The Best Open World Games Ever Created

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Here's a list of all the games I mention:

Grand Theft Auto: 0:49

Just Cause: 1:11

Skyrim: 1:50

The Forest: 2:16

Saints Row: 2:58

Mafia 2/3: 3:36

Red Dead Redemption 1/2: 4:13

Fallout: 4:45

Minecraft: 5:25

Far Cry: 5:32

Mad Max: 6:04

Dying Light: 6:35

Assassin's Creed: 7:25

Rust: 7:47

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I love games that allow you to free-roam and this list has by far my favorite open world video games to date.

All of these open world games I've played and everyone has something different to offer.

There's some of the greatest, some of the hidden and a few games you may have forgotten about, either way I did my best to add what I thought was the best open worlds in 2016.

If you have any amazing open world games you'd like to add to the list please use the comments down below.

Also be sure to check out my video on the greatest zombie games:

Have an amazing day and if you want more awesome game ideas go to my blog:
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  • chapasproject

    am i the only one who really really liked sleeping dogs?

  • Trinity

    METAL GEAR SOLID V, THE WITCHER 3, and DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION... All beautiful open world games that should be mentioned within top 15, but I def like how original the list was, I didn't expect many of the choices. THUMBS UP. And... Skyrim only 10-15 hours..., I just started playing remastered for the first time and I'm just scratching the surface at around 20. I don't even play MGSV a whole lot, (not good at the game mechanics, lol) but still recognize it's mastercrafting. You sound like you would like the SOULS GAMES and BLOODBORNE. Not open world but by far my favorite games ever.

  • Justin R Varga

    Mad Max was brilliant.

  • 1967 Shelby

    Dying light no one plays that anymore but I love it.

  • DIO Oszyi

    What happens to Borderlands?S.T.A.L.K.E.RWitcher 3Metal Gear SolidGothicX3DAY Z ARMAOP FlashpointStar CitizenMafia Dragon AgeBatman AC ZeldaWOWto name a few and just in my opinion Oblivion is far better than Skyrim but year, the TES Series is great!!!

  • GamesAlike

    All games are listed in the description. Cheers for watching, have an awesome day, Oli :)

  • Smith Smitherson

    Who ever played Fallout 4 to the end and chose to join the Brotherhood of Steel, raise your text hands!

  • Cyrus the Virus

    People can say anything about Ubisoft but what's undeniable is the fact that the Far Cry series have such very complete, brutal and interesting titles like FC3 with it's outstanding story and badass and amazing game mechanics, same goes to the 4th one which is a total improvement of the previous one, best open world games are those two for me and nothing else.

  • Kristina Graversgaard

    Mine is fallout 4, skyrim, mad max, Space engineers, assassins creed 4 Black flag, just cause 3, gta v, the crew, metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain, Batman arkham knight

  • KIM Jong-un

    Red Dead is my fav out this list, but great list, agree on alot of these!

  • Papa Wyatt

    My favourite setting in a game is assassins creed unity. The French Revolution is a brilliant time to set it in, the architect is amazing and also the civil unrest makes you feel like you're there.

  • Sub Zero

    Don't forget infamous second son and final fantasy xv.

  • Sean K

    Mad Max is a very very good game -- if you like GTA, Far Cry, etc. and especially if you like the movies (Mad Max, The Road Warrior, etc). Very entertaining game.

  • Mr Sickless

    Cool list but i personally wouldn't count Rust, Mincraft, Frost. As a open world game it kinda counts as a survival. (Before you hate on this comment i clearly said PERSONALLY)

  • Anna Gortat

    I recommend you The Witcher, or Rise of the Tomb Rider, but you probably already know that. :)

  • gcvgckjtfhtcokjkhlhygbfcc7f gg,gj nmnvgnv,

    gta 5 and saints row I would say are my favourite


    I can't stop playing Mad Max.

  • Keyu

    My list:gta5watch dogs2minecraftjust cause 3gta San Andreas

  • Carol Hewitt

    I think I have an addiction to mad maxI counted my hours on all of my saves and I have 3627 hoursHelp me.....

  • Jacob Locklear

    Mad max dying light great games right here

  • Poe Lemic

    Very enjoyable video. Liked what you had to say. And, most of your chosen games were my favorite games too.

  • Stealth_ Gamer

    Watch Dogs , Watch Dogs 2 , Final Fantasy 15 , Horizon Zero Dawn , Mass Effect Andromeda , Ghost recon wildlands , Batman Arkham Knight , Batman Arkham Origins , Spiderman are best open world in my opinion .............. These are the most played games by 2016/17 and have a ................. MIND BLOWING GRAPHICS !!!!!!!!!! . I think you should add to your list too ;D

  • Roman Galich

    Really surprised you don't know much about the Assassin's Creed series, the newest Origins and then Syndicate are just absolutely amaaaazing.

  • xCobi

    Mad Max is the best Game for under 5€ i ever bought ... super Story and a epic World

  • Tutilio

    Oblivion is by far better than Skyrim.

  • ra!n5

    Mad Max is best and awesome, assholes...

  • Tiger Boom

    i think the list is good i mean it... it actually good... and i am not saying you should have added what others told but jsut cause i want here some of mine list....ohm infamous 2 yeah i still play it... great game awesome story just love it also the whole idea of you creating your level with any thing you want... is crazy

  • The Big Dawg

    Red dead redemption 2 should be called "Redder and Deader than the last redemption"

  • Bouncy BaconGod

    I don't personally agree with all of the choices, but this guy is really funny.

  • S4N77U

    I'm so relieved that Far Cry is here!

  • Vijay B

    Uncharted 4The Nathan Drake TrilogyThe Last Of UsHorizon Zero Dawn

  • 12D3

    Mad Max was absolutely insane. Loved every minute of it.

  • ashen one

    you sound ridiculously similar to Kol Michaelson from The Originals

  • air

    really good video, i loved your enthusiasm, subscribed

  • Omhuk 75

    Mad max was great. The witcher 3 and MGS V should be in the list as well.

  • Jack Nea Nea

    Dude keep going I like you man 😂😂 I'm not gay but you know what I mean !! #thebest

  • Euro44 GamingPal99

    Saints row 3 and 4 was the worst freemode games ever created.

  • Alex Johnson

    I love mad max its a good game

  • Chris Gikas

    far cry 2 in africa....amazing game...a little old but it was awesome..

  • Mark Williams

    This is the best game list ever! Thank you

  • Muhammed Elferis

    great video my friend congratulations

  • Nimod Poudel

    Can i play gta V on Intel core i5 -2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz?

  • Jake brihendde

    So glad that he put Minecraft to the list 😊

  • ҉K҉N҉ I҉G҉HT҉F҉ I҉ ҉R҉Ế҉6҉6҉

    5:24 minecraft for about 5 sec hahah best game ever doesnt need more time...

  • Sauron Ikov

    here's what i think the top 10 should be1: ark survival evolved2: 7 days to die3: Minecraft4: Far Cry 45: The Isle6: DayZ7: Hurt World8: stranded deep9: BorderLands Pre- Sequel 10: Rust

  • 1967 Shelby

    State of decay 2 hopefully it's going to be online to.

  • Dagwood Dog

    GTA is for baby boys, Fallout is for when you're ready to become a man

  • aaron donahue

    No daggerfall? MURDER! Jk ;)

  • Any Rebel

    Mad Max is underrated. honestly the only thing that hurt it was the sandbox gameplay that messed with the story. the dialogue and characters and story in mad max was so impressive..especially by video game standards. I even feel like they wasted mad max lore on this game and I really think it deserves a movie. It did feel like something was missing a bit though. Because I had to read character bios to make sense of stuff. They probably did the best they could do with the time and money

  • Mark Audette

    GTA V was good then Rockstar fucked it up with microtransactions haven't played it for a couple of years.

  • maulik jain

    can anybody who has gta5 activated through serial key please highly compress and give it to me, i have internet speed as 6mb/s

  • Ghayas Ahmad

    The games is not on playstore tell me who to download 👐

  • Dr. Pheel

    Mad max is fun, the story is nice, but the map is hardly noteworthy. It's like, ubisoft quality open world. I mean yes it's detailed and littered with stuff to do, but it's just that - stuff to do. Not interesting stuff. Other than doing missions it's not all that interesting. Don't get me wrong, I love the game, but in my personal opinion it's just not "best open world" quality

  • Uku Sibul

    JC3 is my fav game of all time. Can't wait to play JC4

  • Ebrahim Zamani


  • FunnyBuzz

    What about state of decade (1 and 2)

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