7 BIGGEST & BEST Open World Games of 2017 & 2018 | PS4 PC Switch Xbox One

The biggest open world games of 2017 & what makes them amazing!
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Doesn't matter what it is, leave a comment mentioning what game YOU'RE excited to play in 2017!

This Top Open World Games of 2017 list features AMAZING games like, Red Dead Redemption 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, Crackdown 3, Mass Effect Andromeda, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Days Gone and more!

Battlefront 2017 has NO INFO OR FOOTAGE YET but as a Star Wars it's something I'm personally extremely excited about, so I spent the end of the video discussing why I'm looking forward to it.

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  • Oscar Kittens

    So far breath of the wild is getting reviews better than GTA V,The last of us,the witcher and ocarina of time.

  • Alejandro M.

    bro they gotta have a pokemon game just like that zelda game

  • BR-P-2001 //

    you have the best voice I've ever heard.

  • Thomas Jacob

    Ghost recon is real cool game I loved playing it

  • Agent Frost

    What I'm getting.Horizon Zero Dawn Escape From Tarkov Sniper Ghost Warrior 3CrackDown 3Sea of ThievesDays GoneRed Dead Redemption 2

  • Ilay Buium

    who else thinks crackdown3's developers should join rockstar games and make the best GTA ever?

  • HT V

    Days gone looks so good I might just pick up a ps4 to go along with my xbox

  • Abhijeet Singh

    9:30 Thumbs Up For The Terminator Theme running in Background .,.. Best Theme Ever Thanks Men

  • e_m_borges

    The next franchise I want to see as an open world game is Monster Hunter. Make it happen on Nintendo Switch, Capcom!By the way, your videos are awesome, man. You really nail the balance between information and fun!

  • HI- Z

    massive please do a live stream soon!!! any game I ain't picky lol, honestly I'd watch you play pong bro. #massiveGlivestream

  • Monster Murphy

    massive the intro with the title and you're voice 🤘🤘balls of steel mate. Keep em coming.

  • GamE FrEak

    Resident Evil 7, Nier Automata, Nioh, Yakuja O, Perosona 5, Horizon Zero Dawn, For Honor etc game we will be getting february n march...SONY I love u so much that i starting to hate u.you dont think about my wallet.its already empty.i still have to buy PSVR, PSPRO n all these amazing game. Thank u SONY for giving us GOD OF WAR 3

  • Deku Sebby

    I am most excited for legend of Zelda breath of the wild. Massive are you going to start streaming Nintendo games when the Nintendo switch comes out?

  • Peaceful RAGE

    Looking forward to ghost recon wildlands, days gone, and horizon zero dawn! Will definitely be buying those!!

  • EuroGamersNL jwz

    you have the most amazing anouncing voice (the deep voice)

  • qwerty9118

    and yet, the legend of zelda gameplay is still:wake up.find princess gone.find sword.go on massive adventure.rescue princess.go back to sleep.

  • wabachi

    about crackdown... we could'v had that since.. dunno 2007? 2010? if nvidia wouldn't lock physx only on their cards....also i'v taken part on a private test on wildlands and it's... ok-ish.. so don't grow ur hype too high (i cant talk about graphics and how it performs since it was... pre-alpha i guess or barely alpha... oh wait.. i am not allowed to talk about it lol)

  • garrslayer

    I hear terminator music in the background!

  • Coby

    if you're really liking Crackdown 3 just play Red Faction Guerrilla. it looks exactly the same.


    ha ha ha mass effect andromeda. Big yes . One of the biggest yhea . "BESTEST" NOPE,!

  • MassiveG

    LEAVE A COMMENT WITH YOUR RANK OF 2017'S GAMES!(End of 2017) "BUT MASSIVEG, X GAME DIDN'T COME OUT THIS YEAR!" Yeah, I guarantee AT LEAST one of these games WILL be delayed into 2018. PLACE YOUR BETS AS TO WHICH!

  • T0ghar

    No Squadron 42, no Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

  • Lachie ????

    Crackdown 3 is literally overwatch and just cause 3 combined

  • Swervo The God

    so basically mass effect is like no mans sky in a way

  • Ignis King

    16:15. Finally, I found someone who remembers Zoids.Part of my childhood right there.

  • Morgul

    Robo dinosaurs are cool and all....but for me, I'm not AS interested in that. It looks like a good and unique game, and I'm sure that millions will enjoy it, but that game just isn't for me.

  • MileHighGenisis78

    sadly they said that only The online mode will have destruction in Crackdown 3 so singleplayer wont have destruction. or at least not that good of destruction.

  • Dark Knight1149

    I'm looking forward to playing Detroit: Become Human, this game looks like it's gonna be awesome

  • Baraz

    H1Z1 should have had zombie hoards ! (hence inciting player help)( the game kept crashing on my rig, so that blew my game :( )

  • WheresMyBuns

    I hope we see more at e3

  • Excessive Menace

    i am one of the guys who got zelda bundle switch early and i have to say the new zelda has one of the best open world environment i have ever experienced

  • Sentoriika

    loving these edited videos massive! really nice editing!

  • 001 001

    let's hope crackdown 3 is not like no man's sky (a lot of hype)

  • Marcus Lövemark

    Crackdown 3 will only have that level of destruction in the multiplayer.

  • Merk Murda

    I'm hearing a little bit of Mike Rowe and Optimus Prime when you speak


    Why does crackdown 3 look like a much better Saints row 😂😂

  • KingArthur

    Most of these games have come out by the time of this comment. I truly believe that legend of Zelda breath of the wild is the 2nd best game ever. Just behind ocarina of time. 99/100 on meta critic. The map size is around 365 sq miles and is dense as fudge. The story is amazing and I can't wait for the dlc.

  • WillyPanGaming Fletcher

    On crackdown 3 will the buildings respawn after you blow them up

  • Nate Fredricksen

    "Destroy the steel core of a building, and the whole thing can collapse."WAIT A SECOND. ...was this game developed JUST to sell the official story? ;)

  • Pranav Shukla

    got to agree with this, especially but Star Citizen especially

  • Kakashi Hatake

    My most anticipated game is my life.Filled with all these awesome games.Which i will probably never finish, because of newer also awesome games.and so the cycle of unfinished awesome games will continue.but i do love my life.With all the awesome unfinished games :-)

  • Max the Great


  • ZivoxGaming

    you forgot star citizenoh wait... it will not release before 2025...

  • sharrod johnson

    Im so glad you mentioned "ZOIDS" I thought I was the only one who watched it!1a. RDR21b. Star Citizen 3.0 2. HZD3. Ghost Recon4. ZeldaLooking forward to the next live stream!


    Crackdown's fully destructable environment is easily the most innovative feature i've seen in gaming in a LONG time.I want to play it even though i know nothing else about it.

  • MadxM0nkey

    love u massive when's the next rainbow or battlefield 1 livestreM

  • Dakota Miles

    Dude MassiveG is The Go to Youtuber With the most Immersive personality. Watch all Your Vids, MassiveG. Thanks for sticking around😄☝

  • Holeshot

    ive seen early acess footage I think they hyped wild lands way more than its worth

  • Leon Rushton


  • TheNotoriousFerg

    There needs to be more people talking about Zelda breath of the Wild that game looks incredible


    I realize all of the games in your list is third person.

  • Travis Stindt

    mine is Breath of the Wild. been waiting to play it since 2014

  • O B V U S

    G did you go to voice acting school?

  • WholeMeal Bug

    We all know Wildlands is going to be a disappointment.

  • IDontKnowWhatToWrite

    "I'ts mission, to explore strange new world, seek out new life, a new civilization, to boldly go...." I thought you were going "Star Trek" there, but then you continued "...and romance female Turians that haven't been romanced before..." Nyahaha!

  • ubernaffa

    Every time I hear the Terminator theme on YouTube, I puppy smiles, and I give the video a thumbs up.

  • Senior Panda

    I've already preordered Ghost Recon Wildlands. XD

  • Garrett Griggs

    3/4 of games coming out in 2017 are going to be just like No Man's Sky. Major hype followed by ' What the f$#% is this s$%^?' Then well get Red Dead 2 in the fall and itll be huge.


    Just ONCE I ask for a decent Xbox one exclusive game

  • Gaming2304

    Ive seen top 20 games lists being broken down in 7 minutes but the fact that you managed to turn around these numbers and talk 20 minutes about 7 games both surprises and amazes me

  • tijmen smulders

    can you play mass effect andromeda without playing the previous games??

  • nene d_master

    mass effect sounds like no mans sky lol, i just hope it doesnt fail like nms😂

  • nene d_master

    mass effect sounds like no mans sky lol, i just hope it doesnt fail like nms😂

  • any4003

    I highly doubt that'll be ubisoft is going to do very well with Ghost Recon. Ubisoft will, as uusual, fail and let everyone down again.

  • Paulo Alexandre

    Wait I gotta ask ... that Crackdown game, is the entire game just 1 same tower toppling over and over again?

  • John Rainey

    What was that zombie game they sold on the X Box store a few years ago?? I think it was an X Box exclusive

  • DarkEndDragon_-

    Good video, but if only you included NieR: Automata.

  • Marco Polo

    Red Dead Redemption 2 = The real Westworld experience!

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