The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix

The worst monsters are the ones we create. Watch the first official teaser for The Witcher, Season 1.

The Witcher, coming soon, Only on Netflix:

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The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix

The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.
  • tlages

    I heard they would have released this earlier but Henry kept doing side quests instead of focusing on the plot.

  • Puddin

    If he doesn’t complain about how much he hates portals and teleporting at least once I’m gonna be so steamed

  • iulian andrei

    If Geralt doesn't say "looks like rain" every time it rains in this show, i'm gonna delete my netflix account.

  • Facefull Void

    2013: Man of Steel2020: Man of Steel & Silver

  • Dan Threepwood

    I'd love to see how they tackle Geralt's 300+ pound inventory of dried fruits and swords.

  • The Sociopath

    Guys it's netflix we have to be happy that cavil plays geralt's role not Will smith

  • Claudine Francois

    Came for the trailer, stayed for the comments

  • Stefan Babij

    I wonder if Henry will roll endlessly to avoid the monsters

  • iurhviusdfavhi

    The amount of times he has to do a roll on the ground when fighting that spider should tell us if the show is on easy, normal, or hard.

  • Venture702

    "Chaos is Magic.""Chaos is the most dangerous thing in this world."Petyr Baelish: "Chaos is a ladder."

  • Mateus dos Santos

    Finally a Witcher that runs in my PC.

  • X MrMoSh

    cant wait to hear the lelelelele song when he fight monsters

  • Bounty Hunter

    Can't wait for Geralt to say"Nice Tune"Or"Wind's Howling.

  • drtokubuns

    I'm just happy they got cavill, who's a huge witcher fan to play the role instead of someone who will do it just because they'll get paid

  • Julio Teixeira

    We will be watching a lot of candles being lit when Geralt tries to loot stuff in folk’s houses

  • Lynchpin00

    Doesn't feel right without slavic acoustic music blasting in the background

  • Vishal Kumar

    Is 4gb RAM enough to run this on my pc or do I need more?

  • Sir Toastman

    Can’t wait to hear the guards sing “PAM PA RAM”

  • Santiagold ion

    Please fix roach on this series or we will never get past the pilot.

  • jacobyfejeran263

    I can tell there's going to be a lot of seasons cause of the side quests.

  • Martin Myggestik

    I have an idea for the soundtrack. Something like:Lei le le lei lei le le lei lei la-lei-la-lei la-lei la-lei

  • Draka Shrakenburg Productions

    All I want is for him to say: "winds howling."

  • Four Nine

    I miss polish folk music here. I think this witcher will have a slightly different atmosphere...

  • I W

    Can't wait to see the episode where Geralt coaxes a goat back to its pen with a tiny bell.

  • Ivan Aleksiev

    I imagined Yennefer different when I read the books...

  • Mr Friday

    I mean, at least the books are finished, so no chance of a GoT situation eh.

  • I will do the fortnite dance on u

    holy shit i didnt even recognize triss was in the trailer until i read comments

  • martinezjar13

    I better see the horse get stuck behind a fence atleast one time or it’s not cannon

  • Lt. mean cat

    I wonder if he will mention the Lilac and Gooseberries when they introduce Yennefer

  • Iván GG

    Netflix: The worst monsters are the ones we create.Me after the trailer: ... Yeah

  • 10.000 Subs With No Videos

    One of the episodes needs to be Geralt helping an old woman find her pan

  • Envy Llaw

    Came for the trailer, but the comments are better.

  • iHeartAxes

    Henry Cavill2013 : Man of Steel2019: Steel for Men

  • man guy

    Geralt: I'd like to upgrade my swordMerchant: Ok how about this oneGeralt:Geralt:Geralt:Geralt: Ok I'm finally back what was it again?Merchant: How about-Geralt: a round of gwent! Yes A round of gwentGeralt: plays round then leaves

  • Mikhail Sporyshev

    i bet that dwarf produces nilfgaardian armor in this timeline

  • Spen Boonder

    Looks like Geralt has been brewing those steroid potions again.

  • El Fuego

    After GoT shit ending, I really wish that the Witcher will make me forget it

  • DecemB ,The

    anyone : blah blah blahGeralt : how about a round of gwent?Literally anybody : ** silently nod **

  • Cesar Espinosa

    "I'm looking for cards, good ones only. Dont want any trash"

  • Tòng Trần

    You must find Geralt of Rivia.Geralt: How about round of gwen?

  • wow john

    most of the episodes are just him looting from houses

  • FailGreat AchieveGreat

    If we don't get Geralt riding a horse and angrily shouting "Come on Roach!" at least once, I'm cancelling my subscription

  • Edd Hemmings

    Netflix, Slavic medieval hurdy gurdy music. When it's done you may have my gold

  • Le Petit Lapin

    So is this what The Witcher looks like with GeForce RTX turned on?

  • Coty Martin

    Can't wait for Geralt to get trapped by a knee high fence during battle.

  • Zztermzz 123

    He better say “Damn you’re ugly” to at least one of the monsters.

  • Joker

    There needs to be an episode where geralt just goes around asking people to play gwent and doing side quests

  • Selim Primovic

    i Think when Yen says hurryThey are at Rinde And fighting with the Djinn

  • Derek Delboy Trotter

    0:30 I thought she was going to say "Chaos is a ladder"

  • sinkiy

    All these scenes I remember in the books lol. This is going to be great.

  • Tales Figueiredo

    Villager: Some creature attacked me in the woods and took my sonGeralt: Gwent?Villager nods

  • nizam shaikh

    I want every soundtrack frm the game into this series...

  • Nate V

    “Master Witcher! My daughter has been kidnapped! Please help me!”“Hankering for a game of cards. Gwent, specifically.”smiles and nods

  • CharlesLeeRay

    HBO: "What are you doing?"NETFLIX: "Killing Walkers..."

  • Fernando Erazo

    Lmao I saw “The Witch” trailer first and was so confused.

  • sherwan smo

    Official soundtrack:Pam pa raam pam pam pa raaam...

  • eyeCU13

    The trailer is a total mess and very forgettable. It highlights even more how good the game trailers are in comparison.

  • Joshua Wilson

    Bru, the scene of the army running down the hill is so unfinished, even for a trailer. How'd that make the cut

  • Furyluxury love

    I cant wait to see Zoltan and You cant forget the Rock trolls! Tala sit arsedown! Tala sockcuck shoeses make!

  • Albi Mataj

    "I remember hearing stories about Witchers"I remember playing games about one.

  • MinnesotaWeLit

    They should make an episode of Geralt finding an old woman's pan

  • Kris Deissinger

    I shall smell lilac and gooseberries when watchin this..

  • Justinas Baltrimas

    "Place of power.. gotta be"

  • daniel morris

    I played the game and thought, 'nice!'. Then I started reading the books and thought, 'NOW I get it!'. Now I share this trailer with all who may be interested. If it's made well~ for all three mediums it's a win, win, win.

  • Ana Lúcia

    Brasileiros, por aqui? 😬😂🤣

  • Hastee Afnani

    When they said the word “chaos”, I immediately thought they were gonna say “Chaos is a ladder” 😂😂😂

  • alucardrub

    What do we have here: "Geralt of fkng rivia"

  • Bharathi JK

    I hope they make atleast one random character in the series sing this... Paam pram paam paam praam..

  • Mehdi Toumi

    0:31 I disagree. Chaos is a ladder

  • Brick Father

    They need to have a single 5 hours episode of Geralt moving from town to town playing gwent

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