Witcher 3 ► CIRI IS EMPRESS & Leaves Geralt - Bittersweet/Sad Ending

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Sad Ending - Ciri joins Emhyr to become Empress of Nilfgaard and leaves Geralt and the life of a witcher behind. Witcher 3 Neutral Ending.
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  • xLetalis

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  • James Bucket

    This feels like more realistic ending though. I first got the witcher ending but felt everything too good to be true, and the whole game was far from fairy tale. Then I went for the empress ending and saw the detail and effort the developers put in this ending. I say the witcher ending was made for the players who wish Ciri to be happy, but the empress ending was what the developers had in mind.

  • admin8073

    Why does all the character disappear once the main quests are done? I am so lonely especially without Ciri :(

  • pateuvasiliu

    This is painful for Geralt but it's the greater good ending. Ciri will rule most of the world and make it a better place. She can help humanity much more than she would were she a simple witcher.

  • lovelion2001

    some1 tell Ciri about waterproof make up

  • StandingNomad

    I prefer the witcher ending. As empress Ciri will be a bird in a golden cage, married to Morvran Voorhis and manipulated from the shadows by her father. She will not be happy.A witcher's life is hard but she will be free and she will be happy. It's more in line with her personality and she will find new friends on the road just like Geralt has. Maybe even true love just like Geralt has.And I just don't buy all this talk that Ciri must be empress for the greater good etc. Look at how much Geralt and Ciri have accomplished as Witchers. They've lifted curses, reunited loved ones, stopped mad rulers, ensured good rulers came into power, saved villages, stopped the Aen Elle invasion, stopped the white frost.... they did all this as witchers, not as rulers of countries or men.Besides - Ciri is the lady of space and time. She can literally go anywhere and do anything. Saying that she must stay in this universe and be the ruler of Nilfgaard is frankly incredibly narrow-minded. In my ending she becomes a witcher and spends a few years on the path honing her skills. Then I imagine her going to other places, and finding new challenges and new civilizations to help. There will be places in time and space that need her more than this one.

  • xGarrettThiefx

    I came very close to shedding a tear after this happened in my game. What a game ... what a game.

  • Monikan Cultist

    Not a bad ending, really.With Ciri being Empress, Geralt can go visit her place anytime or vice versa and with Geralt's humanity lessons Ciri will bring peace to the Galaxy.DUUUUUN DUUUUUN DURURURURN DUUUN DUUUN DUNUN DUNUN *WITCHER 4: RETURN OF THE WITCHERblablablablablablabla

  • Dmitri Kirichenko

    13:56 lol wtf is that guy doing just wondering around is he even supposed to be there?

  • sharky168

    Dont know why Ciri and Geralt are so sad.Ciri can just teleport to see Geralt and Geralt can use Triss/Yennefer's teleports.

  • The Wandering Knight

    This is the true and happy ending for the future of temeria and when Ciri takes the throne there will be peace on temeria's lands.

  • armoredp

    This in my opinion is the true ending, it is in line with the lesson the game is trying to teach you about not being overprotective and letting Ciri go and live out her destined role in life. Ciri being a Witcher is frankly a waste of her powers and legacy.

  • Igor Mello

    I got a very nice ending, with Ciri becoming a witcher and hunting with Geralt. Plus Yen's romance.

  • mink N

    I like this ending most.Bittersweet ending make this saga Epic!

  • Mike Allen

    People say Ciri becoming a witcher is the best ending, really it's just the best ending for Geralt, but if you really think about it the best ending would be this one. At least for the world of the game. Ciri as the new Empress would literally be the best chance for a united kingdoms under her rule. She's intelligent, Sassy as hell, a master swordsman, and has crazy multidimensional powers where she can send people to another world taken by the white frost as punishments.

  • Liaret

    Technically this is the best ending. Ciri figures out she'd change things the most if she'd be the empress. This is totally her grown-up decision and I respect it. Also it feels a little over-dramatic that she with her powers (which are not gone after the white frost destruction, are they?) is so sad of not seeing Geralt again. Come on, she can literally teleport to him any time, or he can visit her in the Nilfgaard's palace.

  • biubiuty

    I think the best ending is still ciri being a witcher, geralt remaining a bachelor after having unicorned yen and lighthoused triss cuz he would have justifications to boat shani.

  • Christopher Jorge

    Everyone says that her becoming the empress is the best ending for everyone as she can bring great change to the world. But I couldn't help it I am selfish and was glad she became a witcher like me.

  • Screamin Mime

    She doesn't feel a draft with her shirt open like that all the time?

  • Mossy

    Its a sad ending because it is when Geralt finds that destiny does not exist and his whole life has been a lie.

  • Michael96

    Had this ending too and I am satisfied with it. Radovid and Dijkstra are dead, Emhyr was victorious and Temeria became a vassal state of Nilfgaard.There, the opposition was crushed and Ciri is empress.Cerys is queen of Skellige and Geralt is in Kovir together with Triss.

  • Aggelos F

    This IS the best ending. It's the most realistic and the most suitable for all the characters in the game. That's how a truly good ending is supposed to be. This isn't a fairy tale. It's certainly what the developers had in mind and you can see how hard they worked on it. For those who say that witcher ending is better because Ciri chose to be a witcher, guess what... She also chooses to be an empress here. No-one forced her. But at least here she understands that the choice she is making is the best for everyone, not only her. She's only a bit sad because she thinks she won't see Geralt again, but that's not really the case for someone like her. Besides the witcher ending is too shallow and forced.

  • Astraldymensions

    It's funny, I knew that there were some good and bad endings, but ended getting the one I knew nothing about. I was very sad to see her go, but at the same time I was so proud of her. She saved the world, stuck to her guns, made her own decisions (I often made her make her own choices), and she became an Empress. I can't be prouder of her, even if I wish she had followed in her daddy's foot steps. She'll bring some quality times to these realms.

  • Disembowell

    It's the same with a real family... you get married, you (potentially) have children, you raise them and they will at some point leave you, at which point you're in the same boat as Geralt here.Aside from the, uh... past as a Master Witcher, superhuman abilities, etc...

  • InnerFire6213

    i love this ending and it's the best for me. Although it's sad that ciri left geralt, I agree with her, being a witcher would not make a big difference in making the world a better place. Plus she had geralt and everyone at kaer morhen to teach her, she will make a better ruler than emhyr

  • ellchicago

    I like this ending. It is bittersweet and sad that people that mean a lot to you have to go their separate ways. It is how life works. The best ending is too perfect while the worst ending is bad.

  • Nathaniel Jernigan

    This and the "bad" ending are actually my favorites. They are just so packed full of emotion, and unlike the "good" ending feel far more like a closing scene.

  • TheGusBus

    This ending is sadder than Ciri dying.


    I got this ending... Though the epic story made me shed a tear, I feel this is the real ending of the game; what was meant to happen. It clears up all the details and makes my heart sob at the same time after hundreds of hours of story driven excellent gameplay.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I love this ending and believe this is what was meant to happen Ciri can rule and make the North a better place for all and Geralt can finally put his sword down and retire with Yen. - Perfect, this is the best ending. Bitter/Sweet indeed, so sweet how it's Ciri's last adventure and outing with Geralt and her White Orchard holiday is over but grudgingly doesn't want to leave though is for the best, for the greater good. Brings a tear to my eye. Good Job CD Project Red.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    As well as a great ending, the murdering King of the North is killed and the people of Novigrad a free from a Tyrant, I also feel siding with Roche and the plot to kill the King was simply a great side quest. Much love for this game - touched me.

  • ps3dubbs

    How do U get this ending.?? Ive got Ciri becomes a Witcher Twice.

  • indiemuffins

    This is the ending I had, and after watching all the other possible outcomes I like this one the most. It feels more realistic honestly

  • Jo$h

    i cant accept this ending for two things .1. ciri has to marry this one dude from the emperor.Seriously i dont want that. She should do whatever she wants.2. it always breaks my heart when i see ciri cryingconclusion : Witcher ending >>>>>>>>>>

  • Chrysaetos11

    I got this ending on my first try. This is probably the best ending for the countries involved, more Nilfgaard influence means a safer world for mages, elves, and dwarfs. A good ending for Temeria as well (although Dijkstra was spot on with his criticism! But I couldn't let him kill Roche). Too bad you had to choose between Roche and Dijkstra, I really like both characters... But this ending is of course sad for Geralt and you really feel it when you play this last part.

  • 619airforce

    Are all the people happy with this ending also happy that general voorhis gets to bang your daughter for the rest of time?

  • MrAgonious

    This was great but....it only served to remind me how much these two love and belong to each other. Ciri should stay with Geralt that's the best ending period

  • Kexin

    This is the best ending. It's where she belongs.

  • Malcolm

    I don't see how this is supposed to be the best ending according to some folks. Geralt loses Ciri, and Ciri is not exactly free. Rulers are never free just by the sheer weight of responsibility upon them, and being told what to do by the emperor of Nilfgaard on top of that whose forces massacred her home... Screw that, guys. She's better off as a witcheress.

  • John Smith

    ... in which Geralt gives Ciri the chance to decide for herself instead of doing everything to keep her. If I hadn´t taken Ciri to Emhyr, it would have felt like I´m just another dude trying to do what I want with her.Some people here would argue that its about Ciri, and not the world - but it is precisely in this is the ending that she has the knowledge and full autonomy to choose what she wants. Like Avallah says at one moment, she´s an idealist - and this choice reflects that.

  • DragonHeart613

    I wish that Geralt had Ciri keep her sword that he had made for her as a remembrance of him so that a part of him will always be with her no matter what & also so she has something to defend herself with at all times from the many schemers, would-be assassins & other such shadowy and clear as day-type threats she will undoubtedly be confronted with on a daily basis as Empress of Nilfgarde :(

  • Kristofer Loy

    I don't entirely mind this ending. You get more Dandelion atleast.

  • Mattia Mirabello

    Hunting rabbits with bear traps, yay

  • marsuini

    This is the correct ending. Ciri can not spend her life chasing monsters, penniless and living hand to mouth as a witcher. She is an Empress and her life will be more beneficial to thousands more people in that role

  • Father Gascoigne

    Ultimately the best ending for everyone besides Geralt and Ciri. The North is full of savages killing each other for honor, fanatics burning mages and other trouble. The Empire is harsh but this is still war. No one is innocent in this conflict. With Ciri in charge all the bad aspects about the Empire can be changed. What good could she do as a witcher for the greater good? She chose this for herself in this ending. She wasn't forced. This ending is the only way to achieve order and security for everyone.

  • Kekistani Mercenary

    The witcher ending is the true ending, ciri ascending to the throne and bringing peace to the world? Too hopeful, the world of the witcher is MUCH darker than this, I just don't buy it.

  • Konrad Kubinski

    This is objectively the best ending imo. War ends, war against nonhumans ends and Ciri becomes the best empress ever!

  • Xuvial

    Who says the lady of time and space can't kick ass while being ruling?

  • grande1899

    Does anyone know the name of the song that plays at 1:20 pls? :)

  • Stevie bhoy

    This ending had me nearly in tears this is the worst ending by far. Cause ciri is still alive but gets tore away from geralt it makes it a lot sadder

  • Gus

    Something I dont understand is when prople argue that the Witcheress is the best ending because that's what she truly wanted to be, but reading the comments I found out that you only get her to be a witcher if you dont take her to Emhyr. With that information i can only conclude that, if you actually give her a choice, she decides to become empress rather than a witcher (given that you're a good father so she doesnt die). Perhaps her becoming a witcher is the happiest ending for Geralt but, if she knows she has an option, she chooses to be empress, and perhaps that's the best ending for her? I hate that she gets married to some dude and doesnt get to be with Geralt, and that Pillipa remains involved, but honestly I was satisfied with this ending, bittersweet but sill great.

  • ik ben boe

    Best ending if you ask me

  • TheMolinator15

    The best ending. It is more like novels, cumin Ciri takes its own separate, but never a goodbye forever.

  • DiegoEagler96

    I got this as my first ending and actually thought Ciri either: 1.- couldn't stop the white frost and was leaving for another world, leaving Geralt and everyone else behind to die Or2.- waited till the last moment, when the white frost was a day away, before leaving to sacrifice herself to destroy the white frost.So I'm happy none of the above seem to be true.I got so thrown off by the winter in White Orchard that I thought it was the white frost's doing, and somehow Geralt and everybody else didn't know about the white frost - Ciri being the only one. Maybe these was on purpose by the developers, but god damn I went really sad about the whole thing. Thinking no one was the wiser about their impending doom or Ciri's doom was too much for my heart to bear. On hindsight, assuming everything in the "old Dandelion retelling of events" is true , I love this ending and hope Ciri and Geralt get together on constant occasion.Sorry for rambling so much 😜

  • Alfred Price

    who else naturally rolls their eyes when dandelion speaks 😂😂😂

  • Fruitninja Zero

    Wait, why do people that make ciri the empress of nilfgard get this owesome last quest while the ones that give her the oppotunity to be a witcher herself only get a short Dialog?

  • And then I fired And I missed

    This is the perfect ending for me.No one died in the end but still a little bit of sadness mixed in it.Also I settled with Yen cause she is the perfect woman for my Geralt.

  • Soulses

    I'm glad I got this ending the first time, it's realistic in what would happen rather than a fairy tale. Also their bonding was really a beautiful thing.

  • Lefteris Fred

    snow in white orchad? does this only exist in the epilogue?

  • A M

    How cool is this though?Leader of most of the world is apparently someone you raised as a daughter.At least she's better than that asshole Emhyr who I would have willingly smoked out like Radovid if I had the option.

  • lyhthegreat

    what i dont understand is why ciri had to return the sword back to geralt?she could had bought it with her to the castle right?and is the sword a steel or a silver one??

  • MrQuaker122

    Love this ending! The Ciri becoming witcher ending just didn't feel quite right, almost like a cop-out.

  • i couldnt think of a username

    I pick the 4th option go rogue and over throw the empire... Oh wait being cool isn't an option :(

  • James Simmons

    Just beat the game and I got the Witcher ending on first and only play through. Skipped the Daddy meeting and now I'm glad I did lol. Was worried by skipping it he'd try to kill me later or something XD. But in the moment all I thought was Revenge therapy

  • Arthur Vega

    This ending was terrible. Ciri as a Witcher is the only thing that made sense if you actually played the game and knew what Ciri was all about. She is an adventurer...not a freaking aristocrat. Glad my ending was the right one, not this BS.

  • Preston Garvey

    Bittersweet ending. Where Destiny is not true and takes your heart and crush it by force

  • Michael Dy

    felt like my kid just graduated and was gonna go off on her own in the big bad world alone......damn onion ninjas..

  • Jorick12

    I prefer this ending to the one where Ciri becomes a witcher, that one just does not work.

  • Krombopulos T

    I played this game 3 times on my ps4. Recently I built a PC. And I completely forgot to actually pick a game to play. Booted up the PC. Looked around steam. N automatically somehow Witcher3 downloaded n I started playing it. I'm 92 hrs in for the 4th time.

  • Wes Lewis

    Am I the only one who gets tired of these multiple ending games? Like sometimes you just wanna sit back, play a game and watch the story flesh out so you can discuss that singular ending with all your friends and say how good or bad it was. It just keeps you worrying weather this one decision is gonna ruin the entire ending for you in a game of which youve spent hours on

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