Wolfenstein 2 William Gets His New Body

Wolfenstein 2 William Gets His New Body
  • Royal Guard

    I love that kid just hit that Nazi helmet

  • Danny GT5

    I've never played this game, but the game seems great. Do you thinks guys i must play the first one?

  • OblivionKisame

    Cool thing is that the first real life head transplant will take place this December

  • Valkyries733

    It’s rare that a game actually makes me feel nervous

  • Adriano

    Longest 7 seconds of my life xD

  • Eduardo Andrade

    After this scene i thought that the game will end with B.J. dreaming about killing nazis before his definitive death.

  • nintonintendo1

    This cutscenes alone is enough to make this game worth buying

  • Miko

    Does he have a penis tho XD

  • White Dog

    0:03 I like how he touched him

  • Ex-Poser Toons

    I legitimately was totally confused with my mouth wide open when this happened! "What the hell just happened! !!?"

  • Will 2139

    I’m surprised that the game doesn’t just end here. Realistically, I’d say the game should be over at the decapitation. This really took me by surprise first time around.

  • Salty Squid

    I know, I know, my fault for looking up spoilers, but...I don't think I needed to know that William J. Blazcovicz became Dio J. Brando.

  • Reece Burns

    Wow I know a lot of video game characters who have taken damage and lived but I have never seen a main character lose his head and live wow that's some outside the box thinking

  • Shizle 007

    At this moment I thought he child will grow up and defeat the nazi's but naaah, ooh good old badass Blazkowicz will do the job himself. This game was really well done.

  • iiSavyways MM2 And Stuff

    Is the girl pregnant or something?

  • Sludge Pump Hi-Power Beats

    I've seen some mad Sci fi ideas before but that's going a bit far!!

  • TeeJayPlays

    max hit me in the feels at the end. just bumping heads.

  • Efren Sanchez

    1:01 Does she mean it or is she making fun of him?

  • Nextrate

    That 7 seconds was like 15 seconds

  • MR Galadaz

    Now my neck feels weird

  • Lewd Catt

    Am.I the only.one. keep touching my neck?

  • gdlk

    I think BJ is lost his head from Engel. Getit?

  • Josip Maleš

    that monkey cat hybrid got me hahahaahahahaha. gotta love Wolfenstein!

  • Shekles

    lol he lives where i live i knew dallas was a good nazi hiding place

  • darkboygaming lets play

    Hilary is working for the nazis XD

  • blueshue 1989

    well thats some hardcore shit right there.

  • mason wang

    WE HAVE 3 SECONDS!8 seconds laterstill alive

  • Terry

    Probably the epic twist in the entire history of video games...

  • [Insert Something Here]

    The monkey cat is all like "hey B.J.! Welcome to the club buddy!"

  • Kronder

    B.J. : Let me fkin die!

  • Induktio1984

    She is like younger Merkel. I wonder if it is a coincidence?

  • Captainghost 13433 Captainghost789220

    How the hell he could be alive

  • Aditya NoViant

    how could he still alive as he didnt have any organs left except his head? oh i forgot. It's game logic Lol xD

  • Casper Elkjær

    "Is he alive?"

  • SilentRaider53

    That guy's just unkillable.

  • דניאל גרונפלד

    he remainds me gangster vegas

  • Vader

    Is this a game if Germany won ww2 or somethin

  • Casey Edwards

    Soo i been playin games since roughly 1995, this has to be the craziest most jump the shark moment I've ever seen in a video game. Anyone got anything crazier?

  • SSSniperTimmy

    Hes Jesus he did beat death

  • SeasonalAllergis

    Deutschland war nicht so schlimm! 😡Edit: what a cute little cat!

  • Archangel Michael

    Can I play this in VR ?

  • Chloe Hampton

    (She throws his head in the fire)THIS ISN'T EVEN MY FINAL FORM!

  • Kronos

    OK, real question here: Does he still have a dick?

  • A. D.

    2:38🔪 WTF this realThis future planted head

  • vivi44

    Is that swissgar from metapocalypse?!

  • The Cat __YTR

    Head cat in boby monky

  • H1R1M1N1

    I understand German lel

  • corn

    "Hail Spacefish!"This is literally the only reason to pick Wyatt.

  • Akuma Masterfist

    Nazi's soldier Wolfenstein vs Helghast's Soldier Killzone, who will win?

  • Beani Birb

    My mouth sincerely dropped whenever I was watching this all unfold, then I was jumping in joy whenever BJ was still alive. Fucking love this game

  • Svein Grimstad

    What is this new body of What Blazkowicz? A clone or is it a bionic body or a very human-like android body, similar to the terminator? He got drunk at Eva's Hammer, right? Maybe only drunk in the head then? I know it's not all natural and logical in this game-world, but I guess there is more to know than what was relieved in the game. seems losing his head was a breakthrough for him, thanks to his great team. Now he's Mr. Unstoppable! Way to go Blazkowicz!

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