The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PC 100% Walkthrough 01 Hard (Prologue) Kaer Morhen

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PC/PS4/XBOX ONE 100% Walkthrough 01 Blood and Broken Bones! (Hard) (Prologue) Kaer Morhen Full HD 1080p 60FPS

This is my walkthrough of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This walkthrough includes locations of every Main Mission Quests, Side Quests, Hidden treasures, Abandoned Sites, Bandit Camps, Guarded Treasures, Monster Nests, Place of Power, Smuggler's Cache, Spoils of War etc. I hope you enjoy my walkthrough.


No collectibles in this video.!! :)


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My System Config:
Processor : Intel i7 2600K @3.40 GHz
Motherboard : ASUS Z68 V-Pro 3.0 Revised Edition
RAM : Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8 GB @1600 Mhz
GPU : MSI Nvidia Ge-force GTX970 4G Gaming Edition
PSU : Cooler Master GX650 Certified
Cooler : Cooler Master V6GT CPU Cooler
Chassis : Cooler Master HAF932
Key Board : Logitech G512 Gaming Keyboard
Mouse : Logitech G402S

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Missions include:

Kaer Morhen
Lilac and Gooseberries
The Beast of White Orchard
On Death’s Bed (Optional)
The Incident in White Orchard
Imperial Audience

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  • Radoslav Pavlinský

    This is gonna be the best walkthrough of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ever. You are the best. :D

  • Billy Savage

    doubt you will see this comment but i watched all of this and the 2 dlc's and its because of this i found my favorite game of all time and one that i love. just finished ng+ baw at lv 100 both playthroughs on story and sword, but gonna do a death march walkthrough. so thanks man

  • Nosgard

    ohhh, I have a feeling it will be several monthes before I get to see this..(you know I only watch when it ends) but i'm interested Mikey. Witcher is a great series, i'm playing it myself right now off camera. :D

  • Bringer of dis pear

    You don't have to back off so quickly when you fight the ghouls, I know this might be old news, but strike thrice wait for the ghoul to finish roaring, then immediately hold block to counter.

  • Heaven's Night

    Is this a no commentary walk through? I can't find anywhere if it says that. EDIT ah ok I guess it is.

  • dan barajas

    Not sure if youll see this but amazing walkthrough. So far

  • Cerstani

    Fantastic walkthrough so far..subscribed

  • NonTye Chan

    earned yourself a sub ^_^

  • Stealthy

    I watched this after finished your dark souls 3 guide , great work , keep it up

  • chris jackson

    i started to play the game after beating it on normal difficulty, great walkthrough!

  • Surreal Wolf

    Thank you for not adding commentary some games need to be respected for what they are and often commentary ruins them especially when the commentator needs to work on it so cheers for letting it be all about the game. Earned a sub mate.

  • Greenberet

    YES!!one more sub man,thanks,was looking for a 100% Walkthrough with every side quests etc

  • Ricardo De León

    You are tha best man you don't know how many times I have waited of you to do this. A also if it's a 100% walktrought will you show all important decisions or none, thanks anyway . :P

  • BraveHeart88

    impressive walkthrough very detailed, good job

  • Guts

    How many times did you finished this game?

  • Will Ellison

    Is this a blind walkthrough???????? I really hope not.

  • Umut Emegen

    Çok akıcı ve zevkli oynanmış .Teşekkürler .Thanks. (Türkiye _ İzmir)

  • Contevent

    Ok, now you're getting serious.I haven't seen it yet, but I hope that, if choices in the previous games mattered, you made the ones I hope."Spoiler alert"Neutral path in Witcher 1, trusting the witch over the humanIn Witcher 2, siding with the Scoi'tel and letting the Assassin lives in the end.Even if you didn't, I'll be watching it. You're top notch, can't miss that

  • Guts

    How many times did you finished this game?

  • BiggRod ATL

    Would this be the same for consoles?

  • Der Eremit in Griechenland

    Best Lets Play there is!! I stopped watching Gopher's Playthrough because of this playlist

  • Stanislav Stebliuk

    Thanks man for this guide. One question: can I use it for platinum walkthrough on ps4? I mean is it possible to get all trophies following your guide?

  • Grammar Nazi AUS

    I should've wasted my high school holidays watching this! Now it's probably too late to finish during the holidays. Oh man, it hurts. It pains me. I didn't want to rush watching it in case you haven't finished the game and just wanted more variety in starting other walkthroughs but realised after seeing you hadn't uploaded a DLC episode for months, that it was done. I should've realised sooner!

  • David Huston

    i just bought witcher 3 do you get more xp on hard

  • Neil Helgeson

    Just got done watching your whole Witcher 3 walkthrough series. Has been a lot of fun for me watching! Thank you for doing this and for the fun! I am going to watch your others as well! All the best!

  • Michael

    what difficulty is this on?

  • Arch Stanton

    This is awesome, you even play this game properly with a gamepad :)Gonna be a fun ride, binging this walkthrough, Im sure!Take my sub! :)

  • Duxan Aven

    Well, Mikey to commemorate you finishing this beast of a game, I'm going to watch all the episodes in this series, wish me luck.:D

  • BubbleManxx

    Thank you for doing this. I subscribed. I really appreciate skilled walkthroughs.

  • Yusuf Kadri

    Are these the best choices

  • Memento Mori

    Great walkthrough mate. Would be perfect if you showed the build tab more often ;)

  • brian setoe

    nice gonna do 1 and 2 also?

  • Contevent

    So! Yennifer? What happened to Triss? And how come they reunited with Yennifer, I thought she was missing, and dear Geralt was going after her at the end of Witcher 2.Or did I miss something?

  • aleksy siek

    Do you seriously think you are gonna get 100%?And are you that type of guy that staops after like 50 eps~?

  • kavir singh

    You sure it is possible to completely 100% this game? I heard you cant in one run, regardless im gonna watch though

  • Sen Xe

    is this no commentary?

  • gab perron

    Is there anyway to improve your gear in early game? Really having trouble on hard mode in level 3 , enemies 2-3 shot me and it takes me 15 hits to kill them and i every gear i get is crap


    What build did you choose? So i can watch all your walkthrough.Im lev 3 and met the first witch (sorcerer)Complete edition v1.31

  • The lonely Otaku

    Is there a chance of you doing blood and wine?

  • Sean Field

    this game is so good, do you still play.

  • Sean Field

    great content pal, just subscribed.

  • Maria Claudia

    what choices You make in witcher 1 and 2 and also You make 100% in those games ?

  • Will Ellison

    damn it, this is blind! See ya

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