The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix

The worst monsters are the ones we create. Watch the first official teaser for The Witcher, Season 1.

The Witcher, coming soon, Only on Netflix:

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The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix

The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.
  • tlages

    I heard they would have released this earlier but Henry kept doing side quests instead of focusing on the plot.

  • Hideto Adachi

    if he isnt dodging and rolling 90% of the fight scenes, its wack.

  • Walking Shadow

    The witcher of bodybuilder school

  • Anal Terminator

    If I don't hear the lines:"Damn, you're ugly""Place of power, gotta be""How do you like that silver"I will anally terminate you all

  • Nordeles

    The most important thing is the unicorn.

  • Martin Myggestik

    I have an idea for the soundtrack. Something like:Lei le le lei lei le le lei lei la-lei-la-lei la-lei la-lei

  • Gladius Vitae

    If Geralt isn't talking to himself for 50pct of the run time, we riot.

  • Cyber Cat

    Care for a game of Gwent?

  • Sidhant Bhagat

    Geralt is so buffed he should be called the man of steel

  • Thesilmarilstory Deren

    Expect season 1 to be all of Gwent games until Geralt get all the cards

  • Mateus dos Santos

    Finally a Witcher that runs in my PC.

  • Mohd Nor Syafiq

    -On the way to slay a monster that terrorize a village....Open map..."Oh, yellow exclamation mark! Gotta go there first"

  • Ice Man

    Henry: how buff should i be?Netflix: yes

  • John Dayguy

    He really didnt kept an eye on his toxicity meter

  • Kool-Aid Man

    Geralt better ask someone to play gwent, and they better cross their arms, smile and nod.

  • PillBham

    “I remember hearing stories about witchers, is it true what they say?” Geralt, Eskel and Lambert at Kaer Morhen: get wasted and wear yen’s clothes

  • Kh Surjakumar

    To watch this on Netflix all u need is:System: Intel Core i5-9400F | Intel Z390m-H Chipset | 16GB DDR4 RAM 3000 Mhz | 240GB M.2 SSD | 2TB HDD | DOS | Mercury 240 Liquid CPU Cooler | NVIDIA 2070 8GB GDDR6 Video Card. Lol

  • Adirel

    The Witcher.. but Sounds are more like GoT.. xD make it more Slav

  • justice coos

    Better say I hate portals each time he sees one

  • kapsel

    Really hoping it won't turn out to be the same as Witcher from 2002 but with bigger budget

  • The Sociopath

    Guys it's netflix we have to be happy that cavil plays geralt's role not Will smith

  • Marky Mark

    this guy with the long white hair should be Arthas in an official Warcraft movie!!!

  • Seth Gaston

    Anyone notice how Geralt stole Lethos muscles

  • Emily Przybyla

    I hope they don’t forget the unicorn.

  • Master Bateson

    I want to see Geralt enter Yennefers portal if you know what I'm saying...

  • Dani Mac

    Dear Netflix this is legendary writing ,best seller and three time game of the year series pls don"t screw this up

  • LEX MA

    This should be a Slavic dark fantasy and a marvel from netflix with a superman in the lead role(((

  • Nosknut

    "Chaos is the most dangerous thing in this world."Me be like; "Chaos is a ladder"

  • hellofajr

    All I see in the Teaser1. The Witcher2. Lesser Evil3. Question of Price4. The Last Wish5. Sword of Destiny6. Something More

  • yoon3moon

    Geralt meets Yennefer.(Opens a portal)Yennefer: Shall we?Geralt: I hate portals...

  • Zztermzz 123

    He better say “Damn you’re ugly” to at least one of the monsters.

  • james cartel

    this is absolutely good cant wait to watch it 👍

  • Zhenya Priyma

    Заебись.Славянское фентези,ага.Славянским духом так и прет.Особенно чернокожие дриады Брокилона,которые почему-то сделались амазонками.Надо было Идриса Эльбу на роль Геральта брать,вообще заебись было бы.

  • Robert McCutcheon

    Ok I was not really all that impressed with the trailer the first time I watched it. But now that a am rewatching it I like what I see a lot more.

  • Marky Mark

    this guy with the long white hair should be Arthas in an official Warcraft movie!!!

  • Mr Friday

    I mean, at least the books are finished, so no chance of a GoT situation eh.

  • Marky Mark

    this guy with the long white hair should be Arthas in an official Warcraft movie!!!

  • Marky Mark

    this guy with the long white hair should be Arthas in an official Warcraft movie!!!

  • Tania A.

    Please don’t make it tragic like Game Of Thrones

  • scott

    "I hate portals"

  • MinnesotaWeLit

    They should make an episode of Geralt finding an old woman's pan

  • Gergő Borbély

    Looks like Vesemir trained him in the School of Gains

  • Prakash Meena

    I was like he's Henry CAVILL? witch please!

  • Hollie Willow

    legolas? more like quadricepolas, i mean damn

  • corey jones

    Are we going to be able to see Geralt of Rivia with charming muttons here?

  • Artūrs Paizo

    Can't seem to find any negative comments so what's with the dislikes?

  • StageLined

    When this trailer first came out, it did not wow me. It doesn't look bad the trailer is just an average trailer. But I gotta admit, it's growing on me. Hope the show itself is good

  • Marky Mark

    0.08 - 0.12 Arthas "Lich King" murdering his father.. Goodold Warcraft Fans will get this.


    "So that's all life is to you? Monster and money?"reaches for gwent deck in pocket"No".

  • Ota Olut

    The beginning will be a huge war, where people run to each other with swords and shoot each other by bows and catapults. It darkens andYou see Geralt thinking a strategy while playing Gwent with the shop owner.

  • jason!

    I think that was what was missing in GOT. Now, I want to see dragons added to this realm and a hot actress with bleach blonde hair

  • Oliver Talajka

    He protecHE attacBut most importantlyHE wants his Ciri bac

  • Deperon100

    Даже адаптация от Brazzers и то лучше...

  • Supreme Court

    "Winter Is Coming" ❌"Witcher Is Coming" ✔️

  • Razar Campbell

    If it's got nothing to do with the games then that means that Foltest is still alive!!!! Temeria is still independent!!!! Yaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!

  • Li Lin

    They better put Gwent in the show

  • Stephen Roberts

    starring sarah jessica parker as roach

  • Card

    Cade a barba netflix, porra Geraldão fica bonito com barba sem barba ele parece um alienígena

  • youssef barj

    *You can't outrun destiny just because you're terrified of it * he told him that cuz he was playing too many side missions

  • Varun Muttur

    Please don't CGI Geralt's beard.

  • Lynchpin00

    Doesn't feel right without slavic acoustic music blasting in the background

  • Eat Sleep Games

    I see two short stories from the last wish so far as well as some of the first novel. Im pumped bc I love the source material and I like Cavil, hope its great

  • Shashi Haresh

    why is he carrying only one sword ?

  • Πανος Γκικας

    Damn,the new Witcher update looking hella lit.

  • Marcus A

    Everything touched by CDPR turns into legendary masterpieces.Everything touched by Netflicks...

  • Jonathan Gonzalez

    The real question is, will there be an episode of just gwent

  • ZeroCast

    "Chaos is a ladd...oh wait, wrong TV show".Carry on then...

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