. Yennefer (Neutral) - Power: 7 Ability: Heal6. Kayran (Monsters) - Power: 8 Ability: Agile, Morale Boost7. Vampires: Fleder, Ekimmara, Bruxa, Garkain, Katakan (Monsters) - Power: 4,4,4,4,5 Ability: Muster8. Arachas X3/Arachas Behemoth (Monsters) - Power: 4,6 Ability: Muster9. Crones: Brewess, Whispess, Weavess (Monsters) - Power: 6,6,6 Ability: Muster10. Northern Realms Spies: Thaler, Dijkstra, Prince Stennis - Power: 1,4,5 Ability: SpyNote: Cards 1,2,4,5,6 are Hero cardsHonorable Mentions: All 10 power Hero Cards, All Leader Cards, Decoys, Milva, Commander's Horn, Scorch cards, Weather cards, Catapults, Dandelion(Nilfgaard spies suck compared to Northern Realms spies and the Scoia'tael deck in general is weak)PS: The best card that deserves the 0 position is Poor Fucking Infantry

  • Chris B

    Excellent video mate, really explains the fundamentals of the game. I only have one question: when you win, do you get to take a card from your opponents deck, Triple Triad style? Or do you have to buy them from vendors in the world?

  • Callum Killeen

    This is my fovorite thing in fortnite

  • marco streng

    a tip use spy's in rounds your going to lose or planning to lose so you start with more card next round and he doesn't have more power.

  • Pigeon

    level 85 never played gwent

  • Davide Perini

    there is no reason to pass a round without dropping every spy of the deck. :)

  • Gobi Subramaniam

    I get it now. No wonder I won the first round but kept losing the other two. I kept using all my cards thinking I was going to get a fresh hand later.

  • IndoJimbo

    Thanks for this vid. I could'nt quite grasp the concept of the whole game without it.

  • Andreas SK

    Thank you. I was avoiding gwent for a long time. Finished the game and all quests and everything but with gwent quest untouched. Now I will give it a try at least :)

  • calmingspeed

    This is the worst thing that they have put into the game! EDIT: Ok, ok after playing the game numerous times I am sensing that it isn't that bad and somewhat fun.

  • Sarah Moore

    Thank you! 😁 I better understand now, thanks to you!!! This vid is amazing! Thanks again!

  • Juliana

    Thank you for this, I'm on the last mission of the game and avoided gwent until now haha but I don't wanna beat the witcher without doing all quests, and I haven't done any gwent quest so now it's time for that.

  • Young Windex

    Im level 28 and never played a game of gwent

  • SadValentine

    Thanks for explaining it so well! Could not follow the games instructions for the life of me!!

  • Charles Hill

    Play your spy on the round you have chosen to forfeit minimising damages.

  • Benson Family

    now there making a completely new game on this

  • GENERIC Toaster Stroodle

    Is this a downloaded dlc because there is a dlc for this card game so what’s that all about?

  • Feronach Feronach

    Early on, don't bother with weather cards because you will have a balanced amount of each weather. Just get the leader that clears skies, and don't add weather until you can specialize your deck

  • ArchyBalls

    Is it best to have the best deck available? Meaning all hero cards ect I'm early in the game and struggling on gwent

  • Vampirerockstar

    Geralt: I summon my archer in attack mode and I'll end my turn

  • coinsagE46m3

    Thanks for the explanation.  Helps a lot.  Kinda wish I hadn't gotten through 35 hours of the game before figuring out how to play!

  • Le GentleMan

    This game actually shows how much you can think 2 or 3 steps ahead of the opponent...On my first playthrough, i dont even care about Gwent because I want to learn the storyline as fast as i can...on my second playthrough, I went to every single undiscovered locations and then stack up my cards, buys them whenever the shopkeepers have any cards...Once i start winning, I went to every town with shopkeepers to challenge them and they in return, give me cards...This game is super fun...like a card game of chess

  • Jammsbro

    Thanks for this mate, didn't get the game until I watched this.

  • Big Chris

    try using all your spy cards as soon as you can. you might lose the first round but it gives you more cards meaning for flexibility for your plays in the next two rounds

  • Anthony Minichiello

    Should have played the spy during the first round since you planned to lose anyway.

  • mackstertube

    Thank you for making this video. I have the ps4 collectors edition and it does not have physical cards. I think there is some deal with Xbox or pc or whoever got the cards. Hopefully later we can all by them as I love cards and card games with great art on them and it is such a novelty to play both in and out of game. I love cd projekt red but they kind of stuffed me on this. This is the only game I have used a strategy guide for and it has been awesomely useful, well this early on anyway. Especially chest locations and letting you know which side quests to do as if you go to far on a main quest some side quests become unplayable! Thanks again for informative video.

  • DigtBrain2

    you play really badly - don't think you understand how to play with spies

  • Serpico's Beard

    This was better than the tutorial in the actual game. Thanks!

  • WolvoJay

    Thanks for this video, I downloaded Witcher 3 GOTY last night with all DLCs after playing the original game back on console when it first came out, I never really played Gwent then but looking to get properly stuck into the game this time around and this video will certainly help me with Gwent. Thanks again!

  • MyChico333

    The best thing you can do is to keep the number of card high, that way you always have an advantage. So is better to use the spy cards in the first round. You might lose that round but you'll have the advantage the nex round.

  • Garth Palmer

    so it seems like you should have a lot of spy cards, weather to hose the guys you give them and them some heavy hitters to finish the game

  • Trevor Luebbert

    i didn't find the tutorial in white orchard, so this video was extremely helpful :)

  • Sean Field

    i love this card game.

  • Bloxeh

    Spies are important troops to generate cards. In combination with well placed decoy- and revive-cards they can be even more helpful. As someone else said, try to play spies at the start of the game. If the enemy plays a spy on you, if you have, play a decoy and replay it. If not, you'll have a discarded spy in the next round you might want to revive.

  • Erik H

    Cool video! I'm already 40 hours through the game and have been avoiding Gwent for the most part... Gonna give it another try tonight now that I actually know what's going on

  • Jessy1119

    Thank you far making this video!!! It helped lots!

  • Christian Peralta

    Pretty simple game , at first I ignored but since there are quest for the gwent I have to learn it. Thank you

  • Nikolay Bichev


  • Connor S

    this is an awesome tutorial. thanks so much for this!

  • Guts

    Rule number 1: use common sense.I figured out after the 10 second tutorial at the start of the game that explains every aspect to you. In fact i wanted the tutorial to shutup and let me play because of how quickly i understood it. Anyone who thinks this game is hard is the type of ADD gamer that skips everything and then whines like a baby that they don't understand stuff that was right in front of them. I actually clicked this video in disbelief, and wow, it actually exists. just wow.

  • K ALL DAY 1

    Huge help! Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Josh Riddle

    I hate gwent dont know why they did not just put in poker which is a real game like they did in red dead redemption

  • Avenexful

    Rules of the game are explained pretty good in this guide, but tactics not so good... first of all you want as much spies and dummys as you can and either use them all in first or last round. Hand advantage is more important than board advantage. Play your combo at last round. When you play against swarmer decks (scoiatel or monsters) use cold weathers after swarming. Use as much "blue stripes" as you can. When you win first round and have hand advantage just pass and combo at last round. If you play against nilfgard be patient cause they have the best spies in game. Be ready to lose, sometimes you have to lose 4 times to win. If your starting hand doesnt contain any spy, dummy or medic just forfeit the game at start.

  • qdllc

    Can you "build" your deck? In other words, can you acquire high point cards and dispose of low-point/weather cards so your deck is "stacked" to favor easy winning? I'm thinking similar to Caravan in the Fallout: New Vegas game. I don't see a way to do it, but you just said it was counterproductive to acquire cards as it dilutes your chances of getting a good hand.

  • Austin W

    I have lost about 15 games of gwent and i hate it i hope it burns in hell

  • jelle vd berg

    If you're gonna lose a round to save cards you should always play all your spies because the opponents score doesnt matter anyway

  • Zanzubaa1

    But what is the point in even having those low value cards? The cards do not seem to cost anything to play except a turn so why not put down powerful cards everytime? I have not played many card games, last one I played was Hearthstone and that was ages ago. I remember you have mana and cards cost mana to play. You get 1 more mana each round so eventually you have 10 mana every round and can use those big-boy cards.

  • henlance

    Gwent game is so boring, a total waste of time in a nice game. I personally preferd dice, since it was much quicker to play and you did'nt had to collect and buy useless cards. As mentioned in other comments this should be an app and not part of the Witcher game. Thanks for your video, but I still don't see the fun in this Gwent game.

  • Reality Theory

    What are some tips about building your deck? I know I'm super late to the party, but I left the Witcher 3 for a long time then recently came back to it and fell in love all over again. I beat the game once and am playing NG+ and finally decided to give Gwent a try.

  • georgespanish

    To be perfectly honest, I'm midway through Hearts of Stone with the main quest finished. Never played a game of gwent. I just wasn't interested, and it didn't help how in some missions you have to play it. Frankly, it annoyed me. But maybe I'll give it a chance in a new playthrough, I'm sure this will come in real handy!

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