Wolfenstein 2 William Gets His New Body

Wolfenstein 2 William Gets His New Body
  • obi-wan kenobi

    I love that kid just hit that Nazi helmet

  • Valkyries733

    It’s rare that a game actually makes me feel nervous

  • Adriano

    Longest 7 seconds of my life xD

  • Eduardo Andrade

    After this scene i thought that the game will end with B.J. dreaming about killing nazis before his definitive death.

  • You’ll see me when you finish your bleach bottle

    Does he have a penis tho XD

  • nintonintendo1

    This cutscenes alone is enough to make this game worth buying

  • Ex-Poser Toons

    I legitimately was totally confused with my mouth wide open when this happened! "What the hell just happened! !!?"

  • Salty Squid

    I know, I know, my fault for looking up spoilers, but...I don't think I needed to know that William J. Blazcovicz became Dio J. Brando.

  • Meashling

    This shit had me in a complete mix of emotions, I fully thought he died and that was the end of the game and then I was soo fucking happy when he got a new body and was no longer dying or in a paraplegic manner. What a fantastic game!

  • Shizle 007

    At this moment I thought he child will grow up and defeat the nazi's but naaah, ooh good old badass Blazkowicz will do the job himself. This game was really well done.

  • Sludge Pump Hi-Power Beats

    I've seen some mad Sci fi ideas before but that's going a bit far!!

  • Efren Sanchez

    1:01 Does she mean it or is she making fun of him?

  • TeeJayPlays

    max hit me in the feels at the end. just bumping heads.

  • OblivionKisame

    Cool thing is that the first real life head transplant will take place this December

  • Lewd Catt

    Am.I the only.one. keep touching my neck?

  • Jason Carbon

    1:40 She could have easily fucked him up if she showed off his head some more...For like 7 seconds more.

  • gdlk

    I think BJ is lost his head from Engel. Getit?

  • MR Galadaz

    Now my neck feels weird

  • Bullets&Melee - I hate life

    That 7 seconds was like 15 seconds

  • Josip Maleš

    that monkey cat hybrid got me hahahaahahahaha. gotta love Wolfenstein!

  • Catipolar

    lol he lives where i live i knew dallas was a good nazi hiding place

  • Reece Burns

    Wow I know a lot of video game characters who have taken damage and lived but I have never seen a main character lose his head and live wow that's some outside the box thinking

  • blueshue 1989

    well thats some hardcore shit right there.

  • István Jóni

    What a sick fucking game, Jesus Christ....I love it!

  • Guilherme Lenk

    Whats the Name of game

  • J.Fragoso

    The story writers in this game are fucking brilliant. Imagine if the story of this game was a adapted into a tv show

  • Kronder

    B.J. : Let me fkin die!

  • Aditya NoViant

    how could he still alive as he didnt have any organs left except his head? oh i forgot. It's game logic Lol xD

  • Terry

    Probably the epic twist in the entire history of video games...

  • mason wang

    WE HAVE 3 SECONDS!8 seconds laterstill alive

  • iiSavyways MM2 And Stuff

    Is the girl pregnant or something?

  • Captainghost 13433 Captainghost789220

    How the hell he could be alive

  • דניאל גרונפלד

    he remainds me gangster vegas

  • Vader

    Is this a game if Germany won ww2 or somethin

  • Eric Kouba

    0:03 I like how he touched him


    İ just watched first 20 seconds. And then say why the fuck I'm watching this when I can play it myself. Then closed the video do not get more spoilers. And then downloaded the game and finished it in 2 days. Cheers. "And I didn't see that guy named Frost Wyatt

  • Casper Elkjær

    "Is he alive?"

  • Danny Sin YT

    I've never played this game, but the game seems great. Do you thinks guys i must play the first one?

  • SSSniperTimmy

    Hes Jesus he did beat death

  • ThatYouTuber

    Deutschland war nicht so schlimm! 😡Edit: what a cute little cat!

  • ARMY

    this what happen when hitler didnt die

  • Danijel

    This game ruind world at war this game is shit

  • I DeathSinger I

    I find this dismissive and insulting to some of the good and noble ideas originating from national socialism.Mainstream sheeple media just created a monster to suit there political agenda and create a cash cow; all based on a few bad eggs at the top.

  • Unconscious

    His sex life will be awkward.

  • Im bored

    MotherFucker you just spoiled it in the title

  • TheCircuitCityAllStar

    "Hail Spacefish!"

  • densch123

    A female Hitler?Nice! :-)

  • Archangel Michael

    Can I play this in VR ?

  • A. D.

    2:38🔪 WTF this realThis future planted head

  • jerry lim

    "if you die again, I will murder you" um... WTF? I mean he's dead by the time she tries to murder him. and why would you need to murder him when clearly he's already dead?

  • Clutch panda _

    when I played the game this blew me away

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