God of War - Kratos Fighting "The Stranger"

Who could this God like creature be? A god perhaps?

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God of War - Kratos Fighting "The Stranger"

VGS - Video Game Sophistry
  • VGS - Video Game Sophistry

    Who do you think "The Stranger" really is?

  • IFT77

    Kratos might be bald, but “the stranger” is Baldur.

  • Sammy Wammy

    Wow, i didnt expect connor mcgregor to fight kratos

  • em negrido

    nobody: baldur : I FEEL NOTHING

  • Thibaaan Thibaaan

    This stranger is so respectable, he knock the door before fighting

  • AcmeBox

    Who would win:The mortal who traded his soul and murdered every god in his culture so hard that he became a god himself while cheating death multiple times in doing soor one cold boi

  • xmy254

    This is how you show 2 characters with superhuman strength fighting

  • Wingman 7th

    beating someone for 18 minutes but ending it by breaking his neck is like trying to build a successful business for 5 years but ending up winning the lottery

  • Đạt

    Baldur: I FEEL NOTHINGKratos: break his neckBaldur: FEEL NOTHING

  • Shane G

    seven foot tall Kratos comes walking out Baldur - "I thought that you'd be bigger"

  • The Unholy Messiah

    Hard to believe it's been over a year since this amazing game was released.

  • Nannam Sriploy

    Kratos vs Conor McGregor

  • Wyatt Beightel

    A visual representation of me dealing with the Mormons that come to my house

  • Chris

    Teacher: alright class, what's the answer to question one?Kratos: I do not know

  • Keon Fernandes

    Best way to play this fight is no Axe.

  • Ghost FGC

    Kratos just dabbed on them haters 4:00 😂🤣

  • #FF0000AnubisFace

    even Baldur is a man of politeness, knocking the door first before started fighting

  • Ranadeep Majumdar

    Kratos getting flung around by a guy that looks like a celtic hobo. Ive really seen everything

  • Eliza

    The Stranger: I feel nothingMe: Then why do you have a life bar?

  • Acid Hoff

    "I feel nothing" ...Dude have you seen the design of Sonic? ...Now tell me you feel nothing.

  • Eulides Gonzalez

    I hope in the next game kratos some how becomes younger again and gets back his ultimate weapon back THE DOUBLE JUMP

  • Matthias Kelly

    I want a before and after photo of that forest.

  • Klorgmak The Smasher

    Dude's been watching way too many Athlean-X videos.

  • UltraGamerHere

    Kratos: You do not want this fight.Guy who plays the game: Am I a joke to you?

  • AoKAY00

    The entire Baldur intro was just perfect, especially when you realize in context who Baldur was looking for. It wasn't Kratos, it was Laufey*

  • Amiris sheep

    This game has such a good way of showing the character's strength. I love it.

  • That’s Fine

    Am I the only one who actually forgot to use the axe and just punched him the whole way?

  • L U K K Y Anims

    This game has one of the best graphics, story, gameplay and everything

  • Joshua Osorio


  • Petrichor screen

    Summary of this sceneViking-looking mofo shows up at the door, and starts talking smack.Kratos: Be gone whelp.Viking turns out to be an empowered Entity named, Baldur.Anime fight scene ensues.


    Am I the only one that fought this guy for 45 mins?

  • Mohd Ifwat

    14:50 conor struggle to escape from khabib choke

  • truthfilter

    why is kratos Godlike and beastly but his son is like a whiny american kid ?

  • LunkovichTromofski

    Stranger: "You can't hurt me!"Kratos: "Observe.."

  • Curtis Davies

    The stranger is the most fearless opponent kratos has ever met ....

  • Jampolo

    Thene's nothing scarier than the thought of someone being able to match Kratos blow for blow

  • Prelimify

    "How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man!"

  • Reno Uzumaki

    3:46 when she says she’s pregnant but you thought you pulled out...

  • GoldenIolaire

    Fun fact: at Atreus’s head of the bed, it’s carved out of 2 Snakes biting their tales.That’s a symbol associated with Loki

  • Darshaun Ridgeway

    Kratos: You don’t want no smoke....Baldur: Oh. I believe I do....

  • Niklas Vilhelm

    Kratos: control your anger, you can get lost in it...Stranger: you're weakKratos: aaaaaah!

  • Reviathan

    15:00 Kratos Khabib vs Connor McGreggor XD

  • Corbjira TheKing

    “I don’t have time for this!”Says the dude who started this fight in the first place

  • depressed potato

    I always feel like there Is just this random camera guy following them xD

  • PapiDarko

    BEST super hero fight in a non super hero game lol

  • Pool Boy From Sipsco Chamber Choir

    I can't be the only one who loves it when Baldur says "I'm pretty sure I do"

  • Donquixote Doflamingo

    Damn after watching this fight. I realized Superman fighting kryptonian looks cute.

  • Corbjira TheKing

    Baldur: “Pointless”Kratos Smacks him into his house with a tree

  • Moon Light

    I love this GUYAtreus: you want me to hit y--Kratos:I want you to try😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • DiBBagE

    3:26 I like how kratos just eats his punches like they're nothing

  • DTylerFultzVA

    Me, first playing the game: "So far, I'm kinda worried that there won't be much like the previous games in terms of boss battles and scale of destruction-"Me, after this boss battle: "Huh. Never mind, then."

  • David AdventTime21

    10:04 That push against each other split the continent.

  • Anas ff

    Never forget : this guy took voice acting into a new high level . i hate him so much for doing that perfect job!

  • Chokywock Gamer

    Baldur: leaving so soon?Kratos: aw shit here we go again

  • Xander Hebert

    We don’t normally see this much stage destruction with small figured characters, normally it’s giants doing the stage altering damage, it is nice to bring up just how strong kratos is.

  • Mateo David Gutierrez Gonzalez

    Nobody:Baldur:GERMAN SUPLEX*

  • Supreem Court

    9:57 the part where every player knew this game was gonna be good

  • Nomad

    2:15 SPOILER:Its later revealed that Faye is a giant and that Baldur was looking for her and not Kratos. I just realized that when Baldur said those things to Kratos it's because he thought Kratos was a giant that was long ways away from home (Jötunheimr the home of the giants). Fucking excellent game and dialog.

  • Moheeb Asif

    "Finally" Ad Pops up Me: goddamn it

  • celestialchild810630

    17:37 I just noticed after Atreus hopped out of the floorboards under the rug, Kratos made a quick glance at that red cloth he hid under there just before he closed the door. Bet he wasn't counting on having to go to that red cloth again later on...

  • pa en

    ""i feel nothing"get punchbaldur:AH UH UH AH OUCH UH

  • Bennett K

    “I can’t feel any of this!” is clearly flinching every time Kratos hits him

  • Darkswords14

    Love how they both have beards due to being in Midgard.

  • Lonystal

    Kratos punches are pretty goddamn scary, I wouldn't want to be on the recieving end there.

  • єשєgytђเภو y๏ย l๏שє ฬเll ๔เє

    It's great how the Graphics are just as serious as Kratos in this situation

  • Niji

    12:30 anyone else peeped how it sounded like he said "gotcha" like jax from mortal kombat.

  • Christopher Adams

    The graphics in this game and the seamless transition from game play to cinema is top notch. Just imagine what the next generation console would do.

  • Swift Games

    I see Conor McGregor’ got some more tattoos...

  • Miguel Zaldivar

    "now that's how you handle a stranger boy"

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